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Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes From Liberty City (Complete Edition): Av Media

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11 Sep 2011
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This is my first game that i have ordered from FlipKart because i was just tired of going to different malls or music stores to buy my games so i decided that i should try to order it online and it was just great i got the game in 3 days as promised in a very good packaging and the games is simply awesome.I liked all the gta games in the complete edition but gta 4 ballad of gay tony is my favourite this game has everything awesome graphics,awesome story,awesome physics,awesome characters.In short i just loved this game and this is the best gta game i have ever played Rockstar did a very good job in making this game and i am looking forward to ordering more games in the future from flipkart.

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20 May 2011
first to review
great game

Well i would like to say gta4 complete edition is basically all gta4 titles in one it has a great storyline in it with very good graphics where u can do almost everything u can imagine this game even has a moral system in the game it looks best if u play on 1080p on your console if u dont have any of the gta4 titles and the expansions then this is a great way to get them all at a reasonable price so go ahead and njoy this game and it even has a massive multiplayer witch u will get addicted to real quicly but if already have the game then it is no point in buying this. overall an amazing game.10/10

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30 Jul 2011
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Great ! Awesome !

This is the 4th game I had ordered from flipkart. Their delivery has been great. Initially I was apprehensive and opted for Cash On Delivery, but seeing great service, payed for this in advance. Good job Flipkart. Online shopping seems a reality in India now.
About the game, well 10/10 everywhere, and from me too !!! Just too good.

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08 Jul 2012
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Good game, but beware of ridiculous requirements

I ordered it from Flipkart and the delivery was very speedy got it on 2nd working day.

The game is great for the price, but comes with a lot of hassles. First the installation is a pain in the ass, rockstar games social club, games for windows live have to be installed. Then you need to create an account for both. Multiplayer wont work for some reason. And you wont be able to change graphic settings. You have to create a commandline.txt file to give you that permission. After that, prepare for the game to lag like hell if you are going to play on a laptop. I dont know why but desktops can run it much better, even with not so good config.

I have a good gaming laptop, Core i7 @ 3.1ghz turbo boost, 16gb ram, GTX 560M 3gb graphics and I couldnt play the game at all, it lagged so much. I had to download a 100mb patch and then install it and still do some more troubleshooting to get it to run. After the patch it ran much better, I can play at medium settings at 1080p resolution. (Which is not very good considering I can play at Ultra settings easily on Battlefield 3)

GTA 4 is the most horribly ported and optimized game for the PC ever, so if you can run it properly then enjoy :)
Be careful before you buy. I still havent been able to run the multiplayer, Games for windows live problems are there. And the game wouldnt run without the CD, so if you lose it then youre gone.

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17 Apr 2012
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Revisiting Liberty City

I had given GTA IV my first playthrough back in 2009 shortly after its release and the episodes too when they first launched. Since then, the DVDs were either scratched, lost or scratched and lost. Couldn't then resist the complete edition at a completely irresistible price. In anticipation of the GTA V, it was time to go back to the worst place on Earth - Liberty City.

First of all, it's unfair to review a Grand Theft Auto game in comparison to anything else by other publishers and comparisons to other games in the series are also not completely right considering the always evolving technology, especially in graphics. That leaves us visiting each game on its own merit - of course references to earlier games in the series are inevitable and it's not uncommon to find people who claim that even today Vice City remains their favorite because of its atmosphere or San Andreas because of its sheer scale. For me, it was GTAIII that held that special stage - it was the first GTA that had played, and at the time, there was simply nothing that even attempted anything close to what the game had to offer in terms of an open world action adventure. Going back to Liberty City for another round was certainly a tempting proposition.

Of course, the City has gone hi-def. And enough has been said already about how the main character in these games was not any of the playable protagonists but the city itself. The city breathes and moves just like something alive. And even after over 4 years since its release, it looks stunning - with or without any of the available ENB Series mods. Even at close quarters, there's enough detail and it's simply amazing that it goes on and on through the entire length and breadth of the city. The richness in audio augments the immersion even further – most sounds are dynamically generated in a contextual milieu that includes the pedestrians, cars, cops and hot dog vendors – a long way from the pre-recorded ambient city sounds loop from the GTAIII era.
Gameplay is fun as ever - although Rockstar took a turn towards realism (an opportunity rightly exploited by the likes of Just Cause and Saints Row), it has not stopped the game from being fun at any time. Pack a few grenades, an RPG and just head over to the Star Junction - just one of the countless fun things to do inside the game. An impressive list of vehicles - cars, bikes, choppers, boats, trucks - lends variety, realism and fun at the same time. There are pedestrians on the streets, going about their business and the Police - determined to take you down in case you try something funny - only add to the overall experience of the city that . And all this just comes together as the perfect setting for the main story – or stories – 3 of them.
Liberty City plays stage to the stories of 3 people – the illegal immigrant Niko, the biker gang member Johnny and the personal bodyguard of the city’s hottest nightclub owner – Luis Lopes. All the three stories are interwoven and cross paths at key junctures as the city presents the most colorful palette of characters one can imagine. And at all times, the characters, the setting, the dialogues and the writing present a cheeky but hard hitting satire of the American society in particular and the world today in general.
To sum up – play Grand Theft Auto IV. And if you have played it once, play again. After completing it once to 100%, I am enjoying the second playthrough as much, if not more. At Rs. 699, this game is more fun than almost anything else that you can do for that price.

