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108 Mantras For Financial Success (English)

Author: CNBC
Language: English
Publisher: Cnbc Tv18
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Rs. 113
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108 Mantras For Financial Success (English) (Paperback) Price: Rs.113

Table Of Contents
SECTION 1-Procedural

1:  Read The fine print before you sign
2:  Evaluate your advisor/relationship manager
3:  Power of attorney (POA: Give responsibly)
4:  Give clear instructions to your advisor/relationship manager
5:  Never pay cash to your advisor /agent
6:  Avoid dealing with multiple banks and brokers
7:  Demand draft/Delivery Instructions…don’t let it slip
8:  Be on time…even for payments
9:  Statements, contract notes …Trust but verify
10:  Safeguard your documents.
11:  Suspicious movement? Investigate!
12:  Right complaints….write complaints!
13:  Password ..your top secret.
14:  Keep your profile updated
15:  Complete formalities while closing your account
16:  Technology is an enabler
17:  Be aware of online risk
18:  Credit cards: Safeguard Against Fraud
SECTION 2-Financial planning 
19:  In investing, it pays to start early
20:  Portfolio manager …Choose with care
21:  Make an investment plan
22:  Assess your risk appetite
23:  Invest with a long time perspective
24:  Save For the rainy day
25:  Buy value with margin of safety
26:  There is no free lunch
27:  For major expenses ,plan in advance
28:  Borrow but within limits]
29:  Money Available …Don’t take credit.
30:  Get the macro picture right
31:  House wives Beware!
32:  Trust only Expert advice, especially if your old
33:  Plan, but do not evade taxes
34:  Don’t ignore inflation
35:  Diversify across asset classes
36:  Gold is a hedge against inflation
37:  Think twice before getting locked-in
38:  Watch your portfolio
39:  Rebalance your portfolio to stay on track
40:  Let some opportunities pass
41:  Do not mistake luck for skill
42:  When you lose ,Don’t lose the lesson
43:  Unwieldy portfolio is unyielding
44:  Bubbles will burst play safe
SECTION 3-Equities and Commodities 
45:  Trade through registered brokers only
46:  Trading through a sub-broker ‘Check credentials
47:  Good research helps ….good brokerage is not all .
48:  Go the Demant way …save tress, Troubles and spaces
49:  Avoid off market transactions
50:  Invest in business that you understand
51:  Study business potential and prospects
52:  Avoid Companies with dubious Management
53:  Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose
54:  Trade in future & Options with care
55:  Guaranteed returns in equities? It’s a lie!
56:  Do not blindly follow FIIs or MFs
57:  Suggestions abound..value your opinion too
58:  Never trade on insider information
59:  Great names are not always good investments
60:  Not all IPOs make money
61:  Avoid penny and Z category stocks
62:  Commodities trading is not for all
63:  Diversify equity exposure across sectors
64:  Don’t get misled by approvals from government
65:  Don’t rely on technical analysis alone
66:  Past performance does not predict future performance
67:  Sell when market flares up irrationally
68:  Don’t marry your stocks..sell when the time comes
69:  When it rains, everything gets wet
70:  Don’t blindly chase low multiple stocks
71:  Beating the markets Is difficult
72:  Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent
73:  Stay away from the operator-driven counters
74:  Understand risks in day trading
75:  Know when to stay out of the markets
76:  Do not risk too much in any one trade
77:  Short selling is not for small investors
78:  Know when you will sell before you buy a stock
79:  Adhere to a stop loss while trading
80:  Be A bargain hunter among quality Stocks
81:  Averaging is not a foolproof way to make money
82:  The ‘Bigger fool’ theory may not always work
83:  Inactive account ?Freeze it now, use it later
SECTION 4-Insurance and Mutual Funds 
84:  Get a slice of Life insurance
85:  Honesty is the best insurance policy
86:  Insure adequately :Better to have more than less
87:  Insurance :It is not a onetime exercise
88:  Younger the better for insurance
89:  Medical insurance: Even for the healthy
90:  Small premium can mitigate big calamities
91:  Cancellation of policies :Don’t let go till you are covered again
92:  All mutual funds are not alike
93:  Beware of loads and expenses in mutual funds
94:  Index funds are your friends
95:  Build your portfolio ,SIP By SIP 
SECTION 5-Real Estate
96:  Check Credibility and track record of builder
97:  Checkup approvals
98:  As you pay so shall you get, Are you sure?
99:  Pay for what you want
100:  Location, location, location
101:  Know your affordability
SECTION 6-Loans And Borrowings 
102:  Repayment history defines your financial character
103:  Ignorance is it a bliss, know your loan terms
104:  Borrow wisely: Choose the loan most appropriate for you.
105:  Loan against gold jewellery, emotions are embedded
106:  Home loans: Floating rate can shrink you
107:  Lenders’ recovery agents –Know your rights
108:  Auto loans: Understand the total cost .

