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Head First Design Patterns 1st Edition

Language: English
Length: 688 Pages
Publisher: O?reilly
Rs. 625
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Head First Design Patterns 1st Edition By Kathy Sierra, Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Freeman, Bert Bates
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Head First Design Patterns 1st Edition (Paperback) Price: Rs.625

Head First Design Patterns teaches object oriented design and techniques, using Java.

Summary Of The Book

This is one of the Head First series books that teaches concepts in an easy and interactive manner, with lots of visuals. Head First Design Patterns, as the name suggests, deals with software design patterns. These design patterns can be considered as templates that can be used as a base to develop new code.

According to the authors, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel when it already exists. Just use it and concentrate on building other things instead. So, this book shows how software design can be made easier by taking advantage of the patterns already out there in the digital universe. Studying some of the best design techniques can really cut down on the development time of new software.

Head First Design Patterns starts with a farcical project - building a duck simulation program. This section is told from the viewpoint of the programmer, Joe, who has to build a virtual duck, with all its appearances and behavior. Using this object model, he has to populate the virtual duck pond.

Using this base, the authors get across concepts like designing and implementing behavior, and encapsulation. In a similar vein, the book progresses, with each chapter taking up a different kind of project to get across different design concepts, and each chapter discussing design patterns that can be used.

Interspersed with the design discussion are many Java techniques, which are also clearly explained in relation to the concept being discussed.
Head First Design Patterns is written in a light style using puzzles, jokes, and visuals to highlight the points being taught.

Head First Design Patterns covers object-oriented concepts, design patterns, and relevant Java features so that at the end of the book, the reader gets a good practical understanding of the subject.

About The Authors

Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates have worked with Sun Microsystems and developed the Java certification programs. Kathy Sierra started, a large Java user community. Bert Bates is also involved in that website as a subject matter expert. Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates created the Head First series and wrote a series of books on Java.

Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Freeman have several years experience in the software industry. They work as coaches, consultants, and technology experts. They are also authors who have written other books in the Head First series.

Some of the other books by these authors include Head First HTML With CSS & XHTML, Head First HTML5 Programming: Building Web Apps with JavaScript, Head First Java, Head First Servlets And JSP, and SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide (Exam 310-065) (with CD-ROM).

Specifications of Head First Design Patterns 1st Edition (Paperback)

Author Kathy Sierra, Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Freeman, Bert Bates
Book Details
Publisher O?reilly
Publication Year 2004
ISBN-13 9788173664663
ISBN-10 8173664668
Language English
Edition 1stEdition
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 688 Pages
Weight 1075 grams g
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Book Reviews of Head First Design Patterns 1st Edition

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 40)

02 February 11
Awesome book on design patterns

This book has taught me design patterns from the very beginning.It caters fundamentals of designing applications (in addition to explaining design patterns) which most design patterns book fail to do.
This book will help you learn design concepts from scratch,though this book cannot be used as a catalogue of design patterns. Once this book is covered, a catalogue can be referred to for implementing design patterns.
One notable feature of this book is it explains how to modify and fit a particular design pattern for your requirements

I was completely intrigued with the way this book has been written.Awesome work by the authors.Thanks to them for writing such a book on design patterns

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92% of 13 users found this review helpful.
07 July 11

Unlike a lot of people, I don't care much for this book's 'irreverent' sytle. I think it masks some shortcoming in the examples it uses. But once you get past that, this is still the best introduction to object-oriented programming that I have read.

HFDP is not just about design patterns. It's a great introduction to object-oriented programming. The book does a great job of explaining the benefits of OOP over traditional procedural programming, and it explains OOP very well in terms of the most commonly used design patterns.

Now for the bad news. The examples are rather lightweight. They do a pretty good job of illustrating the concepts presented, but the code is in no way real-world. For example, if you are looking for which pattern to use to organize a UI (the 'Mediator', 'State', and 'Composite' patterns), with sample code, you won't find it here. The patterns are discussed, but they are used to create quacking ducks (really).

