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Grand Theft Auto IV: Av Media

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15 Nov 2011
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Excellent game :)

I installed this game (absolutely no errors, no warnings, no crc errors etc). It got installed like a piece of cake. I just entered the serial key and played the game.

In a pirated game, you can't update game patches, no multi player, no social activities, no video upload and so on. So, you will miss many fixes and that sucks. Today when I tried this real version, I could see many improvements in performance and quality vice too.

Around 10 years back, I bought (game chip) mario game for 150 rupees and now I bought this licensed GTA IV for 450. I think this is dead cheap when compared to that unlicensed mario chip 10 years back .

Things inside this pack :
1. Two game DVDs.
2. A game guide.
3. Survival guide to liberty city.
4. A big poster (lolly pop girl in-front and GTA IV map in the back)

If you really love this game and if you want to play with latest patches, you need to get this one for 374 (no extra charge) :)

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07 Aug 2011
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Hardware Requirements

Dear Manish,

The problem in your system is the graphics card. A 8400 GS is an obsolete card & hence you face probs when playing in high resolution.
First of all update your graphics drivers for existing card & still if you face the issues, upgrade the card to DDR5 one giving higher fps. In games, GPU matters more than CPU.

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06 Jul 2012
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Tips for better performance.

Hi All,

I have been playing this game for quite a while now few things i have noticed why the game lags performance and some tips to boost the performance.

My current laptop config is

Sony vaio:- with i3 2nd gen @ 2.26 GHz*1 (Overclocked @ 2.46 GHz)

Graphics Accelerator:- ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5145 Graphics

Ram 6 GB DDR3 Tanscend @ 1066 MHz(Planning to push further with 8 gigs :D )

Windows 7 ULTIMATE SP1

HD display @720 p and 1080 p via HDMI on Bravia

Now here is the crack for the lag:-

Lets first clear the basics

1) While playing the game disable ANITVIRUS as it is always running in the background and consuming memory.
2) Run disk defragmentaion specially where the game is installed.
3) Stop unneeded background services and process from task manager.
4) Before playing the game set up the computer for best performance (Disable all the fancy stuff and themes)
5) Increase the page memory.
6) Clear temp files.
7) Remove memory bugging wallpaper( Set as basic 'PLAIN wallpaper' )
8) Download an application "Game Booster" this WORKS!! and is awesome + its Free on the internet.
9) Update display drivers.
10) Update RAM(check if your machine allows you to do that with reference to processor and motherboard.)
11) Play the game on external power.
12) Create an image of DVD and mount it rather playing it on the drive.

Now, let's move to Advanced level computer tuning.
NOTE:- If you dont know about computer Abcd do not try the below steps, try at your risk.

1) Overclocking :- Overclocking is best done in the computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System or Binary Integrated Operating System). There are also some motherboards that let you do a basic increase in power by setting a jumper, but this is dangerous and you have no real stability control. There are some software programs available which allow you to overclock inside the operating system, but the best results are achieved by changing BIOS settings. Usually you can get into your BIOS by pressing DEL (some systems may use F2, F10, or Ctrl-Enter) as soon as your computer begins the POST (Power On Self Test - when it shows the RAM size, processor speed, etc.). Here, you can change your FSB (front side bus), memory timings, and your CPU multiplier (also referred to as CPU Clock Ratio)

2) Rockstar games has provided fixe for the memory leak issues in GTA IV. To use them create a notepad document called commandline.txt in your GTA IV folder and include one of the following commands

-memrestrict 188743680 LOW TEXTURES (256M Video Cards)
-memrestrict 209715200
-memrestrict 230686720
-memrestrict 262144000 MED TEXTURES (512M Video Cards)
-memrestrict 293601280
-memrestrict 314572800
-memrestrict 629145600 HIGH TEXTURES (1Gig+ Video Cards)
-memrestrict 650117120
-memrestrict 681574400

Start with the lowest for your current texture settings and figure out what works best.

3) Play around with the settings, but when running benchmarks take note of CPU usage because GTA IV is a highly CPU intensive game, do anything you can to reduce CPU usage if you wish to increase performance.

With above and few more changes i have been playing this game and it works well.
There is no performance lag.

