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Chanakya\'s Chant (English)

★★★★★ ★★★★★
Author: Ashwin Sanghi
Language: English
Length: 468 pages
Publisher: Westland
Price: Not Available

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GeetaBooks 2.9 / 5
48% positive feedback (49) ratings)
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Chanakya\'s Chant (English) (Paperback) Price: Rs. 250

Chanakya’s Chant is about the existence of Chanakya in both the old Bharat and the Modern India. The book is a historical spine chiller which looks into whether Chanakya’s chant will work again as it did before.

Summary of the Book

In 340 BC a young Brahmin who is being hunted is haunted by the gruesome murder of his father and has sworn to take revenge. In his state of mind he turns out to be a leader who is cold and cruel and is armed with the absence of any kind of morality. He decides to eliminate the demigod: Alexander the Great and is successful in his mission to do so. He is known in history as the famous strategist Chanakya.
History repeats itself and Chanakya is born again after two millennia. Modern India is in the same state as ancient India in terms of class, hatred corruption and politics. Whether Chanakya’s Chant will work again is the real question.

About the Author

Ashwin Sanghi is an entrepreneur by day and a novelist by night. He has done his MBA in finance from the Yale School of Management. His first book was The Rozabal Line.

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Specifications of Chanakya\'s Chant (English) (Paperback)

Book Details
Publisher Westland
ISBN-10 9380658674
Number of Pages 468 Pages
Publication Year 2010
Language English
ISBN-13 9789380658674
Binding Paperback
Weight 249 g
Height 1.26 inch
Author Info An entrepreneur by profession, Ashwin Sanghi writes \nextensively on history, religion and politics in his spare \ntime, but historical fiction in the thriller genre is his \npassion and hobby. Sanghi holds a master?s degree from \nYale. He lives in India with his wife Anushika and son \nRaghuvir.
Author Ashwin Sanghi

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Reviews of Chanakya\'s Chant (English) (Paperback)

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Anrag Bhole

Sep 6, 2014

Just not upto the Mark!

Ashwin Sanghi's new is another Mythological based on Super Mind Chanakya. What stands off is the Old Chankaya and new Gupta's political tricks.But the most negative point of this book is the constant shift from present day to 2200 years back, which keeps you off track almost all the times. Overall a… (View complete review)

Minakshi Shukla

Jun 27, 2014

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certified buyer

totally overrated

The author tried his hand at history, enigma, politics and what not and what do we get... a bunch of situations that, oh so conveniently, work out exactly as the author (oh sorry.. the guru) wanted. The beauty of it all is that the storyline is so simplistic that it may have written by a child who h… (View complete review)

Samarth Bhat

Jun 21, 2014

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certified buyer

Good coffee-table read!

Reads like a bollywood movie. So perhaps there might be one that is based on it.

Wont be a book that will add anything to your life apart from time well spent not watching tv or any other wasteful things you do!

gaurav khatri

Jun 7, 2014

Best book i ever read

one of the best book.please dont getting late..your life will be change after reading this book.extremly wondeful.

dale steyn

May 18, 2014

Good Start but disappoints later

The first Story of Chankya is Good but the second story that goes side by side slowly loses its charm and becomes really boring. I would suggest not to waste money on this

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.... ....

Jan 18, 2012

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certified buyer

Thrilling and quite unputdownable

its simply awesome....beautifully plotted blend of modern and history of politics.i think readers will find it very entertaining and personally it even enhanced my knowledge and interest in a lot of fields dealing with the book


Aug 3, 2012

400 pages of bull

I picked up this book expecting another Shiva trilogy but it must have been my unluckiest day in months.

