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12 Sep 2011
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I still remember the time I played through the first Deus Ex. At the time, I had no idea that it was a game that changed the entire course of gaming history, and to this day, it remains my fav.

So when I heard about Human Revolution, I'll admit, I was apprehensive. It's not easy, making a sequel to such an highly acclaimed game, but Square Enix proved everyone wrong..:)

Deus Ex Human Revolution puts you in the role of Adam Jensen, an Ex SWAT turned Private Security for Sarif Industries. According to the timeline, the game is set before the Original Deus Ex, starting in 2027

Right from the start, to the very end, this game will keep you hooked. It'll suck you into it's world of conspiracy, lies, and Jensen's own struggle with his Humanity after he gets augmented. You'll simply fall in love with the way the city hubs have been created, explore every back alley for quick access, and try to finish every side quest, because you wouldn't want Human Revolution to ever end

The gameplay, much like the original Deus Ex, gives you plenty of options. You can go all out badass gun totting shooter style or you could go Stealthy, nice and quiet like the legendary Solid Snake himself, or you could talk your way out of situations with a Silver Tongue

You'll literally think of which step to take next, the game just gives you that many options

The level design is top notch, and the story...that is a whole other level itself

One thing about the story is that, it could really happen to us in the David Sarif's own words "It's Evolution"
The marketing team for the game released a few videos that can be watched on youtube, detailing how far we are into human augmentation.

And this is what makes Deus Ex special. It's so close and down to earth and so real it makes you feel that it is happening for real..

Overall, this game gets a 9.5 out of 10, .5 knocked due to technical problems like long loading times and sometimes save files being keep backing them up..:)

This is a strong GOTY contender this year, and a must have for any gamer...

Thanks for reading..:)

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07 Sep 2011
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Augmented entertainment

No wonder the game is out of stock on flipkart right now. This is the only futuristic RPG of its kind that I have played and I am not disappointed AT ALL.
It neatly combines all the elements of stealth, combat, social and RPG-elements into one concentrated experience of entertainment. The storyline of the game was thrilling and complex. Moreover, the game also poses some of the most commonly debated ethical dilemma's on technology, God, conspiracy theories etc.
I was so sad the game got over.

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16 Nov 2012
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Fluid and immersive gameplay guranteed!

Deus Ex has always been my favorite ARPG/FPS hybrid video game series. So when I saw all the previews and trailers for Human Revolution, I knew this game would come very close to the original (one of the best games ever made) and well... it did it's best.

Although this game is not entirely close to the original, it is still quite immerse and has perks of its own. The game supports up to DirectX11 and can be displayed in stereoscopic 3D with certain system setups. The graphics are extremely sharp, although there are other modern games with slightly better graphics. Gameplay is smooth and overall everything else is nice.

I recommend all purchasers to buy the Explosive Mission Pack and Tactical Enhancement Pack DLCs. Those truly complete the game.

Steam supplied this game to me within one week. Flipkart's own packaging was good (as usual) but the game distributor's package was very cheap: it was a mere cardboard box with a paper DVD envelope. But since this game requires Steamworks, the retail edition has little value other than the serial key.

For those without any experience with Steam, it is Valve's DRM and software distribution service since 2003. Deus Ex: Human Revolution will install steam client automatically and will go through an online authentication process before you can install. Steam client will prefer to download the entire 7.5 gigabyte of game data instead of copying it from the DVD and there are no options to turn it off, according to the current version of Steam as of yet.

However if you are, like me, hate steam for this and want to install normally from the DVD follow this workaround-

Make sure the steam gets installed first.
Click Start and choose Run (type for Windows Vista/7) and then type, if (D:\) is where you installed steam and (F:\) is your DVD optical drive-

"D:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe" -install F:

Run that and steam should launch and start copying from DVD instead. It will still download a small update several megabytes in size so it is recommended to have a broadband connection.

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10 Jan 2013
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For 250 Bucks Niiiiice!! :)

You are a police officer injured in battle, whose life is sustained by turning you into a cyborg. The story is in 2027 where the whole world is having debates about the possibilities such implantation on humans.

About the game,


1) The game is a combination of third person, first person and role-playing game-play.

Normally first-person, third person when you are moving or shooting from cover, and story leaves you with the decisions on what to say and do.

2) The camera angles and presentation of the story during cut-scenes is gripping and movie-like. You feel like you are in a matrix movie or something! ;)

3) graphics is really good and detailed.

4) Good story and sound effects

5) game offers many new abilities like seeing through walls, super strength, hacking, enhanced stealth capabilities, etc upon gaining experience points.

