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Deus Ex : Human Revolution (Augmented Edition): Av Media

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08 Sep 2011
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Stays true to the original

The first Deux Ex was and still is one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time. Although the sequel was a let down, Human Revolution is a massive step in the right direction. The open ended style of gameplay is unmatched. Want to blast your way through with guns? You can do that. Want to sneak through the levels? You can do that. Want to mix a bit of both and hack your way in? You can do that also.

If you are a fan of first person shooter/stealth games, you owe it to yourself to experience this one of a kind game. Bloody fantastic!

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18 Jul 2012
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Amazing game, but not as awesome as the original

There isn't much that I can say, except that this game is one of the best games to come out last year and needs to be played by any and every RPG fan. Just don't expect the no. of skills that were there in the original. Also, there aren't multiple ways to complete a level. There's the "all-guns-blazing" approach and there's the "glass-shield cloaking" approach. That's all. But, the story is engaging, the characters are likeable and the gameplay itself is solid, especially the Quick-Save type saving on consoles.

The ending left me a bit unsatisfied, seeing as how it was the "press A, B or C" ending that I hate and that's not even counting how it was very similar to the original's ending. But, seeing as how the game does one thing very well, which is "letting you have fun", I can't ask for a whole lot more.

The only other thing I can add is that the boss fights are awful and if the game's budget hadn't been cut, it would have gone on to become a legend like the original Deus Ex.

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04 May 2012
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Best Story? No Doubt!

Been waiting for about two years to get my hands on it, especially when I knew its gonna bag lotsa awards!
Flipkart's service is good, as expected.
Also, buying the augmented edition is a good deal, bcoz u get tons of extra stuff just for Rs.100 more!
Happy Hunting!

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Abhineet Srivastava
04 Aug 2015
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Handles the formula extremely well

Deus Ex: Human Revolution as advertised is a hybrid. There are various ways to complete objectives. On dividing the game into its three basic play styles it comes down to action (if you want to go in loud and play it like a shooter), stealth (passing without detection) or hacking (using computer terminals to hack into secure areas or using turrents and robots against your enemies). And the game is enjoyable either way. There are lots of stealth games that give you the option to play them like an action game but they are not meant to be played that way so there's no fun in it and you're forced to sneak (like in Splinter Cell). While, some games execute this formula well and the game is fun irrespective of your play style like MGS. That's the same case with Deus Ex.

Speaking of MGS, the story is quite similar to it especially MGS4. The game is set in 2027 when technology has brought forth new wonders such as Augmentations (sorta like nano machines in a way). These Augmentations although have positive effects on a lot of people and are able to use it to their advantage while there are those who oppose the idea of humans turning into half-robots. It has also had negative effects on people. Soon riots break out in the streets in demand for a ban on Augmentations. You play as Adam Jensen, an ex SWAT now working for Sarif Industries a huge Augmentations corporation of David Sarif. Other lead characters are Adam's missing girlfriend - Megan Reed, Bill Taggart and Hugh Darrow. Everyone has their own views and opinions about augmentations. Sarif on one hand thinks humanity should always thrive for better and keep evolving. Bill on the other thinks there should be restrictions on the use of augs. The game handles the political portions very well and ultimately you get to decide who you think is right and wrong.

But the game does have a few flaws. First thing I'd like to point out is the graphics feel quite dated and they can turn many people off. So, if you're okay with average graphics then you'll be fine. The facial animations are not done well. Some of the characters move their face way too much and quite awkwardly and the same animations are repeated by multiple characters. The lip-synching is terrible and Adam doesn't even move his lips during gameplay while talking (you can see it if you take cover in third person view).

Many reviewers have noted that boss fights are a big downside to the game while I agree to a certain extent. They're not really all that bad. But I admit, they are not much enjoyable and if you didn't bother picking up any weapons then you'll be under-equipped and overwhelmed in some of the boss fights and they usually require a linear approach and feel forced.

Overall the game is very well executed. It rewards you for exploration and being more creative in your approach. The level designs are fit for all sorts of play styles and the game world is immersive. The game has an open world feel to it. You'll be dropped in city hubs after completing missions and they look beautiful especially Hegsha which has a Blade Runner feel to it.

Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 9/10
Story: 8/10
Replayability: 10/10
Overall score: 9.4/10

And definitely get the Augmented Edition if you can. And don't forget to redeem your codes before starting a new game.

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11 Sep 2011
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welcome to the world of stealth gaming!!

excellent stealth gaming plus an amazing storyline with great visuals of the surroundings.a definite must buy!!

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    Game: Deus Ex : Human Revolution (Augmented Edition)
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