This novel has nothing to offer. The story is pretty ordinary. Plots are a hodgepodge of contemporary political and economic scams, dumbed down to the level of a house plant. The punch lines are borrowed from quotes, tweets, memes any other source available on the internet and badly forced into the story-line. Usage of words is often incongruous. Some very pathetic Munna-Bhai-esque practical solutions are proferred for pervading social problems and political ills which do not make …

Vijay Kumar

Jan 9, 2012

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certified buyer


How do you feel when you are watching a thriller when the climax is already known? The entire book is a cliche of all the Indian movies ! And the facts about Chanakya are also messed up ! The author has used all the possible quotes from the net to give Chanakya a superhuman form but fails miserably to give you the impact. Unless you want to feel good about Chanakya - you can easily avoid it


Oct 10, 2011

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certified buyer


I had got great reviews of CC from a couple of people and that is the reason I picked CC. On the premise of it, it looks a great idea of paralleled story with Chanakya's but it has been a hugely dissatisfying experience reading the novel. It's mark of immature writing especially in the present day story of Gangasagar Mishra, the novel turns out to be lame. Chanakya's part is written better but I can gather same/more info from wikipedia than goign through this 450 odd page of book which after a point becomes painful read (almost at 50 pages). The writer's though process on this novel has been o…

Vivek Ray

Oct 3, 2011

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certified buyer

Need more matureness

Well written, nice data collection and presentation . Ashwin Sanghi has matured in this title and even understood or learned from previous book Rozabal Line .
Only complain about book is its loss of tracks in between chapters . Since both 2 stories are running parallels , there would've been much better ending of each chapter , it seemed like author in chase to bring suspense has ended each chapter at very unexpected point. So , every time I got entertained by a chapter and it ended makin me loose out the starting few pages of new chapter just in hurry to complete the previous story .


Oct 6, 2011

Really a tiresome book .. disappointing

This book was a thorough let down after the Rozabal line. While Rozabal Line was itself not a great literary work itself, if one ignored the lame story, it actually had a lot of interesting historical insights on how Jesus may have been influenced by Indian Philosophy.. that itself was its redeeming aspect. Unfortunately CC had nothing of that sort. While the parts dealing with Chankya were bearly readable, the parts that dealt with his contemporary counterpart was, for want of a better word, lame. Gangasagar comes across as a despicable weirdo and Chandni as a rather slow person. I found it h…


Aug 20, 2011

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certified buyer

Waste of time - just riding on the name of Chanakya

I finished this book only since I bought it and started reading it. Its coarsely written, and Chanakya's dialogues are nothing but a collection of very famous quotes. Its real cheap to even give Patton's immortalized quotes as Chanakya's. Even though the author gives the glossary of quotes where he is drawing from, it does not do justice by having historic names in such comic fashion !

Tried to simplify the political situations more than anything....really bad concept, and worse writing !


Sushant%2520K Singhal

Jul 1, 2012

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certified buyer

Chanakya's Chant

I was tempted by buy and read this book by Ashwin Sanghi after reading a few reviews at flipkart. The author has done his best to malign the greatest diplomat-cum-saint Chanakya. While I enjoyed the modern day story of Gangadhar running parallel to that of Chanakya of 2300 years ago, I was appalled at author's deliberate attempt to discredit everything Chanakya did for his nation at that time. Very few of the readers might have already read books portraying Chanakya as the hero and those who did will know instantly that the author has made deliberate attempts to discredit the great hero. "The …

Namrata Srivastava

Jun 20, 2012

Nice one time read... thats it!

The book looks unreal at several places... too fictitious! Though stories about Chanakya made the book interesting.. but the way the other protagonist functions makes him look as if the entire world of politics can be puppeted at his will. Though, at some places, the intelligence of the character impresses you, but it fails to make you believe that it exists.. and the entire book looks like a well written novel. There is not much in the book, in terms of language and philosophy, that might pull you to go through its pages more than once.

Brijesh Prabhakar

Dec 18, 2011

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certified buyer

Dont waste your time!

Honestly - The concept is great, but the writing is at best very very poor. I will give this book a "D".

The Author blatantly copies quotes from all over the world - Churchill, Keats etc to give us this mishmash. This history is all wrong - Paurus (Porus) is portrayed badly, the Greeks are all imbeciles. Give me a break please!!



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