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13 February 14
Best and High Quality Product

i have been using this Product from past 1year there is no problem in this also battery is as good as new, i play lot of games also no issues ... apps avaliablity is good i find all apps which i needed Over all Awesome Product ... This is product for people who are looking for Quality 1st .

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02 February 14
Works well for everyday use

I bought this off ebay for seven k's in a good deal(16Gb). It works well for everyday needs like video watching, browsing, music etc. Build is solid and it will not start giving headache after 1 year like micromax etc.
There is no stable and snappy maps app. The one available is laggy and doesnt match my expectation.
Tried sideloading with no luck. Apparently latest OS update has made it difficult to work.

Stock browser does not have much features like adblock etc, so had to buy one for 199 bucks.
Stock video player doesnt play all formats(flv etc), so had to buy one player Kalemsoft for 250.

With wifi always on, battery lasts around 1 day.
Stock email client gives all basic features and feels light.
Sound from speakers is too good, clear and loud.

Overall, I opted this for its solid hardware and reliable software. It is more than enough for basic needs and will last really a long time.

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14 November 13
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Great Product, let down by lack of apps.

Got this product after it got its prices slashed. First impression was rather bad as it came with a half baked OS, refused to update its OS, wrote to flipkart about it but they didn't acknowledge the issue. So I referred to forums, they got all the solutions to all the problems. I followed the instructions and got the OS updated, fully functional and running.
Now about the device.
Solid built, I prefer this kind of solid built for our Indian conditions over the rather delicate "made for showing status" feel of Apple products. The OS after updating has its own app world which is rather feature phone era-ish, lacks apps. But the alternate solution is that some of the popular Android apps can be sideloaded, installed and run on the device, they seem to lag at times but functional and usable, some of those include Twitter, Flipboard, Flickr, Timblr, Skype, etc. The strongest aspect of the device is its messaging capabilities and the browser it may put even a mozilla on a PC to shame.
Overall the product is good, well built, capable, on a personal note I use it in portrait mode which looks awkward when in public places as the logo suggests it to be used in Landscape, anyway it works fine both ways.

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10 November 13
Good value, questions on its future . 64GB blackberry playbook

I got the product in 3 working days.Placed cash on delivery order (15990/).sealed brand new box mfg date june 2011. box contains apart from playbook good quality neoprene sleeve with blackberry logo.micro usb charger,USB to micro usb cable,cleaning cloth ,getting started booklet.
I own a blackberry torch 9860 on IDEA network ,so after lot of thinking I opted for playbook.After unboxing I switched on playbook it said battery is low and there was on screen message to load soft ware you need 20% battery after charging for nearly 3 hours I started loading software over WIFI it took about an hour for loading and installing soft ware.I have no issues with the software and hard ware of the product in the last 3 weeks.

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook is a fast, powerful 7-inch tablet with HDMI output, advanced multitasking and security, and a browser that integrates Adobe Flash 10.2 for a desktop-style Web experience.Great hardware,Solid build, BB Bridge(by tethering your Blackberry phone to the Playbook, you can use the data plan on your phone to get the internet on your Playbook - and it works right out the box!! You don't even need a cable - it also works via BlueTooth!! Only problem - just works with Blackberry phones) built in cameras are awesome, it really is professional work enabled, the resolution of the screen.
- The powerful CPU. Battery life is good, 6 hrs on full app gaming.The games on it are amazing as well, very great graphics and audio.It also connects seamlessly with your blackberry if you have one... for access to your phones email, bbm, calendar, notes and more... Actually its like a big screen for BB, easy to read emails, type text and answer BB messages.Sync with phone is great. speakers, they work great. The speakers are front facing and are loud (for a tablet). Unlike the other tablets with speakers on the sides, you get better sound quality since they are facing the user.HD videos are great

The 7-inch screen cramps the powerful browser; the wake button is difficult to push very tiny at the top; and app selection trails the competition.The screen is not Gorilla Glass. The camera dosn't have AutoFocus and flash,-No skype,no kindle no netflix, no hulu,No usb ports- no card slots,no support for GSM/CDMA mobile sim card,compared with IPad colors on BB playbook are bit warm with videos,
At the end of the day, the Playbook book is fun, interesting and charming.

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27 September 13
Heavy Tablet

Blackberry Playbook has good features but its weight is almost 1/2 kg is too heavy.Also it has no voice calling facility.5 megapixel primary and 3 megapixel secondary camera is good advantage.Overall features of this tablet is good as compared to its prize.And blackberry brand is very trusted brand .

