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Fujifilm FinePix S3300 Point & Shoot Camera: Camera

Reviews of Fujifilm FinePix S3300 Point & Shoot Camera

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Kalidas Bhattacha...
13 Oct 2011
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Best Bridge Camera available at this Price and Best Deal Offered by Flipkart

I've ordered the camera on 22nd Sept. and received the delivery at my residence at Durgapur, WB, on the 26th. So, the service of Flipkart is really praiseworthy.
The pack included 4AA size Alkaline Batteries(Not Rechargeable), 4 AA size Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries, one imported 'Envie Ritz' Battery Charger, a 4 GB SDHC Memory card, and a 'Vanguard Peking' Camera Bag.The Camera Bag is also very cute.
I've been using the Camera since then and the performance is amazing.
The performance in low light (without flash, night mode) is really amazing. Noise is not noticeable even at ISO 800 sensitivity despite some reviews states otherwise.
I've captured some very nice shots using the fireworks Mode during 'Durga Puja' & 'Dussera'.
The macro Mode & Super Macro Mode is also wonderful in capturing shots of Flowers & Insects. I'm waiting for the coming season for capturing the variegated colors of all sorts of flowers.
Try various combinations of shutter Speed & Aperture in the manual Mode to get your desired result.
The HD video is also fantastic and the 26 X Optical Zoom works wonders for you. Do not use digital zoom during shots.
The Battery consumption is fast in SR Auto Mode and if the LCD display is used all the time. Use the EVF to lengthen the Battery Life and it also reduces Blur due to Camera Shake in Low Shutter Speed.
In the manual Mode only 2 set of Aperture (2 for Tele & 2 for Wide)priority is allowed. But, You can choose from the whole range of Shutter Speed and get wonderful result.
The points of dissatisfaction:
(1) Red Eye Reduction is not that good while using the flash.
(2) You cannot record a HD video for more than 9 Minutes. So if you want to make a longer video you have to join the Clips using some multimedia software. Slow motion replay at lower fps is not allowed.
(3) The Panorama Mode works only in one direction , i.e., from left to right. Vertical motion panorama is Not Possible as in case of other models. So, $ way Motion Panorama is a great miss in this model.
However, considering all the aspects Fuji s3300 is a better option than Nikon L120.
It is an electronic wizard in its Phyla. I've fallen in love with this cam.

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15 Oct 2011
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Awesome Services,Excellent Cust Services and mindblowing Digital Camera for Beginners with ample of features which are missed in many other models.

I ordered this Cam on " October 2011, 7:14 PM " and it was delivered on " Fri, 14-10-2011 | 03:00 PM ", one day ahead of promised date. I have been purchasing Many electrical goods etc from flipcart and I must say that their service is (No Words) to explain my greets . I never had any complaint from last 6 Months.The cam came nicely packed in original cover and casing with bubbled covered and flipkart carton pack as usually. The 3 emi option is also great (many other comtt of flipkart started the same but no use as the processing is real worst).

Coming to the cam :

The S3300 camera is capable of recording movies at an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (30 fps).The HD video is also fantastic and the 26 X Optical Zoom works wonders for you. Do not use digital zoom during shots or during the video??.

The pack included 4AA size Alkaline Batteries(Not Rechargeable which is bad but okay ) as 4 AA size Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries, one imported 'Envie Ritz' Battery Charger ( Note :"Needs six hours of continue charging to get 450 to 520 snaps")thanks for that , a 4 GB SDHC Memory card, and a 'Vanguard Peking' Camera Bag.The Camera Bag is also very professional with whether proof i mean rain proof (CAUTION: Not camera :-) ).

Thanks for the flipkart team and We 'Flipkarters' don't want any amazon to be launched in India as we already have 5*amazon in the name of " FLIPKART " ...................


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09 Sep 2011
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Amazing !

This is seriously a steal.
The lens of the camera,26x is seriously awesome.
if you play around with the settings and change shutter speed, you will actually c what is this thing capable of.
Panorama mode is good, maybe not as good as sony(people might differ)
the image quality at night(used B&W)was extremely good.
with this price and capabilities(even though P&S, can compete with big shots any given day)
@last flipkart service as usual...alwayz impressive. needless to say i guess !

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01 Mar 2013
Cannot make memories!

