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Datawind UbiSlate 7CZ Tablet: Tablet

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11 Sep 2013
ok for this price

I already got this product from datawind, not from flipkart..

This tab scores 13200 in antutu benchmark test, which is mainly due to 1.2ghz dual core processor and 1gb ram, so can play graphic intensive games without lags. (subway surfers, dead trigger, reptide gp2, beach buggy blitz tested, no lags)

It has capacitive screen so touch sensitivity is good. But screen resolution is poor, and is not good for reading ebooks. (but one can increase the font size for better reading)

Speakers are of very poor quality, sound output is very low. This tablet has a strage issue of sound, sometimes there is no sound output even when playing a song, or youtube video.

Battery: it comes with 3200mah battery. on average usage one should charge it 2 times a day.

Latest android os 4.2.2.
No lags... 1.2ghz dual core processor, 1gb ram.
More storage... 5gb internal storage.

Poor screen resolution.. 120 dpi.
Low sound.
Battery life should have been much better.

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28 Feb 2014
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Every bit worth the price tag !

Thanks Flipkart/Ekart for delivering one day in advance as against promised ! Now, about the tablet. The tablet is very light with micro USB, power, earphone jack, and HDMI ports neatly placed on one side. If you've never used a tablet before, the resolution won't be a problem at all for your eyes. The screen is bright. Games, HD videos, all work awesome. The sound quality though less is clear. In fact, for a quiet room, the sound is better than most laptops. The touch is good too. The calling facility is good. Both camera's are fine for video chats. The OTG cable is provided with Only problem I have is that the internal memory is shown as 0.91 GB. Bt that is really not a problem at this price ! The tablet feels great to operate. I don't understand why would the reviewers downvote this tablet, when there is no alternative to this tablet at this price !! Just for the brand name ?? I'd suggest and highly recommend this tablet for this budget. You won't get a better deal. I'd give it a 5 star at this price tag !

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06 Apr 2014
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Worth the amount completly

Its been three dayz I Have been using this device... and here are my review for UBISLATE 7CZ delivered via Flipkart

1. Best in price as you cannot find any other TAB in this price wid almost every quality
2. I expected as big size tablet.. like in heavy weight and like we expect from our goverment but its complete diff... slim, handy and light weight.
3. Its model is been change like how we see in pics..
4. As its made for education purpose so you wont get much app in market for this device like tango and stuff..... it has whatsapp viber kind of app working fine
5. Very nice touch
6. no lack in gaming and in multitasking works very smooth
7. Camera is also good... its only 2mp so dont expect much from it.
8. I gt defected camera.. its kind a shaken .. i ll see if I can manage with it else I ll ask flipkart to replace it.
9. every body in review says voice is not good... its very good.. u just paid 5799 so please dont say anything abt it.. if u want sound like buffer than go buy apple IPAD nd all and spend 35 +k
10. It has its own SLIDE ME app market .. please provide more app.. else its of not much of use.
11. screen quality as in watching kind of unsatisfied..

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08 Nov 2013
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Good buy for 6000

I ordered the device (UbiSlate 7CZ) and 16 Gb memory card on 1 November and received the memory card on the very next day and the device on 4th November
Flipkart used ekart logistics as the shipping courier company, the service is good, and they have packed it quite nicely.

Now about the device:
??? The device is bit heavy.
??? Navigation looks good to me.
??? The resolution is also not that bad (i.e. for 6000 its ok) but not good for reading e-books you need to increase the font size.
??? It has capacitive screen so touch sensitivity is good.
??? The 2MP primary camera is also ok, not that good but ok.
??? The device has 1.2 GHz dual core processor; at many places it shows 1 GHz, but its powered buy Cortex-A7 Dual Core processor.
??? The sound quality (speaker quality) in not that good.

The good thing about the device is that you get
??? 1 Gb RAM;
??? 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 Dual Core processor so you can play graphic intensive games without lags. (Subway surfers, dead trigger, etc...);
??? Bluetooth 3.0
??? It also has HDMI port.
??? Latest android os 4.2.2. and the tab comes with calling facility.
??? No GPS.
??? The pre installed apps are not that useful.
??? Battery backup is poor.

For 6000 rupees it???s a good buy.

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04 Mar 2014
Very bad support and service

I bought Pocketsurfer 5X 2 months ago and have had a horrible experience. The device is not getting charged and there are no support service centers anywhere. Although the company gave me the names of two, they refused to entertain. I travelled all the way - some 25-30 kms after calling them. When I phoned them up, they had told me that they can suggest only after seeing the device. Then, when I went all the way, they gave all kinds of excuses and refused to oblige since it was under warranty period and under warranty, these service centers do not earn anything. I spent 2 liters of petrol and half-a-day in my effort to set the device set right but in vain. I called the Amritsar office again and they asked me to send the device to their service center there. I had to struggle to pack the device in a safe box with good packing material. It cost me courier charges that would make it totally meaningless to even send it across. I have no hopes of getting it resolved since I have seen the reviews of people who have bought other devices of Ubislate - the company that manufactures these products. The local service center guys also told me that the service and support offered by the company is very poor. I strongly suggest everybody out there planning to buy this product or other products of Ubislate to stop themselves from doing so howsoever tempting the products may look like or with regard to the price and features. Go for good brands like nokia, samsung, sony or even panasonic although they may cost more. Don't experiment with this company's products. They are all horrible. I lost Rs. 3750/- because I knew nothing about this company. I learnt my lessons the hard way. I hope this review would make you do a little bit of searching on google and other sites to see and decide for yourself. Just google it out for yourself about the product and you will find negative reviews for not just this product but all products of Ubislate. Thanks.

