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Battlefield 3

(Games, PC)
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Rs. 1,499

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WS Retail 4.3 / 5
84% positive feedback (3,758,604) ratings)
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Battlefield 3 (Games, PC) Price: Rs. 1,499

Battlefield 3 is a fast paced first-person shooter developed by Electronic Arts Digital Illusions CE and has been published by EA, or Electronic Arts. Battlefield 3 is a sequel to Battlefield 2 which released in 2005. The game uses the latest Frostbite 2 game engine for rendering the graphics and the in-game physics. Battlefield 3 uses EA’s Origin software to authenticate when you connect the game to the internet.

In the game’s campaign mode, which involves the Single Player missions, you can take on the role of several military personas ranging from a Weapons system officer, M1A2 Abrams tank operator, Force Recon Marine to a GRU Spetsnaz operative. The locations for the missions also vary in demographics, ranging from Iran to New York City. The game features fighter jets that can be used in gameplay, adding more energy into the game.

The game kicks off in the year 2014 with Staff Sergeant Blackburn being interrogated. Since the missions being played are in effect, flashbacks of the sergeant, they do not play out in any chronological order. In the campaign mode however, the events start off near the Iraq and Iran border. Here, the United States Marines are fighting the People’s Liberation and Resistance army. There are even missions that are set in Paris, and other European and US destinations.

The Multiplayer Mode in Battlefield 3 sees players take on the roles of Assault, Support, Engineer or Recon operatives. The Assault operatives focus on assault rifles and healing their teammates. Support class operatives focus on Light Machine Guns and Supplying Ammunition to their teammates. The Engineers focus on supporting, maintaining and destroying vehicles. Recon Class operatives mainly Snipe and spot enemies for the rest of the team.

Realism is key in Battlefield 3, as the game mechanics reflect. Using the new game engine, it has been made possible to use Bipods with compatible weapons like Sniper rifles. The use of a Bipod is optional, though it is highly recommended as it fully utilizes the Frostbite 2 game engine to add realism to the firing mechanism. It greatly improves accuracy while cutting down on recoil when the bipod is used as compared to without it. Laying down suppressive fire reduces the visibility of the player due to vision blur effect and this greatly affects accuracy.

The Frostbite 2 game engine is a highly advanced algorithm that can realistically portray the destruction of buildings and the environment to a much higher level than the previous versions. The new engine also has the capability to support dense urban areas and highly detailed graphics and animations. The Battlefield 3 PC game received a PEGI rating of 16 for scenes and gameplay involving military grade violence and destruction. Hardcore gamers will love the multiplayer aspect of the game as much as the highly engaging Single Player campaign.

Specifications of Battlefield 3 (Games, PC)

Publisher Electronic Arts
Category Games
Genre First-Person Shooter
Series Battlefield
Mode Single-Player, Multi-Player
Platform PC
Title Battlefield 3

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Reviews of Battlefield 3 (Games, PC)

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Anieez Kalla

Aug 9, 2014

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certified buyer

The God of Multiplayer Games

Guys if you are a Pro Gamer and you play these SHIT games like call of duty MW3, black ops etc. then you dont know what is GOD in MMO's.

I am a hardcore gamer and i was waiting for this game since its launch, but that time i had a limited system with low end graphics, i had to wait till my …
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Jul 24, 2014

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certified buyer


What? thats it? If you are buying this to play the single player, Please look to spend your hard earned money else where, OVERHYPED, DRAB and BORING single player.
Bought this when all reviewers were singing praises WASTE OF MONEY :(.
Cant comment on MP as my net sucks to play online :P

HarshaVardhan Brahmandam

Jul 1, 2014

You cn download it for freee!!!!

Hey PC gamers I haven't purchased this game but you can download it for free from EA's origin.
This you need to do is download origin from EA website and install it.
later create your account if so you are new to origin and search it in free games option.
They are giving away this game f…
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Shantanu Kar

Jun 16, 2014

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certified buyer

This is battlefield.

Battlefield 3-The second best(BFBC2 being the best) game in the battlefield series. Dice has successfully managed to capture the essence of a soldier on a battlefield.

SINGLEPLAYER- Seriously, if you are buying this for the single player then you'll be deeply disappointed. It's not a good…
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Rudransh Verma

Jun 10, 2014

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certified buyer

Battlefield 3

its a great game and the first to bring a revolution to the world of gaming....first to have such a wonderful graphics.....and a mindblowing reality.......its the game of 2011......the best one......its not having that much kills like cod and battlefield 4 but ok .........

Top reviews

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May 29, 2014

best game ever!!!!!

people please open orgin on your pc and see on the house to get this game full version for absolutely free..... dont waste money on bf3, instaed we can get bf4!!!!

