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31 March 13
Perfect ! Just Perfect !----- Sabareesh

I bought this phone a year ago and this explains how interested am to give away a review.
This mobile has the best build in every percept.
Pros :
1)Best touch. flawaless.
2)Very sleeky
4)Good camera (5MP +flash)
5)Robust OS
6)Hotspot & FM & NFC & awesome speaker

1)No Auto focus
2)Less Onboard memory.

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10 March 13
bb 9380

horrid phone ...hangs 20 times a day ....usually between chat....also every few days the media card becomes defunct so i end up losing all my data /pics etc... ....vendor says common problem ..(HUH !!) ....hating it everyday

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10 February 13
the handset lacks in few important features which an ordinary Nokia or Samsung handset have

A good handset but with following cons
*has no scientific calculator
*no call recording facility, one can't record the incoming calls
*no separate folder for different call logs.all the calls i.e. incoming, outgoing &missed calls are clubbed in a single. same is the case for sms

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02 January 13
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Happy User !!!

good phone, have been using it since the past 6 months. I feel that I took this mobile too early as I am only 20 and still a student, this phone is for people who are working as they can afford for the BIS plans which will make the experience a lot better.

sometimes i face problems with appworld and whatsapp when i switch on wifi, they dont work, sometimes I have to reboot the phone or uninstall and reinstall whatsapp.

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01 January 13
awsme mobiii

Guys I am using this mobile from past 3months the only drawback is poor gaming experience!!!!
1* for screen clarity:)
2*video player:)
3*smiple to use:)
4*pure business purpose:)
5*lck of gaming:'(
6*battery backup:'(
7*BB7.0(not 7.1):'(
8*no radio(fm):'(
9*no wifi hotspot:'(

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03 September 12
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good budget touchscreen from BB

A very nice touch screen from Blackberry.this is entry level phone,but having very nice features, the buttons at bottom having little trouble while handling,and also lots of apps are not supported.But any ways,its a nice to buying at this range.

More about Flipkart,very very good service,good packaging,Just purchase it now from FLIPKART........

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29 August 12
Strictly for business

My company recently ordered 16 phones for the team to facilitate instant communication. For me it was two steps backward as I was using Samsung Galaxy S2, the second best Samsung phone in the market. The transition was not easy as I had to transfer all the old contacts to BB 9380. Unfortunately, this phone accepts transfer only through either SIM card or through syncing their BB Desktop software for PC or Mac. Hence,I had to transfer the .vcf contact file to the desktop, add it into Lotus Notes address book(Microsoft Outlook is an option) and then sync it through the BB Desktop Software into the BB 9380. Folks, its quite a task. Many of my colleagues have given up and had to manually feed the contacts into the new phone.

First Impressions:
-A phone built keeping a business user in mind
-The phone has a solid hardware build and a sleek form factor. -It has most of the features needed for daily use except FM radio.
-Screen resolution/brightness is adequate and likeable.
-Screen material is not made of Gorilla glass as most of the smart phones of today and could scratch up after extensive use. -The screen size is smaller than other brands for the price and could pose a challenge to type on the keyboard for those accustomed for larger screen size.
-Graphical interface is very simple and different from other OS. -The settings function is very complicated and can be frustrating
-Mediocre camera snap quality

-Easy email & BB Messenger set up and usage with lot of customization
-Sleek form factor & light weight
-Good screen resolution with brightness
-NFC (Near Field Communication) antennae for large file transfer or electronic payment is located on the battery cover plate
-Solid hardware build
-Excellent battery life (can last up to 2 days with minor tweaks like switching the data to 2G, switching off GPS, dimming screen brightness to 10% & auto switch off scheduler for the night hours during work days & week ends)
-Excellent voice clarity through Bluetooth (voice call using external Bluetooth enabled GPS) and regular calls
-Phone switch off scheduler for the nights with option of work days and week ends(can save tremendous battery life and prevent the phone from disturbing your sleep)
-LED flash for camera
-Pre loaded Documents to Go Office suite to read/edit MS Office doculents like .xl,.doc & .ppt files
-Pre loaded Facebook, Twitter & other instant messaging softwares

-Outdated & buggy OS 7 can be very frustrating for those who have used iOS OR Android ICS and feels like returning to stone age(no official update available since launch of the phone around November 2011)
-Settings function is not properly structured like in iOS & Android and is scattered across the interface/apps. Difficult to relocate certain options and can be frustrating
-No scratch resistant Gorilla Glass for the screen
-App market has fewer apps unlike iOS and Android (& more paid apps than free)
-The keyboard usage is challenging as it is tiny
- The phone has to be re booted every time you un install an App and can take about 3 minutes for each re boot (unlike iOS or Android)
-Some App updates mandate re boots (unlike iOS or Android)
-No FM radio
-Mediocre earphone quality
-Sometimes, the apps fail to launch
-Phone crashes sometimes
-Shining plastic back plate could quickly get scratched so a TPU/Plastic case is recommended
-Inconveniently thin Volume rocker and Camera buttons on the right
-Official OS 7.1 update (feature improvements, better battery life, stability) unavailable for this model despite being available for other models
-No Wi-Fi tethering (only USB & Bluetooth tethering available)

Mid end business phone with small screen size with sleek appeal, loaded with features for business, personal & social connections.

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25 August 12

1. Phenomenal looks, feels soo seductive in hand and and on the table. Cant keep my eyes off it still(after 2 months), its soo damn slim.
2. About the Processor speed it is just optimum to what one needs for daily use (no lagging between apps). You will love its multi-tasking capability.
3. "In-built space" 512 MB: C'mon guys its enough compared to apps they got on BB World. Also, you can always buy a 32 GB SD card for 1600/-, so don't let this hold you back.
4. 3.2" screen does the job for everyone(be mature, guys)
5. Light Weight (OMG you were in my pocket)
6. Apps less, really like you have nothing else to do in life. BB World has enough to get you through the day/weeks/months, and voila there is OS 10.

1. BIS service is a must.
2. Display PPI should have been higher and the Camera just does the job.

Why I chose BB?
1. BB OS. Don't let Android OS fool you, which has been modified 10000000 times by small firm developers before getting to you.
BB has been in the Smartphone OS market since decades, they know what matters and how. (Its super stable)
2. Looks.
3. No other phone in this range(only HTC pleased me which was 22k. Samsung, LG, Nokia, look cheap and pathetic #mainfreemainbhinaloon)
4. 16k BB-Full Touch-OS 7.0-VFM for me.

NO regrets, Happy BBing :)

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23 August 12
Blackberry 9380

My first BB touch happy with the touch screen, I am not happy with the following
* Battery last only stands for 6 Hrs (Using 3 + 1 Mails)
* If talking more than half an hours then the life of battery still comes down
* The keys are little bit hard
* should carry your charger

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25 July 12

Xcellent product...go with dis...nice touch..smooth handset.....if u r luking fr blackberry product & for touch...go with this...i myself went with the reviews & purchased it..but nw...its getting even better day by day...nice phone...

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  • BlackBerry 7 OS
  • 806 MHz Processor
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • 3.2-inch Touchscreen
     BlackBerry Curve 9380 (Black) Price in India: Rs. 16990


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