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FIFA 12: Av Media

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04 Jul 2011

I guess i have to spend lot of money on some amazing PS3 titles releasing this year . F1 2011 , Uncharted 3 and now FIFA 12 . Old feeling of new game anticipation is back again ! Cheers !!!

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11 Oct 2011
worth the wait

Fifa 12 is worth the wait. it significantly tweaked from fifa 11. First the con, you spend half a day to install the game and if you don't have a fast enough connection then don't buy this game.
The tactical defending is the most interesting change in the game, giving more time to attackers to setup plays and making good tackles as crucial as shots on goal. The excitement of a last person tackle in the dying minutes of the game almost equal that of scoring a goal. In the career mode you have to strategise defensively more often then before. I also like how players can dribble about more and have more space to make passes around the penaltly box. The manager mode has a new look, with the last day of the transfer period resembling a stock exchange, player negotiations are ridiculously easy and you can pretty much get the player you want if you have the money for it. So if you are playing as man city or real madrid you can make a world XI. Player form and morale count much more and if you don't give your fringe player chances they complain and don't develop well. Lastly fifa 12 has a very unique feature of management takeovers, so QPR got bought over in my season and they bought suarez, Balotelli and Matta (Woah). Manager can seem unrealistic at times but is much more interactive then before.
I'd say in this aspect its a definate improvement from previous editions.

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06 Jul 2011
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EA hit Game market with a bing bang again

Fifa 12 with all new features and amazing graphics, game play and new player Impact engine will make you addict to the console.

I've played all the versions of EA Fifa so far and they have came up with new features every time. is the best source for games with the best price and best customer service one can find in the market. (The special offer pen drive 4GB with pre-order really will make you flip to flipkart. :-) )

I've pre-order without any second thought for reviews.

Eagerly awaiting for the delivery.

:D Cheers

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04 Oct 2011
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Fifa 12 Evolution not Revolution!

First things first!Thanks to Flipkart for Delivering my Copy for the PS3 in Pristine conditon with all promised goodies!Check your mail for the Ultimate Gold Pack!Its already been dispatched!The game itself looks mostly the same as Fifa 11 in terms of graphics probably more sleeker!The game brings a new system called 'Tactical Defending' which gives us more control over tackles we do with defenders!The system is a great inclusion but please do practice defending since you are most likely to get Frustrated the first couple of matches!If you still feel its not for you you can always turn off Tactical Defending in the settings though its compulsory for Online Play!Online Play needs a pass (code) to play for the consoles which is included in the package!Dribbling seemed more precise than Fifa 11 partly due to 'Tactical Defending' system!Overall its a complete package with the Majority of licences of all major leagues but Still no UEFA since PES has the rights for it!Its a Evolution not a Revolution!Buy it if you are Football maniac,buy it if you are new to Fifa and want to try it out!Don't buy it if you have Fifa 11 and not a big Football Fan!Such people will be a little disappointed!

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30 Sep 2011
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Origin Installer.

Just got my copy of FIFA 12. Kudos to flipkart for the super pre-order deal.
However once I inserted the disc the new EA/ Origins installer came up to ruin the party. First up once you complete a meticulous registration process, it goes on to first update the origins installer which takes a good 15-20 min and then downloads the WHOLE GAME 6.4 GB even thought the whole thing is on the disk. There is NO option that I could find which let me install the game from disk. Once you are done with that, it then requires 3.2 GB update before you can finally start playing.
As for the ultimate gold pack, fifa12 is still not available officially till later today: so shall update as and when available.

In Short a great deal from flipkart but be prepared for EA's tedious install process...

Cheers and happy gaming

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03 Jul 2011
first to review

it will be an amazing game...i know...i m preordering it...i advice u should also preorder it

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04 Jul 2011
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Pre-ordered it... its gonna be awesome!

:D pre-ordered it for my ps3... just cant wait for it !

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12 Oct 2011
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Brilliant job!!

Even though i shop online regularly, Flipkarts delivery time amazed me. I got my FIFA 12 disk within 36 hrs of placing my order. Great job guys!!!

Game quality is much better compared to the previous edition of the game and the AI actually makes one feel like playing over and over again unlike the older versions where certain tricks & goal scoring methods always worked.

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30 Sep 2011
The best deal u can get ;)

-> I ordered my copy of FIFA-12 on 23rd Sept and got the delivery on 28th afternoon. The release date was 27th but I don't mind an extra day waiting. :)
-> I got only the DVD of FIFA-12 and got the 4GB pendrive 2 days after the game was delivered. So no complaints, but I only got to know about the delay in the freebie after calling up the customer support. So, that could have been avoided. Nevertheless, excellent service by flipkart.
-> As for the game, one needs to have an origin account to play the game. For those who bought FIFA-11 would already have an account. As for the new fanboys :P, it takes just a few mins to setup an account.
--But let me warn you guys, there is a 3.2GB patch to be downloaded for this game after the install. So that can take ages for a slow connection. (took me close to 3 hours@2Mbps/256KBps)
--Offline Gameplay is nice, more closer to reality than it was in FIFA-11. Bit tricky at first for those accustomed to FIFA-11.
--Online Gameplay is addictive. Trust me with this. It is really addictive. (better get that good speed broadband ;))
-- As for the gold packs, the first one will be automatically redeemed on 1st Oct, 2011. :)(had a live chat with ea support)
Hope that helps u guys. :)

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21 Jul 2011
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Flipkart Rocks

I sold my Fifa 11 on ebay to buy Fifa 12 from Flipkart :D (it's a big sacrifice)

Eagerly waiting for the release.

Bring it on Flipkartttttttttt :D

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