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25 Jan 2012
Why you should and should not buy this playbook

This is my second tablet after having an iPad2. So it is kind of a comparative review Playbook 16GB vs iPad2 16 GB wifi only model both.

Why you should buy Playbook

1. Price, Price, Price. It is more than 50% cheap than iPad 2 (if we consider the latest discount that is going on).
2. OS is very good. Yes I like it more than iOS. The panel is also touch sensitive and panel & screen touch combination will create an intuitive os experience.
3. Multitasking is a joy to use in playbook. Simply superb. Even iPad and android tablet can't give you that experience.
4. It is blackberry. So better brand value, proper service, update etc are here than some cheap android tablet.
5. Hardware configuration is good. Screen resolution overall finish etc are one of the best.
6. It has implemented best speaker in a tablet. You can enjoy the movie, music without headphone. It is loud enough to enjoy in a group.
7. Android apps compatibility with the next OS update.
8. Browser supports Flash.
9. You can use this as a USB drive and drag-n-drop your files to it.
10. All favorite SD/HD movie format supports by the native player without any performance lag.

Why you should NOT buy Playbook

1. Biggest let down is non availability of apps in the market. Though with the next OS update you will get android application compatibility but keep in mind that it will not be a 100% compatibility. So lot of world's fav application you can't enjoy here.
2. No proper email client is available till now for blackberry.
3. Updating Blackberry for the first time is a huge task. Server is overloaded always when they issue a new OS update. Without that update you can't use the blackberry. It took 4 days for me to update blackberry to the latest OS.
4. Screen is 7". My personal opinion is 10" screen is always better to use as tablet.
5. Little bit heavy considering its size. Feel heavier than my iPad2.
10. Playbook is not a success for Blackberry. So not sure about its future. Anytime it may be dropped.
11. We all know future mobile OS is android. So investing in a non android tablet may not be a good idea currently.

Now service from Flipkart.
I will not say it is bad but found it is not good when there is a problem with the delivery/stock. I ordered 32GB but as they didn't have the stock for 32GB they called me and confirmed that 16GB will be available and extra money will be refunded as cash refund. But ultimately they refunded the amount to my wallet not as cash refund. My idea was flipkart is better than any other e-Shops but I proved wrong.

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27 Nov 2011
Excellent Product

It's probably the best productivity tool out there, in tablets that is. UI is superb. Hardware top notch. There is no perfect tablet out there, so depends on whether this fits your needs, but i must highlight that this product is extremely well made.

Big problem with PB has been choice of apps, which has started to change over the past many weeks. Also, with the 2.0 OS expected in Feb 2012, it'll be compatible with Android app world, which should address the problem. Having said this, it already offers a lot of relevant apps.

Gaming experience is excellent. I've played games on ipad, and samsung tab. PB is miles ahead on gaming experience. One needs to check out the list of games available on the app's impressive.

I think PB was not appropriately positioned by RIM. They should have targeted the existing BB users first as there was a strong association with the product already.

Another issue is bad press. Due to poor off-take of this product globally, PB has become a favourite whipping boy, but as a user for 6 months, I am glad i bought this product. I'm not into a lot of gaming (my son is hooked!), but experience of integrating mails, calendars, notes, browsing (all via tethering) is very good. It's browser is superp too.

QNX (now called BBX) OS is a pleasant surprise. I think it's miles ahead of competition, the power of which (hopefully) will be seen next year with the major OS upgrade (expected in Feb, fingers crossed).

Lastly, camera is high quality. I've stopped using my standalone camera completely. It has a capability to record in HD and the results are excellent again.

And oh, PB supports flash (i know Adobe has announced discontinuation of flash, but dont forget how proliferated flash usage is on the web). Watching videos, movies, etc. is a joy. HDMI connectivity also lets you mirror on TV which means PB becomes your controller for a game, or a remote for movie. Due to its wifi capabilities you can stream movies directly to a connected TV.

I know i may be sounding a bit biased (as an owner already), but the idea is to provide as honest review / opinion as possible.

Hope it helps!

