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Gran Turismo 5

(Games, PS3)
PEGI Rating: 3
Platform: PS3  
Rs. 1399
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Seller: WS Retail
85% positive feedback [?]
(2,425,650 ratings)
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Gran Turismo 5 (Games, PS3) Price: Rs.1399

Driving a car can be an amazing experience. From starting your vehicle to driving along the highway at 90 miles an hours, driving can prove to be an exciting acitivity every day. But in the world of video games, this is not possible. Inconsistent physics, cars acting like they have super springs as suspensions and almost no damage turn the excitement of driving a car into a let-down for real car drives. That’s where Gran Turismo 5 comes in.

The 5th instalment in the long-running series is a racing simulator that gives you authentic driving experience. From realistic physics to the drift each car makes when it slides, Gran Turismo 5 excels in every aspect of simulation driving. Feel the power and grip of a real car in your hands as you zoom past the race tracks in UK, Japan and more. Targeted towards hard-core simulation gaming fans, Gran Turismo 5 is available for the PS3 gaming console. The game can prove to be an excellent family entertainer as it comes with an Everyone rating from ESRB.

Synopsis and Features

Gran Turismo 5 is about relishing the joy of driving an authentic race car. From Audi R10, BMW M5, Ferrari 458 Italia to Lamborghini Murciélago you can drive any car you want. Knowing that all these car as created in detail to match their real counterparts only makes the game that much more accurate. Developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Gran Turismo 5 is a treat for gamers all across the world.

The single-player campaign in the game is known as GT Life mode. In this mode you have a certain amount of cash to spend on a car of your choice. At first you can only select low-powered cars, but as you advance through the game you can buy powerful cars to race against your opponents. The quality of the game is enhanced by the addition of different weather conditions. These bring in an entire new dimension of driving as wet weather conditions can make even a solidly built car to wobble a little bit.

You collect experience points when you finish a race or complete a challenge. This helps you in unlocking more events, leading to faster progression though the game. There are 45 different race series in the game that differ on 2 broad categories. These include A-Spec: where you have to drive the car yourself and B-Spec: where you provide instructions to an AI driver. The vehicles available in the game differ from each other as some are accessible only in A-Spec and some only in B-Spec.

There are plenty of features that aid in making driving accurate in Gran Turismo 5. If you are a novice to the game you can opt for a variety of assist options such as skid recovery force and others. The damage mechanism in the game takes a special mention as it has been significantly improved. Damage is now assessed on a variety of parameters that include speed, angle of impact and more. The real-time deformation engine that powers the damage modelling system makes every dent and scratch you receive on your car look real and genuine.

The game features several racetracks that are famous all over the world. These include the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Suzuka Circuit, Daytona International Speedway, Circuito Permanente Del Jarama and many more. Cars are the stars in the Gran Turismo’s universe and Gran Turismo 5 does not disappoint here. Featuring a total of 1,083 cars, Gran Turismo 5 makes every virtual race car driver’s dreams come true.

Online Features

The different modes in the game include arcade mode, time trials and drift trials. You can team up with friends and compete against them as this game has multiplayer support. From split screen races to online multiplayer, Gran Turismo 5 offers a spectacular multiplayer experience. Up to 16 players can log in online at a single time to race against each other.

4 DLC packs are available for Gran Turismo 5. All these packs add in extra cars, new tracks, different costumes and new paint colors. There is also a major update available for the game called Spec 2.0. The update assists in improving the AI and introducing different weather conditions. The updates, DLCs and wallpapers for the game can be downloaded from the PSN Network.

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Specifications of Gran Turismo 5 (Games, PS3)

Title Gran Turismo 5
Category Games
Platform PS3
Edition Standard
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Mode Multi-Player, Single-Player
Genre Racing
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Reviews of Game: Gran Turismo 5

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 22)

04 September 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
The Driving Simulator that's a car lovers paradise...a very detailed review

Bought this game from flipkart a week ago or so, but I've been playing this at my friends place for the past year and the both of us playing one account/user still haven't finished the game....its big, Polyphony Digital(the makers) spent over 5 years in development, with 1000 cars(the original version had 250 HD Graphic "premium" cars and the rest were regular SD no interior view cars BUT.... after the free updates and DLCs Polyphony Digital launched all 1000 cars are now HD/HQ graphics cars with internal views for all) and over 20 Real world circuits, 10 road/city courses and few virtual tracks, which you can modify in-game with a very user friendly track editor and the capability(although you can save the game in-between a race) to actually race 24 Hours at Le Mans and Spa and Daytona. Add to that an arcade mode(which basically is something like "NFS Mode") if you want to pass some time or showcase the game to your friends or people who aren't into hardcore simulation racing and prefer the arcadish feel you find in Need For Speed. Theres also a 2 player splitscreen in both arcade and original(namely Gran Turismo mode) and a set of Challenges or Special events you can play regardless if you own the cars used in them.

