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Borderlands 2

(Games, Xbox 360)
PEGI Rating: 18
Video Encoding: PAL
Platform: Xbox 360  
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Rs. 1749
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Borderlands 2 (Games, Xbox 360) Price: Rs.1749

Borderlands 2 is the action packed sequel to the incredibly successful Borderlands. This game is inspired by the events of the original game and continues the story with characters from the original game making appearances. The captivating storyline is littered with juvenile humor making this game fun to play alone or with friends. This version of the game is developed for the Xbox 360 gaming console by Gearbox Software and it is published by 2K Games. This first-person shooter game features various elements of role-playing games like character leveling up, upgrading weapons and character development along with the storyline.

Borderlands 2 runs on the powerful Modified Unreal Engine 3 which delivers better graphics at higher speeds vastly improving the gameplay experience. The team at Gearbox Software has put a lot of work into improving the storyline and characters for this game and the result is a fun game that can be played over and over again. Features from the original Borderlands has been revamped and improved for he sequel. Finish the single player campaign to figure out how to be an effective warrior before stepping into the multiplayer arena. The PEGI rating for this game is 18 due to the graphic violence, strong language, sexual themes, blood and gore.

Synopsis and Features

The events of Borderlands 2, takes place 5 years after the original Borderlands. The ruthless and cunning Handsome Jack now rules over Pandora. When the alien abomination known as The Destroyer was defeated by the Vault Hunters in the first Borderlands, a valuable mineral known as Eridium started flowing through Pandora's crust. Handsome Jack, who was a member of the Hyperion Corporation, realizes the value of the mineral and uses it to take over the corporation and then Pandora. Handsome Jack rules Pandora from his H shaped satellite that is located in front of the moon.

Borderlands 2 starts with 4 Vault Hunter on a train which gets ambushed by Hyperion robots. You play the only Vault Hunter that survives the attack. After being rescued by the last Claptrap unit, the Guardian Angel appears and advises the hunter to head to Sanctuary which is the military stronghold of the Crimson Raiders. Follow the plot to get to Sanctuary and once you are inducted into the ranks of the resistance, you will receive your first mission which is to rescue Roland, the leader of the Raiders. On this mission you get to meet Firehawk, who is really Lilith, one of the original Vault Hunters from the original game. As you progress further in the game, Handsome Jack's plan of locating the second and much larger Vault becomes clearer. Thwart his attempts to rescue Pandora from doom.

The highly improved Artificial Intelligence makes your enemies smarter and they use their surroundings to reduce the damage you inflict on them. They use fallen comrades to block your attacks and have the ability to heal teammates. Area specific damage is also enabled, where if you shoot and damage a Hyperion robot's arm only that part will stop working. Complete missions and kill enemies to earn experience points, rewards and upgrades for both armor and weapons. Along with your experience points you also get skill points that can used to personalize your base character's specialization. Weapons and items in this action game have different stats as they are generated randomly by using the procedural-generated loot system. Revamped features from the original game are the 3-branch skill tree, class mods and the four-player online cooperative mode. Downloadable content for this game has been released and they add immense value to the existing game.


All-New Characters and Classes: Choose from all new characters and classes including the Gunzerker, who can dual-wield any two weapons in the game. Dual machine guns? Cool. Dual rocket launchers? Of course! Dual Sniper Rifles? Sure, if that's your thing!

Play Online with Friends: Share your adventures with friends both online and via LAN through a seamless system enabling you to drop in and drop out of a campaign without ever having to restart the game.

World Connected Story: Left for dead in the frozen tundra of Pandora, begin your quest of revenge and redemption as the story drives you closer to the Hyperion Corporation and its evil founder, Handsome Jack.

New Badass Gun System: Millions upon millions of possible weapons means tons of new and innovative ways to engage foes on Pandora. Fire, electricity, corrosive acid, and more will all be at your disposal.

87 Bazillion...Everything: It's not just guns on Pandora, you will lust after procedurally generated shields,grenades, alien artifacts, class mods and much, much more.

Brand new environments: From the arctic tundra, through the dangerous grasslands, past the mysterious corrosive caverns to beyond, discover more of the unpredictable world of Pandora at every turn!

Brand new enemies: Hulking, gorilla-like Bullymongs, vicious predatory Stalkers and the Hyperion mechanical army, run by Handsome Jack, are just some of the new enemies you will face.

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Specifications of Borderlands 2 (Games, Xbox 360)

Title Borderlands 2
Category Games
Platform Xbox 360
Publisher 2K Games
Video Encoding PAL
Mode Multi-Player, Single-Player
Genre First-Person Shooter
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Reviews of Game: Borderlands 2

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 34)

24 September 12
Simply Borderlands !!!

Oh!! Ya..Its borderlands Time....:)
Right,Gonna write an honest review after playing about 25 hours on xbox360...

