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Breakout Nations: In search of the Next Economic Miracles

Language: English
Length: 320 Pages
Publisher: Penguin
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Breakout Nations: In search of the Next Economic Miracles By Ruchir Sharma
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Breakout Nations: In search of the Next Economic Miracles (Hardcover) Price: Rs.599

Published in the year 2012, Breakout Nations: In Search Of The Next Economic Miracles is a book by renowned investor Ruchir Sharma, and speaks about the emerging market in different countries across the globe.

Summary Of The Book

Breakout Nations: In Search Of The Next Economic Miracles is a book that is based on the personal views of the author on the emerging markets worldwide. In this book, the author explains to his readers that the only way to identify breakout nations is to travel and keep their eyes open to see the current factors that influence the market and whether they favor growth. The author provides his readers with information on more than two dozen nations. This information covers aspects such as growth, which has been tremendous in the past decade for these nations.

Through the course of this book, Sharma provides his readers with insight into the nations that have high chances of flourishing. The author also provides simple rules for the common man to understand the potential of a market. He also explains that a nation's government may not have a negative impact on the economy if the economic understanding of the leaders is great. In this book, Sharma also notes that nations such as Nigeria, Philippines, and Sri Lanka seem to be on the right road, along with Indonesia’s “efficient corruption”, which proves to be an improvement over the previous method. As a result of his predictions, Sharma has been regarded as a one-hand economist, who is ready to place his reputation at stake.

The main goal of this book is to provide its readers with an answer to a highly simple, yet complicated question about where the money goes. Breakout Nations: In Search Of The Next Economic Miracles was greatly appreciated by its readers, breaking sales records and turning into an international best-seller. This book also received tremendous global media coverage by The Washington Post, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal. All in all, this book is a must-have for those who want to gain key insight into the emerging markets across the globe.

About Ruchir Sharma

Ruchir Sharma is an author and investor from India.

Sharma was born in Wellington, Tamil Nadu, India, and he completed his degree from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi. He currently works at Morgan Stanley Investment Management as the head of the Emerging Markets Equity Team. He served as the contributing editor for Newsweek, and has published write-ups in The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs, The New York Times, and the Financial Times. In the year 2012, the Foreign Policy listed Sharma among the leading global thinkers. He currently works for The Economic Times as a contributor, writing a regular column that is based on global financial markets. Sharma is listed among the leading investors worldwide, and spends one week every month in an upcoming economic market, speaking with top CEOs, politicians, and investors. He currently lives in New York City.

Specifications of Breakout Nations: In search of the Next Economic Miracles (Hardcover)

Author Ruchir Sharma
Book Details
Publisher Penguin
Publication Year 2012
ISBN-13 9781846145568
ISBN-10 1846145562
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 320 Pages
Awards Longlisted Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business
Award Year 2012
Width 6.40 inch
Height 1.20 inch
Weight 522 g
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Book Reviews of Breakout Nations: In search of the Next Economic Miracles

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 43)

19 November 12
"I" in BRIC nation is India or Indonesia?

Recently I have gone through an article in Forbes magazine regarding emerging nation. Author suggested that “I” in BRIC nation is Indonesia not India. The suggestion was illogical for me & was not satisfying my wisdom. I quickly wanted to form an opinion and off course based on some ground realities. Being an Indian I considered this, as an attack on my belief system. I felt, reputation of my own country is on stake. Most of us believe- we are the fastest growing nation in the world. I goggled… books on breakout nation” Result. “Breakout Nations- In Search of Next Economic Miracle by Ruchir Sharma.

I have read somewhere that never judges a book by its cover. But I know for sure, I failed most of the time. But this time instinct won. I found this book beautiful at look & surprisingly interesting to read. We all know, facts & figures do not go along with imagination, as human mind is either logical or picturesque. And this all has been taught that human mind has two sides, one is artistic & other one is logical. This book will satisfy both type of personalities & equally rewarding in terms of picturesque depiction of the country as well as facts & figures which will create those images. I feel, I am sounding little bit more philosophical, but am sure you too will adore my view after going thru this masterpiece.

NOW, what are your thoughts or what are you thinking reading this review, Only India & China is the emerging country? West has lived their life & they will be only spectator to see the other country growing? China will outwit USA? Hyundai will have all the share of the auto world in 21st century? Country having highest population will lead the world? Your views will change, or will be at least full of facts & wisdom irrespective of what school of thought you are advocating till you read this book.

NOW, the question comes, who should read this book? It will be unfair on my part if I suggest only economist or people who are interested in investment in emerging nation should only read this book. This book will be a panacea in understanding the economic development world has witness till date & how good governance can do wonders to a country’s fortune. Why the leaders are so important & why the people are best asset for any company or for that matter any country. How people make difference. Read this, you will feel this. So, coming to the point, all bureaucrat, all politician, all leaders who is driving business in any form must read this because they have the ability to make or break a nation or make them a breakout nation.

