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Crysis 3 (Hunter Edition)

(Games, PC)
Rs. 1,499

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Game4u 3.3 / 5
58% positive feedback (124 ratings)
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Crysis 3 (Hunter Edition) (Games, PC) Price: Rs. 1,499

Choose your target carefully as you crouch in the shadows and use your optical camouflage to its full potential. While you take careful aim with your Hunter Bow switch to Maximum Strength to steady the aim and cut out any unwanted movements. When you have acquired your target, release the deadly arrow and watch as it impales your enemy, killing with a single strike. Jungle Warfare in Crysis 3 involves using the surroundings to your advantage. Using your stealth function allows the Nanosuit to become transparent, projecting images all around it on its surface to give it the illusion of complete transparency. The Crysis 3 (Hunter Edition) features the Composite Bow that Prophet uses to take down enemies silently and effectively.

Synopsis and Features

The main enemy faction in all the Crysis sequels has always been the Ceph, a race of intelligent and advanced aliens who resemble the earth’s Squid. They do not possess any active skeletal structure and thus resemble the squid on earth. The Earlier versions of the game established that they have been on earth since thousands of years ago but in a cryo-state. They have been dormant for all that time until accidently activated by unavoidable circumstances. Rather than cooperate with the humans, the Ceph decide to exterminate them and claim the planet as their own.

Developed by Crytek UK in collaboration with Crytek Frankfurt, Crysis 3 has incorporated the CryENGINE 3 game engine. This advanced engine enables the perfect rendering of life like graphics and awe inspiring game physics. Published by Electronic Arts the game focuses on military tactics coupled with guerilla warfare methods of engagement. The prequels of the game have done an excellent job of establishing solid back stories. This makes it easy for the player to be familiar with the game mechanics and the key characters.

The Nanodome around New York contains within it a Rainforest which has seven unique environments that have developed within it. It is up to you to master the seven environments and use them to your advantage in your battle against the CELL operatives. While taking on the Ceph the same tactics that work for human opponents will not be sufficient. Ceph have advanced weapons and high grade armor, requiring you to use more stealth. It would also be wise to use the environment in your fight against the Ceph.

When playing Crysis, from the very first game, the onus has been on tactics, assessment, and attack. It is very important for you to scout out your region before taking any decisions on attack tactics. The upgraded Nanosuit is capable of switching between two major forms, a Stealth Mode and the more brute force oriented Armor Mode. This gives you the choice of using more than just one method to achieve our goals.

The player takes on the role of Nomad who assumes Prophet’s identity. This was possible as the Nanosuit stored key fragments of Prophet’s personality within its data streams. Prophet discovers the true motive for the extensive CELL presence in New York and decided to destroy them along with the Ceph troopers. As Prophet you make the decisions on how to take them all out. You can choose to use stealth as your primary medium of attack or you can even choose to go with guns blazing. Both these methods will yield you results if used well. The multiplayer mode offered by the game only adds to the single player mode's thrill and excitement.

The CryENGINE 3 used for the game allows for high dynamic imagery and crisp graphics. The gameplay is optimized for the best possible experience while using the suit to interact with the environment. Crysis 3 Hunter Edition is the much awaited sequel to Crysis 2. You can easily scavenge alien technology and weapons in this version of the game. The possibilities are virtually endless with the ability to fully customize your nanosuit in the game. The PC version of Crysis 3 is rated as 16 by PEGI for violence and strong language.

Hunter Edition Includes:

  • The Hunter upgrade module in-game, which boosts the stealth & target acquisition capabilities of the Nanosuit.
  • Early access to the Crysis 3 iconic tactical bow for multiplayer, and have the Electric Arrow ammunition & a special weapon skin available right from the start
  • 3 specialized dog-tags, to let your prey know exactly who killed them
  • Start multiplayer at Level 5, allowing you to maintain a tactical edge on everyone else that misses this limited time offer
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Specifications of Crysis 3 (Hunter Edition) (Games, PC)

Publisher Electronic Arts
Category Games
Series Crysis
Genre First-Person Shooter
Note Most of the PC games require internet connection to activate and download online updates.
Mode Multi-Player, Single-Player
Title Crysis 3 (Hunter Edition)
Platform PC
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Reviews of Crysis 3 (Hunter Edition) (Games, PC)

Recent top reviews

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Hrushikesh Gouda

Jul 20, 2015

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

Awesome Shooter Experience For The 7th Gen. Console

The delivery was faster than given. The disc was in proper condition and well packed. it runs great on the 7th gen. console. Its awesome shooting experience and graphics are unexpectable for PS3. A great choice for shooting gamers.

Arka Mazumder

Dec 24, 2014

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

One of the most engaging FPS PS3 titles out there

The story is good.

The battle tactics are great.

The visuals are amazing.

This is the game to buy if you are into lone wolf FPS titles on PS3. The technology used in game, the sound, the visual effects and the enemy AI will keep you on your toes.

Definitely worth …
(View complete review)

Abhi P

Sep 14, 2014

Nice game

I took this game from a different site and I must say it's one hell of a game. The best part is killing the aliens. It keeps getting better as it gets tougher. A must buy game and highly recommended.

