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A new way of computing from Google
  • Hassle free.
  • Starts in seconds.
  • Virus protection built-in.
  • Runs your favourite Google apps plus thousand more.
For high performance
Acer Chromebook
For the big picture
HP Chromebook 14
Portability 0.75 inches thin and 1.25 kg 0.81 inches thin and 1.85 kg
Screen 11.6" inch display Large 14'' display
Battery Life Upto 8.5 hours Upto 9.5 hours
Cool Stuff Get the basics done, hassle-free Do more things at once with Intel's powerful processor
  Rs. 22,999 Rs. 26,990
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What is a Chromebook?

A new type of computer with everything built-in:
  • Updates itself, for free. So you always have the latest and greatest version.
  • Has your favorite apps built-in. No more buying and installing software.
  • Keeps your files and photos safe and automatically backed up online.
  • Runs Chrome OS, an operating system that's fast, simple and secure.
For sharing, playing, doing
Get work done, play and keep in touch. Built for everyday use and perfect for sharing.
Starts in seconds, so you can go straight to playing or working
Apps for video chatting, documents and music are built-in and free
Updates itself automatically so it doesn't slow down over time
Virus protection and multiple layers of security are built-in
Save your stuff online, access it anywhere, from any device
Learn more
Learn how to do everyday things on your Chromebook.
Get work done

Your chromebook comes with a set of tools to get work done. You can work collaboratively in the same document or jot down some notes on your Chromebook and finish them off on your phone. See it in action.

Quick search

Your Chromebook lets you unlock the power of the web quicker. Search Google, for immediate answers from the comfort of your own apps bar. See it in action.

Keep in touch

Video chat with up to 9 people using Google Hangouts. You can connect with everyone on any device, no matter what kind of computers and phones they use. See it in action.

Add apps

Chromebook runs apps to do things like create documents, listen to music and edit photos. No more buying and installing software. Find thousands of free apps for working, gaming and more in the Chrome Web Store. See it in action.

Your Chromebook is easier than any computer you've ever used -- there's no clutter, no waiting and no nagging.
What kind of software do I need?

You don't need to buy or install any software. Chromebooks run apps, like Gmail or Youtube and many are already built-in* and free. Thousands more are one click away in the Chrome Web Store.

Does it work offline?

Yes, you can use offline-ready apps for your emails, documents, photo editing, listening to music, watching movies and even playing Angry Birds. Check out the offline collection in the Chrome Web Store.

What about MS Office?

You can open, edit and share MS Word and Excel files using the free, built-in editor. To create and collaborate on documents, presentations and spreadsheets, try Chromebook's built-in tools or Quick Office.

Where do I save my stuff?

You can save everything online and access it from any device, using Google's free online file storage service. You can still store files on your computer.

Does it have iTunes?

No, but you can enjoy your favorite music online for free with Youtube.

How do I video chat?

Video chat with up to 9 people using built-in Google Hangouts. You can connect with everyone on any device, no matter what kind of computers and phones they use.

How do I watch movies?

You can stream movies or shows through Youtube or any of the Entertainment apps in the Chrome Web Store. No CD or DVD drive needed.

What else comes with my Chromebook?

All Chromebooks come with 100GB of Drive storage** plus a range of exclusive connectivity & broadband offers from Tikona and Airtel. Learn more at

*Some apps require internet connection
**Valid for 2 years, starting on the date you redeem the Drive offer


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