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Top New Releases view all
by Ramgopal Vallath
(7 ratings)
Rs. 199 36% OFF
Rs. 127
Rs. 299 33% OFF
Rs. 199
8 Sellers from Rs 198
by Sachin Tendulkar Majumdar Boria
(676 ratings)
Rs. 899 33% OFF
Rs. 599
25 Sellers from Rs 549
Best Books of the Month view all
by Sir Richard Branson
Rs. 699 30% OFF
Rs. 489
13 Sellers from Rs 482
by Jagmohan S. Bhanver
Rs. 199 32% OFF
Rs. 135
(66 ratings)
Rs. 299 36% OFF
Rs. 189
Editor's Picks view all
by Malala Yousafzai Christina Lamb
(164 ratings)
Rs. 399 40% OFF
Rs. 238
15 Sellers from Rs 235
by Gillian Flynn
Rs. 399 33% OFF
Rs. 266
(9 ratings)
Rs. 599 40% OFF
Rs. 357
(18 ratings)
Rs. 699 30% OFF
Rs. 489
14 Sellers from Rs 434
The Modern Classics view all
by Suskind
(33 ratings)
Rs. 350 26% OFF
Rs. 256
(92 ratings)
Rs. 350 30% OFF
Rs. 245
4 Sellers from Rs 242
(10 ratings)
Rs. 399 21% OFF
Rs. 315
6 Sellers from Rs 279
by Toni Morrison
(9 ratings)
Rs. 499 30% OFF
Rs. 349
Indian Graphic Novels view all
by Various
(17 ratings)
Rs. 799 30% OFF
Rs. 559
4 Sellers from Rs 551
by Yukichi Yamamatsu
(53 ratings)
Rs. 395 49% OFF
Rs. 198
by Devdutt Pattanaik
(12 ratings)
Rs. 150
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Reading books is a hobby that most of us do not devote time to specifically, but on a rainy day when nothing else seems interesting, a quick peek into your bookshelf will reveal hidden gems that will keep you enthralled for the next several hours. Books also improve your knowledge span, in small ways and big, and greatly broaden your vocabulary as well. Which is also why a bibliophile will always sound smarter without meaning to, than one who restricts the amount of literature that he absorbs from this world.

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