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Network Components

Network Components
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(1002 ratings)
Rs. 790 57% OFF
Rs. 339
  • Speed 150 Mbps
  • USB 2.0
(1932 ratings)
Rs. 3,742 61% OFF
Rs. 1,450
  • 300 Mbps Speed
  • Wireless Without modem
  • Frequency2.483 GHz
  • 0 USB Ports
(2173 ratings)
Rs. 2,730 64% OFF
Rs. 969
30 Sellers from Rs 927
  • 150 Mbps Speed
  • Wireless Without modem
  • Frequency2.4835 GHz
  • 0 USB Ports
(5777 ratings)
Rs. 1,399 14% OFF
Rs. 1,199
42 Sellers from Rs 1140
  • 300 Mbps Speed
  • Wireless Without modem
  • Frequency2.4835 GHz
  • 0 USB Ports
(1362 ratings)
Rs. 2,699 36% OFF
Rs. 1,725
10 Sellers from Rs 1724
  • Download Speed 21.6 ...
  • No Call Support
(1193 ratings)
Rs. 2,499 23% OFF
Rs. 1,915
4 Sellers from Rs 1910
  • Download Speed 14.4 ...
  • No Call Support
(206 ratings)
Rs. 1,999 43% OFF
Rs. 1,120
5 Sellers from Rs 999
  • 300 Mbps Speed
  • Wireless Without modem
  • Frequency2.4835 GHz
(176 ratings)
Rs. 1,999 50% OFF
Rs. 999
  • Download Speed 14.4 ...
  • No Call Support
(5990 ratings)
Rs. 3,000 39% OFF
Rs. 1,829
75 Sellers from Rs 1651
  • 300 Mbps Speed
  • Wireless With Modem
  • Frequency2.484 GHz
  • 1 USB Ports
(3592 ratings)
Rs. 1,750 36% OFF
Rs. 1,115
18 Sellers from Rs 990
  • 150 Mbps Speed
  • Wireless Without modem
  • Frequency2.4 GHz
  • 0 USB Ports
(8726 ratings)
Rs. 1,049 5% OFF
Rs. 995
61 Sellers from Rs 900
  • 150 Mbps Speed
  • Wireless Without modem
  • Frequency2.4835 GHz
  • 0 USB Ports
(984 ratings)
Rs. 4,090 52% OFF
Rs. 1,929
  • 300 Mbps Speed
  • Range Extenders/Repe...
  • Frequency2.4 GHz
  • 0 USB Ports

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Thanks to the internet, the world today is connected like never before. Everything we want is just a couple of clicks away. And yet, we all have days when our internet connection gives up on us. God forbid if it happens to be one when you’re swamped with work or the day you set yourself up for a night of gaming with your buddies only to be let down by your unreliable internet connection. The frustration that stems from situations like these are truly annoying and inconvenient. Well, you only have yourself to blame. If you want fast and bankable access to the internet, there is one golden rule that you absolutely cannot compromise on – make sure you have the necessary and the right network components.

Make the most of the internet with smart and reliable network components

Many factors come into play when one decides on which internet network components to invest in. You’ve got to think about where these devices are to be set up. For instance if they’re for home or office use, what activities you’re going to be using them for the most, and a host of other such factors. Let’s take a look at a couple of network components. Take a look at them, assess your need, and set up the network component of your dreams.


Thanks to these computer accessories, you have the liberty of enjoying seamless and lag-free internet at home. You might want to check for the router’s casing and its speed. When it comes to the types of routers, you have wireless with modem, wireless without modem, range extenders/repeaters, 4G, 3G, wired with modem, and wired without modem routers. You’ll also want to check on the compatibility of each router.

Wireless USB adapters

Want to ensure you have access to Wi-Fi even when you’re travelling? Do you wish you could convert your USB speaker into Bluetooth speaker? You can do these and a lot more with handy little network components called wireless USB adapters. You can connect these devices to any USB port and access a wireless network wherever you are.


These plug-and-play network components are economical and are especially perfect for small and medium businesses which require a system that allows easy network expansion without any compromise on fast connectivity.

Access points

Set up these network components in your home and you can connect to your home network, keep an eye on your children when you’re at work, pair your devices to the speaker and stream music while also accessing the Wi-Fi.


So what if you’ve forgotten to take along a pen drive with you? You can still share all the files that you want with data cables. They also double as chargers.

Data cards

Want easy access to internet when you’re in college or on a road trip? Take along data cards. These portable internet modems are real lifesavers for people who are constantly on the go.

Network interface cards

Use these network components to connect to high-speed wireless network on your desktop.

To check out, compare, and buy computer accessories from brands such as Digiflip, Micromax, D-Link, TP-Link, and Asus, buy network components online.


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