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Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB: Home Audio & MP3 Players

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15 Sep 2011

The apple shuffle is not for you if you are a music EQ,no FM,no voice recorder and most important no bass.

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03 Jul 2012 all I can give

I did not buy the product from flipkart but after seeing all these negative reviews I couldn't resist writing a review...

I have been a proud ipod shuffle owner for more than a year now and it has maintained efficiency , consistency and durability..... my average usage per day is around 2 hours and the charging lasts for a week.....
now about the audio quality.....haven't heard better....just for the record I have been using music players since I was in the 8th grade.....almost a decade......from cassettes to cd's and now usb.....
and it goes without saying that I've bought quite a few earphones as , sony , panasonic , creative tried 'em all......
and I must say.....amongst all my choices this has turned out to be the best till yet.....
and for those complaining about the 'BASS' and 'COMFORT'.....try ear cushions they also help in isolating can get these at almost all the mobile and electronic shops for 5-20 bucks a pair (totally depends on your bargaining

now to conclude.....I would say....there are very few gadgets that really are a value for your hard earned money.....this is certainly one of them.

p.s. - the bundled earphones are a bit fragile and a cause of great distress as they get tangled very easily... so be a little gentle on these babies....buying a pouch is probably the best solution

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30 Aug 2011
shuffle rocks


* Ultra compact design
* On-body controls are back
* Very good sound quality
* Good battery life


* Limited 2GB of memory
* No FM radio
* Limited format support

Apple is offering only 2GB for storage with no option for memory to upgrade. If you find the 2GB is not enough, there are better alternatives like the Cowon iAudio E2 with 4GB of internal memory at cheaper price or the Sansa Clip which offers a screen plus microSD card support.

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20 Aug 2011
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Excellent sound!!!

This tini device produces hi quality loud sound into your ears.
I ordered and got it in just two days. Amazingly fast...
But it doesn't have different music modes, a must have thing for any mp3 player.

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26 Jan 2013
Apple's days in small music players category might be limited.

I have used shuffle. I have come to believe that as good and beyond competition its music players had been in the past, its about time Apple should let go of the expensive price tags for its products like shuffle, or better still discontinue it. Shuffles were, like their weighty cousins like nano and classic are, great in their own way but are now certainly bettered by some other players in western countries. One such name is "Sansa". Its a Sandisk product and for Rs. 3300/- you get 4 gb capacity, a screen (for album arts and also for playing songs of your choice and a stopwatch as well) and also a micro sd slot which accommodates card of 32 G.B. capacity with ease. Sansa packs a punch to knock out shuffle in terms of sound quality and also the rest of the hardware. Today there is not one reason why you should buy a shuffle for as much money as Apple wants you to pay for before you can own one. I give 3 stars as against 5 which I would have say 2 years ago. I own a classic which is evergreen, uncontested and unparalleled.

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14 Aug 2012
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An awesome Buy

Frankly i was dissapointed when i got the ipod shuffle 4g. I loaded my songs on to it and started listening. The Sound Quality was pathetic and so were the earphones. You wont believe me if i said that i almost threw the earphones. The sound was flat, no bass no deepness and clarity was rubbish.

I searched up the internet and found that there is a way to set up and equalizer on a ipod shuffle. although this is not officially not supported by apple and i claim no responsibility for what goes wrong when you use this.

I installed the eq on the shuffle, according to my taste and the ipod changed from a total waste of money to a awesome buy, now even the bundled earphones have become usable.

I will give it 4/5 stars .

- excellent build quality. all aluminium design
- nifty size . fits easily with my klipsch image s3 earphones
- ease of syncing with iTunes
- a little cumbersome to install the EQ
- change in battery life when you install the EQ
- a little expensive . 2gb for 3200.

For those who are wondering where to get the eq . Just google this exactly " eq for ipod shuffle " and you wil find a link. :)

it is pretty straightforward. the only problem is that you will have to apply the eq everytime you change the songs on your ipod.

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05 Oct 2012
Great sound quality with Bass-heavy earphones

I haven't bought this on here but received it as a gift.

I'm a Sony-phile so i had my doubts about the iPod at first but here's what i found out comparing this baby to Sony models-

The sound quality IS good, much better than most players out there but not quite as good as Sony's Because of the crappy earphones that come with it and the fact that there's no equalizer setting on it.

The earphones that come with it are trash, no matter what anyone says. And Apple in-ear phones cost a LOT. I found that using a Bass-heavy set of Sony earphones(i.e birthing a mule-ish hybrid) drastically improves the sound quality. In fact, it was almost as good as Sony...except no equalizer.

Right, coming to the important part- there's no equalizer! That means you're stuck with the same sound for all the songs that they originally came with. Again, pair it with a good bass-heavy set of phones and you're set.