6) Its only Rs256 man!! Go Buy IT! ;)


1) This is a Steam game. You need Online Steam Account. Please don't end-up downloading the game from the internet. The whole game is available on the disk.

2) Very fast internet connection IS A MUST.

I myself ended up improperly restarting Steam because the "Preparing to install game" dial box was taking forever because of slow internet connection(which did not occur to me then :( ). This resulted in Steam not starting ever again because wcginfo file being damaged. I had to re-install steam and ended up losing all my other games from my computer.




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09 Sep 2011
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Coolest game of the year till now :-)

I received this last week from flipkart. The game is awesome. Got lot of variations to play and very much enjoyable.

By the way, thanks to Flipkart for getting this to India soon after its release, and I like their service and quick delivery. :)

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24 Apr 2013
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Great Game

Ok I am reviewing both this game and Flipkarts service which made this great game available to me.

I first played this game at my borthers place where I was staying for only a week earlier this year and had loved it. Unfortunately for me tho I had played only about half of it, so when I saw it on FP for this low, I instantly ordered it. To state it simply, its a great game, has decent graphics, amazing stealth/non stealth gameplay, amazing storyline and most people who have played it will agree. If you for any reason haven't played it yet, DO IT NOW you'd be you doing yourself a favor trust me!

Now about Flipkart sadly they really screwed up bad this one time!!!

I was trying to place an order for this game and another product together and used a maestro debit card for it and it all went fine and the order was placed. Next thing I know two days later I get an sms that your product is out for delivery please keep cash ready. I was like what the..!!! so I calls them up and they started to gave me the usual customer service bs and only after around 15 mins of talking to the idiots was I able to discern that the payment from my card was declined! I sighed and thought to myself ok why would that happen because I put in the details correct and all BUT ANYWAYS,,, I asked the lady on the phone the most obvious question, if my payment was declined then why in sweet heaven am I being sent them?

He said [another had replaced her because she had hung up on me and I dialled again] that's because its cash on delivery so I said but its not cash on delivery because I chose debit card option but she/he both had said and again said it was declined!! and so went around in circles during which it became apparent that both she and him had never done any ecommerce themselves. I sighed and did the only thing I could do.. advised the idiots to if they could just pass on the story to the web team who should ensure that if for some reason the payment via card is declined then dont still send it out as COD.

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29 Jun 2013
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A excellent futuristic Sci-Fi RPG.

You will like this game as it is very different from normal shooters in the market. I will simply put my pros and cons for this game:

Pros :
1. Sci Fi setting.
2. Great atmosphere.
3. Freedom to explore and experiment.
4. Excellent gameplay.
5. Over 25 hours of content (It took me 30 hrs to complete)
6.Hacking (the hacking mini game is very addictive if you learn it)

Cons :
1. Boss fights. If you are a stealth player boss fights will come to you as jarring intermissions. If you don't have right augments, you are stuck.
2.Graphics - looks dated. Character models look like they are from PS2 era.
3.Game crashes some times.
4.Poor enemy AI.

Overall, a good game, if you ignore the flaws.

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15 Apr 2013
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Sluggish Start.. Grand Finale!

After Completing first 4 hours of the Game i felt bit boring as I am a FPS player... But after clearing six or seven stages this is is ultimately the best RPG+FPS Game

1. Nice Storyline
2. Great Graphics
3. Unbelievable stunts for Melee attack
4. Last but not the least, official gameplay time is around 32 hrs, which is a Big deal!
it took abt 42 hrs for me to complete the game, so it kept me busy for the whole month :)

1. LOTS of Unnecessary conversations

The bad part abt the game is STEAM.. It sucked 800MB of my Internet, just to update the steam and the Game. So buy if u have an UNLIMITED Broadband Internet

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19 Dec 2012
buy it..!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so this game is just "awesome".
But you have to first download a 160MB "Steam" software files, in order to install the game, so you basically need an internet connection to activate this.
Getting back to the game, this is a very unique game, if you are an FPS veteran. Its more like Metal Gear Solid. Anyway, i love stealth games.
Buy it...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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11 Dec 2012
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Good gameplay, amazing concepts. A must for sci-fi fans

The game starts of a bit slow, but is very intriguing, and gives a lot of options to play by. The storyline develops with your choices, wherein you may choose to go for a mission on a completely non-lethal only basis, interaction with various in-game characters. The actions and gameplay are good, but it would have been really nice to have a single mouse-sensitivity option instead of mouse X and Y sensitivity apart. Maybe slightly confusing to new gamers. Steam itself may take quite a lot of time to update in the first installation. The game provides you an option to modify settings before launching the game, which may be useful in case the game crashes while loading.

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