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Buy AMD 3.1 GHz AM3 FX 8120 Processor: Processor
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AMD 3.1 GHz AM3 FX 8120 Processor

  • 8 Cores
  • 8192 KB (L2)
  • 8192 KB (L3)
  • 32 nm Mfg.Process
3 Year AMD India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance. See Details
Rs. 9752
Inclusive of taxes
Seller: WS Retail
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Key Features of AMD 3.1 GHz AM3 FX 8120 Processor

  • 8192 KB (L3)
  • 32 nm Manufacturing Process
  • AM3 Socket Type
  • 8192 KB (L2)
  • 3.1 GHz Clock Speed
  • 8 Cores
  • 125 W Maximum Thermal Design Power (TDP)

Specifications of AMD 3.1 GHz AM3 FX 8120 Processor

General Features
Brand AMD
Type Desktop
Socket Type AM3
Architecture 64-bit
Turbo Boost Yes
Virtualisation Yes
Series FX
Model ID FX 8120
Number of Cores 8 Cores
Speed 3.1 GHz with Maximum Turbo Speed of4 GHz
Cache Memory 512 KB (L1), 8192 KB (L2), 8192 KB (L3)
Maximum Thermal Design Power [TDP] 125 W
Manufacturing Process 32 nm
Memory Type Supported DDR3-1866
Maximum Memory Bandwidth 21 GB/s
Integrated Graphics Yes
Base Frequency 3100 MHz
Service Type Carry In
Not Covered in Warranty This Limited Warranty does not cover any costs relating to removal or replacement of any AMD Processor or any other cost associated with replacement for the AMD Processor. This Limited Warranty does not cover damages due to external causes, including improper use, problems with electrical power, accident, neglect, alteration, repair, improper installation, or improper testing. This Limited Warranty shall be null and void if the AMD microprocessor which is the subject of this Limited Warranty is used with any heatsink/fan other than the one provided herewith.
Domestic Term 3 Year
Warranty Summary To obtain Warranty service for your AMD Processor in a Box, contact your computer system manufacturer or distributor during the systems Warranty period. After your computer system warranty has expired, you can submit a Warranty request to AMD Customer Care. To submit a Warranty claim visit
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Reviews of AMD 3.1 GHz AM3 FX 8120 Processor

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22 December 11
first to review
dont be prejudiced by negative reviews


With negative reviews floating all around the internet about the FX Bulldozer one may think this is trash and a complete waste of money which is totally not true .

The performance hiccup materializes beacause the scheduler in windows 7 is not optimized to distribute load across modules
and microsoft has already released an incomplete patch to overcome this situation and will surely be completely fixed in the coming months .

Even in the current situation , the processor performs no less than the intel sandy bridge processors and which makes this a great eight core processor with the required fixes expected shortly .

8150 or the 8120 FX ?

If you plan to buy a Bulldozer 8 core buy the 8120 over the 8150 because the 8150 is just a binned processor with a higher tested core frequency . With the Rs 2000 odd saved you can buy a good after market cooler like the cooler master hyper 212 plus to overclock it to achieve similar performance of 8150 and even go beyond with liquid coolers like the corsair h60

The 8150 and 8120 processors are collectors edition chips and hence come in a nice TIN BOX and like all FX series processors come with their multiplier unlocked to achieve easy overclocking .

To achieve best performance you can buy gigabyte ud3 or ud7 990fx chipset motherboards or asus m5 990 fx chipset motherboard


If your sole purpose is to game then disable some cores in the bios which lets u overclock the remaining good ones even higher and also save power.BF3 runs smoothly at 75 to 80 fps with 6950 on a 990fx chipset motherboard .

If you are still a little shaky then wait for the next revision of these processors expected in first quarter of 2012 ...

enjoy the amd fx multi core performance and remember there is nothing wrong with the hardware only that software has to be optimized to take advantage of the new module based architecture ...

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28 June 12

Yo Guyz...!! I jst purchased dis CPU and believe me its MIND BLOWING the best performance CPU i ever seen till now...!! Before i got i5 and now dis and its better than i5 but sorry to say its uncomparable to i7 Extreme edition but NO PROBLEM i got wat i need..!! ;)

my rig:

AMD 3.1 GHz AM3+ FX 8120 Processor
ASUS M5A97 Motherboard
G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) PC RAM (F3-12800CL9S-4GBXL)
Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO Cooler
Asus AMD/ATI HD 7770 Direct CU 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
WD Caviar Green 2 TB HDD Internal Hard Drive (WD20EARX)
Asus DRW-24B3ST Internal Optical Drive
Corsair CMPSU-600CXV2UK 600 Watts PSU

all my components i buyed from flipkart...!!

and of course great service from flipkart...!!

Note: Dont O.C. dis processor with STOCK COOLER

if u think my rig is cool and if this review helped u so thumps up...!!

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94% of 35 users found this review helpful.
28 March 12
Internet reviews HATE AMD for some reason..

I have been using the FX 8120 for quite a while. Initially i was apprehensive to go for an AMD build or stick to the costlier Intel build. I decided to go for the FX build.

I had checked reviews and benchmark test results on several review websites.. they scared me.. it seemed that the FX series was hardly performing better than the older PHENOM X4s!! yet I took a gamble and built my system.

My mobo isnt powerful.. BUT, the 8 cores are really showing off their potential.. I am a freelance graphics artist and video editor. I am running aftereffects, PS and other intense apps without the CPU breaking a sweat.

My only problem is that the CPU overheats after 4 hrs long video rendering times.. but, i did expect that and it is also nothing that an after market cpu cooler cant fix :)

Real bravo to AMD for a fine job!

now, if only the pesky, intel-inclined review sites can stop posting biased reviews for AMD!