STORY: It was one aspect of the first borderlands that we all hated...I mean exploring PANDORA for 40-50 hours and in the end what you get is a piece of SHIT.So,Gearbox this time have done a tremendous improvement and have seriously considered each and every feedback they got from gamers all around the world.Some elements remain the same like you still play as one of the vault hunters hunting for the Vault & Hyperion corporation's CEO--Handsome jack.I am still to finish the game but this game has made me laugh,made me cry,made me feel dumb at times and made me feel like an ELITE vault hunter loaded with Bazillionssssss of guns :)....As i said Storyline is much better than the previous Borderlands.You wont be disappointed as far as Story is concerned !!! :)

CHARACTER's & NPC's : You play as one of the 4 vault hunters AXTON,MAYA,GUNZERKER,ZERO.Now as like the previous version every character has their own skill set and choosing a character that suits your play style is the KEY here.So,before starting to play just look into what the skill sets are of each of the characters and also look @ the skill tree that is uploaded online on BORDERLANDS2.COM.try every possible combination to decide the best option for you.Every loot you get,every weapon you get will depend on what character you have choosen so take an informed decision.Personally i like Maya (coz she is SEXY :P ) & i am playing as ZERO-The assassin..& i am loving it !!

NPC's -- How can i forget to mention our good old wannabe Ninja assassin CL4P-TP CLAPTRAP.Yesss..he is back with a bang and better than ever!!! This is one thing i loved about 1st borderlands and its even better this time..the very first dialogue of his makes you laugh your heart OUT!!! Awesomeee would be an understatement guys....

There are lot of other NPC'S as well 15-20 of them and they make PANDORA look more lively and full of life this time..You wont get bored just roaming around !!! There always something someone to make you feel comfortable & yes almost everyone has a story of his/her/it's own to tell...
One character that's worth mentioning is TINY TINA's deadliest 13 year old..!!! She is so adorable at times and makes you laugh "N" no. of times....Great addition !!

GAMEPLAY :: I am playing on x360 and i havent encountered any glitches so far...just one occasion that i got stuck into the environment and have to restart from the previous saved checkpoint...Not a big issue !!


HOW LONG TO BEAT :: I have played for about 25 hours or so and i am half way into the game and i am doing every damn possible thing..There are about 19 MAIN missions and 100 Side missions in the game,enough to keep you busy for 8-10 good days...!!
And of course thats only for one character....!!!

PRE-ORDER BONUSES :: As we all know,pre-ordering the game entitles you for a premiere club membership...I havent ordered the game on FLIPKART so cant really comment whether they are providing the bonuses or not.I bought it from another online store and they provided me with Premiere club membership and CREATURE SLAUGHTER DOME DLC ....!!!

VERDICT!!!--- If you have played the first borderlands you are absolutely going to love this one..!! The game improves upon almost every damn aspect and is more lively this time around.The game is much more challenging and AI is much more sophisticated challenging you almost every single minute !! You have to employ some tactics if you want to beat the main bosses.They throw much tougher challenges this time around.Borderlands 2 dares you to beat it.thats what makes it much better this time around.& yess..TERAMORPHOUS THE INVINCIBLE lives up to its expectations...Ultra hard to beat...Dont feel shame if you cant beat it on your own coz you wont ;)...Take help from some online guide's avaliable.


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73% of 15 users found this review helpful.
24 September 12
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certified buyer
Pre order or post order.. :(

Ordered this game in august on flipkart with premier club but the whole sense of preorder is lost as it is too late the ps3 version is still shown to be released.. I like flipkart but this was not expected.. Please flipkart deliver this awes0m3 game to us and avoid future instances like these to not loose valuable customers..
This Game by the way is the most replayable fps which is in an open world of deadly pandora..
Very nice story and graphics are unique passing my time by reading reviews but cant wait till i get my copy to start filling my enemies with lead in flavours of fire thunder acid etc..

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8 of 10 users found this review helpful.
This review was written for Borderlands 2
24 October 12
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certified buyer
Strong Contender for GOTY 2012

If i had to summarize the review in 1 statement it would be this :
This game is fun on so many levels.

The dialogues are the best part about this game, cleverly written and with fitting voice-overs. The game is hilarious, you won't feel bored replaying the same quests with your different characters, EVER.

