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Andis Easy Trim Battery Operated Personal MNT-3 Grooming Kit For Men: Shaver

Reviews of Andis Easy Trim Battery Operated Personal MNT-3 Grooming Kit For Men

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10 Jan 2012
This Product Does Exactly What it is Meant to - Hygiene trimming, Light Trimming and Touch-ups

I have been an Andis user in the USA since 2005.
Recently gifted this product to a friend in India.

He was confused what he's supposed to do with it.
But when he used it, he cant help but carry it in his toiletries kit wherever he
travels. He recently bought some other Andis product for himself from Flipkart.
That clearly shows, MNT3 worked.

Was too tempted to write a review when I saw some wrong expectations being voiced as concerns. I understand that people have not matured to the use of personal care appliances in India. Trimmers are supposed to be trimming, clippers are supposed to be clipping and grooming kits are supposed to be grooming.

Things go wrong when you have the right expectations but buy a wrong product.

Thanks Flipkart for getting us this lovely brand to India.
And thank you for the impeccable service rendered to the country.

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03 Jan 2012
Battery Operated Trimmers Couldn't Get Better !!!

Had heard about Andis when I was in the USA.
Never bought one then.
Bought one in India since I wanted to ACTUALLY GROW out of the
typical Indian home-appliances brands which are ALSO making personal
care products.

1 - Fits neatly anywhere you want it to - hands, shaving kit, toiletries kit, bathroom cupboard, travel bag, purse, practically anywhere.
2 - Works superb with fully charged batteries
3 - Looks neat (you don't need the stand to be carried everywhere you go)

1 - I wish you could give us these looks, feel, figure and form in a chargeable device. I would rate you 10 stars for it.

Thank you Andis.
Thank you Flipkart.

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03 Jan 2012
!~! A Neat One for a Little Grooming Here and a little Grooming there !~!

It's a superb product for a little grooming here and there.
Do not blame my review if you buy this product for heavy duty trimming and clipping.

Fits his shaving kit neatly. It's much smaller than his shaving foam bottle.
Loved the way it does. You don't the stand all the time especially when
you are traveling.

Bought this product as Christmas gift for my dear one.
It got delivered in 3 days flat in a neat packing.

Thanks Andis. Thanks FlipKart.
If you gave me a rechargeable battery with this product I would
rate you 5 Stars...No complains whatsoever. I am giving you 5 stars.

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17 Nov 2011
Excellent and Compact Piece of Machinery

Great: Compact piece of machinery, light weight, easy to fit and use
Good: Nice performance! Provided you keep the batteries well charged. I thought trimming hair at home would get messy. But this piece of electronics proved me wrong
Bad: For this price they could have included some more attachments...( Greedy Me ? Huhh ???)

This is an excellent piece of grooming from the world renowned Andis. But if you are expecting it to be a complete grooming kit, you will be disappointed.
It is a neat little mustache, side burns, and nose and ear hair trimmer which will fit into your pocket if you forget to pack it in your bag by mistake....!!!

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Shubh Luthra
27 Nov 2012
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Lacks what us men are looking for

Ever since i bought this, i've been mainly using it for my nose. Its not powerful as it works on a single cell battery and the trimmer head being small as it is cannot be possibly used for a smooth beard trim. If you trim your beard with this, its gonna take a hell lot of time and require that agonizing patience as like i said:
1.Its not at all that powerful
2.The trimmer head is tiny so it works on lesser area

Think twice if your buying this product solely for a beard trim, works well for the nose/ears though. But we guys would love to buy this for all purposes, wouldn't we ??

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17 Jan 2012
Super Cool Product @ this price and size ! Thanks Andis

Gentlemen !
Let's acknowledge the fact that we have ugly nose and ear hair and our eye brows sometimes grow into arches.

I took time to acknowledge and realize this fact.
Until I was gifted this wonderful small and neat piece of machinery.
Thanks to my wife for the lovely small gift.

Thanks to Andis for making me realize an important part of a man's grooming routine which otherwise goes ignored and unseen and uncared.

Andis, give us men such more products to help us remain gentlemen !!!

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11 Oct 2011
first to review
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Good service for but not so good product.

Plus: Flipkart's service is a benchmark. This is my 3rd order within a week. They are unimaginably good at delivery. They should get into mainstream logistics.

Cons: The product. Not worth it. I fell for the low price tag. Though it looks classy and feels like you are holding a real good product, I doubt the usability. It is severly underpowered. A single AA battery is not going to be give enough juice. Its good for your nose or ears, but if you need to maintain a goatee/moustache/ sideburns, this is not the product. It does not have sub attachments for the trimmer.

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07 Jan 2013
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Not Recommended

Great service on product delivery however the product was not upto my expectations. I dont recommend strongly about buying this one. Following is my review:

- Light weight
- single AA battery
- nice build quality with nice rubber touch finishing
- LED that illuminates the work area
- good for pre-shave trimming

- Power drainer
- Extremely weak motor for hard beard hair
- Max usage time 10 mins ; tested with 3 new Duracell batteries and same result
- not good for close shaving

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09 Jul 2012
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Awesome Product

I recommend to buy rechargeable AAA cells with it... coz it works good only when battery is fully charged also its very battery consuming.
If you have rechargeable batteries or u are planning to buy then this is good product.

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02 Jun 2012
Good for Everyday Use

I did some research on Flipkart itself before buying this wonderful Andis Personal trimmer. There are many differences which are prominent, the most prominent one is that at this pocket friendly price point, Andis is a giving a mustached and beard trimmer + nose and eyebrow trimmer.

Rocker product if you know how to use it well.
Extremely sturdy body and blade attachments.
Don't expect it to be great for large amount of head-hair and body hair cutting.
It is not meant for that.

Neat for nose hair, eyebrow hair, ear hair and trimming mustaches and beards.
Highly recommended for the quality conscious ONLY.

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