Well, this is no frustrated newbie review, its just a vast experience of one year with the camera.

The best way to look at it would be to present its pros and cons directly; so here they are:
1. Great zoom in this price. Its just the optical zoom that is needed, I never needed the digital zoom part (plus digital zoom is useless too).
2. The AA batteries. I considered these while buying this camera and it worked. Quite a few times I ran out of battery power on the go and getting another set of AA batteries was way too much easier that to charge an inbuilt proprietary battery again.
3. Manual and Custom modes are very useful. You can set the exposure (obviously), shutter speed and the f value too. It supports a wide variety of ISO settings which also make the camera handy when a DSLR is not available.
4. The built is strong. I mean it works even when I dropped it accidentally in the mud. I cleaned it up immediately and shook it to force the water drops off before it could cause any potential damage.
5. Battery lasts a lot. Enough for you to take a full day (about 12 hours with the EVF) of random shots in a festival like surroundings (where you want shoot things in every 10-15 minutes all day) while constantly zooming in and out (zooming takes a lot of power as it makes use of a mechanical motor, all of it without flash).
6. You can enjoy highly diverse depth of fields using that zoom and can shoot macros from 5 meters away. It is useful with sightseeing, tours and all.
7. The Electronic ViewFinder (EVF) is a real powersaver and an aid to image stabilization. It is easier to stabilize while resting the camera on you head.

Cons (this is going to be a long list) :
1. The speed is annoying. The response time is very slow, it takes almost 2 seconds for the camera to be ready for another shot even when used with a Class 10 memory card.
2. Indoor shooting is shameful. Most of the shots get blurred.
3. Colours. The colours are awful, lifeless. Even a 6K range camera takes more vivid pictures. Lifeless photos is a loss of cheerful memories to me.
4. Weight - The camera weighs too much. I know with this design it should but why go for this design when the slim ones are better (or at least competitive) in almost every aspect.
5. Size - Its is too bulky. Be it now or later you will find it a headache to carry it along.
6. Smile and face detection suck. When the other camera placed adjacently detect 10 faces above ten pairs of shoulders, this Fuji thing detects 8 (6 of them above the shoulders and rest on the moon). Smile detection is useless, I mean nobody is going to keep saying cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese until they feel like pooping while waiting for the camera to shoot, which it does not do.
7. Flash makes the deal 3 out of 5 times, rest of the time it feels like the flash got reflected of the camera's barrel and ruined the photo (I do not know what exactly happens, but the image gets out of focus).
8. Autofocus is real slow. At times, it honestly tries for a few seconds and then tells you that it cannot focus when the object has gone much far from where you wanted to shoot it.
9. Image stabilization does half its work. It is less efficient then the competitors.
10. Panaroma mode tests your will to take a panaromic shot. It is a three shot sequence in which you need to match the edges and then the camera would stich the shots for you. This camera does not have sweep panaroma like Sony and others, remember.
11. The camera forgets the time every now and then. I meam when a mobile phone can make the time persist even after removing the battery, what's wrong with this device!
12. It won't tell you the battery status until it gets low. The camera uses 3-Bar notification icon for battery which only flashes when the last bar is left, rest of the time it is hidden.
13. It only has four colour modes B&W, Standard, Fine and Chrome. Standard and Fine feel no different and the Chrome thing is useless, at least for me. It would be better it was Sepia or Vivid.

Honestly I wish I would have bought a slim point and shoot like Ixus or a Sony which have much better colours and are light and at least my family could use it as well (they don't feel comfortable shooting when such a big thing with lots of lots of buttons is handed to them). The only things that make me happy about this camera is the zoom and AA batteries support.
Also the other variants of Fuji in this section (the S2950 and the S4500) follow the same legacy as most of the problems is within the software that they design which won't have changed for sure, but I don't clearly know, read about them first.