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03 Mar 2012
A superb tablet..worth its price

I have been using a 64GB Playbook with the new OS 2.0. Can tell one thing for sure, that gradually you will start loving this tablet more and more every passing day.

A few reasons which make it an absolute buy is its amazing speed, display, its access to android market (with OS 2.0 Update), native email client, integration with all social apps, battery backup and the build quality. BB has got it perfect with this masterpiece. Though many might draw comparisons with Ipad and other Android devices, Ipad currently is twice the price of playbook 64 GB and Android OS is well known for its apps, which are now available through BB App world after the new OS Update.

If you are a BB smartphone user, then you can also use your phone as a remote controller to control the playbook, without having to use the touch screen. All smartphone applications like BB messenger, messages and contacts are also available over the BB Bridge for your convenience. And more than anything else, BB is known for its security worldwide.

With more and more additions and upgrades coming in, it can any day be considered as the best buy in this price range.

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19 May 2012
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Superb high quality tablet for a very low price

I ordered this tablet on Wednesday night (16th may) and this product got delivered yesterday morning while I was away (18th may) - superfast service by Flipkart. Thank you very much Flipkart.

I opened the package last night and was very delighted to hold and feel this stunning beauty in my hands. I powered it ON and it popped with a welcome screen and detected my wifi network. Upon connection, I was prompted with a couple of more configuration options (time, blackberry id, so on). After signing in using my blackberry id, it proceeded to update to 2.0 OS. The entire update (514 MB download) finished in 45 minutes and tablet rebooted.

After the first 8 hours of playing with this device, here's my review. For the background, I have used blackberry bold before. I also currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note and Notion Ink Adam.

1. A very quality build. Great to hold in hand(s). It is NOT insanely sleek like the ipad nor galaxy tab, but this does look great to hold in your hand.

2. The screen quality is very good with a wide viewing angle. It does not compare to my galaxy note's super amoled display - but it still is good. HD videos are a treat to watch on this display

3. The weight of this device is not exactly light (when compared to amazon Kindle, let's say). But it is very comfortable to hold in your hand for long periods of time.

4. The OS is absolutely the best I have seen and used so far. It's a lot better than android IMO in terms of performance, responsiveness, usability and reliability. I have always faced lags in responsiveness on Android devices especially while typing fast - leading to typos. But this device is just awesome.

5. The user interface is well designed with excellent multi tasking support. There were no performance lags or erratic behavior while running multiple apps and rapidly switching between them.

6. The package came with a sleek power adapter similar to the one that used with blackberry bold. It connects and charges via micro USB.

7. The bundled software are all good to make you productive immediately. The mail and calendar application is amazing. Also, there is a bundled game - NFS undercover which works perfect on this tablet.

8. Undoubtedly the BEST tablet for the price at this point in time.

1. As every other review mentioned it, playbook OS is currently plagued with lack of apps when compared to android or iOS. But then again how many apps do we really need? I am happy with what comes bundled with my playbook for my day to day needs.

2. There is a lot of speculation about the future of playbook as many expert reviewers claim that RIM might stop developing for playbook. But in today's age of technology proliferation coupled with cut throat competition, no device tends remain in market for more than 2 years. So, let's move on with it. This device would atleast keep me satisfied for an year before another killer tablet or gadget come out in the market.

3. No builtin 3g support. I didn't miss a thing though as I keep this device tethered to my galaxy note using wifi. If you use a blackberry smartphone, it might come in handy for blackberry bridging.

Overall a very good value for money tablet that can be used for business productivity and also for entertainment.

I typed this whole review on my new playbook to prove a point - its very comfortable to type long emails :-)


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22 Jan 2012
Awesome Tablet !

Hi people,

I have been using this tablet for almost a week now and my verdict is a full thumbs up!

Touch - responsive and smooth
UI - Kind of grows on you
Multitasking - Fantastic. No lag anywhere with 5 simultaneous app running
Display - Nice
Gaming - Awesome. Check out the pre-loaded NFS game.
Built - Solid. Offers a good ergonomic grip. Feels good to hold as well. Oozes quality.

