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How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company: Book

Book Reviews of How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company

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08 Dec 2012

1. How I braved Any Aunty - Varun Aggarwal
2. Journey Of Two Hearts -Anuj Tiwari
3. That's the way we met - Sudeep Nagarkar
4. The immortals of Melhua- Amish Tripathi


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03 Jun 2012
Get ready to be INSPIRED!

If you guys think that your life's a waste, or you are depressed,disappointed,have no clue as to what is to be done with life, are still jobless, or are too scared to do anything new, find books boring, finding it hard to start putting your ideas into work, or you think that you are a loser or called one by your friends or family, or if you haven't done anything good in your life as yet, then read the book How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company and then see the CHANGE! Nothing has been more inspiring,interesting and amazing! I swear,I have never written a review for a book before, but if I don't do so for this one, then I am definitely gonna regret! Do get hold of one and do something good!
(BTW I am not much into reading but I still finished this book in 2 days,Believe it or not!)
An Inspired Reader.

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21 May 2012
Varun Agarwal- Inspiring, Innovating, Achieving

The book starts with 20 something Varun who’s freshly out of engineering and unemployed. And Varun takes you through his journey to being the Co-founder of a Million Dollar Company. But the journey is not an easy one. One of the biggest obstacles in his path is the famed ‘Anu Aunty’ , The typical nosy Indian aunt. And then there are the usual incidents in every college graduates life, late nights, incidents with cops, stalking your crush on facebook and much more. The book is in simple English and is narrated so effortlessly it’s like a friend telling you the story of his life. And there are times when you think to yourself, damn all this has happened to me too! The book encapsulates todays generation and shows the older generations that we’re just not all fun and enjoyment and when we put our minds to something we can truly own this world.
A truly entertaining book filled with all the traditional Indian and Bangalore words like ‘Enthu-cutlet’ and ‘Putting Kai’.
But entertainment aside, the book is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read and Varun has done his best to motivate & inspire anyone reading the book to follow their dreams and never give up. Something i firmly believe in, and being an entrepreneur myself there’s so much i could relate to n the book and id recommend it to anyone who has their own thing going or is planning to start up.
Varuns even taken the trouble to add a post script with do and don’ts for wannabe entrepreneurs.
Closing verdict is that this book it truly a must read for every student (especially those struggling under VTU ). So go and get your copy right now and get rid of the Anu Aunty in your life!

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22 Apr 2012
first to review
Everyone should read this book.

This book gives it's readers a deeper look into the life and mind of a young individual who wants to do something with his life, it is like a mirror kept right in front of us so we know that we are JUST like him.
The best part about it is that you will feel like you're listening to a friend talk to you about his life, how amusing and funny it is because its something that happens to each and every one of us, everyday of our lives.
As the book progresses it all comes together and hits you, motivates and inspires you to follow your dreams and just put yourself out there if you want to be your own boss. Every one should read this book if you want clear, simple, concise directions which will encourage you to put your hard work and ideas to action and make it mean something.

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25 May 2012
Grab a copy!!!!

Having read the column in a newspaper , got myself a copy of this book....An undoubtedly refreshing read, specially after having had a terrible day at work.If you are a 20 something,frustated with your job, constantly have a feeling you were meant for something better, have a brilliant buisness idea, but have been holding on for quite long, then this book can definitely be a great ice breaker...N for all those mums, dads and numerous number of aunts who constantly soak you with their advices, thoughts, views, predictions, precautions n so on, on your entrepreneurial ideas.. this book is a must read....great humour, pinch of local essence(Bangalore), crude but pardonable language, this books walks you through initial days of Alma Mater..
Wishing Varun all the best for future endeavours..!!!!
This book is highly recommended to be a part of ur personal collection!!!

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14 Feb 2014
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My Favorite Book- Inspiring & Rebellious

Those who never want to follow the conventional paths or monotonous jobs working 40 hours a week for someone else all their life, those who look beyond the money and sometimes look beyond the peanuts an average Joe gets paid for a desk job, who aspire to follow their passion, but are held back by people who don't even matter in the true sense, this is a book for you to break the shackles and chase your dreams..This book WON'T GIVE YOU ANY BUSINESS IDEA TO FOLLOW.. this is not a book for people who hate Eminem for his dissing because there's plenty of foul language that'd be funny & cool for the youth.. THIS IS THE BOOK FOR DREAMERS.. FOR REBELS.. for people labelled as nobodies, losers.. THIS IS TEA-TIME LITERATURE.. Varun Agarwal is not a professional writer but has still managed to pull off an amazing piece..
Not serious stuff but things talked about may seriously change your life.. Give it a go..


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08 Apr 2014
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Good book with unnecessary stretching & extra characters

I picked up this book thinking it would throw some light on what an Entrepreneur goes throughout his journey to create something bigger than himself. Someone who dares to dream.