NOW, what is the process to read this book? It is sounding little bizarre. Isn’t it? There should not be any process to read any book. I also believe this. But one suggestion, if you read this book having atlas encyclopedia in your hand where you can locate & view the country, their population, their cultures, believes & their value system. This will generate a feeling of breathing that place. This will generate a feeling of togetherness, a feeling of oneness with the county. Retention & understating will be more. And as earlier mentioned both the sides of your brain will get right food for true thoughts. Are you finding it interesting? Should I elaborate more on what you can see vicariously? You can see yourself on the street of Malaysia, finding some spa for Thai message; you will find yourself on the beach of Rio amazed for paying $24 for a coke; you will find yourself in the sky of Sao Paulo in some private chopper as it is difficult to commute on roads.

NOW, this is about author. The moment we see any book written by an author who is an Indian or have Indian origin we became little bit skeptical in going thru those books. The reason is simple, we don’t believe in ourselves and for that matter about the ability of our people. We are so much obsessed with big names like Shakespeare, Charles dickens, Tolstoy …. (The list is large & I need to stop mentioning them or I will be out of space), and now these days Steve job & Walter Isaacson (Official Author of Steve job’s biography) that our own people stands mediocre to them. You will have a paradigm shift when you will embrace this book. You will be amazed to see Ruchir’s in-depth knowledge, analysis which is based on factual fact & has been well established with authentic source of information that is GDP & per capita income.

Although I wanted to start this paragraph with ‘NOW’ only, but stopping here ‘NOW’. As I have to complete the last chapter of this book right “NOW” to form an opinion “who is the next breakout nation”.

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14 May 12
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certified buyer
this book is a magnum opus and a thriller at that.

Breakout Nations is a book the like of which comes but once very twenty or thirty years only. It is a tour de force as well as a collective pen sketch of most nations of which we can learn so many things from the Author of this work. It reflects his deep learning, acute observation and unbiased are his policy prescriptions. The book should be compulsory reading for all parliamentarians and bureaucrats. The prose is chiseled, racy and often reads like a crime thriller. The book covers every country barring the well known west that wants to grow with the world and enjoy the "goodies' of world trade. His prescription do not offend and his cautionary pleadings are well worth listening to. The central lesson he draws is that no nation can continually succeed without attracting investment, without being innovative and putting in place facilitative systems for growth. I enjoyed reading this Book. A landmark Book indeed, if you are a serious thinker and not the sort who reads Mills & Boon type fluff and is done with book-reading.

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28 April 12
first to review
Is India heading up or down?

The book is about global macroeconomic perspectives, explained very simply. A must read if you want an authentic idea of what’s happening to the global economy. Helps you understand and judge India better – minus the hype - in real terms!

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26 October 13
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Unbiased and to the point

The author is known for his simple and effective language. I bought this book due to his reputation of writing factual and to the point analysis of the global economic happenings and situations. He carries the same style in the book to a large extent. The book is about analysis of different nations on multitude of parameters, assessing their strengths and weaknesses based on their past performance, culture and political & industrial leadership.
What I liked was the unbiased opinion. There is no leaning towards any particular economic theory or needless indulgence in any country or culture bashing. He speaks harshly of India at many places. Although that is fairly justified given the deplorable state of affairs that has been order of the day since last half a decade.
The book is for serious reading. It has facts and figures but the core of the book lies in analysing them in context. A good book indeed.

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30 May 12
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Travelogue through the eyes of Author.Good Read!

Book is written in a very easy and flowing style which makes it a quite an easy read.

Reads like a travelogue written through the eyes and first hand experience of somebody who understands the brass tacks of macro economics.Clearly put together country wise indicative parameters and interprets for the understanding of the reader .Quite successful in relating those parameters to the well being and prosperity of respective nations.

Apart from the style and content of the book, the author needs to be also lauded for his efforts at selling his work through the right channels with his frequent appearances on prime time television talk shows.This was done as a repetitive promotional effort right through the initial phase of its launch in India.

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Nice, Informative Read !!

If you want to know in a short period of time, what kind of political, economic situtions prevails in emerging countries, this...

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26 January 14
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Excellent Book

I strongly recommend this book, if you really want to explore the real problem of emerging countries. Starting from the scratch...

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23 December 13
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A good read for a Economics lover

A terrific description of recent Economic dip across the whole world. totally unbiased if one expects more content on India. op...

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27 November 13
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Anecdote of world economic history

Anecdote of world economic history. That's how i want to quote it. Just thoroughly engaging right from first page. It takes you...

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16 November 13
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certified buyer

The credentials of Ruchir Sharma are well known. That he is the head of Emerging Markets Equity team at Morgan Stanley speaks v...

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13 November 13
    Book: Breakout Nations: In search of the Next Economic Miracles by Ruchir Sharma
    ISBN Number: 1846145562, 9781846145568, 978-1846145568


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