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16 Jul 2013
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This game ROCKS on my laptop....initially after installing it was lagging like hell but after updating to latest patch(patch 7) it's working like a charm!! I can even play in 1080p but it lags a little bit so I lowered down the resolution little bit.....
My advice is that before you purchase this game you should consider your PC/Laptop specs....
I have i5 processor(2.4Ghz-2.9Ghz), 1 Gb AMD Radeon graphic card, 4 gb ram, Full HD sony vaio laptop....
After installing the game DON'T FORGET TO UPDATE THE GAME TO LATEST PATCH from rockstar website!!
And Yeah Flipkart delivery was good and I got the game within 2 days of order....Nice job flipkart!!

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07 Dec 2012
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GTA IV And Episodes From Liberty City: The Complete Game

GTA IV is the best game I have ever played on PS3. It includes everything a game should have. The graphics are 100x better than previous GTA titles. If you like open world games then go for it. If you like shooting games then go for it. If you like racing games then go for it. If you even don't like games then still go for it.

This game also has mini-games like playing pool, darts, bowling, QUB3D etc.. You can also play these games with your cousins, friends etc.. You can go on dates with girls.
You can also surf internet, check your mails, go on dating sites to find true love, buy ringtones, wallpapers for your mobile phone (yes it has a mobile), buy cars online, book tables in restaurants and much more that i can't tell you so go for it.


- Better graphics
- New and fun mini-games
- New cars with better handling and realistic driving
- Hanging out with friends when bored in free roam
- Better and fun police chase
- Computer and internet with fun sites
- Three games in one awesome price
- Good multiplayer with many games


- Cannot change character (no tattoos, barber shops etc. like in GTA San Andreas)
- Easy missions
- Cannot fly planes

Overall: A must have game for all PS3, XBOX 360 or PC users.

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17 Oct 2012
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The Lost and DamnedMain article: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
The Lost and Damned features similar gameplay to Grand Theft Auto IV. It is mainly the story of a biker from the motorcycle club "The Lost" and how he progresses. Additions to the game include new weapons, such as a grenade launcher, Automatic Pistol, half of a pool cue and pipe bombs, as well as sawn-off and automatic shotguns and new vehicles, such as Johnny's custom-made motorcycle. The player is also able to telephone various members of the Lost to provide assistance. Terry, for instance, will drive to a location near to Johnny and sell him weapons and armour, while Clay can deliver a bike of the player's choice to a nearby area. Another addition to The Lost and Damned is gang wars. Once the player has completed a certain amount of them, weapons spawn in either the clubhouse and/or safehouse depending on how far the player has progressed in the story, and every subsequent 10 gang wars up to 50, a new weapon will spawn.

[edit] The Ballad of Gay TonyMain article: Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony
The Ballad of Gay Tony follows the exploits of a new protagonist, Luis Fernando Lopez, an associate of a Dominican street gang, and the personal bodyguard of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince. Rockstar Games claim in their press release that this episode "injects Liberty City with an overdose of guns, glitz, and grime" and that "players will struggle with the competing loyalties of family and friends, and with the uncertainty about who is real and who is fake in a world in which everyone has a price."


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13 Jul 2012
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Best Offer Ever

Wow.. Fellas, Just go for this pack. its really very cheap. 3 big games in a single pack for rs.578 is mindblowing.

This game requires the game disc to be in the drive during the entire gameplay.but i jst figured a way to not do so.

Create the image of the 1st game disc using daemon tools pro with 'New SecureROM' profile enabled in its 'Preferences' option. then mount it using its SCSI or IDE vitual device. thats ur game wil work like a charm without its dvd. this issue might considerably increase ur game performance. so better consider this if u dont wish to sctratch ur game discs either.

happpy playing fellas

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23 Jan 2012
Best Deal but Optimus Hiccup

This game gives a lot of hiccups on lappy if you have optimus enabled. Especially alienwares and dell xps. To make it run add the 4 switches at the end of the path in the shortcut. It'll work perfect. And change the video memory value to some value less till its shows a memory value exactly as your graphics card.
"F:\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\LaunchGTAIV.exe" -norestrictions -nomemrestrict -availablevidmem 50 -minspecaudio

Coming to the deal of the decade. Four rocking games into one bundle at a throwaway price. A treat for all GTA lovers.

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