The author is brilliant in terms of what he has achieved by tapping into an unexplored space. Ofcourse when one ventures into such untested areas, they are bound to come across a lot of resistance which primarily includes one's family, who are more bothered about what our society would think. Here Anu Aunty is a symbol of those who try to influence what the society thinks, by imposing their views & thoughts on whoever is willing to buy it and in the process kill a lot of wonderful ideas that the world has never seen. Kudos to Varun for treading on! Our society needs to value the experience more than the time wasted in such entrepreneurial exploits. The learning amassed would be priceless.

When it comes to the book ,it didn't live up to my expectations. Yes there are some tips which are scattered across the book but there are lot of other unnecessary parts which do not contribute to the book in any way. The numbering/naming of each and every chapter, the author's love interest only adds to the masala, one chapter on past business heroes..uff....were some of the things that we could have done away with. But then without it the book would have been reduced to around 150 pages.

All said and done, this book would neither be etched in my memory, neither would it go down in my library list, but it paves a very positive way forward for all those dormant entrepreneurs who would like to make it on their own. The experience and learning's would bring in a lot of quality to one's life and atleast one can honestly say that " Yes I did my part".

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24 Jun 2014
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A nice book to read

For those who love Bangalore city, this book can prove to be a trip down nostalgia lane. Whether it is the courtyards of Bishop Cotton's school that flits back into your memory, the vagrant weather with its sudden spurts of rain, the memory of which stays with you or the dim confines of Noon Wines which you may or may not have visited... there is much in the book that comes back in a sudden flash of clarity to those who love the city.

And then, there is the boyish writing with its lavish use of swear words and the SMS lingo that young boys seem to consider a natural part of their vocabulary, which runs through the book like his signature touch.

The storyline, however, is simple. The book is about the 20-something protagonist (Varun, himself) who has entrepreneurial dreams. So he starts off a venture with his friends, only to be thwarted at any every stage by Anu Aunty, who in his own words is "one of those women who always poked her nose into everyone else's problems and sniffed for one when there was none." Varun and his friends, however are a determined lot and they put their pub hopping, Facebook stalking, generally loafing ways on the back burner and start a merchandise company that creates customized hoodies and T-shirts for the alumni of schools and colleges. Is it easy? Of course, it isn't. Not with Anu Aunty in the foreground and all the other glitches a budding entrepreneur faces in India.

The book is as light hearted as they come, written in a boyish (almost bordering on childish) style that could appeal to some or prove to be a turn off for others. But the writer, young though he is, manages to hold the interest of his reader right through.
Pick up this book if you are looking for something fresh, fun and maybe even informative for the weekend. - Times Of INDIA

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09 Jul 2013
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Simple, Light, Sweet & Enjoyable by Youth

So, the book with very long title.!!!

It’s a story of boys who had just completed college degree, out of which few got decent jobs, few got manageable, few started preparing for higher studies and few got nothing to do, i.e. “vella”. Obviously our author being the Hero of the story fell in the last category. So having nothing to do could not spare him from the household work of helping hand to his mother, like purchasing groceries and similar tasks.

His mom is a typical Bollywood Mom who does too many Kitty Parties, starts pouring the eyes at all available instances, blackmails his own son to pursue him for her own opinions, gossips with the group of Aunties, group being headed by Anu Aunty, the villain of the whole story. The boys to hang out a lot at different places of Banglore with friends and at one such place, Varun strikes one spark, the idea which will change his life forever !!!

Will Varun go along with this idea ???
Will the bunch of Aunties let him pursue his dream so easily,…obviously not…
How will he follow his heart…

Check out the book to know the plot

Recently there has been a big herd of authors in line of Chetan Bhagat, writing a simple story with enjoyable youth centered plot as well as lot of boozes, cheeks & a lot lot of f _ _ ks in it. This one is also no exception, but still it is very much readable. The tips given by Varun for young entrepreneurs are good too. I completed within 2 days with my job.

Overall, a little less than Chetan Bhagat, hence giving 3.5 stars.

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25 Sep 2012
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Overall a nice book

Its a story of Varun and his company Alma mater. Its a true story and writer gives worth implementing tips to all young aspiring entrepreneurs. It mentions Do's and don'ts to setup your own business and How things work and how people react during your those struggle days. Overall nice read for such young enthusiasts.
For me the book was full of many up and down moments. This book does not have a consistent sort of feel.It is not an overall good or bad piece of writing. It is actually just an OK sort of book (not to forget that the author is not a full time writer)
At times u feel..."wow nice book" and sometimes it is like "why did i purchased this book at all?"
So it is entirely up to u....i would recommend you to borrow it and not to buy it....anyways the author is making lots of money (he has his own company U C ;) )

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    Book: How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company by Varun Agarwal
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