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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

(Games, PC)
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Rs. 1,499

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WS Retail 4.3 / 5
84% positive feedback (3,987,402) ratings)
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Games, PC) Price: Rs. 1,499

With the rise of evil must come the rise of good too, because only good can defeat the evil for the world to prosper in peace, again. Welcome to the province of Skyrim, a land that lies in turmoil. You must rise as the hero that Skyrim needs and defeat the evil lord in the latest game in the Elder Scroll series- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The 5th instalment in the The Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim is for hard-core gamers who love to spend hours exploring nature, hidden treasures and mysteries in a fantasy world. The action role-playing game has an open world environment that lets you explore the game in the way you want. Breaking from the confines of a level-based gameplay, Skyrim offers many noteworthy improvements from its predecessors. Available for the PC platform, Skyrim has a Mature rating from ESRB.

Synopsis and Features

The story of Skyrim is set 200 years after the events of Oblivion. The High King of Skyrim has been killed and the empire of Tamriel is in tatters. Everyone who is in power wants to become the next king of Tamriel, but in the midst of all this lies a deep dark secret that threatens to destroy the peace of Skyrim. Everyone is waiting for the prophesized return of the Dragonborn; one who has the power of The Voice, and the only one who can defeat the dragons.

Developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Skyrim adds in an array of different gameplay elements that make it unique. The minimum requirements for the game to run smoothly on your computer are Windows XP or Windows 7, 2 GHz dual-core Intel or AMD quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 15 GB disk space, any 512 MB RAM equipped graphics card.

The game starts with you exploring the land of Skyrim that is home to the Nord race. You can pick your character from 10 different races on offer. You can travel on foot or use horses to travel places. Quests are assigned by different characters in the game which upon completion earn you points and respect.

The elements in Skyrim are unique as your each interaction and how you solve a quest can give rise to new characters and objectives. You can even join factions, who have their own quests to accomplish, leading to long hours of gameplay.

The quests in the game can be anything from a simple forging event to even slaying of hostile animals that include dragons. Killing a dragon is huge and difficult task, but if done is very rewarding for your skill and experience points. A dragon kill can also earn you a powerful spell. These spells activate a new system in the game called the Shout system that equips you with magical abilities. These could be anything from casting a spell for slowing of time, throwing your voice, changing the weather to calling in allies and more.

18 skills are available on which you can improve your character’s strengths. This includes combat, magic and stealth. You can use different spells in the game like magicka: for destruction, conjuration: for summoning giants and alteration: for lighting up roads and so on. The game allows wielding of dual spells. This is helpful as you can wield 2 spells in one hand and destroy everything that obstructs your quest to discovery. You can even dual-wield one handed weapons.

The game allows you to pick locks, make potions and if you like sneaking around stealthily in the dark, you can even indulge in vampirism. Exploring is a joy in Skyrim as you get to explore a plethora of dungeons and new arenas. The graphics are spectacular and visually appealing in every segment of the game.

Skyrim has a great soundtrack that draws you in each time you play the game. Each track is different as seamlessly syncs with the gameplay elements to provide you with a memorable gaming experience. The game has several patches which can be downloaded through the internet from the company’s website.

Specifications of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Games, PC)

Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Category Games
Genre Role-Playing
Series The Elder Scrolls
Note Most of the PC games require internet connection to activate and download online updates.
Mode Single-Player
Platform PC
Title The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Reviews of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Games, PC)

Recent top reviews

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kabir hanspal

Oct 24, 2014

Amazing Game. MUST BUY.

This game is amazing. Any gamer must buy this. Huge improvement from its predecessor (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion). This game is on of the best games of all time. It has won a lot of awards and is a must buy for all gamers. You won't be disappointed. BUY THIS PRODUCT!! IT WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD....… (View complete review)


Oct 24, 2014

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certified buyer


This is a massive game. Brilliant in construction. Plethora of quests. After a while you really start to feel part of the Skyrim world. The soundtrack is really amazing, one notch above Oblivion. I've just begun the quest of the dragonborn.

If I had one tiny crib, it would be the lack of a…
(View complete review)

Ritav Sharma

Oct 14, 2014


This game is awesome, I recommend this game for all the gamers out there, regardless of your gaming preferences. You WILL love this game.

Ashish Behera

Sep 17, 2014

One of the best open World Games

I have it on PC and PS3 and mark me - the PC version at lower cost is far more beautiful compared to PS3 version.

Reason: Skyrim runs on medium to high setting on PS3 and on PC if you have a i5 or above you can crank the setting up to Ultra and voila the graphics go over the roof.

(View complete review)

Sahaj Singh

Sep 11, 2014

Skyrim Review for PC

-Excellent gameplay
-Good graphics
-Full of lots and lots of content

-Minor AI bugs
-Physics could've been better

I would rate it 5/5 mainly due to the ingame content. You can play this even for 100 hurs without getting bored

(View complete review)

Top reviews

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Jerin "Dovakin" Joy

Nov 25, 2011

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certified buyer

The Oblivion of availability.