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21 September 13
Blackberry Playbook the Worst in the indian Market

Beware everyone!!!! I had bad experience with Blackberry and its Service center Redigton India.
This is for your information.....................
I purchased BB playbook in august 2012 from it failed to charge its battery and dead in December 2012 in just 3 months of time. The under warranty BB playbook I parked in the suggested Service center Redigton India at Bhubaneswar where I live. The service guys didn't even know ABC of the BB playbook service. He suggested for kolkata center. I tried in kolkata center they also seems to know nothing of the gadget, they suggested for Chennai or Bangalore Redigton India service center. The chennai guys informed we can only collect the device but no service here it will be at Bangalore. Finally I gave the gadget at Bangalore office with reference BLR/BB/13/03490. It is still sitting in their office with no repair done and informed me as unrepairable fault. Moreover they also need a charge of Rs.4500 (informed over phone) for the return of unrepaired gadget. Since it crossed the warranty period I was ready to pay if they repair it. I registered a compaint on feb 2013 @ BlackBerry Customer Support with BlackBerry INC000026161122 | Blackberry play book charging issue.

They closed the case without even bothered to solve the customers issue.

I advice please do not promote such gadgets in India without proper solutions for issues that happens to several customers

Please also refer to several cases of same nature in consumer courts against Blackberry Playbook.

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22 September 12
Wonderful tablet..

I own a 64gb version of the playbook and I have been using it for last three months. My opinion of the tab is that is lot more better than the Android ones in the market, in terms of OS usability , multitasking, touchscreen and battery backup. The only setback is that you get a huge set of apps like the Android and even angry birds comes for a price like 100rs. I have run around 5-6 apps parallely without any lag, which your Android or ipad cannot give.

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14 August 12
Fantastic Product.

Very Reliable. Excellent Interface and Brilliant Colors.
Stable Operating System and can play 1080p Full HD Movies. Good for reading PDF documents too.
Has Pr-installed Office Word and Power point too.
Battery lasts quite long too.
Very Handy and comes with a price that doesn't break your bank.
I give it 10/10 and do recommend it to all who is looking for a decent long time purchase.

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22 July 12
Decent tablet for the price

Bought this 64gb tablet @17.5k from Flipkart few months ago.

It is decent performing for the price but not comparable to my iPad 2 or my Android ICS SG SII.

-Page transition is not smooth for the CPU/RAM available as the OS weighs quite heavily on the hardware.

-Booting the unit takes ages, much longer than een a Win7 computer despite having a SSD drive.

-The Blackberry market lay out is horrible and renders pretty slowly on the screen even with a 4mbps broadband internet. Choice of apps are limited.

-Basic and confusing email client

-Bezel swipe wake up from sleep mode initially un responsive and needs multiple tries

-Mediocre video/photo quality as no flash available for camera

-Music player lacks sound equaliser (as on iOS & Android), virtualiser (as on Android) or DSP (as on Android music apps)

-Solid hardware build

-Apps privacy permissions can be controlled for individual apps which is unavailable on iOS & Android

-Facebook integration with the OS

-No need of Anti Virus or Firewall

-BB Messenger video chat

-No home button and instead managing everything from launching/shutting apps, multi tasking to switching between apps is intelligent and simple with touch gestures, much advanced than Apple's iOS.

-BB Bridge for those who use Blackberry phone for syncing

-Documents to Go app is pre loaded for Word/Excel/Powerpoint reading as well as editing

-Excellent for Youtube viewing, Movie viewing with powerful stereo speakers

-Default browser is decent with reader mode as in iOS but not the fastest

-Very nice on screen keyboard with touch sound

-Plenty of storage space

-Decent 7-9 hours battery life if the screen is kept dimmed and paused background application (no simultaneous multi tasking of open apps). Moreover, battery life furthr reduces by keeping Wi-fi connected while playing movies or games.

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23 June 12
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Great Tablet

Hello Everyone,
I bought the Blackberry Playbook 64gb tablet from flipkart about a month back and I am delighted by this product. I am writing this review on my Blackberry Playbook and its a breeze to use. Typing on this tablet is fantastic when you hold it vertically. It pairs seamlessly with my Blackberry Bold 9900 and all my emails and attachments are automatically transferred to my playbook from my bold 9900. But I wish there were more apps available for the playbook and the apps that are free for the android market are not in the case of blackberry. But its a great tablet and a Laptop replacement. Definitely worth buying specially at this price.

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