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05 January 12
@Varun water cooling kit only for fx8150 with cardboard packaging ... tin box does not have water cooling

The water cooling system is only available on their flagship processor the 8150 which comes in a normal cardboard packaging and not with the one which comes in a tin box

Flipkart only has the tin box edition which is the collectors edition and comes with a traditional heatsink and fan

The water cooling system for the FX Chips is manufactured by Asetek.
Asetek were one of the first companies to offer closed loop water coolers and are also the original manufacturer behind popular water cooling kits like the Corsair H50 and H70 and the Antec Kuhler 620 and 920

But anyways you can always buy this and add a corsair h50 water cooling which is cheap and a great performer especially if you are overclocking and you should without any worries

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11 June 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
a decent all rounder...along with being future safe!!

its very decent processor which will not disappoint any one in any field. Windows 7 index rating for this is 7.5 so you can imagine how powerful it is along with this the performance to price ratio is also quite high. till date the intense games or softwares use at most 4 cores so in some benchmark results shows that it lags behind. but it beats its competitor when there is any software or games which use more no. of cores.

without even overclocking it shows a great and satisfying performance.

the only problem is with the stock fan and heat sink. they are really useless. it reaches around 65C when playing games in ultra resolution graphics and at ideal its around 45C.Amd has said that max temp should be 61-62C.Buying a liq cooled or some good cpu heat sink will definitely do.

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22 December 12
Why people and benchmark say fx 8120 is slower than Intel i3,i5,i7 technology?

(Sorry for bad english)
According to benchmark report AMD FX 8120 is slower than Intel i5 or i7 processor (In most cases).But people forgot that 3.1 ghz 8 core not equal to (3.1×8=24.8) 24.8 ghz.The eight core means this processor run 8 program at 3.1 ghz speed in same time.But,in present time most program and game not compatible to take advantage of a 8 core cpu.In benchmark time when same program running on fx 8120,i5 2500 k and i7 2600 k the fx 8120 used only 45%,the i5 2500 k used 100% and i7 used 90%.The i5 and i7 architecture is small better than fx 8120 so,i5 and i7 is small time faster than fx 8120.But in case of multi tasking the fx 8120 is more better than for its 8 core technology.
When future program and game compatible with 8 core technology,fx 8120 is faster and better than all i3,i5 and i7 technology.
And not forgot the feature of overclocking technology of fx 8120.In normal heatsink and fan system the processor goes upto 4 ghz (Without overheating).And with liquid cooler system its speed goes upto 5.5 ghz.
For those I said amd fx 8120 is also better than intel i3,i5 or i7 technology.
So go ahead with AMD technology in cheaper price with Best Performance.
The AMD FX 8120 is better in performance than i3,i5 and i7 (In case of liquid cooling system overclocking).And it is also good for multi tasking (Normaly,for its 8 core technology).

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17 December 12

awesome processer i was in a tight budget dont know what 2 buy then i say many negative reviews about it
i bought it because my friend said to buy
actually iam intel fan guy

1.awesome processor
2.flawless multitasking
3.if u are a gamer it is the best choice in budget
4.inbuilt graphics which is better than intel hd graphics
5.good processor for heavy gamers and vedio editors
6.worth for its price
7.easy to overclock (but needs a very good cooler)
8.overclocking goes till 5.8 ghz in my pc

1.needs a very good cooler for overclocking and better perfomance
2.not an 8 core perfomance just gives a 6 core perfomance
3.does not works good if u r a heavy gamer and playing for more than 3 hrs up ur electricity and more bill end of the month




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24 January 13
The Best processor one can ever get!!!

Trust me guys its the best processor nd i can tell u its even better than intel rate it 7.5.Now u cn understand the power of this amd fx 8120....Every game will run like butter, thats my challenge.Games so far tested-1) Crysis 2
2) Far Cry 3
3) GTA 4
4) Call of duty black ops II
5) Hit-Man Absolution
6) Max Payne 3
7) Need for speed most wanted 2
Guys dnt think anymore....jst grab it...its better than the best

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09 May 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
best processor for your moneys worth.

i wont compare it with an i5 or i7 or such. i bought it for the specs it mentions and it does deliver!! it also gets a rating of 7.5 (out of 7.9) in windows 7.
you have all the reasons to consider this cpu.... worth every penny u pay.

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4 of 4 users found this review helpful.
04 March 13
World class Performance.....

Earlier I have i3+AMD 7770 (Primary Graphics)+Nvidia 250 GTX (As Physx card) . I was thinking it is enough for gaming but when I Played BF3 really I was disappointed with performance..even in medium setting.

Then I decided to replace with i7 or i5 but price was too high but when my friend told me about AMD fx processors then I finally decided to replace whole machine with AMD even I saw a lot of rumors and bad blog about AMD but I know all was wrong because I was already used AMD 7 years back which has beat PIII in same line.

Now I have AMD fx 8120+AMD 7770 Graphics+ Low-end asus 760 motherboard. When I played, found, BF3 is now working like any think, So smooth in ultra setting..same thing with FC3 and NFS run in ultra. I am telling you guys take it and do not believe on rumors about AMD...You will get world class performance in cheap price..

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12 April 13
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Earlier I have i3+AMD 7770 (Primary Graphics)+Nvidia 250 GTX (As Physx card) . I was thinking it is enough for gaming but when...

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04 March 13
Great Performance per $

This is absolutely a steal! The 8 cores work wonderfully and doesn't get too hot. Have been using it as a Server with the follo...

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25 February 13
The good of both worlds

This processor is a beast. Multitasking is a breeze with this processor. U can open as many browsers as u like and do a virus s...

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     AMD 3.1 GHz AM3 FX 8120 Processor Price in India: Rs. 9752


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