Mario Wario

Jun 14, 2014

Crysis 3

A Game Worth Playing And No Waste of Money at all.It Got 8.5/10 by IGN so if your a Gamer then you'll choose wisely.

Anmol Singh

Feb 14, 2014

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

Great service but game is not that great

If you are going to buy this for multiplayer then just forget about it. It is a bad MP game though SP is good, better than Crysis 2.
Both of the later crysis games are nt as good as the first game and warhead standalone.
If you want a good multiplayer game then just try Battlefield for vehi…
(View complete review)

Top reviews

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Aman Jhawar

Feb 23, 2013

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

Best FPS Game!!

Flipkart Service this past year was awesome rather better than this that of today's...
We got the games on the pre order date and nowadays we get the game after 2 days of its release.
We only pre order games from because we get pre order offers and 30 day replacement guarantee which we do not get on retail stores. But its service is screwing it....

Coming to the game, it has awesome new engine - Crytek 3 which not only improves FPS rate on high resolution graphics but also gives a stunning sharp surroundings.
the new Crysis has new/improved features such as -
Multiplayer (Hunter

Rajiv Bhatia

Feb 23, 2013

Crysis 3 Requires Internet to Play everytime

I bought this Game Yesterday, game with 2 dual layer DVDs, installation took around 40Minutes, i was very excited but later realized it started to download additional 4.8GB from Crytek website, i got pissed, i could not start the game with crack also without updating 4.8GB, i have slow internet only 1Mbps, it took me hours of updating, nearly 7 to 8hours wasted extra, now back to the game, it's awesome game with gr8 graphics, marine helps Psycho, WoW but beware that it requires internet ON to play each time on PC version, so be prepared if heavy updates starts coming from Crytek, we in India a

Rajeev Raju

Mar 31, 2013

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

Unimpressive, dull, boring game

The Original Crysis was a revelation. Crysis: Warhead stuck to the same universe, and was a welcome addition. Crysis 2 was good concept, badly implemented. Crysis 3 is downright tripe!

The bow-and-arrow makes things too easy. Enemies are repetitive and dumb, even at the highest difficulty levels. The concrete jungle turned urban ruins setting got old too early in Crysis 2, Crysis 3 doesn't bother changing that. The story is all over the place, and is more along the lines of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 8,453,435 (tripe).

I'm just glad there's Far Cry 3. It's everything Crysis 2 and Crysis 3

Sonu Bachani

Feb 27, 2013

Amazing game which will annhilate your PC Hardware & push it to the MAXIMUM!

For over 5 years..

A gaming hardware component's ULTIMATE TEST has been defined by just 1 single question - "CAN IT PLAY CRYSIS?"

Yes this question lost its weight for PC gamers with Crysis 2..coz it was just a console port..


The fact that you need a $1,500 gaming PC minimum to see the game in its full glory at 1080P is testimony to that.

YES I can Play Crysis 3 on medium/high settings mixture on my GTX 650 Ti

YES I NUKED the ALPHA CEPH & the other alien scums

And so can YOU!

If you call yourself a Gamer & a PC one at that..YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS GAME!!


Gourab Kundu

Feb 24, 2013

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

Brilliant game, but short

First, not really happy with Flipkart's preorder.
Got the game a day late, which was disappointing.

Crysis 3 pros:
Amazing graphics, great gameplay, loved the bow, the details in the environment is also good.

Crysis 3 cons:
Short game (much shorter than 1 or 2), playing is relatively easy even in the hardest level.


Karan%20 Makkar

Feb 23, 2013

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer


the game is of course mind blowing the multiplayer is also very good though m not that good takes time :P
ordered the product at 22 feb around 4 pm and got it on 23 feb 10 am thats good !!
add me on psn- tranelove2

venkata krishnan

Feb 22, 2013

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

never pre-ordering from Flpkart again

I am seriously considering never pre-ordering from Flpkart again. Graphically impressive, but graphics alone don't make a game great. It's the same boring shoot a ton of bad guys that we have done in pretty much every fps.Upset with Preorder Delivery

'Sagar Kumawat

Mar 5, 2013

high config game

My sprc is intel core 2 duo e7300 2.67
Ram ddr3 4*2gb 1333mhz
Gpu asus hd 7770.
And still i took this game
Can some1 tell me how to run this game on dx9 or 10
Add me multiplayer sagark7
This game is good. ... Only if you have good powerfull pc
Or it will lag too much and if you are using windows 8
You will find compibilty issue. It stop in middle of the game and freez playing online
In all i will give 3 and half star.

David joyson

Mar 2, 2013

EPIC Game !!!!!!!!

A must buy for Fps gamers !!!! Singleplayer is short but good .
Multiplayer is amazing ..... Hunter edition is very good .
You must have a very good graphic cardwith DX11 support .

Ash Kinley

Mar 24, 2013

I don't have the game yet , But just a review :D

Okay ! This game is the best in the Crysis installment and is one of the best FPS Out there in the world , Splendid graphics and is a must - must buy for FPS Gamers and the multiplayer is just awesome , It has 12 maps , I will give a detailed review once I receive my copy of this game ! Though Flipcart's Delivery sucks :p , But the game is epic ! :D
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