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AKG K403 Wired Headphones: Headphone

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05 Nov 2011
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Best in Class- even better

I got my new pair of AKG K 403 day before yesterday and they are better than i expected. Alongwith being portable they provide a great sound output too.

I being a rock music fan, these work great on the genre. The bass id deep which i needed the most. Listening to a Creed or Alterbridge song on it is a must. The experience is really good.

I considered Sennheiser PX 100 II against this product and let me assure you this beats it anyday.

Comfort may be a concern to some, but, to me they are comfortable enough. I spend 1.5-2 hrs in the metro with these headphones on and they are good to me.

Pros- Deep bass, good frequency range, portable, nice sound output, incredible value for money.

Cons- sound leakage(i am fine with it and dont mind sharing my music with others :P)

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27 Nov 2013
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this is a pricier and premium product available here for an IMPOSSIBLE price !!

I am using it for 1.5 years......actually this headphones used to cost $49 to $75 (around Rs 2200 to 2700 appx) when firstly launched two years ago....after two years the price is now reduced to 999 or 1300 whatever....
Coming to the product---
It delivers Typical AKG ACOUSTICS sound and is Super Clear with neutral BASS
BASS-heads go away becoz u guys do not know what music is called... this is for a true Music lover.... Best performance can be got for Metal,Heavymetals and TRANCE musics.....
Mids are super rich with SPARKLED treble and Very HIGH vocal Fidelity ....\

Treble 9.75/10 (even u can say 10/10 :P)
mid 9/10
BASS 8.5/10 (actually u don't need any more bass with this set ups)
Comfort 7.5/10 (do not fit it tightly...rather loose the adjuster for longer comfortable use)

BUY out guys before it becomes sold out :P

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18 Oct 2014
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Excellent for Hardcore music lovers

This product has a good natural sound . There is no extra bass enhancement so hip hops and moderners can avoid it. Overall gud natural sound as if listening a studio recording. I use a ipod 5 classic and works like charm with it , have used jvc and seinnheiser HD 202 , the seinnheiser had a amazingly warm sound and a bit heavy on bass side best for smooth listening. But these pairs produce a raw sound just the way i like it to sound ,am extremely satisfied with these. The only problem is comfort its not made for continuous listening for hours it is a bit rough over the ear.
Overall sound wise its excellent at this range
Comfort wise it is on the downside
If budget is not a constraint for you than go for AKG K450 they are amazing in every sense

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12 Aug 2014
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Such great value that I had to write a review!

I've experienced several mid to high end headphones, but at this price point I have NEVER seen such great sound quality.
- Tight, muscular and satisfying bass
- Very good vocal presence
- Non-painful treble
- Loud, and very little distortion at higher volumes
- Great foldable, portable design
- Very decent external sound blocking

Some minor downsides
- The metal band is really tight on bigger heads, so it can cause discomfort
- The wire is thin, so will need care so that it doesn't fray over time
- Some mild muddiness in the higher frequencies for faster music, and some limits to presence and staging


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24 Jul 2014
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This is AKG K403 Mini...

1st thing I want to say is that.. this is not the AKG K403 that you get reviews of, in different websites
posted before 2014.

I have an imoprted AKG403 bought long back which is a bit bigger in size and that model is discontinued now..

there is a slight audio quality difference between the K403 Mini and the discontinued K403 (older one sounds a bit better and costed a bit more)

this one is still probably the best headphone in its price range and also no other open headphone below 1.5 K can try to match this...

this one leaks less compared to the old one,
and also is more confortable compared to the old one...

but the sound staging is a bit weak,
bass doesnt impact that much..
treble is a bit sharper...

But if your budget is -1k,, and you dont care for closed or open design.. go for this....
nothing beating this...

The twnwoofers are also very good and also available at 1k Now...

these are collectable headphones for audiophiles...
trust me.. you wont be disappointed....

(owner of B&W c5, AKG k81, Bose iq 20, akgk581, bose mie2, twinwoofer white, twinwoofer black, akg 403, akg 403 Mini.)

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01 Jan 2014
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certified buyer
Near Audiophiles Experience at just Rs. 849/-

I am Lazy...As a result I do not write reviews on Flipkart.
However, these Cans are so good that I had to uncover myself from the blanket and write a review.
Few Audiophile headphones are available in India at low prices...and this is one of them.
At Rs. 849/- you get a near audiophile experience from a brand renowned for its neutral sounding headphones. Lets hear it!!

1. Its not Bass Heavy and is a very neutral sounding headphone.
Bass is Tight, Mids and Highs are accurate and Treble has a sparkle to it. Wide Soundstage and good instrument separation.

2. Construction is great!

3. AKG written in BOLD for brand conscious people out there!

4. Wires do not tangle easily and are thick.

5. Fold-able design.

6. PRICE......OMG!!!!

1. Being a Open Design, these do leak. I don't care :)

2. The metal band is tight. I have read that they could become uncomfortable after 2-3 hours of continuous listening. I have above average head, to me they seem comfortable.

"Flip" yourself some favor in buying these as they are a definite Value for Money at just Rs. 849/-.

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26 Dec 2013
Listen the way it's intented

Just got my AKG K403 delivered.
Packaging was very good.
Thumbs up flipkart

First thing you will notice is the packing in which the headphone come
The packaging will tell you the premium quality AKG brings with the headphone and why its one of the world renowned company in audio industry.
I had another old AKG K403 which i had bought three years ago for Rs.2999.
Saw the product on flipkart for Rs.849,
i was like buy them all now.

Coming to the product

I had jbl roxy 250,Sennheiser HD 419,and AKG K 518 LE
so i have pretty good reference to headphones in this range.
I have been using K403 for about three years till now and can tell you one thing i haven't heard better in any headphone in my life.

Treble 10/10 :P
mid 9/10
BASS 9/10 (i recommend you to change the stock bushes with less denser one's
then this baby can beat any bass monster )
Comfort 9/10 (because of its light weight design you can wear this for hours )
Durability:(among the headphones i mentioned above it's the last man standing )
Impossible price

Best Bang for Buck
Grab it before stock goes out (i wonder why haven't it caused a havoc)

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12 Jan 2012
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Good, but not great!

Its a good headphone. Its louder than any other headphones out there. But, if you are a fan of deep bass, then I would suggest Sennheiser (any model, even PX series gives better bass). This one has good deep bass, and also reproduces all ranges of sound very well. You get to hear sounds you missed in your other headphones (Not talking about Bose, Sennheiser etc).

Flipcart delivery was good and swift this time! thanks.

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29 Jan 2015
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Great piece to have around...totally satisfied

The best headphone,...for custom fit and clear music sound. No comparison with others in the market. It is best on its own. No regrets buying this product..Have been using for past 4-5 months. Love to use it more than ear phones. ...

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30 Aug 2014
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certified buyer

Sound quality is very good, but if you hear this on full volume then people sitting next to you may get disturb, so it does not cover full ears and on high volume the music come out of headphones

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