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How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company (English): Book

Book Reviews of How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company (English)

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03 Jun 2012
Get ready to be INSPIRED!

If you guys think that your life's a waste, or you are depressed,disappointed,have no clue as to what is to be done with life, are still jobless, or are too scared to do anything new, find books boring, finding it hard to start putting your ideas into work, or you think that you are a loser or called one by your friends or family, or if you haven't done anything good in your life as yet, then read the book How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company and then see the CHANGE! Nothing has been more inspiring,interesting and amazing! I swear,I have never written a review for a book before, but if I don't do so for this one, then I am definitely gonna regret! Do get hold of one and do something good!
(BTW I am not much into reading but I still finished this book in 2 days,Believe it or not!)
An Inspired Reader.

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14 Aug 2012
Pros and Cons


1) Awesome way of telling a success story
2) A bangalorean can definitely relate to several details mentioned in the book
3) Keeps you interested throughout
4) Inspiring for a wannabe entrepreneur for sure.

Cons (not very significant though):

1) The occasional use of vulgar lingo to keep it funny, was uncalled for, really! Also, at few places, the bangalorean way of speaking seemed to be exaggerated.
2) The book is not a 'guide to entrepreneurship'. It's purely the story of Varun and his Alma Mater, (which is pretty interesting!): nothing more nothing less.

Funny, Entertaining and Inspiring. A good way to pass time, better than going on Facebook ;)

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25 May 2012
Grab a copy!!!!

Having read the column in a newspaper , got myself a copy of this book....An undoubtedly refreshing read, specially after having had a terrible day at work.If you are a 20 something,frustated with your job, constantly have a feeling you were meant for something better, have a brilliant buisness idea, but have been holding on for quite long, then this book can definitely be a great ice breaker...N for all those mums, dads and numerous number of aunts who constantly soak you with their advices, thoughts, views, predictions, precautions n so on, on your entrepreneurial ideas.. this book is a must read....great humour, pinch of local essence(Bangalore), crude but pardonable language, this books walks you through initial days of Alma Mater..
Wishing Varun all the best for future endeavours..!!!!
This book is highly recommended to be a part of ur personal collection!!!

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22 Apr 2012
first to review
Everyone should read this book.

This book gives it's readers a deeper look into the life and mind of a young individual who wants to do something with his life, it is like a mirror kept right in front of us so we know that we are JUST like him.
The best part about it is that you will feel like you're listening to a friend talk to you about his life, how amusing and funny it is because its something that happens to each and every one of us, everyday of our lives.
As the book progresses it all comes together and hits you, motivates and inspires you to follow your dreams and just put yourself out there if you want to be your own boss. Every one should read this book if you want clear, simple, concise directions which will encourage you to put your hard work and ideas to action and make it mean something.

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08 Dec 2012

1. How I braved Any Aunty - Varun Aggarwal
2. Journey Of Two Hearts -Anuj Tiwari
3. That's the way we met - Sudeep Nagarkar
4. The immortals of Melhua- Amish Tripathi


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Yogesh Yadav
20 May 2014
Worst book ecer

I don't know why he stretched the 5 page novel to a novel to a whole 250 pages. This book will bore you to death. Nothing new in his story If you want to know about him I suggest it would be better to visit wikipedia

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21 May 2012
Varun Agarwal- Inspiring, Innovating, Achieving

The book starts with 20 something Varun who’s freshly out of engineering and unemployed. And Varun takes you through his journey to being the Co-founder of a Million Dollar Company. But the journey is not an easy one. One of the biggest obstacles in his path is the famed ‘Anu Aunty’ , The typical nosy Indian aunt. And then there are the usual incidents in every college graduates life, late nights, incidents with cops, stalking your crush on facebook and much more. The book is in simple English and is narrated so effortlessly it’s like a friend telling you the story of his life. And there are times when you think to yourself, damn all this has happened to me too! The book encapsulates todays generation and shows the older generations that we’re just not all fun and enjoyment and when we put our minds to something we can truly own this world.
A truly entertaining book filled with all the traditional Indian and Bangalore words like ‘Enthu-cutlet’ and ‘Putting Kai’.
But entertainment aside, the book is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read and Varun has done his best to motivate & inspire anyone reading the book to follow their dreams and never give up. Something i firmly believe in, and being an entrepreneur myself there’s so much i could relate to n the book and id recommend it to anyone who has their own thing going or is planning to start up.
Varuns even taken the trouble to add a post script with do and don’ts for wannabe entrepreneurs.
Closing verdict is that this book it truly a must read for every student (especially those struggling under VTU ). So go and get your copy right now and get rid of the Anu Aunty in your life!

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02 Dec 2012
Top books

There are few authors in India who write exceptionally well. Varun is one of those. I am a vivid reader and read almost all the books that come my way. This stands third.

1. Corporate Chanakya
2. That's the way we met - Sudeep Nagarkar
3. How I braved Any Aunty - Varun Aggarwal
4. The Backbenchers - Siddharth Oberoi
5. The immortals of Melhua- Amish Tripathi

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19 May 2012
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A must must read!

One of the greatest books I read so far in this year. It shows you how a person's character transforms yet remains the same with the experiences and situations that he/she stumbles upon.

You start the book relating to Varun, the author. When you were in that stage of deciding what to do with your life and people giving you a number of advice. You didn't want to meet your family friends in order to avoid, "So aajkal kya kar rahe hai bache aapke" But then as the book proceeds when you have completely framed every character in it with the real ones in your life, the author surprises you by taking a plunge in spite of much resistance from everyone. You probably never did that or even thought of taking that idea out buried it in that pocket of yours.

At the end, your heart will start to jump with everything going so awesome but then a reality check for all the entrepreneurs. You end up loving his character.

You get to know how he did that we only dream about. But the greatest motivation factor is knowing the reason behind him wanting to write this book. I will leave that to you incase you are planning to read it which I highly recommend!

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06 Dec 2012
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Good one

Great book, really tells the truth od social society where people think of job satisfaction and financial insecurity. This book is for those who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs, or having great ideas , but are not able to execute it, due to some social, family reasons. It tells you to do what you like, and go chase your dreams.

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    Book: How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company (English) by Varun Agarwal
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