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Defy Plus (Graphite Grey, 2 GB): Mobile

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08 Aug 2012
@ Santosh

Sorry buddy!
The power button is the only way.
One gets used to it so its not a showstopper, but in case of Moto phones you will notice that the physical feedback from the hardware buttons(Power and volume) is pathetic, so that might start to irritate you!
Just check that once with a live phone.. if you are ok with it then it should'nt be much of a bother.

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06 Aug 2012
defy + rocks

Motorola defy is the best phones with its features look .i bought this mobile from flipkart
Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
- MP3/WAV/WMA/AAC+ player
- MP4/WMV/H.263/H.264 player
- Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk
- Facebook, Twitter, MySpace integration
- Document viewer
- Photo viewer/editor
- Organizer
- Voice memo/dial/commands
- Predictive text input

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06 Aug 2012
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got tis mob a week back

-really nice to use handy
-doesnt seems to be 1 ghz speed,little bit slower
-charge stands still even when internet is used
-charger gets heat soon while phone is in charge even for 15 mins
-touchscreen is good to use
-cel is working fine even when dipped n water
-worth buying it......thanks...

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30 Jul 2012
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Come, Play - Motorola Defy +

Wow, so my journey with Flipkart started with a shopping of a gift voucher and then a book... now a mobile. Flipkart does what it commits! Wonderful website, easy to track orders, multiple payment options and finally very well done delivery-on-time. {I even got a replacement though that needed some persuasion}
About Motorola Defy+: I started looking for a new phone for my wife. The phone needs to be replaced is Sony Ericsson, old style but works just fine. Wife insisted she wants Sony Ericsson only. I thought Samsung is what everyone going gaga about, and also Android :)
So first thought came for Samsung Galaxy S5360, nice price, looks, touch screen...somehow was not satisfied since we were looking for something as rugged as her old phone. And this phone was flimsy from looks.
Okey so search went on to slightly expensive models, but everything from Samsung (upto around 15K) would have 800MHz processor. (Looked at Sony Xperia Mini Pro too, and again they were not for rough handling).
Came across Motorola Defy plus: Gorilla Glass, 3.7 inch screen, bigger battery, Motoblur to safeguard your details incase of loss of phone, 1GHz CPU with GPU....looked like I am close to making decision.
My friend had one and he came to show it to me and my wife, since this phone is rarely available at other offline retailers. And more over what they will show is just a dummy mobile... and we were impressed. Only that this is first time we are using touchscreen , there were some initial hiccups :)
Other phones with Gorilla glass were Sony Xperia Active and Nokia Lumia, both were priced higher. Hence decided for Moto Defy+.

- Rugged
- Looks: quite impressive use of whole screen for 3.7 inch screen the phone doesn't look very big
- Touch- highly responsive
- Motoblur back up of contacts
- Easy to configure
- Water proof and Gorilla glass !!!

- Android: no official updates to ICS (I dont mind, since I use phone as phone most often :))
- Battery: comes for 1 day, I am use to for a week :) Also it worries me when phone get older, the battery cycle will also get shortened..
- FM sound can't be brought on speakers even with headphone connected as antenna. All other (even the cheapest phone in the market has this feature). Now I have installed an app for it.
- made me too possessive for it :)
- Voice command rarely works

My rating is 4/5. A 5/5 would be ONLY if battery and FM would have come good.

Yet to test:
- gaming


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25 Jul 2012
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Excellent Android Phone

I just say Motorola Defy is "Best in Class" Android phone.

Main Key Points. Why it's best in class.

# Top Water Resistant Phone in Android.

# More battery power (1700 mAH) that you really necessary if you prefer Android

# Gorilla Glass Display & Very sharp screen 264 PPI.

# Very Affordable Price with great Specification

# Best choice if you really don't prefer front camera & sleek design

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24 Jul 2012
i love this phone

i have bought this device recently. working great. went out in rain, accidentally phone fell down while driving, but no damage to the phone. even no scratches. this product is not for those who want slim phone.

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24 Jul 2012
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A really good buy compared to others. Main competitor-Sony Xperia U

Others have mentioned quite a lot of good things about this phone and I love my phone but I will mention just the cons here.

1. has 7 home screen that are non-deleatable which means u have to keep even empty screens there all the time.

2. in the notifications drop down menu you dont get the quick options like WIfi, BT, GPS, SOund/Vibrate. Instead you get these nifty motorola widgets for the same that reside on your homescreen. So, to switch wifi on you need to come on yur homescreen. This isnt a big con.

3. Battery %age is shown with a difference of 10% only.

4. Music widget takes 2 touches to work. At times i feel the music widget is not responding. It doesnt hang up but it takes 2 or 3 touches for the 1st time everytime i use it.

5. The headphone jack is covered with rubber whic is hard to hold while fitting the headphone due to its elasticity.

These are very little things. Otherwise its a good phone with a screen which feels fairly large screen. Good buy for 2012.

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12 Jul 2012
Really nice phone

It's a great feature packed tough looking phone. Working perfectly for me over last 2 months. It is better than any Samsung or HTC phones in 10-15K range.
Some negative things came in my way are
1. It will not allow call recording. No android app can help you on this. Due to USA legal rules Motorola has disabled this feature on their phones. I think this is applicable for all US made phones.
2. Camera is not much great.
3. Scratch proof screen is still scratchable. Use screen guard for peace of mind.

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09 Jul 2012
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First thing i did after i had it charged and running.. is dump it in one of my aquariums, while the video player was playing! it really is water resistant.

i don't understand why people with this phone keep it in a case or have a scratch guard on the screen.. this device doesnt need any of that crap.
battery life was a bit of an issue, but once you install juice defender its all ok. after using a samsung for the last 2 years, this one's almost vanilla ui was refreshing. I also use Launcher Pro.. seems a lot more smoother that the motorola homescreen

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27 Jun 2012
Defy vs Defy +!

Both DEFY and DEFY PLUS are Excellent phones...

specs are almost the same, i bought Defy (not from flipkart though as it was sold out :/) how ever to unlock the phones true potential first u gotta Root it and then MOd it ... m using Cyanogen Mod 7.1.0 Stable release with GB 2.3.7 works pretty well ... far better from stock Froyo 2.2.2!

i noticed the difference between Defy And Defy Plus after i bought my Defy.. so m gonna share it wid u so u can make a better choice

*NOTE* if ur not going to mod this fone i suggest u stop reading right now n go look for someother fone cz this fone wont b as much pleasing as other fones in this segment with out modding

so getting bck to da point... m listing out the difference n features of each fones

1) Easily rootable .... more ROMs n Devs for this model (as it arrived way before its successor) its officially Supported By CyanogenTM

2) Works like a charm! battery runs for day n half even after clocked at 1 Ghz

Defy Plus

1) 1700mAh Improved Battery would b helpful for overclocking

2) This is da major advantage fr people obsessed with camera n stuff - Defy Plus has better camera lense (Red Lense) aka BAyers Lense which is far better than SoC (green lense) in Defy.. some Custom roms n Mods allows to take 720p HD video rec! (which btw is not available on the stock GB 2.3.6!)

THis is the major difference / feature both so choose wisely

Only if Defy with Bayers lense was available in India ! tht would b jus perfect ! :)

any way NEw Defy is almost non existent in the market so u would end up buyin Defy PLus ! :P

Myth Busters - both fones has same processor OMAP3 - 3630 [check wiki or Texas instruments website] which can b clocked at 800 MHz - 1.2 GHz (beyond 1.2 GHz u wil b actually overclocking it!)

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