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Fountainhead; The

Author: Ayn Rand
Language: English
Length: 704 Pages
Publisher: Signet
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Fountainhead; The By Ayn Rand
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Fountainhead; The (Paperback) Price: Rs.226

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is a gripping narrative that upholds the downfall of collectivism at the altar of the fiery human spirit and individualism.

Summary Of The Book

The Fountainhead revolves around the dynamic protagonist Howard Roark, who defies collectivism with his own brand of philosophy and architecture. He takes a firm stand against worshipping tradition and embraces his own modern art forms. Roark gets expelled from architecture school owing to his non-adherence to conventional guidelines. Roark starkly defies history in favor of a more utilitarian outlook. He highlights materials, location and purpose as the three pillars of architecture.

Roark ultimately works for disgraced architectural legend Henry Cameron in New York. At the same time, The Fountainhead also tells the story of Peter Keating, a perfect foil to Roark. Keating holds a job at the renowned Francon & Heyer firm, where he eventually lands a partnership on account of his flattery. Roark starts his own office, but finally lands up at a granite quarry owned by Guy Francon. The novel is also the story of Dominique Francon with whom Roark has a physical and emotional battle throughout the novel.

The Fountainhead is an intriguing look at hypocrisy through Roark’s anonymous designs that spur Keating’s success. Eventually Gail Wynand becomes Roark’s friend and patron. Roark even goes to trial for dynamiting a building, the designs of which were changed.
The manuscript of The Fountainhead was shunned by twelve publishing houses and when finally published, went on to sell in excess of six and a half million copies globally. It was also the subject of a 1949 film, the screenplay of which was written by Rand.

About Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was an American screenwriter, playwright, philosopher, political activist and best selling novelist. She received worldwide acclaim for Objectivism, her own philosophical system and her firebrand ideologies. Ayn Rand also wrote Anthem, We the Living, For The New Intellectual and Atlas Shrugged.

Born into a Russian business family, Rand majored in history at the Petrograd State University. She also spent a year at State Technicum for Screen Arts. She got her first screenwriting assignment for the American film The King of Kings. She also tasted success with her successful Broadway play Night of January 16th. She lectured extensively at Harvard, MIT, Yale, Columbia, Princeton and other universities and also at the Ford Hall Forum. The Nathaniel Branden Institute was set up in 1958 to promote her unique brand of philosophy.

She married Frank O’Connor in 1929. Rand believed that knowledge could only be attained with reason and not religion. Egoism was necessary both ethically and rationally and altruism was entirely unnecessary according to her. Rand condemned collectivism, anarchism, statism and traditional philosophical traditions. She backed laissez-faire capitalism for protection of individual human rights.

Specifications of Fountainhead; The (Paperback)

Authored By Ayn Rand
Book Details
Publisher Signet
Imprint SIGNET
Publication Year 1996
ISBN-13 9780451191151
ISBN-10 0451191153
Language English
Edition 1stEdition
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 704 Pages
Width 4.23 inch
Height 1.48 inch
Weight 349 g
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Book Reviews of Fountainhead; The

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 86)

26 August 11

A wonderful book. It is great to know that such a person like Howard Roark existed at least in the imagination. A spectacular portrayal of the the characters and their stories. You'll may not see a building the same way again after finishing this book. This is a story of a Hero. A keeper for sure. My personal 'the best book ever'. A brilliant piece. I go back to reading this book again and again and derive great joy in doing so every time.

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91% of 47 users found this review helpful.
26 September 11
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certified buyer
Miss it and you'll miss something damn GOOD!!!

After reading fantasy for a year, I was looking for something more real...(Yup there you go I said it!) First thought of picking up a biography or a comedy, then some of my Internet friends suggested this book, "The Fountainhead". I started it expecting nothing but an easy, simple read....but Boy! It just blew me away!! The characterization in no other book I read til date has matched the depth or complexity(how different people can be!) displayed by Ayn Rand. It will show Life in different perspectives and well beyond one's beliefs at times. Howard Roark and Dominique Francon are two characters that will always stand in my thoughts and each time I have a tricky situation in life I wonder how they would react to it (try it if you've already read the book, else once you read it!). Don't fret over 'Huge No. of pages', it's one book you'd wish had some more to read so you could stick with it for long. I wouldn't just recommend, but INSIST you read the book. It's been 68 years since the 1st print came out and here I am going Gaga over it!!!