Apps - Not enough apps to play around with on Blackberry App store. Though most of the necessary apps are there. However, soon to be released BB OS 2.0 update with compatibility with android apps is going to solve this problem.

No 3G - I wouldn't have used it anyway. Still, offers more options in terms of connectivity.

Battery - Would've been better if it sported a stronger battery.

Weight - A few grams off it's weight would've helped as well !

Overall, it's a steal with the current fire sale. You can't get a better deal than this.


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18 May 2012
A Tablet that wins your heart...this is what you call love at first sight!!

Am a proud owner of new Blackberry Playbook 64GB OS 2.01(Latest).
It has been almost 5 days since I received my tablet...what took me long to write the review was that I wanted to explore the tablet and see all the pros and cons....
And you all will be surprised with what I have to say...THIS TABLET is going to stay quite for sometime now...
People used to say gone are the days of blackberry but no this tablet with the new OS 2.01 is as awesome as you want it to be.
1. Newest version of OS is 2.01 which is awesome with very fast browser,better social sites integration and lightning quick camera...
2. Display...who said that only apple can produce good displays? Have look at this piece of eye candy and you'll know what am I talking about...very vibrant colors without any'll love watching ur photos on this than watching it on your laptop/PC!!
3. Touch response is very sensitive and apt...better and quite snappy after the new update!!
4. Multitasking is a charm!!In the new OS they have included one very kool feature from Blackberry 10 OS...that is you don't have to come out from the application in which you were working to come to the task manager and then go to the different open application...for the first time in the world with any just have to glide the application either to the left or right and it will seamlessly change and moive on to different applications that are opened in the background!!!Isn't it amazing ?(M not sure if this feature was there before coz this is one feature that RIM recently showed that will be included in the Blackberry 10 OS that is being built!!
4. Supports all kinds of Wi-Fi security types...even the latest WPA-2 Personal and enterprise also...that is why it has been approved by the US military to be used(for having military grade security)
5. Awesome loud speaker quality...much loud and stereo mode ...these two are lacking in iPad 2 and iPad 3....
6. Now there are more apps as many android apps can now be converted into *.bar formats and side loaded on the playbook!!
7. Playing games is just awesome...its so easy and no lag at all...
8. There are two good quality 5 MP and front one is 3 MP...very nice quality pics can be taken!!The day is not far when Skype shall also be available for video chatting on this device!!
9. Built quality is excellent ...after all its Blackberry from one of the most respected brands of the world has a matt finish at the back!! A bit heavy...but you'll live with that(After all you are holding a tablet and not a phone)
10. One might ask...when it is such a boom of android everywhere why would I invest in a company like Blackberry...I'll say its much driven by the PRICE!!!Its almost more than 50-60% Cheaper than the equivalent android tablet in the market!!!

Cons :
You won't find much...atleast I didn't...
1. The touch screen catches fingerprints very easily..(But Blackberry have included a very soft cloth to wipe the screen and body in the packet itself)
2. Its Wi-Fi only if you don't have Wi-Fi...then you won't enjoy the tablet to its fullest...ofcourse you definitely need a Wi-Fi for booting up and setting up the device for the first cannot do away with it...
3. Ofcourse there is alimitation at the present moment in the no of apps in the appworld in comparision to Android or iOS...but more and more developers are developing for you won't be left out...

In a nutshell just 3 words for Blackberry "I LOVE YOU"
and for you all.. "GO FOR IT"!!!

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19 Jan 2012
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nice tablet

i have bought this device very recently and i would say it meets users expectations. also as the new update is expected soon if some body wanted to have an entertainment kind of a device this one is the best choice. the best part is the memory vs price and the multimedia features. also it can able to connect to non bb mobiles for internet tether. i have connected nokia e71 and i am writing this review using this feature. i am not whether it would be worth to wait for further price drop. a blind choice if it comes for 15-16k in india.

go for it.


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24 Apr 2012
One of The Best Tablets Available in the Market

Lets talk about Cons first because they are very few;
1. App World is worse as there aren't much apps to play with. But blackberry has introduced apk to bar repackaging. So it reduces the concern a bit.
2. A bit heavy for its dimensions.
3. Cameras are good only in day light or extremely lit areas.
4. Once you buy this tablet, please make sure you have a wireless internet connection available as it updates to the latest OS, (only the first time). This is a major drawback.