Consider those pros and cons and decide yourself now. :-)

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19 Jun 2012
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Nice Cam with the price range

Recently I was looking for the camera for my personal need.
I was thinking to buy DSLR cam and thought for going Canon EOS 5D.
But it was way too high for my budget and finally I settled to buy for a superzoom cam with similarity with DSLRs.
So I started looking for superzooms and finally I decided to buy FUJIFILM FinePix s3300 based on the reviews on FlipKart.
As this was my first big order on the portal (I have earlier bought small items with cash on delivery option) I confess I was little skeptical about it.
I ordered the cam on 12th Jun and FlipKart delivered it to my doorstep on 16th Jun.
It was so nicely packed with cushions that I was impressed.
Let's get to the cam part.
At first I used the cam on Auto settings, and results are not good as it sometimes detects the indoor scene as landscape (Really!!).
But when I switched to manual operation, whoa.. this cam has power punch.
I was able to get sharp quality on the pics and the 26x zoom is a really awesome feature.
Overall I would recommend choosing this cam on any point and shoot cam as this is a bridge cam and if you master the manual functions, you master the DSLRs.

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27 Apr 2012
Good in total

Pros:the features at this cost!! 5+/5 canon and nikon cost much above this ..
camera shooting properties 4+/5..( need to learn more of its features).. very handy and having a vast array of them..
user friendly
26x optical zoom.. is fantastic.. like the AUTO(800) and AUTO 400 ISO feature which uses ISO upto this level under different light conditions.. SR auto clicks one with flash and one without is also good

Delivery by bluedart took 7 working days.. a long wait

Cons: the camera bag given along with this set was not good.. infact i had the zipper damaged in the first few uses..

4 alkaline batteries
4 rechargeable batteries
1 battery charger
camera pouch
4gb sd card sandisk
camera strap
USB and TV cord in one for connecting to a PC and for live on TV.
Installer CD for tutorials(nothing big in the CD)

Picture quality: Good 4+/5
Variable zoom: good.. 4+/5
Focusing: 4+/5
camera operation : 4/5
macro : 4+/5
picture noise: not so evident.. good clicks even in poor lighting conditions
Camera grip: 4+/5
video recording : HD

in total for this cost and features and in total i find the camera worthy enough for the price and rate it a 4+/5

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10 Dec 2011
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Great Camera to become a Professional!!

This camera is pure awesomeness and nirvana for the price which you are paying, It's a bridge camera, meaning; its a convergence of DSLR and Point and shoot! The "ONLY" difference between DSLR and this camera is, you cannot change the lenses. I have got some amazing moon Shots where i could capture the craters of the moon, The 26x zoom is marvelous and the ISO is up-to 6400!!!!!!

If you master the "MANUAL" settings in this camera, you master the DSLR!!

All in all its a Playground(amazing) for wannabe professionals before venturing into DSLR cameras!

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19 Sep 2011
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A Digital Marvel !

Bought this camera 3-4 months back and now after having used it i can only tell that this is an incredible camera with many many features. The super Macro is incredible and gives perfect shots. managed to experiment with the zoom from a hill and WOW it is! I realized this can indeed act as a SPY TELESCOPE ! :D...! A sure steal at this price! The view finder is an added bonus and saves the battery life...! Its like some mini-dslr.. :P...!! Thanks again FLIPKART for the soooper-doooper service. U ROCK !

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03 Feb 2012
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Performance of Fujifilm FinePix S3300 camera

Very good camera, excellence performance, nice looking, picture quality is very good. At this price it will give you full satisfaction. Aperture, panorma and shutter perform well. So many modes in the camera for awesome picture quality. Video quality is also very good except at full zoom HD video quality is not so good,however, picture quality is good at full zoom. In the same category, I also saw Nikon L120 but Nikon had no evf and zoom is 21x while Fujifilm S3300 has 26x. EVF helps you saving power. When I purchased S3300 of Fujifilm, it was cheaper than Nikon L120. At that time I found it better than Nikon L120 keeping in mind zoom, evf and price and even look. In this category, S3300 of Fujifilm is better option than any of its competitors. Go for it.

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06 Feb 2012
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Great Point and Shoot by Fuji ,Great Customer Support by Flipkart

@Flipkart :Got the camera shipped withing 48 hrs .Perfect Packed product delivered.

@Product :Nice camera.Perfect pictures even in gloomy light situations . Checked Nikon L120 in Croma store before buying this product from Flipkart .Found that while shooting at higher zoom there is blur in picture after click .but in fujifilm 3300 there is no blur effect .also Manual and Custom setting of the Fuji camera will give you a hands on experience of DSLR Camera .
But the battery life of the Camera is the only drawback . But with flipkart got the chargeable battery and charger free that helped a lot.

Prefer this rather than going for Nikon L120.

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