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Casio FX991ES Scientific: Calculator

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11 Dec 2011
991ES is gr8 calc for engg. students .... its a steal at this price

I have been using the Casio FX991ES for the past 4 yrs. Its a gr8 device for engg. students. The greatest feature is the natural notebook display which allows the user to write fractions and functions in a natural manner.
For just 100-150 bucks more than the 991MS model its a significant improvement with more memory, larger display, gr8tr function(ex:log10 and u can store stat tables) and easy and quick operations (very helpful during exams).
Bottomline: go for it !!!!

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22 Nov 2011
first to review

Best calculator i have ever used. natural notebook dishplay makes easy to write fraction,solution of equations, matrix,integration, differentiation etc.
user friendly platform
it has memory to store values
must buy

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23 Nov 2011
Best for Engineering students

I felt that it is the best klc for engineering students @ very affordable price with trust of flipkart.
Its operations are user friendly & provides much graphical interface.
I bought it 4 years before @ 620/-

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03 May 2012
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Worth the money.

Now of course Flipkart is always the best! I've been a regular customer and never have they let me down. Rock bottom prices and lightning speed deliveries!

The Casio FX991ES is master piece. Once you start using it to the max, you realize that the returns are many times higher than what you paid to buy it!

The natural number display, the plethora of functions and the smooth finish of the product make you a proud owner of one of the finest pieces of technology.

Must have for most of the students. But beware that official university exams do not permit the use of these models in the examination hall!

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04 May 2012
Paisa Vasool

I've been using this calculator for 2 years and had no issues with it so far. It is an excellent product from casio.
1. textbook display which makes entering fractions very easy.
2. flexible matrix operations.
3. conversion tables provided on the cover panel.

1. Takes time while calculating complex equations. Especially while solving interpolation problems and numerical integration (taylor series, simpsons' rules etc.)
2. max order of the matrix is 3x3.

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05 Aug 2012
An Engineer's life depends on how well his calculator works.

This calculator is like a perpetual motion machine. It never needs a battery! (Although I did get the battery that came with it after six months of purchase). Since then, There has been no battery issue. In first six months of Engineering, we don't use the calculator that much, but the battery needed to be replaced. But after that, I have been using it extensively (to the point of doing calculations like 15+7=22 :P along with the engineering functions

The most useful functions for engineering students are
1. Integration
2. Differentiation (only definite integrals and differentials)
3. Equation solving upto 3rd order. Although it can solve equation in single variable of any order, it takes a lot of time.
4. Table function
5. Matrix simplifications (you can't live without them)
6. Storing Data in 6 memory locations as constants and using them for further simplification. (Very useful!!)
7. Complex mode and all the related simplification. (I would flunk my engineering without this!!)
8. Trigonometric functions and Binary-Hex-Oct-Decimal Conversion modes.

These are invariable, whenever a simple problem comes up, we simply seek out our trusted casio calculator. Without which I don't know how I would have managed.

Seriously, Casio needs to be awarded with something for making such a reliable product.

You don't even have to worry about your battery dying out. As long as you have a little bit if ambient light, the claculator will come to life, even if your battery has no juice in it.
I expect our modern day smart phones to function with such energy efficieny. But thats a bit too hopeful of me!!

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28 Apr 2012
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extremely useful

purchased this item 2 weeks ago. working fine. the solar charge pannel is really good. no tension for changing the battery. best buy for engineers & technical students. key buttons are hard plastick made & rigid. good stuff overall.

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01 Mar 2012
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certified buyer
Best for Engineer..!!!

One of the best calculator in the current market for engineers and I'll give 5 out of 5...!!!
It has enough functions which assist in your examination..!!!
But some of the university and colleges doesn't allow this series calculator in exam..!!!

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25 Feb 2012
this product is so good

this product is good but this product price is high in my nearer shop. this product is useful of the all engineering students. this calculator is use of to matrix multiplication and matrix diterminets and this products is so good for all engineering students.

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29 Dec 2011
the one for engg students

i have used this calc for the past 3 years...really amazing has easy to use functions like equations,matrices,solve func this makes engg calculations piece of cake....a definite must buy product

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