Chaudhary Jatin

Mar 3, 2012

Just Awesome

Single Player : NA, Boring, Stupid
Multiplayer: Awesome, Superb , Fantastic, Amazing
The Multiplayer of BF3 is highly addictive , Rewarding and Fantastically designed. It rewards you every now and then and keeps you hooked on. Its a must buy for all Multiplayer fans. Note that its singleplayer sucks but at this price Multiplayer part is worth it.
It also has 6 CO-OP missions that you and your friends can complete together and it will unlock some cool stuff in Multiplayer Part.
Here is what some of the Critics say about this game:
- "Regardless of the narrative missteps or t…

Naman arora

Jan 16, 2012

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certified buyer

about the game

OMG........yes thiis word came from my mouth when i play this game ...actully when this game was released i buyed pirated version of it but it jus ended in 3 hours max......and m not yet satisfied coz everyday i hear the praises of this game multiplayer for 45 days i collected my pocket money to get this game again but genuine and yes i got it..and i must say that my money has been fully utilised ......coz this game deserves it,,although i have standard edition of it but within few days m also buying its expansion pack back to karkand .......after buying this game and assassin creed and …


Nov 14, 2011

A solid online shooter with really no competition.

While i am still halfway through the single player campaign, i have already clocked close to a little under 60 hours online - And that too on only a handful of maps (well, mostly Caspian Border) and just one class. This is probably going to be best Rs. 1499 that i have ever spent with so much more still to do with the game.

A lot of people have panned the campaign as being cliched and simply not fun. Till the point that i have played (i am guessing i am past the half-mark), it has held itself together pretty well. And while it clearly is no match to the adrenaline filled roller coast…

Nikhil Mishra

Jan 13, 2012

welcome to the battlefield

i'll be as brief as possible because i can't wait to get back into the action of the multiplayer match. yes the BATTLEFIELD 3 is here to blow you away. graphics especially on PC are well .... speechless. you don't want to look back at your world after watching the frosbite 2.0 rendered well out there in this game. the game has been well optimised and whatever issues keep arising are being handled efficiently and timely by DICE. now the sound effects and music. don't tell me you don't feel an awesome action feeling when you listen to the war drums in the main theme of the game.. it's just amazi…

adarsha joisa

Oct 10, 2012

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certified buyer

Excellent game, but very disappointed at being forced to download a 5.4 GB update

I have played bf3 in the campaign mode, and I have to say, what a game!! Really amazing graphics, music and storyline. Bought this game from flipkart for playing multiplayer. After taking more than an hour to read the 2 discs, it started downloading a 5.4 GB update. After scouring the internet for any possible way of bypassing the update to play the game, I realized that the only way to play is to wait while Origin takes a painfully long amount of time to download the ginormous update. It's especially a pain in India because of the hopelessly outdated internet connections we have.


|X|--Pain--|X| , (Ram)

Nov 3, 2011

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certified buyer

Kill or be killed Without physical warfare pack

Pre-ordered the game here at flipkart with door step delivery at best possible time - rate it 5/5

Multiplayer gameplay: This game delivers the "realist" war at your home while it leaves you shocked, flashed and dizzy if you have few friends "Squad" playing with you all night on VOIP. Scheming "Conquest" on a 64/64 all out battle with [IND] Tagged on you is nice!!! :)

Features: -

[The Tough] You have to unlock your weapons , and this can be determined on how fast you can click and ur system/network can respond. So a good system with and red-bull on you can help u h…

Jagjit singh

Sep 20, 2012

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certified buyer


If u r luking for a best multiplayer game then surely buy..this game has aweosme n very addicted multiplayer...after playing it for 500hrs.still i m playing it..

btw Abt Graphics.- 9.5/10 (beautiful frosbite 2.0 engine)
Gameplay.-9/10 (animation n all things are perfect)
Sound..- 10/10 (Awesome sound..this is real war)
Campaig .-7/10 (well campaig is littlebit dissappointing)
Multiplayer-10/10(this game is all abt mUltiplayer)

Overall ... 9/10 ...must play game for FPS lovers. :)

Abhinandan Sahu

Feb 29, 2012

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certified buyer

An Welcome Addiction

If you want to get HIGH without actually taking something that is banned I recommend this game. Its multiplayer is darn addictive. I have already cracked 180+ hours of multiplayer till date. I spent 12 hours at a stretch and never felt bored out of it. I pre-ordered a Limited Edition which gave me access to the Physical Warfare pack, which was of not much use to me as this was my 1st FPS (I am more of a FIFA guy). Getting killed the moment I spawned was a everyday story in the beginning. Now I'm a Colonel Rank 2. Got the DLC B2K, also as a part of Limited Edition pre-order. With its Frostbite …

Suman Pattnaik

Aug 5, 2012

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer


I ordered and when I Installed this game, still this game needs to download 5GB plus more from site? now what the hell on earth I need to download more from site to just start paying this game??? its really a pathetic way this game is being promoted. game is good but how much I need to keep downloading from Origin site??? This should be mentioned in the game details. ...
Tired of keep my system downloading and updating from the ORIGIN sites bla bla. after paying this much its not worth while to again download it from site... horrible.



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