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In Focus - Ten Must Reads for this April 2016
Devdutt Pattanaik
Devdutt Pattanaik is a renowned author, mythologist, and leadership consultant, whose work focuses on deriving management insights from mythology to reveal a very Indian approach to modern business. He has authored over 30 books, many of them best-sellers like Myth = Mithya, Business Sutra, The Pregnant King, and Jaya: An illustrated retelling of the Mahabharata. Many of his books have been translated in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati and Marathi.
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Rs. 284
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Hedon (English)

This was always going to happen. Tara Mullick falls in love with Jay Dhillon at first encounter. Her pull toward the older, brilliant billionaire is an unyielding force that carries her through Catholic school in Kolkata to four years of recklessness at college in the American Midwest. Things come to a head upon Tara's return to India. She comes face-to-face with the socially oppressive realities of her world, and then, six years after their initial meeting with Jay himself. Edgy and compelling, Hedon is a stunning debut novel that explores the vagaries of love and heartache, and what it means to not know where you belong.

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I have been reading Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s books since I was twenty or so. It has been that long that she has been weaving the magic of words and allowing our imagination to run wild. Her books are all about women and rightly so, because that is what she writes with so much flair, elegance and depth. Whether she is writing about Draupadi in The Palace of Illusions or tackling a tale of sisters in Sister of my Heart, she has not an adversary who can match to her skills when it comes to the nuances of relationships and life. “Before we visit the Goddess” is a beautiful look at fragile relationships mostly the one between mothers and daughters. It is a read that will make you smile, make you cry and make you want to wonder about your own relationship with your mother. I highly recommend it to one and all.
Before We Visit the Goddess (English)
Before We Visit the Goddess (English)
Rs. 372
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Name of the customer: Vibha Trehan. Dr Atul Gawande is a gifted writer, and author of various books and articles. His most famous article "Cost Conundrum" was published in New Yorker magazine, and explained reasons behind high Medicare costs in US. In this book, Dr Atul has touched upon a very important topic - Medicare in Old age, and in terminal illness. He discusses how in many cases of terminal illness, medicine may be able to buy more time for the patient but may in turn decrease his quality of life, and how the last part of our lives can mean much more if it’s not tied to a ventilator in an ICU. He discusses various Old age solutions been used in America, palliative cares Vs ICUs, and how quality of one’s life is more important to most of the patients than the length of their lives. Book is written in very lucid manner, and flow of ideas from one chapter to another follows the central theme of the book. A very good book indeed!!
Being Mortal : Medicine and What Matters in the End (English)
Being Mortal : Medicine and What Matters in the End (English)
Gawande, Atul
Rs. 599
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What if you can leave your life and its problems behind and go places - to other countries, worlds, galaxies and back and forth in time? Books are that one medium that will grant you full access to anywhere and everywhere, allowing you to escape into your imagination with rich descriptions of everything you might not otherwise get to see in your lifetime.

Reading books is a hobby that most of us do not devote time to specifically, but on a rainy day when nothing else seems interesting, a quick peek into your bookshelf will reveal hidden gems that will keep you enthralled for the next several hours. Books also improve your knowledge span, in small ways and big, and greatly broaden your vocabulary as well. Which is also why a bibliophile will always sound smarter without meaning to, than one who restricts the amount of literature that he absorbs from this world.

Indulge yourself or your children with boxed sets of timeless classics and family favorites; they will become hand-me-downs that will impart more character to the future generation than any heirloom ever can.

Helping you get ahead in life with an edge over the herd are the entrance exam preparatory books that give you all possible combinations of any test you ever might be interested in taking. Make your college life easier with text and reference books while professionals glean the most out of their jobs with supplements of how-to and technical books.

Open up a Pandora's box of literature for you and your kids with all the fiction titles in every language imaginable; instill nurture the love for books at an early stage, which is the greatest gift you can give your offspring, with age-specific book for children and teenagers.

Well-established as the biggest online bookseller in India with a database spanning more than a million titles and every genre possible, Flipkart has become a go-to resource for bibliophiles of every reading level. They have special discounts on certain titles and popular fiction and nonfiction titles apart from new releases collated to make browsing through them easier for you.

Buy books online from Flipkart with your credit card or via net banking, both of which have secure payment processing. You can even pay cash on delivery when the book is delivered quicker that you can say online shopping. Flipkart also offers refunds or replacements if there happens to be a problem with the books delivered. Indulge the bookworm within you and curl up on the window seat with the books that you ordered online with ease.


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