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Batman : Arkham City [Essentials]

(Games, PS3)
PEGI Rating: 16
Platform: PS3  
Rs. 999
Inclusive of taxes
Seller: WS Retail
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Batman : Arkham City [Essentials] (Games, PS3) Price: Rs.999

Step in the shoes of the Dark Knight and save the city of Arkham in the latest batman game- Batman: Arkham City. The game is the sequel to the award winning Batman: Arkham Asylum and continues on the concepts set in the previous game.

Arkham city is for anyone who has grown reading the stories of Batman. The game combines many innovative and interactive features, bringing back the nostalgia that made Batman great. Arkham City is a third-person action adventure game, available for the PS3 platform. The game is rated Teen and can be played anyone above the age of 13.

Synopsis and Features

The story of Arkham City begins 18 months after the events concluded in the Arkham Asylum game. Gotham has changed. The thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds that were once held in a proper asylum, now live in the heart of the city in a maximum security home called Arkham City.

Arkham city is a sprawling new super-prison that is five times bigger than Arkham Island. With a brand-new story and an all-new star cast, Arkham City includes classic characters and murderous villains from the Batman universe. The game promises enhanced gameplay features and new experiences to make you the Dark Knight of Gotham.

Developed by Rocksteady Studios and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Batman: Arkham City promises a lot more than its predecessor. Fans of Arkham Asylum will have no problem learning the new game system as the single-player game does exactly what the previous game did, only better.

Starting with the core gameplay to counter attacks, Arkham City has a slew of new features that will keep you hooked for hours. You will be gliding from one building to other, fighting a group of enemies, picking locks or doing all at the same time. The Batman game keeps things simple yet thoroughly interesting.

The game features an array of new combos and multipliers. Elements of the game like XP and upgrade system have been tweaked. The new additions in the game include smoke pellets, Cryptographic Sequencer V2 and freeze grenades that help in taking out enemies faster, even if you are in a room with 20 of them. Batman can now bust through windows, use radio frequencies to eavesdrop on enemies for clues and hack certain frequencies to track other people.

The AI has been tweaked, making the enemies stronger and intelligent. They are equipped with new arsenal and come in large groups. The game takes place in many different locations, giving it a more elaborate feel. From the Medical Center, Courthouse to Monarch Theater, you will travel around the city to find out what is going on in Arkham City, Why the Joker is ill, and what are the secrets that threaten the safety of Gotham.

Online Features

The game allows downloadable content. This content can vary from anything from more missions to additional playable characters. The content can be purchased separately as there are many new characters added each time. The speciality of the new characters is that that have moves and weapons unique to the unlocked character. Additional DLC packs are also available like the Nightwing pack and Robin pack along with new maps.

New artwork, new skins and many other things can be downloaded almost every day that can assist you in changing your character’s appearance and making it special. The PSN network allows you to connect and download updates and many other things that make playing the game a wholesome experience.

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Specifications of Batman : Arkham City [Essentials] (Games, PS3)

Title Batman : Arkham City [Essentials]
Category Games
Platform PS3
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Brand Batman
Mode Single-Player
Genre Action-Adventure
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Reviews of Game: Batman : Arkham City [Essentials]

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 63)

25 October 11
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certified buyer
First about the Game, then service and then angry fans :)

The game is awesome. It brings your dream of being a superhero to reality. From fighting mega villains, all the way down to eavesdropping on obscure guards. Open city environment guarantees enormous replaybility. Lots to do and Joker to bear...Bah cant get better than this. Guys this is the reason we love Batman...Buy this game

Flipkart was prompt in delivering, no issues there. Maybe because i stay in Mumbai.

Angry fans can all preorder other games from somewhere else and see the difference.

Flipkart rocks!!

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71% of 21 users found this review helpful.
11 January 12
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certified buyer

Hi guys,
If you want to have a complete experience of gaming then the best option would be this one.Be it the graphics,the environment or even the minute details of conversation of the goons & thugs,they seem so real which makes you go like 'whoa!'.The story mode is very intersting except for the loading time which could be a li'l bit frustrating.But mind you,you would have already been lost in the beauty of the city by then(i meant the work of the CG) and swinging from one tower to another taking complete control of the city and giving the worst nightmares to the dangerous minds that have broken free from the asylum.
What makes the game so fascinating is that the game also has side missions apart from the main mission,like you can tap frequency where you hear some one is in deep trouble and that's where you plunge into side mission to save that person.And the kind of entry you make,gawd! your pride as Batman will be beaming like anything.Especially when the goons are terrified and address you like 'Look the Bat's here' or 'Oh my god,i cannot see him'.Of course you 'll be above him the whole time throwing batarangs or shock him with your weapon.Poor guys!
The moves ,the counters ,ultra slow motion for the final blow and the detective mode are all too awesome.Only if they had enhanced it further like make batman pick up any object he finds and use them againts the baddies(eg.Snatching the gun is already available,but using it against them ?) would be even more wickedcool.But i know its ridiculous,coz Batman never works that way or kills anyone.
In simple,it makes you adapt to the game,where you aren't playing anymore but you ARE the caped crusader lurking in the darkest streets of arkham city to kick their butts !
Infact you are the DARK KNIGHT !

