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Ekk Deewana Tha

(Music, Audio CD)
Rs. 160
Inclusive of taxes
Seller: WS Retail
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Ekk Deewana Tha (Music, Audio CD) Price: Rs.160

  • An AR Rahman musical - 12 songs by AR Rahman.
  • 2 new songs composed and sung by AR Rahman himself.

  • A remake of the Tamil hit Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya.

  • A classic yet releatable love story.

  • Directed by National Award winning director Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Specifications of Ekk Deewana Tha (Music, Audio CD)

Artist A R Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal, Rashid Ali, Naresh Iyer, Jaspreet Jasz, Arya, Leon D'souza, Suzanne D'mello, Maria Roshni, Clinton Cerejo, Kalyani Menon.
Music Director
Lyrics Javed Akhtar, Jaspreet Jasz, Kaithapram Damodaran Nambuthri, Blaaze, Kalyani Menon
Title Ekk Deewana Tha
Category Music
Format Audio CD
Language Hindi
Year 2011
Label Sony DADC Manufacturing India
Track Listing 1. Kya Hai Mohabbat - A. R. Rahman
2. Dost Hai (Girl I Loved You) - Naresh Iyer, Jaspreet Jasz, Arya Rap
3. Aromale (My Beloved) - Alphonse
4. Hosanna - Leon D'souza, Suzanne D'mello
5. Phoolon Jaisi - Clinton Cerejo, Kalyani Menon
6. Sharminda Hoon - A. R. Rahman, Madhushree, Chant Choir
7. Sunlo Zara - Rashid Ali, Shreya Ghoshal, Timmy
8. Zohra-Jabeen - Javed Ali
9. Broken Promises - Shreya Ghoshal
10. Moments In Kerala
11. Jessie's Land - Megha
12. Jessie's Driving Me Crazy - Sanjeev Thomas, Timmy
Number Of Discs 1
Genre Bollywood OST
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Reviews of Music: Ekk Deewana Tha

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11 January 12
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Donot Compare with Rockstar !!!

As it goes Rahman's music only hits you after you see the movie and hear the songs over a period....
A compilation of 12 tracks with 9 from the original album
01 Kya Hai Mohabbat: Jazz based song rendered by the maestro himself.. Begins beautifully with a rahmanistic instrumental setup very well added chorous intrelude. The Flute has been used very beautifully in the second intrelude.Will not touch you at the first go but grow on you.
02 Dost Hai (Girl I Loved You):Pop Rock with a inclusion of RAP nicely done up.Great Violin pieces included.
03 Aromale (My Beloved): I would say this track is the heart of the album. Alphonse Joseph a mallu composer has sung this song. Blues with a touch of psychedelic Rock. Straight from the heart. The Tamil Version is also the equally good. Guitar Strumming is very good. By the way the chorus is compased in Hindustani raga Bageshri.
04 Hosanna: Dil Hote Jo Mere Seene Mein Do... Doosra Dil Bhi Mein Tumhe Deta Todneko.... Great Romantic number... Suzanne has done a great job soulful rendition.
05 Phoolon Jaisi: Not great but has the Rahman touch to it.. this would probably grow and go up the charts. Not unique a but the there is a classical touch to this song which is very nicely bended.
06 Sharminda Hoon: Typical Madhushree .. Reminds me of a number of Kamal Hasan's Hindustani... But a very nice number.Melodius.
07 Sunlo Zara: A peppy duet ... sung very well . Again the genius scores on the chrous... must say very well arranged song.
08 Zohra-Jabeen: The first thing that came to my mind when I heard this song was Ae Mere Zohra-Jabeen... but a again blues nicely rendered by Javed Ali.. This didnt impress me much.
09 Broken Promises:Shreya Ghoshal... do I need to say anything .. awesome .. the female version of Aromale.. awesome.. This track was released as part of the collector's edition of the soundtrack for the Tamil Release.. I am happy that this came as a part of the Hindi soundtrack. You can feel the pakad of Bageshri in this. My personal favourite.
10 Moments In Kerala: A violin piece by Prabhakar with nicely played Piano ...for avid music listners.
11 Jessies Land: Megha has just hummed through this piece but melodius this wil definitly have a great impact on the audience sitting in the cinema hall.NICE.
12 Jessies Driving Me Crazy: Rock based ...Typical Druming done. I would give it a 50%.

