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BlackBerry Curve 9380: Mobile

Reviews of BlackBerry Curve 9380

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30 Apr 2012
Good Phone to Use

Its been a week since i am using this phone..and i am really amazed with its features...initially i was hesitant to buy a BB..but the look and feel of the phone was really good..and i decided to buy it.. moreover a price tag of 16K is optimum for a phone of this kind.
1. Excellent Business Features
2. Nice Camera
3. OS is smooth(does not hang)
4. Must say that this phone has good really good "Help" option, this is my first BB, i have been a hardcore Nokia Loyalist so, making a transition from the Symbian platform to a BB OS was a little troublesome initially....but the tutorial and hrlp functions made the job really easy

1. Buy this phone if u are looking for Business Features
2. BB is not an App centric OS, so if u are a 'App-y' kind of person this phone is not for you.
3. If u want to have lots of App's, Android is an ideal platform to use.
4. The BBM key is slightly difficult to press
5. The headphone's are not too great either(you would be dissapointed if u have used a Sony handset before)
6. Battery life is average(u have to be a lil careful while travelling as battery drains quickly if u are a heavy data user)
7. This is not a "Fun Phone" unlike those on the Android based Platform", so if u are looking to buy it for "entertainment", then i think this phone is not for you.

Last Word(s)..!!
1. Better than all other entry level BB models
2. A perfect business phone at the given Price.
3. If you are looking of a business phone with good looks(if u dont like QWERTY)at a sub 20K price.This is it.You will not be dissapointed

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06 Jun 2012
A Blackberry for the Classes and not the Masses

I was gifted BB Curve 9380 from a relative. I have bought other items from Flipkart and their service deserves 5 Stars.
This phone is awesome, no two opinions about that. It has the 'Corporate Looks' which make u stand out from the crowd. I will rank it higher than its android and iOS competitors.The hardware, like other American phones, is robust as well as the software. The only glitch is os7. You can upgrade to os7.1 which has the following advantages.
- Better Battery Life
- FM Radio
- Mobile can be used as wifi hotspot (router)

Please remember u can run internet on BB without BIS. Just google and u will find out how.Some apps like BBM may not work but who cares when u have whatsapp messenger. My BB9300 has not hung even once in the past 1 year and Browsing on 2G network is almost as good as 3G.
Keep it up Blackberry but bring down tariffs of BIS.

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30 Jan 2012

20 K bucks for a 3.2 inch screen !!
Don't let this thought hold you back. Trust me its the best. You wont repent spending this amount when you start using it.
1. Super clear interface.
2. Blackberry 7OS.
3. Decent camera.
4. Good for multitasking (800 mhz processor is fast)
5. High quality touch screen.
6. Decent battery.
7. Aesthetics. Looks good in hand.
1. HD video recording missing !!
2. Screen size for some.
3. Physical buttons at bottom slightly hard to press.

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20 Dec 2011
best phone ever had

wonderful phone to use these is my first experience with blackberry phone and its amazing i am enjoying using these phone
the resolution is good the clearity of camera is good
and most importantly the OS(7) ITS AMAZING

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29 Aug 2012
Strictly for business

My company recently ordered 16 phones for the team to facilitate instant communication. For me it was two steps backward as I was using Samsung Galaxy S2, the second best Samsung phone in the market. The transition was not easy as I had to transfer all the old contacts to BB 9380. Unfortunately, this phone accepts transfer only through either SIM card or through syncing their BB Desktop software for PC or Mac. Hence,I had to transfer the .vcf contact file to the desktop, add it into Lotus Notes address book(Microsoft Outlook is an option) and then sync it through the BB Desktop Software into the BB 9380. Folks, its quite a task. Many of my colleagues have given up and had to manually feed the contacts into the new phone.

First Impressions:
-A phone built keeping a business user in mind
-The phone has a solid hardware build and a sleek form factor. -It has most of the features needed for daily use except FM radio.
-Screen resolution/brightness is adequate and likeable.
-Screen material is not made of Gorilla glass as most of the smart phones of today and could scratch up after extensive use. -The screen size is smaller than other brands for the price and could pose a challenge to type on the keyboard for those accustomed for larger screen size.
-Graphical interface is very simple and different from other OS. -The settings function is very complicated and can be frustrating
-Mediocre camera snap quality

-Easy email & BB Messenger set up and usage with lot of customization
-Sleek form factor & light weight
-Good screen resolution with brightness
-NFC (Near Field Communication) antennae for large file transfer or electronic payment is located on the battery cover plate
-Solid hardware build
-Excellent battery life (can last up to 2 days with minor tweaks like switching the data to 2G, switching off GPS, dimming screen brightness to 10% & auto switch off scheduler for the night hours during work days & week ends)
-Excellent voice clarity through Bluetooth (voice call using external Bluetooth enabled GPS) and regular calls
-Phone switch off scheduler for the nights with option of work days and week ends(can save tremendous battery life and prevent the phone from disturbing your sleep)
-LED flash for camera
-Pre loaded Documents to Go Office suite to read/edit MS Office doculents like .xl,.doc & .ppt files
-Pre loaded Facebook, Twitter & other instant messaging softwares