While that's by-and-large a shortcoming of the book, the code is so simple that non-Java programmers (like me) should have no problem using the book. The code samples are very basic, and should translate with little difficulty into .NET languages such as C# and VB.

One other item of note--this book contains a pretty good chapter on Model-View-Controller architecture, which seems to bedevil a lot of people. If you can get a handle on MVC, then you can pretty much do OOP.

In short, this is probably the book I would recommend as an intro to OOP. If you are under the age of 30, you will probably like the examples of quacking duck simulators and java-enabled gumball machines. For everybody else--it's worth looking past this book's insufferable cuteness if you are getting started in OOP.

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6 of 7 users found this review helpful.
29 January 12
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certified buyer
Good book for OO experienced people

If this book needs to be cashed in fully, one should:
(i)Have the skill to represent OO models using UML
(ii)Have good working knowledge of an OO language (Java, C etc)
(iii)Have insights to inheritance, aggregation, composition and general polymorphic behaviour
(iv)Have prior experience in confronting applications that need deep/incisive code changes for small changes in fuctionality.

In spite of the casual approach to presenting the essence of the patterns, this book is not for beginners. In fact OO design itself is not for beginners. Occasionally I have felt the need to re-read the synopsis section of a given pattern from GoF's book before coming back to HFDP.

One suggestion for the publisher/author: The code sections have been presented in large fonts that give a cluttered look to any given chapter. And the code is not always well indented or unnecessarily indented. Courier(8 pt) or Courier New(9 pt) or similar should be used to present the code sections - nothing bigger than these. And the code should have proper line breaks to give a clean look - rather than relying on word wrapping.

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4 of 6 users found this review helpful.
09 January 12
Surely the first step to understand Design patterns!

This book presents the design patterns in such a beautiful way that the concepts sits at the back of your mind. It ignites the need of design patterns in your day-to-day work.

It's a true story that I read about something called "Observer pattern" and a month later I suggested a new feature in the product I am working on at IBM. Currently I am involved in its development - thanks to this book.

I appreciated the true use of UML diagrams in the book. Every design pattern is explained with the help of UML diagrams wherever necessary. Along with design patterns, now I understand UML paradigm in a much better way.

Whenever I have to develop a new feature, I don't try to think about the solution to the problem - I think how to break down the problem so that it can be solved by a couple of design patterns ;) ... may be I have found a way to be more lazy or may be more smart!

recommend ;

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3 of 3 users found this review helpful.
27 December 11
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certified buyer
Very Descriptive book but bad print quality

I had ordered this book since I liked this book after reading the same from my company Library. Unfortunately its print quality is bad when compared to the edition I have here in my company library (July 2007 for sale in Indian Subcontinent etc).
The edition that I have is the same version(October 2011 Edition Reprint for sale in Indian Subcontinent) but the latest reprint.
Unfortunately this reprint is pretty bad compared to the 2007.
Both are grayscale printing but somehow the one I got is more like back and white. Either this book is not original or the publishers have degraded it.

Ofcourse if your reading this book for the first time, then you may not feel an difference.

As usual, Flipkart Service is real good and prompt!
Keep up the good work!

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Flipkart'd bad policy of sudden price change

Some days back this book was priced at 449/-. Now suddenly flipkart has increased it's price by 176 rs.Even in the local market...

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20 April 14
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amazing book for beginners. the pictures and illustrations make it as gripping as a story book. Although u need a little backgr...

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30 March 14
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Good Book

Good for beginners, who are starting to learn design patterns. Though it has lengthy chapters, but good for beginners to unders...

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19 February 14
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certified buyer
Good book for person who have good understanding of Java and UML

This is one of the best book from head first series.
I enjoyed learning Java and Design pattern from Headfirst.

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12 January 14
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certified buyer
Best book for those who start to learn design pattern

If you know Java and want to learn design patterns this book will be a great start...

It will certainly help you m...

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11 January 14
    Book: Head First Design Patterns 1st Edition by Kathy Sierra, Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Freeman, Bert Bates
    ISBN Number: 8173664668, 9788173664663, 978-8173664663


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