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10 May 12
The best in Gillette series

Gillette finally came up with the best razor in it's series (or at least among the ones available in India). Like all Fusion series this comes with a frontal five blades and one at the rear. Delivers perfect shave no matter how hard your beard is or even if you are an infrequent shaver.

The vibration option is not meant for a better shave but it works as a mild face massager while you shave. The idea is to keep the irritation caused from friction the least on your face.

Anyone who says here that this is a bad razor seriously needs to re-think, unless, of course he is from the old stone age and still uses sticks and rocks to get rid of his facial hair !!!

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02 May 12
Gillette Fusion Proglide Power shaver

I have this razor from Sept. 2011 bought abroad and I have been using it daily and found out to be very good as compared to Gillette Mach III or even Gillette Fusion ( unpowered) The AAA (Alkaline) battery which came with it lasted for 4 months with my normal usage and its improved trimmer was found to be very useful for trimming mustache and for reaching difficult places.


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25 April 12
first to review
gimmic by gillette

Pros: It does shave, It looks GREAT, Easy grip
Cons: Does not shave well compared to even the cheapist shavers., Vibration option makes it harder to shave close, not easier., Way over priced.

Gillette Fusion Power is over priced, only comes with one blade and no back blades like most other shavers, has five single blades per blade which causes irritation for scraping skin, has thinner blades so they do not shave as effectively, and comes with a vibration option which only seems to pull hair out instead of shave closer.

I will stick to my oldies .

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     Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Shaver For Men Price in India: Rs. 783


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