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Canon EOS 1100D DSLR Camera: Camera

Reviews of Canon EOS 1100D DSLR Camera

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17 Nov 2011
A decent buy if you have a small pocket

# Decent resolution and detail at base ISO
# Consistently reliable metering and good AF accuracy
# Useful highlight tone priority mode
# Intuitive user interface
# Beginner-friendly 'Basic ' control Screens
# On-screen Q-Menu offers good access to shooting settings
# Good battery life
# Comprehensive software bundle
# Attractive price point

* Plastic body has a cheap feel to it, no rubberized grips
* Very simple video mode (no manual controls, only one resolution setting, no external mic)
* Very slow contrast detect AF in live view and movie mode
* Comparatively small viewfinder
* Combined battery/card compartment can make tripod use a little tricky
* Flash less powerful than on previous Canon entry-level models
* Slow continuous shooting in RAW mode
* Spec-sheet a little weak compared to entry level Nikon

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08 Nov 2011
first to review
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Great Camera for Beginners ! Good Deal !

I placed an order on the 24th of October , was given a date of 4th for delivery! Was really excited and hence was tracking the delivery from day 1 ! Received it 1 day earlier than committed , good stuff Flipkart. Also, excellent packaging for such a fragile product .

As usual the Nikon v/s Canon dilemma took most of my time in deciding. But since I had a Canon cam which lasted for ages literally, I was biased towards Canon.I read a lot of reviews before zooming in on 1100D . People generally prefer 550D but i think after using it I am more than satisfied. For some one who has used just digicams , this cam is a great start for SLRs i feel. It has excellent picture quality ( way better than point and shoots offering higher megapixels) Has intuitive modes which help you whenever you dont feel like going manual. Also , the package containing the 55-250 mm lens is a good deal coz sooner or later one tends to buy zoom lenses.

Overall i think this double kit pack is one to go far. Pretty surprised no one has reviewed it yet !

Cheers and Happy Shooting !

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02 Feb 2012
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Great Buy for the Budget Minded DSLR Buyers

The EOS Rebel T3, or 1100D, is definitely a better product than it's predecessor, EOS 1000D, in the entry level DSLR segment. 12 Megapixel sensor in it seems to be as good as Canon EOS XSi/450D. The previous 7-point AF system has also been upgraded to Canon's standard 9-point system. The camera features HD Movie Recording capabilities @ 720p which were absent on its predecessor.

EOS T3 / 1100D manages to hit a respectably low price point, comfortably undercutting its major rival, the Nikon D3100. And on top when you get the combo package offer of EF-S 55-250mm IS II, telephoto zoom lenses from Canon then this seems to be the ideal choice for the budget minded smart buyer.

Special thanks to Flipkart for delivering my much awaited stuff within three working days, much before the promised estimated 7 to 8 working days.

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03 Nov 2012
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Great deal, especially for a beginner

I'm not going to go into the tech specs and the pros and cons of the camera, a lot of other reviews on this site have done a much better than I can and the best place for a quality tech review is a tech website. This is just my experience with the camera and why I bought it.

Firstly, as the title says, it's a great deal. You get the 55-250 mm IS lens which much cheaper with this bundle than if you bought it separately and it's a great telephoto for a beginner. I have loved using this telephoto at a corporate football tournament my firm took part in and on safari. the IS is great. (reaches out to 400mm when you take into account the 1.6 crop factor)

This is my first DSLR and I didn't want to make the mistake many first time DSLR buyers make which is to spend all/most of their money on the best body they can afford and then have no money for the lens/es they want.

This camera has been great, takes great picture, it does everything a good DSLR should and well, and it will be a long time before your skill as a photographer exceeds the capabilities of this camera.

That being said, my sister bought herself the 550D and for the price difference, if your budget permits, it really is more than worth it and I would recommend you go for the 550D. (Especially if you want to record video)

The next lens I'm looking at buying is either the Cannon 35mm f/2 or the Cannon 50mm f/1.8, but you should look at what lens will suit your style of photography.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase and I have no regrets till date.

I hope my rambling review has helped you :D

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18 Oct 2013
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The Canon EOS 1100D - Camera & The Deal

The Canon EOS 1100D is a fantastic DSLR camera for beginners. The wide range for ISO Rating, Shutter Speed & Focal Length settings is great. So, this is a very good camera to start with if you are interested in good photography. You can learn professional photography & build up your interest on photography with this camera and then after a few years you can upgrade to a higher-end model if you feel like.

The best part was the deal given by Flipkart during the Diwali sale in Oct 2013. Just the camera & the 18-55mm lens kit costs about 31,000/-. Now the telephoto Canon lens of 55-250mm would cost approx 17,500/- if you want to buy it separately. But the deal gives you both lenses & the camera body at just 31,000/-. That's quite a deal. Because for all digital SLRs two lenses are a must : 18-55mm & 55-250mm or 18-55mm & 70-300mm.

And lastly, needless to say, The Canon brand name also matters. We all know that the worlds best two camera manufacturing brands are Canon & Nikon. Most of the professional photographers in the world use these brands. So what more can you ask for at this price !!

However, Always Remember :
Buying the world's most expensive camera, just because you can afford it, does not make you a great photographer. A good photographer can take breath-taking pictures with just an ordinary camera. So it is upon how well you know your job rather than how expensive your equipment is.
It's just like the old saying - "A true musician can make the cheapest instrument sing" !!

Enjoy Your Photography :)

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28 May 2013
Awesome Camera, Fabulous Deal, Dream Price!!