Happy Reading!!!

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94% of 33 users found this review helpful.
28 August 11

Not very often do you come across a book, so enigmatic that it makes the other work of art fade into the hindsight. I am yet to read something as immaculate as The Fountainhead. I am yet to see a character as heartbreakingly honest as Howard Roark. I salute the lady who thought light years ahead of her time. A book that changed the world for the better. A world wherein people of fibre still exist!!

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76% of 25 users found this review helpful.
13 December 11
Be careful after you read this book.

This book is based on the concept of Romanticism. It exalts the single person as the source of creativity and genius.

After reading this book you may find yourself being afraid socially - sometimes impervious to superior ideas just for the sake of originality. Know the difference between reality and the concepts mentioned in this book. Reality is not so black and white as mentioned in this book. However once you realize there are people like the protagonist of this book you will be amazed, awestruck or utterly dejected.

This is a great book written in a great style. It'll keep you occupied for days on end.

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70% of 27 users found this review helpful.
24 December 12
Read second time recently... simply brilliant.

First time I read this gem was almost a decade back. two weeks back, it was second turn. This is not very easy for weak hearted people. I remember one of my co-worker in Florida where he read the book and later after a year was scolding that because this book had so much influence on him, he retracted his personal relation and only focused on work resulting in poor appraisal and poor recognition in project.

well I can just laugh at that kinds of foolish conclusion. It ask you to believe in your work. How will you believe in your work - when you are brilliant at it and follow thru your heart. If you are looking for performance appraisal and bonuses, this is not your cup of tea. This is for w=those, who can take on the world.

Not an easy piece. Taking on to the world, can also be refined. In-fact Roark does not have any issue with the world. He just love his work and execute on his own term.

It reminds me of one another novel recently finished.

"I do not have issue with world. I just follow my way and they come in-between. I do not chase problem, but if problem come, I can not turn away." This is quotation from a recent novel "A Maverick heart between love and life".

Rahul in A maverick heart between love and life is Howard Roark of The Fountain Head. Obviously language is very different. anyway review on that sometime later.

Belief in your work does not come so easily. You need to be superb at it, then only natural belief comes. Looking from another angle, even if you are not perfect, just follow your work diligently what you love, you will enjoy it. You have to give comparison that my another friends earn this much. he own million dollar house or he goes three times in year to europe for vacation. comparison kills life.
you need to know your world, where you belong and be there. do not try to emulate somebody else work for sake of glamour and money.

In one way, Ayn Rand is hard core capitalist but from different angle - she is maverick who just follows her heart. Roark is not doing nything for money. he just does what he loves but he does on his own term. Way to execute his term - may be really different though.
I do not want to spoil your reading if you have not read it even one time by telling what is Roark way of executing. You need to read and feel his way.

This is not for teenager but for very matured people. I need to revisit The night of 6th January also. That's another brilliant play by Ayn Rand.

If you like this, do not miss A maverick Heart between love and life. Need to write review for that also.

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100% of 12 users found this review helpful.

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Bad paper quality

The paper quality is not that good. I also ordered Atlas Shrugged and its paper quality is much better.

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15 April 14
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Salute to the Woman! for OBJECTIVISM

just magnified.. the book has changed my course of life and they way I live! it actually helped me to recognise those blood suc...

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16 February 14
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08 February 14
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Beautifully written language

This classic can prove to be one of the best books for you to improve your English language. And otherwise the story takes you...

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04 February 14
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How I felt after reading the book

Savan Mohammed,
As a student I strongly found it quite boring , the books been written in a...

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14 January 14
    Book: Fountainhead; The by
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