Following are some aspects, I'd easily state them as:
"The flaws of the game to the impatient, the challenge of the game to the professionals"
Like I mentioned earlier, its a big game, and I don't mean McDonalds Large, I mean HUGE! this game will take you(if you play one hour a day 'driving as a pro') at least 6 months to a year to finish, so clear you're schedule guys. its a 50-50 thing, you're either going to love the longevity of the game or get frustrated, shortly put...its a challenge you need to have equal humongous parts skill and will power to make it through. another 50-50 situation, unlike many games they won't just let you pull out the big guns till you learn to fire the small ones, as in you'll need to learn to drive well and the game helps you with that through 'race driver license' challenges that range from teaching you how to accelerate and break in short amounts of time & space, to advanced cornering techniques, to endurance race driving styles and sprint race driving styles in both off road and asphalt races. You can in time drive every car that can be competitively raced. From old used Japanese imports in american junk-yards to classic Volkswagen Camper Vans to modern day rally cars to old F1 cars to the next generation F1 prototypes, if you can handle them which you will have to prove in-game.

I'll finish with this, there's two ways to play this game, and depending on which one of the two following options you choose, you should consider whether to buy it or not:
1.Impatiently, crashing into cars, cutting courses, not being able to advance levels, wasting money i.e. ingame credits, getting frustrated and dumping the disk in its platinum edition box to collect dust.(if this is your option needless to say don't buy the game and waste your money)(you'll also prove what a bad driver you are and any dreams of becoming a race car driver will be brutally shattered)
2.Patiently, with skill, determination and loads of cool minded and intellectual driving(which the game will coach you in improving at as you progress) progressively and steadily move towards the figurative finish line and you'll be rewarded with satisfaction that even other actions in the bedroom won't deliver.
If you do however choose option 2 buy the game, and when you're glad you bought it, mail me you're PSN(Play Station Network) username, so I can add you as a contact and trade cars/race a little.

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7 of 7 users found this review helpful.
21 July 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Best of PS3

Hello Everyone !! First of all thanks Flipkart for Speedy delivery in Just one day.. I am getting use to this.. Awesome Keep it up Flipkart.

About the Game : First of all once you insert the Disc then it will ask for space of 1143 MB
Afer this there is an optional install of 8 GB on your HDD.. you can choose not to have this.. ill suggest its better to install this data. 8 GB install takes about 35 to 40 mins which is very annoying and takes edges to Install.

Is this wait worth it ????

This game is awesome Graphics are best ive seen ever on a racing game. Handling of the Cars is as real as it gets. Menu is a bit off as this game was released in 2010 but its ok. Music is ok Menu Music gets a bit Boring after Time.

If you really want to see the Power Of your PS3 then go for this game. Its really worth it. Awesome !!!

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4 of 4 users found this review helpful.
23 September 13
The Ultimate Driving Simulator. Period.

There are racing games and then there is Gran Turismo.

GT5 on PS3 is an driving experience like no other. It is a tribute to the people who love cars. With huge collection of cars, varied tracks to drive on, it is an exhilarating experience. A definite buy for the racing game fans who are done with likes of Burnout and Need for Speed, who wants to test their driving skills to a whole new level.

There are problems like not-so-sleek menu screens, standard cars coming straight from the PS2-era. But all these things take a back seat when you drive a rally car on the backdrops of a beautiful setting sun in Toscana or fight your way through the scary Nurburgring with only your headlight lighting up the way.

Gran Turismo 5 ..... all the way.

Was this review helpful?  / 
1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
03 October 13
Very good

Wanted to buy this game for some time now. Finally I got my hands on one.
First of all "THERE IS AN INSANE NUMBER OF CARS BUT NOT ALL CAN BE BROUGHT NEW", you can earn them winning races or buying used cars.
The driving feel is awesome , don't think that mastering NFS would make you king in this one, it's a simulator , ie, cars handle as they do in real life.
The graphics apparently look awesome, but you'll notice that it is really the cars and the road that is so, but the environments (eg: buildings , people ) are not so good looking , but that is only if you stare at them that you feel so.And on first look it looks great.
It has 3D but you have to sit a bit away from the TV to see it , else you see in doubles.
Anyway the game play is addictive and is best paired with a gaming wheel.

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0 of 1 users found this review helpful.
16 January 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
10 gb required for install

Ok first of all thank you Flipkart for the wonderful delivery,
any ways just want to write a review about this game,
this game is simply for a car fanatics and car collectors and lovers,
also the Install required for this game is exactly a whopping 10gb .
So for you guys out there who has their PS3 loaded with movies and demo games, might as well start doing some home cleaning,
and for those with the old PS3 fat,
Might as well get a new HDD like the 160 gb like mine,
any ways great game :D enjoy all.
Happy new year's as well

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2 of 3 users found this review helpful.

Most Recent Reviews

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certified buyer
You need a good steering set to enjoy this game.

This is the best car racing simulator out there. I will not deny it.

You need to have a good kit to enjoy it thoug...

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08 February 14
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certified buyer
Flipkart Review

The packing of the game is very neat, and there is no fault in the game. I am sure that i will order soon next time in flipkart...

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18 January 14
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certified buyer

you know what guys i ordered this and got gt5 academy addition!Very good game if ur a car lover like me dont go for this beaca...

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27 December 13
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certified buyer
Must for PS3

Only one thing I can say "It's a must buy for PS3". The stills of car from photo shootout looks real. It's good racin...

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16 December 13
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Awesome game - love it

If you are hardcore racing game fan - go for it... Be patient, enjoy the game :-) Just started playing it, and its amazing...

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06 December 13
    Game: Gran Turismo 5


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