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God Of War

(Games, PS2)
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Rs. 499

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m3 4.0 / 5
77% positive feedback (348) ratings)
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God Of War (Games, PS2) Price: Rs. 499

Ares has grown out of control. No matter what anyone does, nobody can defeat the god who has unleashed the wrath of his anger on the Olympians. So, the gods of Olympus along with Athena got together and decided there is only one man who is capable of defeating Ares - Kratos.

Kratos must now embark on a quest to find a powerful weapon and slay the mighty Ares. Spinning a tale with the yarns of anger, death and injustice, God Of War speaks about a land filled with chaos. Can the land drenched in blood sprout the seed of life anytime soon? Jump into the game of God Of War to find out.

The video game is targeted towards hard-core gamers who like fighting games. The action-adventure game has plenty of features that will keep you glued to your television for hours. The game DVD is available for the PS2 platform and carries a Mature rating from ESRB.

Synopsis and Features

People are trembling with fear. Ares, the son of Zeus, is wreaking havoc on anybody who comes in his path and nobody is strong enough to stop him. But the gods have sympathy for the people. So, they have called in a warrior named Kratos to show Ares his real place. Now you, as Kratos, must find the elusive Pandora’s Box to slay the god. A mission of a lifetime waits. Can you help Kratos find his true destiny?

Developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, God Of War redefines its genre with a plethora of entertaining features. Stepping into the shoes of Kratos, you will be proceeding onto an assignment that will help answer the many questions you have within the game. From finding the true identity of Kratos to discovering the reason why he has no mercy for anyone, you will tie together all the loose ends in Kratos’s life.

The single-player campaign in the game includes brilliant combat. There are plenty of weapons like Blades of Chaos at your disposal that assist you in taking down the enemies. As you advance through the game you will collect red orbs that can be used for upgrading weapon combos. Each unlocked combo opens up a new way of destruction that can be applied on enemies to yield maximum damage.

Along with different types of weapons, you can also use magic to disarm your enemies. As you progress through each level, you will meet different gods who will grant you weapons and powers. There are a variety of enemies on whom you can use these weapons such as minotaurs, cyclopes, undead warriors, harpies and more.

The game also includes mini-games and challenges that are very entertaining to play. You can unlock a variety of bonus content by indulging in these challenges. The game also includes puzzles where you have to turn cranks, reposition various statues and pull different levers to successfully complete them.

Specifications of God Of War (Games, PS2)

Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Category Games
Video Encoding PAL
Genre Third-PersonAction
Number Of Discs 1
Mode Single-Player, Co-Op, Multi-Player
Title God Of War
Platform PS2

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Reviews of God Of War (Games, PS2)

Recent top reviews

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hardik chaudhary

Jul 14, 2014

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certified buyer

amazing game

pros:gameplay is amazing
story line enough long
characters,weapons ,etc.are very good,well designed
cons:boring at some places
graphics are low
sound quality fine
at last i would say you can buy it if its your 5th or 6th game


Jun 11, 2014

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certified buyer


A must buy for all playstation 2 users. This game was out of stock for long time. Luckily in one morning I saw the status changed to 'in stock'. Waiting for god of war 2.

Narasimhan Naren

Dec 3, 2013

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certified buyer


I haven't seen such a game like this,, heavy gameplay,,awesome graphics,colourful surroundings, realistic characters makes the WOW!

Madhava Bathwal

Nov 9, 2013

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certified buyer

The no. 1 Action Adventure Game

No doubt its the no. 1 action adventure game for ps2
These are the few games that makes ps2 worth the money

Story 10/10
Attacks 09/10
Powers 10/10
Adventure 08/10

If you have a ps2 and have not…
(View complete review)

Shouvik Karmakar

Sep 28, 2013

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certified buyer


I would say everybody to buy and enjoy this game as it has very amazing gameplay, storyline and also filled with action and puzzles which you would need a bit time to solve. Surely one of the best games ever. Kratos is my all time favorite character in games i have played. Enjoyed the game finally a… (View complete review)

Top reviews

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Rajesh Choudhary

Jan 27, 2012

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

NO words to SAY!!!

THis is a game that u should have IF u have a PS2 !!! This is just awesome and reallyyyy fun to play!! Also the game is real hard and also interesting!!! the puzzeles and challenges given are really very gud!! Sometimes it can make u angry but when u cross it gives u HAPINESSS at its BESt..... buy this ..... PLAY THIS!!!

Mitranjan Bhaduri

Mar 22, 2012

Probably the best PS2 game...

PS2 games are not really known for their graphics but God of War is a notable exception. In fact this one has better graphics than its sequel (IMHO). If brutal kills and gore are your thing then this game is a dream for you.
1. The easy mode is good for getting a hang of the game and its controls
2. The god mode is something for pro gamers to look forward to
3. The storyline is brilliant - though it makes no effort to stick to the Greek myth we have grown up knowing
4. The special moves, once mastered, provide unique (& more brutal) ways to kill enemies and yield bonu…

Shankar Srinivasan

Oct 10, 2012

A must play game!

This is one magnificent game. From inserting your game CD, you will be on high adrenaline through and through.

Starting with Hydra to win Ares, the God of War, you will run through an out of the world experience.

The best game I've played so far.

Divyansh Choudhary

Oct 6, 2012


You must buy this game because it's pretty awesome.This game is for action lovers.

1. great graphics 8/10
2. awesome game play 10/10
3. good story 9/10
4. brutal characters and attacks 10/10
5. good background and background music 9/10

but can't skip videos and if stuck at one checkpoint you will
get irritated.

TOTAL - 46/50

Abhishek Bagde

Aug 2, 2012


the god of war game is as mature game i contains nudity,pornography, and sexual themes. if you have any child in your home then dont buy it at any cost because it will cause your childrens to get in bad contact.

Avi Chandna

May 24, 2012

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certified buyer

Got PlayStation 2? Buy this game right now!!

If you have a PlayStation 2 and don't have this game, thats really like a sandwich without cheese!!

You read the info given above and you will fell like it's just killing everyone who comes in your way but believe me, this game is much more than that. You will have to use your brain as much as much as you use in a exam!!

This is the best game I have ever played on PlayStation 2!! It's graphic is just next to PlayStation 3, it's easy mode is really hard and it's pretty long. This game makes sure that you are addicted to it.

Just get it!!

Sumedh Bageshwar

May 16, 2012


KratoS Rocksss....

Entire game is made of so much dedication by the team.....

the game takes you to a whole new world of greek mythology.....

Do remember that the game is bit hard....

Dont think go for this game.....blindly....


Rohan Mehta

Apr 16, 2012

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certified buyer


If you have a PS2 but dont have this game, you might as well as throw your PS2 away.

This is not a game its an experience,

Ashish Thakran

Mar 9, 2012

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certified buyer


It's a stunning game with nice graphics and an interesting story... I've completed the game twice and i might play it another time..It's an awesome game and comes at a descent price..It's a must buy..

Satish Kumar

Oct 17, 2011

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certified buyer

One of the best PS2 games ever made

If you have a PS2, then you got to have this game. As simple as that.The gameplay, storyline and graphics.. everything is so nicely made and once you start playing you get carried away into the game, into the world of Kratos and the greek gods. This game has a lot of puzzles and mazes where you have to think and make your way out..its not all about killing hydras and medusas..this game actually makes you think. If you get stuck anywhere there is this stuckgamer blog which has videos of how to get past levels. Just google it and you will them. happy gaming !!


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