A nice album having heard the Tamil one before I liked it but my advice donot give a thumbs downs at the first go would need to develope a taste for Rahman

I had preordered this album and enjoying it.

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06 January 12
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certified buyer
Rahman Feast

This is really going to be a feast to Rahman's fans who haven't heard the south versions of this albums.Those who have already heard, comparisons are inevitable and in some places you might find that the lyrics is written for the tune and not vice versa. The two new tracks sound promising, but its too early to review them, as rahman's music grows on you over multiple hearings.

The best feature of this album is the inclusion of the background music and song found in the Tamil and Telugu movies but not included in their respective soundtrack albums.I couldn't find a nice quality of those background songs before this album..

BTW I think Hosanna Rap was better in the Tamil and Telugu versions.Aaromale is slightly improved, and album art is OK.

On the whole, Aaromale is being heard by a wider audience and is sure to be applauded by music enthusiasts all over.All because of this album..

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01 February 12
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certified buyer
Superb tracks - each song a gem!!!

What to say about this album!!

Just the fact that this is a remake of the classic Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya is enough to have sky-high expectations, if the name of our ARR was not enough!!

Well, i chose to keep my expectations low. Infact ever since the announcement, I was worried & anxious whether the lyrics would do justice to the classic.

Well, I'm happy now, if not elated. But not much complaints cz the lyricist, Javed saab too must have been bound by some constraints.

We can feel that in the song 'Kya Hai Mohabbat', a fresh track where Javed saab gets to play with his words more freely, maybe with no constraints at all.

What a lovely song it is. Lyrics so beautiful, simple & so very true. Anyone who has been in love atleast once in life will love it.

But this song is such, you fall in love instantly with it & with ARR singing it, it just makes you fall in love with it all the more. The chorus too sounds beautiful.

A superb beginning to the album..

The superbness (if such a word exists) continues…..

'Dost Hai Hum Toh..' the first line makes you stand up and notice & wonder, how could Kannukkul Kannai be transformed to something like this!!

Dost Hai is sure a hit. The rap sounds just superb. The sound of the unlocking of the gun, as in MIA's song `Paper Planes' from Slumdog Millionare sounds cool. It sounds Kannukkul & Gangsta Blues mixed. A killer of a song. Just two lines in Hindi -

Dost Hai Hum Toh, Yeh Bahana Kyu,

Pyar Hai Humko, Yeh chupana kyu..

Naresh Iyer has sung it superbly sounding quite like ARR, with awesome support by Jaspreet Jaz and Arya.

But this album has brought forward some new talent. Interesting!!

Aaromale starts off, and for the first time you might feel-Oops, has this gone wrong somewhere with the lyrics. Well, I did feel the same when I heard the Tamil version too, for the same time.

But the fact is that, Aaromale is so very fixed in our heads it takes some time for something else to take it's place.

To be fair to it i gave it a few more hearings allowing it to settle down and soon i realised I was humming along the Hindi lyrics :-)

For all those who have heard and loved the original, give it sometime to sink in & for all those listening it for the first time..enjoy!

Alphonse Joseph has a done a pretty good job, yet again. This song could possibly open up some doors for him in Bollywood. Magic..pure magic!!


Praise be to love, praise be to ARR..

my ever favourite track.

And this new version by Leon D'Souza is as lovely.

Though you might feel, Vijay Prakash & the rap by Blaaze could have been a better choice but no complaints at all. The magic, the love and the feelings in the song are intact. Lyrics too are simple, pleasant and nice.

