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Frequently Asked Questions for Ebooks

Buying eBooks

What are eBooks?
How do I buy an eBook from Flipkart?
Can I try a book before buying?
Can I read purchased eBooks on the Flipkart website or on my PC?
Do I need to login to buy an eBook?
What is My Library?
Can I download a book again? Can I download from different devices?

Media Formats and Copyright

In what format is the eBook downloaded?
Can I share with friends?
Are the eBooks copyrighted?
Can I print, copy, email or move from one device to another ?

Downloading and Reading the eBook

How can I read the eBooks purchased?
From where can I download the eBooks I purchased?
Can I download the same eBook on multiple devices?
How do I check the number of devices I have downloaded a particular eBook onto?
What is the size of each eBook file?

Cancellations, Refunds and Returns

Is the 30 Day Replacement Guarantee applicable for eBook downloads?
Can I cancel an eBook order?
What happens to the purchase amount when I cancel an order?

Android App

What is the Flipkart eBooks App?
How do I download eBooks using the Flipkart eBooks app?

Troubleshooting FAQ

I am receiving a message that reads “Device limit exceeded for this particular eBook”. I cannot read the eBook on another device. Why?
My payment process got interrupted. What should I do?
I am unable to download the eBook from the Library after purchase.


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