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13 Oct 2012
Why did we buy this printer

We have had this printer for about 8 months now, and are very happy with it. The cartridge can be refilled, I have done it twice, myself. It is not difficult, anyone can do it.
We have had a Pixma MP145 before that for about 4 years, and are entirely satisfied with it. This also has been refilled many times. We have had an Epson stylus before that and an HP before that.

We use it at home, not very frequently, but when we do, we tend to print several pages at once.

Below are the reasons why we chose pixma. In summary:

If you are an infrequent user and want to refill the cartridges, go in with the bubble-jet technology printers; like the Canon printers or the HP printers, otherwise if you use it regularly and typically do not refill the cartridges, go in for the piezoelectric printers, like the Epson or the Brother printers.

Caveat: These are our views, based on personal experience.

*Reasons for buying the PIXMA*

There are two reasons why we chose the PIXMA.
First, every inkjet printer needs to periodically clean itself, regardless of whether it has been used for printing. So you pay for the ink used, regardless of whether you actually print something or not. This is especially true for infrequent users like us, and so the cost of maintaining a printer is typically about Rs.2000/ per year, if we go for original cartridges. A little expensive, especially since all that goes mostly for cleaning the printer head. So, being able to refill the cartridges is a must for such use. Thankfully, nearly all cartridges of all companies can be refilled.

The second reason is to do with the printing technology used: there are two main types, the piezoelectric type and the bubble-jet type. The piezoelectric type, pioneered by Epson, is superior, and is also more rugged. Unfortunately, it is also more expensive, and hence the printer head is fixed to the printer, and not the cartridge. When you replace the cartridge you do not replace the head, only the ink tank is replaced. The piezoelectric technology is actually the better solution if you use the printer continuously AND ALWAYS USE ORIGINAL CARTRIDGES. Then the printer will last for a long time. Photographic studios have this situation. If however, you use it infrequently, and/or get the cartridges refilled, you could get the passages in the head clogged. You would need to take the printer to the service station, where it may or may not be possible to unclog the head completely, and you will get white lines in your printout. It could also happen that some of the piezo cells in the head die out after some time, resulting in a similar situation. There is no solution for these things except to buy a new printer.

The bubble jet technology is actually slightly inferior in terms of the control it gives over printing. But with recent advances, for all practical purposes, there is no difference. The biggest advantage as far as we are concerned, is that the print head is not as durable as the piezo electric head. This sounds wrong, but it is good for us infrequent users because THE HEAD IS ACTUALLY WITH THE CARTRIDGE AND IS REPLACED WITH THE CARTRIDGE. What makes it useful is that the head lasts for about 6-7 refills before you need to replace the cartridge, if you are careful, you can refill it for more number of times.

Hence, if you are infrequent user, it makes much greater sense to go in for a printer with bubble-jet technology, like the HP or the Canon printers. If you are a continuous user, then the Epson with the piezoelctric technology makes more sense.

So why pixma and not an HP? Well, we went for it because we have had a very happy experience with the pixma mp 145 before this!

Good luck!

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26 Jun 2012
Good multifunction printer with Foolish bugs

1. Brilliant Scan quality.
2. Very good print results.
3. The softwares bundled with printer make it easy to perform various operations.

1. Costlier per page printing.
2. Makes much noise
3. Takes much time for heating inks.
4. THE WORST THING: When any of the cartridges is empty, YOU CANNOT PERFORM SCAN OPERATION. Its very FRUSTATING !!!! What is the relation of empty ink with scan operation!! Canon shitheads must have known this!! This fact has been mentioned in their DISCLAIMER section!

Dont buy this printer if you want to use Scanning function. Else, it is a good printer.

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16 Nov 2011
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Best in Category - Surely Value for Money

After a tough decision, between HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One - J410a and Canon Pixma - MP287 printer, taking pains comparing each and every aspect, I finally ordered the Canon.

Quite fast printing speed for this price range. Also, the Manual is very explanatory. With manual in hand, setting up the printer is a child's play. Took me 10-15minutes to set it up.
Before we can use the printer, it prints 3 A-4 sheets to Align the print heads.

Scanning is fairly easy, and the quality is good too, as it has 1200 x 2400 dpi scan resolution.

Coming to its competitor, HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One - J410a, I would recommend Canon Pixma - MP287. Canon seems to be a bit faster, with a little better print and scan quality. Major difference, the ink cartridges included with HP are SMALL sized cartridges printing only about a 100 sheets, whereas Canon has normal size cartridges which can print upto 250 sheets, which is more than double.

The only reason I can imagine anyone going for the HP is its brand name. Most people go for the HP with eyes closed, without any survey. MARK MY WORDS, THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE OF BUYING THE HP OVER CANON. BELIEVE ME GO FOR CANON YOU WON'T REGRET YOUR DECISION.

Also a mention to Flipkart Services. The delivery time was really impressive. As against the promised delivery time of 3-5 business days, the printer was delivered on the 2nd business day itself.

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27 Aug 2012
Printing is expensive

The Canon Pixma MP287 is a great MFP at this price. It has
1) Nice software support to scan (and scans quickly)
2) Quiet mode for working at nights (less noise)
3) Copy function works independently of being connected to computer
4) Decent photo printing (use a good quality photo paper)

a) Printing is very expensive (the cartridges do not last long).
b) Black or color, the cartridges vanish like anything. Not for heavy printing.
c) Cartridges can not be refilled ! So you are stuck with expensive cartridges from Canon
d) Sometimes takes time to startup.

If you have a option, choose HP (cartridges cheaper and can be refilled).

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14 Aug 2012
Cartridge Cost

Dear Friends,

I do accept that Canon Pixma is an awesome product, but ever wondered the cost of the print? and the advantages of HP over Canon?