No screen=pain in the ass iTunes playlists. You never know which song is coming up next, you can't get to your fav song unless you manually zip past all the other songs on your playlist. Great if you're working outside, doing mindless labour etc, but not ideal if you're sitting in a room with an hour dedicated to sweet music. Not to mention i hate making a playlist!


This is the third time I'm saying this, but the sound is great compared to most other players. All this needs is a set of good in-ear, bass-heavy phones from a good company (preferrably with high sensitivity) and you can easily beat most players.

There isn't a horribly loud bass which is good for people like me who have sensitive hearing.

It's compact. I mean, come on, you could hide behind your collar and listen to your tunes in class! And it has a clip, so there's no frikkin chance of losing it.

It's sturdy. I dare you- drop it from five floors, land a brick on it and then jump on it. If you're squeamish about Sonys for their lack of durability but still want good sound, this baby is what you want.

Overall, it's not something made for audiophiles. If you're not someone who's mad over music and needs that perrrfect sound, get this. You'll get really great sound ( remember what i said about the earphones?), sturdy, compact and apparently stylish stuff

Minus two stars for the high price. Seriously? If i have to but a pair of good phones to compliment this, they could jack the price down a little

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01 May 2014
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Excellent Sound...Great Battery Life..Go for it!!!

After to many days of extensive search, finally I decided to buy iPod shuffle. I bought iPod Shuffle @ 2148/- only from Flipkart (WS Retail) in 28 hrs.

Due to insufficient product details stated on page ... Still I bought thinking its 4th generation Shuffle... I took a risk and I received very nicely packed "iPod Shuffle 4th Generation Gray"...

Size:- Its too small, even if you keep anywhere without headphone attached, you probably lost it... You can't imagine what Apple does in this tiny shuffle..

Sound:- It's great... You can go higher than competitors product... I used it with Tekfusion sounds great with decent bass... In some high bit songs; the bass production is really impressive... (I didn't used stock headphones till now with iPod shuffle)

Volume:- You can go very high as compared to Sony & Philips (at least 10% - 25%)

VoiceOver Feature:- You need to installed it while setting it up... Its great.. It will tell you which song is playing... Double click tells battery percentage (Only Full Charge, 75%, 50%)... You can shuffle in between All songs, Your custom playlists, Audio book with great ease..

Battery:- I used it around for around 6-7 hrs.. Still it tells me than 50% battery remaining.. I think it will last for at 10-12 hrs (I am not sure, as I didn't check)... Some sites were revealed that the Shuffle battery last more than 15 hrs (17 hrs) as stated by Apple

Built Quality:- No buddy in this world can bit the Apples' built quality... Still I m amazed aesthetic Apple managed to put Such a great quality sound with 15 hrs of battery...

Ease of Use:- I never had any issue while finding any song... If you very well organised (Playlists'), then you won't find it any difficulties.. VoiceOver feature will you to hear what you want to...

Warrantee:- Due to lack of details by flipkart on product page... I registered my iPod Shuffle by uploading Invoice mailed by Flipkart on Apple's site.. I got confirmation on second day that your product is successfully registered and you are eligible for Apple Warrantee with telephonic assessment..

Final Remark:- iPod Shuffle 4th generation...Go for it... I don't thing any problem till now... Great Bass (With Tekfusion Twinwoofer)...Higher Volume...Great Battery Life..

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20 Aug 2012
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certified buyer
Best Music Player EVER !!

Best ! It is the Best !! Every thing in and on it is best !!
Headphones are heavy than ipod itself !
People who complain about it's Quality have their own fault .
They will be having low Quality Mp3 files that stops Ipod to give it's best.People who are having Mp3 files should convert it to ACC file provided by itunes this makes your song sound at best .If you want more you shound have a lossless file and convert it to apple lossless or any lossless file that supports itunes . You will experience magic in your headphones and the headphones has defeated my logitec PC headphones which was best sounding headphone in my home and mark my WAS present is the lightweight and portable headphone.Must for music lover !!!!!

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18 Mar 2013
My tiny heart loves the tiny apples product !!!!!!

This is my first product purchase from apple

There is no word to say the features of this tiny product.....
some body says followings are the cons of this product....find the comments for the cons from my point of view

1. There is no EQ >> no need for EQ (if EQ is available i know always we are changing the EQ with out hearing the song)
2. Money >> We can spend the money @ one time but life time of this produc is so long...
3. Display >> I knew if display is available we are always searching the song instead of hearing....(playlist is available fro grouping the songs)

Quality of sound,size,options,carrying,usage,battery life everything is good....

This was my third purchase from flipkart (Sony camera,pendrive,ipod)
wonderful packing... on time delivery (with in 4 days).... genuine ......all are best
there is no comparison to flipkart... (as i have purchased some products in some other online shopping site...but the qualty of product & value of money is very less)
dear flipkart team maintain the same level of service in future...

Final : I Love filpkart !!!!!!! I Love Apple !!!!!

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