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7 of 8 users found this review helpful.
14 December 12
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certified buyer
Get this game...One of the BEST game ever.This is hands down the Game Of The Year!!!

+ Flipkart Rocks...I just received my copy Delivered overnight WITHIN 12 Hours after i ordered and as soon as i bought this Game BAC was Out of Stock and still is.Lightening Fast Shipping & OWSUM Packaging by Flipkart :)
+ Very detailed graphics. Very smooth running game for such a detailed open world.
+ Amazing storyline, but not to overwhelming to get lost in.
+ Auto-save feature is perfect. Saves every time you do anything.
+ Side missions are vast and huge, which greatly add time to Arkham.
+ Once you complete the story mode it opens Arkham City in a free roam.
+ Soundtrack is great! Perfect for a Batman game, very atmospheric and moody.
+ Over 400 Riddler Trophies to find hidden and in puzzles.
+ A lot of challenges once you complete the game.

***Catwoman spoiler
ONLY ISSUE: I catwomam CODE which came with the Game doesn't work thou i tried all case sensitive cases may be since this Game is from EU the code doesnt F*&**n work(Invalid Code) or someone used it and hate Flipkart for this ... but personally I'd rather play as batman the entire time thou i would love to download the catwoman DLC before starting the game. In my opinion it makes a big difference in the storytelling.

Arkham City is a pretty large city. When I heard it was open world I expected a bit more area, but really it is more than enough considering the mayhem on each street corner. Gliding above the city listening for an act of violence to swoop in on is a lot of fun. When you're not focusing on the main story missions there are at least 12 side missions as well as assaults to rescue people from and Riddler trophies to find and solve. There is a lot to do.

Arkham City took everything we loved about Arkham Asylum and made it so much better and gave us more of what made it so great. Although Arkham City does have it's frustrations at times, it has very much gone up in my favorite games list. Very much worth owning. I will be playing this again and again.This is without a doubt one of the best action games ever created. Graphics are top-notch. Voice acting and soundtrack are ridiculously good. The combat system is so satisfying and enjoyable. The stealth, while not too complex, is as fun as it gets. Finally, the game is extremely long with stellar boss fights and a shocking ending. To top it off, there are tons and tons of riddles and trophies, as well as plenty of challenge maps for both stealth and combat. I will stop here and simply tell you: GET THIS GAME NOW OR BATMAN WILL BE PAYING YOU A VISIT!!!

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0 of 0 users found this review helpful.
29 January 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Excellent game

Rocksteady has outdone its previous effort in Arkham Asylum with this gem of a sequel. Few things can be as gratifying as gliding through the night sky of a thug-infested city, dive-bombing into the middle of a gang and spreading some goodness one bone-crunching punch at a time! The story is cool with neat appearances by many of the Bat's famous arch-villains, hidden trophies that will need an observant eye and often some brain-twisting, and there is a nice challenge mode that adds more gaming hours to the single player campaign. If you download the DLC, then you get to play as catwoman in an individual mission as well!

A highly recommended game overall. Flipkart service, as always, is highly dependable.

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2 of 2 users found this review helpful.
01 March 12
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certified buyer
dark knight rocks,Rocksteady rules

flipkart service-as always...ROCKS
everything was top-notch....the delivery-on time,packaging-well done.10/10 to flipkart.

i bought the game as soon as i finished with arkham asylum(which took me a month).i was very excited about arkham city because of the side quests and riddles.arkham city is one of the finest 2012 fact i would place it 2nd on the list of best 2012 games(first would be uncharted-3).main quest was good but it was the side quest that really worked for me.i appreciate rocksteady's work and thanks them for including hush,deadshot,bane and other.RIDDLER WAS AT IT'S game+ mode is a nice addition.

cons-i got bored after completing the game,i mean it's like that i don't care for the riddler trophies and stuff.the sidequests were the only thing that brought me back into this game after completing it.

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0 of 0 users found this review helpful.

Most Recent Reviews

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certified buyer
Flipkart Service amazing. Awesome game

Flipkart service was amazing. Got the product, which was pre ordered, the next day it was launched. Epic game must buy.

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16 April 14
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certified buyer

Well this game truely justifies the LEGACY of DARK KNIGHT..!
BATMAN the worlds greatest detective is there to follow your...

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22 March 14
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certified buyer
best arkham till yet

this is the best game of batman i have played till now
the graphics r awesome
cobats r superb
story is cool Read More

06 March 14
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certified buyer

the game is indeed good .... it's awesome actually.
the graphics are awesome and gameplay is great.

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05 March 14
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certified buyer
a great story....a great game

Batman arkham city is a great has a gripping storyline....but the game is short.i completed the game within a

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29 January 14
    Game: Batman : Arkham City [Essentials]


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