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The Wallet is a prepaid instrument that enables you to shop on Flipkart multiple times by making a one-time payment of a certain value. This will be added to your Wallet as prepaid balance. When you select the Wallet as the mode of payment for your order, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your Wallet balance.

Wallet compartments
The Flipkart Wallet has two compartments - Flyte and WS Retail.
Wallet Top-ups which can be used only for digital purchases go in the Flyte compartment, while store credit issued by seller WS Retail resides in the WS Retail compartment. Promotional credit could be issued to either compartments.

Note: Any new Wallet Top-ups made into the Wallet will be limited to purchases in the Flyte category - MP3s and eBooks. In case your Wallet has unused top-up balance, you may continue to use it to make purchases across all categories till it is exhausted.


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