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Compatible Cameras

Popular Low Price High Price New
(4 ratings)
Rs. 2,499 56% OFF
Rs. 1,099
  • Mobile
  • Weight 420 g
  • Maximum Height 1020 mm
  • Minimum Height 345 mm
Rs. 4,500 11% OFF
Rs. 4,000
  • DSLR/SLR Camera
  • Weight 2000 g
  • Maximum Height 100 mm
  • Minimum Height 100 mm
(1 rating)
Rs. 799 43% OFF
Rs. 449
  • Mobile
  • Weight 200 g
  • Maximum Height 177.8...
  • Minimum Height 100 mm
(2 ratings)
Rs. 1,499 36% OFF
Rs. 949
  • Mobile, Point & Shoo...
  • Weight 400 g
  • Maximum Height 1050 mm
  • Minimum Height 350 mm
(1 rating)
Rs. 2,999 60% OFF
Rs. 1,199
  • Mobile
  • Weight 380 g
  • Maximum Height 1020 mm
  • Minimum Height 345 mm
Rs. 13,500
EMI from Rs. 655
2 Sellers from Rs 12,399
  • Video Camera, DSLR/S...
  • Weight 1610 g
  • Maximum Height 1545 mm
  • Minimum Height 415 mm
Rs. 1,299 50% OFF
Rs. 649
  • Mobile, Medium Forma...
  • Weight 200 g
  • Maximum Height 280 mm
  • Minimum Height 180 mm
(8 ratings)
Rs. 299 50% OFF
Rs. 149
  • Mobile
  • Weight 50 g
(17 ratings)
Rs. 899 65% OFF
Rs. 312
2 Sellers from Rs 311
  • Mobile
  • Weight 250 g
Rs. 1,999 20% OFF
Rs. 1,599
  • Mobile
  • Weight 300 g
  • Maximum Height 67 mm
  • Minimum Height 269 mm
Rs. 12,500 25% OFF
Rs. 9,360
EMI from Rs. 454
  • DSLR/SLR Camera
  • Weight 1300 g
(1 rating)
Rs. 5,999 50% OFF
Rs. 2,999
  • Mobile
  • Weight 600 g
  • Maximum Height 1250 mm
  • Minimum Height 43 mm
Rs. 12,950 30% OFF
Rs. 8,990
EMI from Rs. 436
  • Video Camera, DSLR/S...
  • Weight 1260 g
  • Maximum Height 1475 mm
  • Minimum Height 395 mm
Rs. 699 28% OFF
Rs. 499
  • Mobile
  • Weight 40 g
  • Maximum Height 260 mm
  • Minimum Height 100 mm
Rs. 20,092 10% OFF
Rs. 18,082
EMI from Rs. 877
  • DSLR/SLR Camera
  • Weight 3000 g
Rs. 2,200 22% OFF
Rs. 1,699
  • Advanced Point & Sho...
  • Weight 160 g
  • Maximum Height 135 mm
(3 ratings)
Rs. 1,499 50% OFF
Rs. 749
  • Mobile
  • Weight 150 g
  • Maximum Height 260 mm
  • Minimum Height 100 mm
(1 rating)
Rs. 7,806
EMI from Rs. 379
  • Point & Shoot Camera
  • Weight 1537 g
  • Maximum Height 1650 mm
  • Minimum Height 1403 mm
Rs. 2,999 40% OFF
Rs. 1,799
  • Mobile
  • Weight 90 g
  • Maximum Height 180 mm
(1 rating)
Rs. 3,999 49% OFF
Rs. 2,000
  • Mobile
  • Weight 170 g
  • Maximum Height 75.5 mm
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That's All Folks!

Buy Tripods Online At

A camera tripod is one of the important camera gear if you want to get that perfect picture from the top of a mountain. Whenever you take a picture, you may not be sure if it has the correct angle. With a stable position and smooth movement, a tripod lets you click a picture of the sunset or horizon in a better way. And you will also feel more comfortable as you don’t have to balance the heavy camera on your shoulder. From beautiful landscapes to architectural and environmental portraits, you can capture anything you want with the help of good camera tripods. They can also be an ideal companion for people who are always on the go.

Camera Tripods – Shoot Images and Videos with Ease and Precision

Although there are a number of cameras and lenses that feature built-in sensor-shift or optical stabilization, there has not been any substitute for a tripod. If you are looking for something that will give the freedom, flexibility and stability you need as a photographer, then camera tripods are a great choice. Most of them come with three leg sections and provide a stable mount for your camera. These leg sections are very flexible, so you can adjust or bend them according your convenience. 

Tripods usually come with a three-way pan head that provides smooth and effortless panning, which also makes them a great choice for video professionals. The independent pan lock in some models provides the freedom you need for the camera, so you need not keep moving or adjusting the tripod itself. They come with a quick release feature that lets you easily attach and detach the camera from them. With help of a screw clamp type fitting, this quick release plate helps securely lock the camera position. They can be folded, thus making them compact and convenient to carry whenever you go for long distance hikes or those photographic expeditions.

Whether you are a novice or a professional photographer, they can offer you a lightweight and versatile camera support. While buying one, you need to keep in mind if your camera will be compatible with the tripod you would choose. Also, opt for one with just the right head as that will help increase the sharpness and depth of field in your images.

Shop Camera Tripods Online

You can buy camera tripods online from some of the popular brands like Manfrotto, Vanguard, Benro, Sony, Simpex, Photron, Bosch, and many others. With the help of filters, you can even compare the features, specifications and price of two or more models.


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