Each character have their unique skill tree and abilities. You get points to select your desired skills, and there are so many skills that you will have to keep changing your build as per your liking. You can go for a Melee build for Zero, or you can choose the Sniper build and get those Critical hits. or better you can mix and match them to get the best result for you.
Salvador(Gunzerker), Maya(Siren), Axton(Commando), Zero(Assassin) have their own funny background story and dialogues. But, Gaige(Mechromancer), which is a pre-order DLC, is by far the best Borderlands character. She is funny, has some awesome abilities and has DeathTrap(ala Bloodwing + Turret)

The difficulty ranks up if you do multiple play-through with a character, and it gets insanely tough if you do not have the perfect gear. Which makes you play the game many times to get those rare(legendary guns and items) and it's never boring.

This game rewards co-op and is a lot of fun playing with friends, but the game is also a lot of fun in solo mode(which wasn't the case with the Original Borderlands). I have 120 solo hours in the game, and that's just with 1 character. Gearbox has done an incredible job making this game so much fun.

The first DLC(Captain Scarlett and her Pirate Booty) adds 7-9 hours(if rushed) of quests, Story + side quests, 6 new maps, 2 raid bosses, and a whole bunch of new enemies. Rest assured, this game is not to be played once. This is an ARPG which can be played for months(without frustration)

There are Raid bosses, which are incredibly hard to beat, for those who think the regular boss don't fare up to the challenge.

This game needs to be played, and will reward you a lot of fun.

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This review was written for Borderlands 2
25 July 13
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certified buyer
Good game but not my favorite

I really enjoyed playing initially its a great game and its really lengthy. Pros and cons

Good gameplay
Great characters
Great skill system
Much better than the original
New enemy types in the Vault hunter mode
Really cool game style (graphics, design, characters,etc)
Cool weapons, shields, grenade mods, skills, enemies
Bad ass ranks rewards more gaming

Bazillion guns system has its con that u always need to find better weapon (sometimes when u find a good weapon u don't want it to grow old)
I like the Crysis style weapon customization, it feels much better but being a RPG
It could have been made better if the guns evolved (leveled up) with the player.
The gameplay can become repetitive after a while
No audio log playback like in the original
Vault hunter mode is the same repeated story line with a few new modified enemy types
Buying DLC content in India is difficult (priced in dollars on Steam, payment options have no local transaction option, cannot pay in rupees)
Being a completionist (finding all the easter eggs,etc) can be really exhausting, Check out the wikis to get it done faster
Sometimes the game just feels too lengthy
The shift codes on twitter/facebook need to be redeemed within a day or a few days for golden keys
No automatic golden key generation, get it only with shift codes
Sometimes hate the random loot generation
The best guns should be in the shop, all that money n i don't have anything to spend it on

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This review was written for Borderlands 2
26 September 12
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certified buyer
Great Game

First a minor complaint: I pre-ordered the game(PS3 version) and received the game on 25th September, which is kind of late. I am slightly disappointed with Flipkart and I hope they get their act together wrt game pre-orders.
I popped the game in and the first thing I observed(if you have played the original Borderlands) is that the game looks much cleaner, with better looking environmental(snow, sand, etc) and elemental(fire, electricity, etc) effects. The game has hilarious dialogues and the story seems better than Borderlands 1. The guns look more unique and the behaviour of the gun is more tied to the manufacturer (eg. tediore guns explode when they are reloaded, Vladof guns fire as fast as you can press the trigger(my favourite), etc). It is a much better game than Borderlands 1 and if you loved that game, buy this game and you won't be disappointed.
For the guys who have complaints reg. Premiere Club, check your email. Flipkart sent me PSN code for the Premiere Club via email.
PS: According to many ppl, the console versions of Borderlands 2 cause motion sickness due to the narrow Field of View. I have personally not experienced this, however if you have any issues with FPS games, buy it on the PC.

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1 of 2 users found this review helpful.

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certified buyer
Unbridled fun

It is tons of fun to play with your kid brother and crazy psycho buddy .. I was disappointed to see it go on sale for the new y...

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23 December 13
This review was written for Borderlands 2
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certified buyer
good game on console

about game, its great, fun, nice co-op, never gets bored, lots and lots of interesting things to do, great and better story tha...

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10 November 13
This review was written for Borderlands 2
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certified buyer
First Person RPG is what this is...

Bought this game as a pre order from flipkart long back, still playing it with all DLCs, flipkart had delivered it within 2 day...

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20 October 13
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certified buyer
One of the best game of the year!

If you are looking for a FPS game that you want to play with your friends, then this is the game to get, not halo, not COD not...

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15 August 13
This review was written for Borderlands 2
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certified buyer
Lets Hunt Down!!!

Am a Fan of Borderlands.
I bought the Pre-order version of this Game 2 Copies.
Delivery was made through as they pr...

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09 August 13
    Game: Borderlands 2


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