First, let me tell you the deal that I got. Here goes:
1> Camera with 2 lens (18-55 mm & 55-250 mm)
2> Additional Battery Pack LP-E10
3> Sandisk 32 GB Ultra
4> Benro Tripod T880
5> Hoya Filter UV 58mm (1 pc.)
6> Marumi Filter UV 58mm (1 pc.)
7> Camdry (Demoisturiser)
8> Lens Cleaning Kit
9> Screen Protector

All of the above, inclusive of the in-box contents.

All of the above at a price of Rs. 37,646.00/- only. I bought it from the Canon Image Square (Authorized Canon Showroom) at E-Mall, Chandni Chowk, Kolkata.

Coming to the camera's performance, for a person using a DSLR for the first time, it is very good. Picture clarity is great. I was also considering Nikon D3200, but for the kind of photography I will be doing 1100D is more than sufficient. Colour tones are more realistic than with D3200. Ease of Use is also a fact that should be mentioned.

All in all, I would suggest this camera to the new-starter and those on a comparatively low budget. It is ideal for us college students and my father didn't complain about the price. ;-)

Way to go, Canon!!

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24 Apr 2014
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Best product for the Price.. :)

Hi people....

I bought this Canon EOS 1100D a month back.

Package & Delivery:
-As expected product was delived within a given time and package was very nice with a big box..:):: Rating : 5/5.


-Product is genuine.
-Nice to handle.
-For a given price its a best product.
-I am using every day. and I found it very nice.
-Best product for SLR first timers.
-The best basic SLR product.

-Basic 18-55 mm lense is nice.
-Extra lense they are giving is 55-250 mm lense which is very awesome offer.
-If you buy outside you will get only camera body and 18-55 mm lense for 28k
-And 55-250mm lense costs 9k
-But I bought in flipkart for 26k (camera + 18-55mm lense + 55-250mm lense + 8GB card + Complemetory workshop ). Which I feel is a very best offer.

Only problem I found is bag. bag quality is not that good and keeping a camera body and 2 lenses is difficult with it.

Final : If you are looking for a basic model of camera and if you are still learning usign SLR and looking for decent price, This is the product. GOR FOR IT.. :)

For any assistance: 9035797612

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27 Jul 2013
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Good Entry level DSLR

A lot has been written about this camera in previous reviews and most of my observations would not differ from what has already been mentioned earlier. Remember that this is just an 'entry level DSLR' and we should not expect anything too professional from this. But the camera pampers you a bit too much.The following are my observations:-
1. This camera has completely de-skilled photography. The Auto mode is just excellent and beyond words.This also has a negative side to it. You will love the 'auto' photos so much that you will not want to experiment with manual settings(which is why you bought a DSLR int he first place).
2. Strongly felt the need of a more wide angled lens as standard with the camera as the 18-55mm has limited capabilities.
3.The bag supplied alongwith is nothing much to talk about. Just mediocre.
4. Manual controls are easyand user friendly.
5. Live view mode is really useful and helps decide on settings immediately.
6. Auto focus is dead slow. Never try it during wildlife photograply or while clicking children. Their patience will run out and will be out of the frame before they come in focus.
7.The Tripod int he package is low grade but marginally helpful.
8. The 'telephoto' lens packed in the offer is just a basic zoom lens with severly limited boundaries. better opt for the camera without this additional lens. Invest in a better lens separately.
9. The photo editor software is excellent!. You can give that 'professional' look to your pics, but i felt guilty doing so! There's nothing to beat practice and getting the professional look in your pics through continued experimentation.
10.UV filter can be used as a lens protection and nothing further. Get a Polarizing filter if you need some real 'filtering'.
11. Do not even try night photography without a tripod. Auto stabiliztion is not very effective.
12.Susceptible to moisture deposits and you always need a couple of silicon crystal sachets in your camera bag, espacially when you are taking the camera out of an air conditioned room to an outside area with high humidity.

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16 Sep 2013
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Entry to the world of DSLR's

I was tracking this product on flipkart since the last so many months, and when I found a mouth watering deal I struck. Flipkart keeps varying their prices. Anyways the DSLR world is a completely new world, you can continue shooting in Auto mode but that is not why you bought a DSLR in the first place, correct? Reading manual (provided in soft) is a must. The amount of features is mind boggling. I'am slowly coming to grips, sometimes I wonder if point and shoot would have done a better job. If you do not want to learn, better get a point and shoot. I guess the key is preserve and conserve. Additionally you would need a lens cleaning kit, and maybe a tripod, later. The bulk of the camera needs some getting used to. The product is made in taiwan and of impeccable quality. No complaints on that front.

Add-- I am thankful that I got the 55-250 lens,the 18-55 lens is mediocre at best, it is only the telephoto lens that will make your dslr excel, especially for outdoor/wildlife photography.

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19 Oct 2013
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Amazing Product...Amazing Deal...Flipkart Rocks!!!

First about the camera Canon EOS 1100D SLR!

Let me tell you that it's my first SLR camera as I was using point and shoot till date. Before buying this I was confused between Nikon 3100D and Canon 1100D. Previously I was about to bought Nikon 3100D but some of the local experts and friends suggested me to go with Canon as biggest advantage was an extra Telephoto lens provided as an offer. Later on everybody goes for zoom lens so I decided to go with Canon. Camera is amazing and image quality is stunning. It's worth to buy. I'm having fun :-)

Now regarding deal. At local dealers only camera with 2 lens kit (with 4gb + bag) costs around 31K but due to Flipkart deal I got it only in 24K (considering 10% of flipkart and 15% cashback of Standard Chartered). I also bought some accessories like Benro T-660EX Tripod, Hoya 58 mm Circular Polarizer Filter and Lenspen NLP-1 Lens Cleaner which all are very handy and I got 25% off on all of that. So it's a superbdeal I got.


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