-Outdated & buggy OS 7 can be very frustrating for those who have used iOS OR Android ICS and feels like returning to stone age(no official update available since launch of the phone around November 2011)
-Settings function is not properly structured like in iOS & Android and is scattered across the interface/apps. Difficult to relocate certain options and can be frustrating
-No scratch resistant Gorilla Glass for the screen
-App market has fewer apps unlike iOS and Android (& more paid apps than free)
-The keyboard usage is challenging as it is tiny
- The phone has to be re booted every time you un install an App and can take about 3 minutes for each re boot (unlike iOS or Android)
-Some App updates mandate re boots (unlike iOS or Android)
-No FM radio
-Mediocre earphone quality
-Sometimes, the apps fail to launch
-Phone crashes sometimes
-Shining plastic back plate could quickly get scratched so a TPU/Plastic case is recommended
-Inconveniently thin Volume rocker and Camera buttons on the right
-Official OS 7.1 update (feature improvements, better battery life, stability) unavailable for this model despite being available for other models
-No Wi-Fi tethering (only USB & Bluetooth tethering available)

Mid end business phone with small screen size with sleek appeal, loaded with features for business, personal & social connections.

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03 Jun 2012
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'The Cult' - BlackBerry!

Before the advent of Android and iOS, BlackBerry ruled the world of smartphones. It is true that the newer entries are colorful and delightful, yet they lack the discipline what BlackBerry commands and offers. I accept that BlackBerry is facing some serious competition and needs to survive the ordeal, but I am certain that once consumers realize that Apps aren't everything they need, they will join 'The Cult' - BlackBerry!

Curve 9380 features which I liked the most:

1. 9380 happens to be the first touch in the Curve series of phones. Although the characteristic physical qwerty keypad is missing, it favors more to the touchscreen consumers.
2. The BlackBerry 7 OS is nice, smooth and rarely hangs. The UI is very simple and any newbie could easily get acquainted with it.
3. There are plenty of supporting documents available, like the "How To' files which will guide you in a step wise fashion to perform your task.
4. The characteristic features like pushmail, calenders and BBM.
5. A decent 800 MHz processor with 512 MB ram. Speed of the processor is good. You don't see any lag in any functionality.
6. A decent 5MP camera with LED flash.
7. A decent music player. With a higher end headphone, obviously you will enjoy music to most of your satisfaction.
8. Social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter preloaded.
9. Comes preloaded with a 2Gb card.
10. The pride of belonging to 'The Cult'.

What RIM could have added to make it better:

1. Provide an FM radio. I am not much into listening radio, but there may be many who would wish to listen to radio.
2. A secondary camera for video calling.
3. Increase of RAM capacity.
4. Cut few prices on BIS for price oriented consumers.

Honestly, these are the only negatives I feel.

Now, I wish to share my views Apps. iOS boasts of having more than half a million apps and Android nearly 300,000. But BlackBerry has a limited range of 20,000 and of these close to 40% are paid apps. Assuming you are a Android or iOS user, how many apps would you install at a given point in time? Does the availability of nearly half a million apps really matter? Because I have free apps for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BBM, GMail, Google Maps, Accounting App, Travel App, News and Magazine App, Sports App, Weather App, 3G monitoring App. Do you need more? I don't think I need anything more than these.


For the price offered, it is the best phone available in the market. This phone is also for newbies who get a preview of the features that come with higher end BlackBerry models. Your productivity is certainly enhanced without loosing your touch with the social networking. The new BlackBerry OS looks promising and I certainly predict that 'The Cult' BlackBerry is coming back with The Big Bang! Don't you want to be a part of it? Go buy it! :)

PS: I personally welcome you to 'The Cult'-BlackBerry! :)

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24 Jul 2012
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My 3G Phone

Product is great spec wise. Good for users who are over the phone and do constant reviewing daily basis.
Positives of the phone:
1. Blackberry
2. Decent touch
3. Good for organizing
4. Great look

But the phone has its side of drawbacks too.
1. This is definitely not a phone for you if you are a non stop sms/text msg user.
2. Battery life will last you 1.5 day max. 1 day you are assured.
3. If you want to do a lot of internet, then blackberry plans are hell of a lot expensive compared to the normal plans. Airtel for example is costing me nearly 500-600 per month just for usage of net whereas other mobiles like samsung need only 100Rs.
4. Camera is good for day light pics. Night time not so great. Crappy pics usually come unless you are right in front of the cam.

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21 Jun 2012
Good Phone

This is my first BB and i am very happy with this phone.Sleek,light weight,value for money,total business phone,good battery backup and nice touch.
Cons- Hard BBM and Menu Keys

Over all nice phone in this Segment.

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28 Feb 2012
slim and very efficient phone

I got this phone a month back and am extremely happy with the prformance. The phone is very slim, very light in weight unlike most other BBs. Earlier I was using 8520 and this is surely a fentastic introduction by RIM.

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30 Jan 2012

My dad bought dis phone...dis is an amazing phone..
..pros 1.awesum interface
2 camera vid a flash
3 blackberry operate system 7.
4 awesum design
5 touchscreen is gud
6 large icons
7 battery backup is awesum even wen 3 g is always on

1 screen is 3.2 but doesnt matter
2 video is nt had but pretty cool for normal usage

It's better dn android as in android applications get struck n closed which I ve nvr seen in dis blackberry operating must buy....

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