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02 Mar 2014
Do not buy any Ubislate/ Datawind product, dont fall for the low price, POOR repair service

I have purchased Ubislate7CZ directly from their website, the 1st impression was good as we 4 friends from the office had purchased it. But as we started to use it we faced various problems. 2 of us had the charging pin problem, it stopped charging within a week's use due to poor pin quality, 1 unit had a software problem and was not able to do the calling and the 4th one charging cable was defective.
The touch screen is a so so and not very good, the battery is not good enough to support a day long use and drains out in 4 hours, also one cannot charge and use the 3G dongle simultaneously as it is done through a single pin.
The after sales is very POOR, the toll free number is not answered many times, one has to keep on calling. I have given for repairs since Nov 13 but still have gotten it back :C
The local agent had 100+ units for replacement/repair lying with him since Nov 13 as the company had too many complaints and were shipped 50 nos at a time to be repaired and when they come back the next 50 are sent!

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26 Mar 2014
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dont go fo datawind it is trouble only..

Ok.. ya, the price vs. what is on offer is great and tempting. But first of all I found that my power button and back button were inter-changed. Anyway, It dint matter and after 4 months of purchase, it just switched off and never turned on. When I took it to the service center, they said that I had got it repaired outside,( citing that some wiring, speakers and soldering were wrong.) and hence it does not have warranty. But why would any person with common-sense get it repaired outside for charge when under warranty is free? That is when I contacted their customer care and found out of a loophole in their warranty system.Apparently it is under warranty only if there is a manufacturing defect(which apparently means your tablet is not working as soon as you receive it) and the so called defect is to be reported in 48hrs of purchase of the instrument. So unless u have X-ray vision and your instrument is initially fine, you ought to go for other tablets of similar range but of a company with repute like micromax,etc. Because at-least they don't have such agonizingly shameless, cunning and demeaning warranty system. Whatever happened to customer is god system??

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11 Feb 2014
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Decent Tab

This is a very good tablet. Apart from this tablet, i have only used Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and it would be fruitless to compare the two as this costs about 1/3rd of that.

That being said, i find this tablet very good. it is fast. Display is crisp and the regular games play seamlessly. I have tried subway surfer, candy crush saga, pet rescue etc on this tab and have no reason to complain.

I have played fully HD movies on the tab. they play fine. Inbuilt sound speaker is very bad. Used my headphones and the sound was clear.

Battery life is poor. These non-HD games can be played for 2 1/2 hours max before the battery runs out. Screen resolution is quite poor. Becomes difficult to read text of webpages.

At this price, i dont think i could have asked for more. it provides a lot more @ 6k as compared to an android phone of 6k. The product is recommended, but dont expect something great out of it. It is a budget tablet, designed for light use

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29 Jan 2014

**Please do not buy this product from datawind, they are a scam. I've tried to be a distributor for their device for 5 years and they have run me around with false promises and misinformation. Now I have those who ordered from other sites calling me asking where is their item which has not been delivered. I've worked for Microsoft and been #1 for 3 wireless companies and have never witnessed such unprofessionalism and incompetent behavior from any operation in any country. This is solely my opinion after dealing with the founder Suneet Tuli since 2004 and Derek Kopke VP, both of whom do not care about customers or the reputation of their business. If you have not received shipment of your device, contact Derek at (503) 213-3735. Perhaps if enough people call, they may become less indifferent and more responsible for their actions.**

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18 Nov 2013
can't get any better!

first of all, this device is not at all what the image suggests. the lower bar is different and the front camera is small and on the top right hand side. but the device is definetely awesome and i have got no complains other than its sound quality. and clearing the doubs of Mr. Murtaza Vohra.
1. copy this app from some other device like a galaxy. use link2sd to convert it to user app then save the apk file via saveapk and transfer it to ur tab and install. make sure u revert it back to system app on both the devices!
2. gives me a week of backup on standby and 6-10hrs while watching movies. might be ur specific problem.
3. install CWM
4. again use CWM for that
5. i agree.(Psst... this tab can run ultra hd videos too!)
6. agreed
7. again agreed. but aldiko is one of my favourites! and those office apps too!

so I don't know what more you are expecting it to do at this price range. the tab doesn't lag while running ANYTHING. and a fact- is only 6k!

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