1. Amazing UI & UX
2. Mind blowing multitasking
3. Plays almost all video and audio file formats
4. Tablet OS 2.0.1 (which i updated to, yesterday) comes with TV on GO application which plays most of the channels FREE OF COST.
5. Display is very good, but could have been better with a HD display.
6. Email client is impressive
7. I enjoy the gaming experience in my PB.
8. High performance processor and RAM.
9. Very good battery backup. Let me give you an instance to prove my statement. I was travelling from Bangalore to Mysore (139 kms, 3 hrs) and my sole source of entertainment was my PB, which was completely charged. I played NFS undercover for about 45 mins and watched Kahaani movie (2hrs). I reached Mysore junction. When i clicked on the battery icon to check its status, it was 77%. 77% was remaining even after such use.

If you are looking for a tablet with 3G in it, then i would say you go for iPad or Galaxy Tab.

Over all its way too much worth than it costs.

And 5 stars are for the pros. :-)

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16 May 2012
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Worth Every Penny Tablet!!!

There is nothing more in life then to wn one of your favourite Gadgets in the world. Thanks to Flipkart to make it possible for me. Lots of people were against my decison of buying this Tablet. No 3G why do you want to buy it?? and so many other other issue were put in fron of me. But honestly i am absoulutely happy and satisfied with My Blackberry Playbook 64GB. It has everything i wanted in my Tablet. With the new OS 2.0 It takes the Tablet experince to a completely different level.

I hope Flipkart will publish my review because what i am about to write is very important. There is nothing to be afraid about. It is my actual experience. After unboxing BB Playbook i found that with the new OS 2.0 now available you will not be able to use the Playbook unless you Update your exsisting OS. This is where the problem starts. Please let me make it very clear there is nothing wrong with the Product from Blackberry's end or Flipkart. The actual problem is with Blackberry's Upadte Server. Everytime i tried to update it comes up with ERROR.

Now here is a piece of advice from someone who has been through the whole nightmare but eventually succeded. The best way to update is via Blackberry Desktop Manager and not Over The Air. It was a hard day's work for me to evenually get my Beloved Blackberry Playbook up & running. At end i would say this Tablet is worth every PENNY spend.... Flipkart Rocks :-)

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12 May 2012
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Superb Tablet at Superb Price

I purchased this tablet 2 weeks ago and after extensive use I am writing this. Its a fine masterpiece of hardware and soon will be software.
I am satisfied with this tablet and I would like to note you few points as there are tons and tons of review for this tablet.
1) For initial starting wi-fi is must. I thought I can use my Laptop as Wi-fi hotspot but unfortunately it could not be detected so I had to buy netgear router.
2) Battery is very Good.5300 mAh Lithium - Polymer lasts atleast 1 day with good use.
3) No headsets/headphones.
4)So sim card - But I use bluetooth Internet tethering via my Nokia E72 & Browse net like native simcard. Any Normal handset which have Bluetooth & GPRS can be used. So there is actually no need of having simcard slot and extra sim + extra data plan for that sim.
5)Screen quality is very good than samsung tablet.
6)Camera is satisfactory
7)Biggest point to be noted is its still not supported Skype and Yahoo msgr (though in future it will come)
8)OS 2.0 makes this tab much more interactive and interesting.
9)Internet browsing is like butter on bread. Video and Picture player also nice.
10) Due to 2.0 OS, many android apps can be seen on Blackberry App World and in future u can see thousands of Android apps as I can see increasing daily. THey run without any difficulties.
11) Speakers are very nice. Nice stereo experience.
12) Last but not least. If you are thinking to buy this buy immediately as u can see on flipkart 32 GB version is already Permanently discontinued.

Flipkart service is as-usual at its best. Can rely only on this site for quality and assurance. I seen this tab at little lower price on other sites but please do not compromise quality for 500-1000 Rs..

Mandar Thakur

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