Specifications of 108 Mantras For Financial Success (English) (Paperback)

Author CNBC
Book Details
Publisher Cnbc Tv18
ISBN-13 9788190779517
ISBN-10 8190779516
Language English
Binding Paperback
Height 0.35 inch
Weight 228 g
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Book Reviews of 108 Mantras For Financial Success (English)

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Raghav Reddy
15 Jun 2012
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certified buyer

There is nothing in this book which can be used. If some one wants to know the real mantra, don't buy this book. This book talks about doing transactions online, cheque transactions through cross cheque and goes on.

If you are some one who does not know even the most basic thing in this world - only then buy this book.

Alo, this books acts like a cartoon book for your kids!!!!

2 of 2 users found this review helpful.
Ankur Goyal
03 Nov 2011
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certified buyer
A Nice collection of mantras

This book is a collection of basic tips regarding financial decisions illustrated with pictorial examples. at one instance, these mantras seems to be simple but when i recalled my past experiences,i realised how much useful it is. The most experienced persons/professionals lost their money just because of ignoring basic principles.

2 of 2 users found this review helpful.
M Rahul
21 Oct 2011
first to review
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certified buyer
Nice for a handbook but no details.

Nice read for a handbook, but most of the things are general information either you already know or you can make for yourself when you are doing some similar endeavor. None of the so called "mantras" are explained. But for 57/- can be bought by libraries where it can be re-used but not worth money for a individual reader.

2 of 2 users found this review helpful.
shafi abdul
08 Apr 2012
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certified buyer
Need not buy

All the pages contain full page of images which would definitely make you feel not to buy. Though the information is useful, I would suggest to follow the CNBC ads in TOI rather than buying this book.

1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
Chintamani Kulkarni
02 Feb 2012
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certified buyer
Good starter for financial meal

The book has nice catchy lines and common sense but often neglected points for anyone. Like never give signed deposit slips to stock broker. They have given nice comic illustrations also to explain the subject. However it just gives you start point. Rather it gives "what not to do". If they have included more "Do"s it would be better. But any way its good book for financial planing and avoiding mistakes.

1 of 1 users found this review helpful.

Recent Top Reviews

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Maruti Bhargava
13 Jun 2013
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certified buyer

I have purchased this book thinking I will get some insight for financial planing and some insight of tax planing but the book is very basic. I think this book is for those people who have just stated earning. (View complete review)

11 Mar 2013
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certified buyer
good book but not so good.....

it is a very fundamental book,haveing very fundamental things about the tradeing and other financial activites which are generally known to all investor but the representation is very if you dont have any knowledge about the safe trading then you can buy it....its just like a comic book. (View complete review)

Swapnil Tiwari
03 Sep 2012
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certified buyer
Elephant's teeth

By reading the title you may feel that you are going to get some real help in getting financial success... But its totally worthless... It may be given to an 7th-8th standard kid...

Whole book is full of cartoons and some basic-basic information like you should have insurance and you must cross...
(View complete review)

Viral Bhavsar
25 Jul 2012
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certified buyer
Comic Book

The book looks like a super man with tie trying to work his way on the wallstreet.

I did actually browsed the book and must say its entertaining.

The book talks about how not to loose money. Frankly, I didn't way any way to make money. As the saying goes you need to sweat (on road or at the ter...
(View complete review)

Akhil Sadotra
03 Jul 2012
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Good Book but very basic

This is a good book for those who have no exposure to investing. For those who have some experience in investment, you will see many a basic things which experience (often bitter) taught you. Good for those who have just started earning money and don't know what to do with extra bucks. It was pri... (View complete review)

    Book: 108 Mantras For Financial Success (English) by CNBC
    ISBN Number: 8190779516, 9788190779517, 978-8190779517


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