The Elder Scrolls V : Skryim, probably one of the most anticipated titles this year and a fierce competitor for game of the year.

But, this game has been "out of stock" since the day of its official release (11/11/11) at least in India - No not because people have been flocking in front of the stores and sweeping copies off the shelves but due to the fact that the dealers for this game have messed up big time. Apparently each store has been given around 2-3 copies of this game and asked them to be Jesus and multiply it for the millions of RPG fans in this country.

I hope th…


Dec 21, 2011

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certified buyer

if u are student or mastered character modeller , game designing or animator buy this game without waiting because its worth the cost

i am a animator and the creation kit for this will be released online in january free of cost . what does the creation kit do? it helps you to script and change the default animations to the animations u script , u can create your own default body using maya 3ds max etc for the game and insert it into your game , there are many more things u can do using it , its really good practice for the people who are mentioned above in my title and secondly for just gamers who just like to enjoy their game i say wait for a year or 2 and get it after cost is reduced....

i would also like to add i…


Sep 5, 2011

Game of the Year


The day that Skyrim is unleashed on the gaming world!

TES5: Skyrim is bound to be a hot contender for Game of the Year 2011. TES3:Morrowind and TES4:Oblivion have for years been the best single-player RPG games ever made (especially on PC, due to the thousands of great mods/addons to enhance the game).

But I am wondering why Flipkart has listed the pricing of the PS3 and XBOX versions of Skyrim, but not yet the PC one? Is it because the PC game will not be available this month?

I request Flipkart to keep the PC game ready in stock (after its launch)…

Saurabh Parashar

Jun 6, 2012

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certified buyer

The Dragonborn Returns!

If you are an RPG fan, I am assuming you have played the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and how it made you feel when you loaded it up the first time. Right from customizing the character, everything from how wide the nostrils were, to what kind of hairdo your virtual champion was going to sport, this RPG redefined the genre. The gameplay was vast, vivid, engaging and intense! And over the years, you grew to love the game more and more till you couldn't wait for TES: V to be released!

Fast forward to November 11, 2011, Skyrim is unleashed upon the world! If you are a true aficionado of t…

F K Lakra

Dec 16, 2011

Wait It Out! (PC Version only)

Definitely one of the best RPG experiences ever... Open World RPG's just don't get any better. But I'm gonna wait it out for a few months... Why? I'll give you three reasons:
-I have never bought a game for more that 1699 rupees and i dont think i will ever have to. Flipkart cant keep the price at 2000 forever.

-I want a great, minimum bugs experience so that i can experience that game to the fullest. the developers have stated that they will eventually try to fix mos…

Siddardha Bezawada

Mar 19, 2012

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certified buyer

Best fantasy RPG ever

This game is so good and detailed that i have put around 80 hours playing this and yet i completed only about 20% of the game.You can stray from the main missions and go on a free roam to discover new treasures and missions.

jatin lalwani

Apr 28, 2013

this game is best rpg.....

this game is so much awesome that i cant describe it in words.... you can do anything in game... from hunting, fighting, discovering, stealing, buying, and much more..... this game surely deserves 5/5.... i bought it in 2012 but also buying another copy for my cousin..... this game will totally detach you from real world.... there is so much to do... so much to discover..... so many skills to upgrade.... this is 100 times better than gta...... and also now price is reduced ... earlier it was 2999...but now it is 1499... it is worth the price..... please dont play this game by downloading from …

kanak menon

Jul 3, 2012

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer


Ive been playing the Elder scrolls series right from Daggerfall and while I loved Morrowind and Oblivion, this is by far the best Elder Scrolls ever...Ive been playing for over 150 hours and theres still stuff left to do, thats how vast this game is. great graphics, excellent voice acting, great main quest and loads of sub quests, and replayability too. this game creates a world you can lose yourself into. it might be a little on the expensive side but trust me its more value than any other 3 games combined. as long as you have a decent rig and dont mind irritating your wife or girlfriend for …

Rahul M

Jun 26, 2012

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certified buyer

Best RPG ever!!!!

Morrowind, Cyrodiil, ..And now Skyrim.. Elder scroll games rock.. vast areas to roam, quests to be done, wage war, save world, destroy it, do whatever you want.. This game is ultimate. Buy this game for a solid 50+ hour unbelievable and immersing game play. A must play experience.

rohan prasad

Jun 22, 2012

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certified buyer

Dragons.. Giants... Magic... Warriors.... Ancient creatures like Mammoth etc etc

Skyrim.. The game has built a different world of its own.. there are Dragons.. Giants... Werewolves.. Vampires.. Wizards... Warriors.... Ancient creatures like Mammoth etc etc.. The game play is most impressive, its your choice whether you want to play it as a first person shooter or a third person shooter.

It is like many different games packaged in one, so the price (which is quite higher as compared to rest) is very much justified. To be more clear.. the game has different story lines with different feel factor of its own (in the same world). Moreover you can choose to play any of…


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