But make sure WHEN OVECLOCKING GRAPHIC CARD/RAM/PROCESSOR get a cooloing pad(for laptop) as it produces heat and when i say heat i mean "HEAT"(gets pretty hot)

Overall, GTA 4 is a nice game completed gta4 EFLC an year back.
now got time to play again and this time its plain gta4 @ 350-400 Rs (Cheap)
All thanks to flipkart.


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23 Oct 2012
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Its a Steal...... Dont think...Just Go for it ....

GTA4 at such a low price. OMG.
The moment I saw the title in my Suggestion list, I ordered it.
After all its a 16Gb Game with so much to enjoy.
The package also contains some goodies like:
1.Survival Guide to Liberty City
2.A Magazine on Liberty City
3.A Jumbo Liberty city map with Lollipop Girl Poster behind it.

Online Gameplay is really awesome. Very Impressed with the In Game Video Editor that on PC users get.

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08 Sep 2012
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Detail description about this game

I'm giving a detailed description for those who still missed this deal.

What I got?

- Well packed DVD set from flipkart. You will get 2 DVDs, one big MAP of Liberty City (On back side of that a lolypop girl poster), On Liberty guide book and a Survival Guide to Liberty City.

What system I have?

- I'm playing it in my Dell Laptop.
Core i5 2nd gen
4gb RAM
Nvidia GT 525M
Win 7 64bit

Running with lags as this graphics card is not enough.

How to install this game?

-Insert Disc 1 - First install Rockstar Social club then the game (Automatic) - Insert Dics 2 in the middle of installation - It will take almost 45mins to install the game - After completing game installation again it will ask for disc 1 for installing softwares and directx - You need internet connection to check whether the game release dae is past or not - then with product key activate the game.

Graphics Issue?

- Make sure you download the latest ATI or Nvidia driver in order to play the game. Also not to forget to download the patch for this game from rockstar website. Latest version in 1.0.7 Isntall it then enjoy the game

About Saving the game?

- Yes you can save it offline also. No need of internet. When window live prompt comes, click to create new account then scroll down to the texts and click "Local Profile". Then you will be able to save it in offline.

Final verdict

Awesome game with real life effects. Make sure you have enough resources to run this game as it is a memory hungry game. Flipkart deal is awesome.

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12 May 2011
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Good game

This game works fine on my windows 7 laptop. Am a big fan of GTA, from the GTA 3 days. Now i have completed almost 20% of the game.

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01 Sep 2011
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certified buyer

Do NOT believe the person who is telling the game is not running good in windows 7 . i have got 7 home 64 bit pack. it runs perfectly fine. you want to avoid pixelation then just reduce the screen resolution to 800*600 THAT'S IT! and believe me buy it from is a total package with survival strategy, map and even handbook what do you wnt else

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22 Mar 2011
first to review
A great Game

This is the one of the Best GTA ever.

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08 Jun 2012
GTA 4 Full Review !

GTA 4 -------->>>>>>>

YES,I Know u r wondering that i m nt certified buyer but hold on But I played this game on my laptop and i personally thinks that its important to tell every 1.

Lets getted Started-------->>>>>>>>>

1. Single-player----->>>>Gta 4,Yes Gta 4 is 1 of the most awesome game from rockstar.I know u surely tried gta san andreass yes its old bt its rockstar game ..So u can wonder how great this 1 is ..ITS cool game totally diffrent..Cars,houses looks amazing every thing is great jst looks like real life.Graphics r stunning..Need patience to complete single player gameplay..But i know most people jst play gta for free mode means dng fun...Absolutely amazing singleplayer gameplay is.

Multiplayer-------->Never tried but i can write review as i know
it has diffrent modes deathmatch etc etc... u hv to kill people and do some jobs..As i dnt think multiplayer is fun as singleplayer but not that much


1.Dont rush to buy as its only 374rs.Make sure to check recommendations and computer confuguration..As playing this game ur laptop heats up quikly...
2.Game took almost 30-40 mins to intall based on ur machine.

If u r having dell laptop dnt buy it as its heat up quikly..It runs on my sony vaio great no prblm at all.

I5 processor


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26 Jul 2012
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certified buyer
gta 4 run in my very old pc it is very best

ihave a 7 year old pc
pentium 4 2.93ghz
1.25 gb ram
Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family 128 mb
window xp sp3
no graphic card
but i run game with gamebooster fast
it is a lucky for me
i play gta 4 without dvd 1 .
it is a simple trick
find gta 4 crack and download and extract gta 4 folder and overwrite it.
DirectX Compatible

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