Omane Penne, the cute girl becomes the Phoolon Jaisi Ladki..Clinton Cerejo has done a decent job here.

Don't know whether ARR has consciously used new singers in most songs, to give the songs a new sound.

Again in 'Sharminda Hu', ARR uses the sound of Madhushree instead of Shreya.

Thankfully, he sang this version too..

Rashid Ali is back after Cry Cry, smiling smiling in this song J Sunlo Zara…

Sounding a bit like Adnan Sami, but a cool song.

A peppy number. A new pair of singers too used here, with Rashid and Shreya.

The nadaswaram music in the middle has been changed to the sound of Shehnai and sounds pretty cool.

Zohra Jabeen is Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya.

Karthik's missing and Javed Ali does the honours here.

This song had been a slow poison earlier and will take it's own sweet time for people to stand up and take notice to this soothing number.

It was after watching the movie that I fell in love with this track, till then it was a bit ignored. But it indeed is slow poison.

Shreya singing Aaromale in `Broken Promises' is nothing less than magical.

And so soothing and relaxing the sound is.

Put it on, plug on your ear phones, close your eyes and be taken to a different world altogether.

Such a magical and silken voice Shreya has. She is certainly this generation's Lata Mangeshkar.

The instrumental Moments in Kerala came as a lovely surprise.

Loved this track being played in the background through the movie.

And here a great gift comes as a full instrumental.

As if this was not enough, Jessie's Land comes up, instead of it coming as a bonus CD as in Tamil.

Megha humming as the titles scroll by in the backwaters of Kerala J heavenly..

(this instrumental bit is my morning alarm. It feels so fresh to wake up to it)

Jessie's been driving me crazy, another surprise. I was not expecting a full song here, and here we get a full 3 minute song!! Wow…

This may not be as huge as ROCKSTAR, but it's certainly going to be a winner.

Get the CDs, enjoy the music and fall in love all over again with this classic.

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08 January 12
Rahman's BIG comeback...

Considering the fact that meanings of words sometimes get lost in translation, I think the jarring note of the lyrics should not take away anything from the fact that this is one of Rahman's best.
VINNAITHAANDI VARUVAAYAA (Tamil) & YE MAYA CHESAVE (Telugu) were brilliant in their respective languages, and if one compares this album with the Tamil version, one would start liking the Tamil version better, for various little things e.g. Blaaze's rendition of the rap in the Tamil HOSANNA, Shreya Ghoshal's rendition of MANNIPAAYA, which features in this soundtrack as SHARMINDA HOON etc.
Also, Javed Akhtar's lines are beautiful, but sometimes you feel as if he goes overboard in translation. However, he has done a great job otherwise, especially in AAROMALE, HOSANNA & ZOHRA-JABEEN...
This version of the soundtrack also includes background pieces which were there in the Tamil & Telugu movies but were not there in their respective soundtracks. They're hauntingly brilliant.

Please give ARR a chance and give this a listen. After ROCKSTAR, this is a fine return to form for the maestro.

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07 January 12
Good...but not gr8

i am a huge fan of telugu/tamil versions VTV/YMC...The muvi & music was on top of the world...

but coming to EDT, its Good...but not gr8...
especially..i found the lyrics were not at all good,they seem forcibly adjusted for the tunes...

huge disappointment with my all time fav track...Vintunnava/ mad behind this song...
hindi version "Sharminda Hoon" doesn't gelup at all

"Jessie driving me crazy" also not having that impact

The temple theme in "sunlo zara" has been changed & its also not upto the mark

Finally... Telugu/Tamil versions are much much better(infact they r best of ARR) than Hindi version except few BGMs...!!! included....

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    Music: Ekk Deewana Tha
Artist: A R Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal, Rashid Ali, Naresh Iyer, Jaspreet Jasz, Arya, Leon D'souza, Suzanne D'mello, Maria Roshni, Clinton Cerejo, Kalyani Menon.


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