I put it simply this way, HP Cartridges are relatively cheap and also facilitates refilling with Quality, hence the cost per print is too relatively cheap @ ~ same quality, compared to many other brands and probably the only reason why people go for HP with their eyes closed.

Recently bought the cartridges, very expensive

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26 Nov 2011
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I ordered my Canon Pixma-MP287 on 25th November and it was delivered next day though it said delivery period is 4-6 days!!
Just finished installing and tried scanning and printing some docs. Let me tell you, I have been a somewhat proud owner of two HP Deskjets. And, by the initial printing and scanning, this Canon beats them hallow. I hope it continues this way :-D. If anyone out there is looking for a Multifunction Printer, then go ahead and buy this one! It has amazing features with for a real low cost compared to other printers. Well, if you ask me JUST GO FOR CANON PIXMA !!
P.S Flipkart is awesome!

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20 Sep 2011
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I am very happy today just got my printer delivered by Flipkart, i have to tell this they rock super support and delivered in 3 business days exactly without any issues.
Now with the printer super awesome, very easy to setup took me 15mins from installing the CD to making the printer print my first Calendar and scan some pictures. Great quality of printing,scanning and copying. Love it..Pura paisa vasoool. Lol.

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08 Feb 2013
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Excellent peice of technology..!

First things first...Hats off to Flipkart service and their co-operative customer care. Cancelled this order at the last moment but no hesitation from their side. They sent it back but I ordered again after a few days and got delivered the next day after the confirmation phone call.I don't know how they manage it so fast..!

Now about the product:- I had an HP Deskjet Single function printer before and the logic board got short circuited and the repair costed same about a new printer so decided to buy an All in One.
Came on flipkart just to find that an HP variant is also available at a little higher price. Never tried any Canon product and decided to give them a try and I tell you I did NOT REGRET it..! The printer has an awesome sleek design. The print speed is all true described here. Setup of the printer does not take more than 10 minutes and the software takes no more than 20 minutes to install. First you have to print an head alignment page and then scan it to align the scanner. The scanner is pretty cool and has good scanning capability of 1200 x 2400dpi. To see a nice image our eye needs only 300dpi of photo.
The printing speed is pretty good. Totally satisfied with this product.

CARTRIDGES:- The printer cartridges are comparatively bigger in size than the HP and I was totally baffled that after printing photos and text documents the colour cartridge is still at FULL level and the black has just now recently dropped by one block as i type.(4 blocks to empty - 1 =3 left). For all those who are skeptical the CARTRIDGES CAN BE REFILLED.!!
There are tutorials on youtube and you can buy ink on Also you can CISS on this printer if you are a heavy user.

PRINTER:- This printer can print anything- even money!!!!! The panel is better than the HP deskjet 1050. You can even use as a photocopying machine without plugging in a computer. Learning is very simple by the software provided and the instruction booklet. It also has an auto opening tray which in case you forget to open the output tray the cover automatically falls down.The printing speed is pretty good as said earlier.(Edit:- The Scanner cover inside is very delicate so you might wanna take care of it)

SOFTWARE:- Best software I have ever seen. It also has an quite mode which lets you use the printer at night. You can also print passport size photos of yourself with the template provided in the software. Many many functions in the software are cool which the HP had lacked. I don't know about now.

Cons:- The cartridges are super expensive and YES you need to REPLACE them after a specific amount of refills as the printing head is in the cartridge and not fixed on the printer. So keep a little money aside every month so that you can buy a new cartridge when the refilling attempts are exceeded. It makes noise at startup due to cleaning maybe and whatnot which was a little more than HP.

Overall:- This product has definitely a green signal for home users for little to medium use.If you refill the cartridges the running costs should not be very much. If you print too many documents(heavy use) than you need to go for a LASER printer and definitely HP. HP are good in LASER printers. ALSO this printer doesn't need an power adapter like in HP. Just a 2 pin plug wire which directly goes into printer.

P.S(Edit):- So It's been 2 months I am using this printer and I have noticed that this printer makes a lot of mess of ink. My previous HP didn't make this much of mess but this does make in the right side where the cartridge parks. You might wanna take apart the right side and clean a little about 6 months or so. Also don't forget the ink absorber in the back side of printer. Semi-Solid ink gets accumulated so you might wanna clean it.!

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16 Dec 2011
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Great, budget, AIO printer

Canon is proving their excellence in optics. DSLRs, Viceo Cams are the example where they still grab their name & market still.
They keep stand on their quality in printing tech too.
This budget printer could be a best one for home & small business, and no one feel regret if they buy, I assure. Scanner produces much better result for this price range. Printing speed is excellent at standard print quality, no smudge, no wobble. Copier gives the same result at nominal speed like regular printing.
Build quality is OK for this price range, but designed to give a wonderful look. Only this printer is having LED display at this price range.
Very easy accessible buttons, not cluttered, not confusing.
Life of the cartridge claimed is 250 pages is a good number to compare with other brand and models of same range.
Simply an excellent product who wish to have a AIO printer.
Start up takes little bit longer time. Nothing else.
I strongly recommend this printer.
About Flipkart:
Product was delivered 3rd day from the date of order.
Proving their commitments and understanding the customer right to their requirement.
Keep it up.

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02 Oct 2012
Doesn't scan if ink runs out.

The biggest disadvantage of this series of printers is that they don't scan when printer runs out of ink even thought scanning has nothing to do with the status of the ink.

It may be a good marketing strategy but the image of the company & usability of the product goes down. Secondly, cartridge costs are super high. Cost of both the cartridges together almost touches that of the printer.

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