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History Of Spiritual India

(Music, Audio CD)
Language: Hindi  Year: 2010  Format: Audio CD  
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Specifications of History Of Spiritual India (Music, Audio CD)

Artist Various Artists
Title History Of Spiritual India
Category Music
Format Audio CD
Edition ACD
Language Hindi
Year 2010
Label Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd
Track Listing Disc 1
1. The Vedic Period (An Introduction)
2. Introduction
3. Beginnings
4. Mahabharata
5. Ramayana
6. The Concept Of God
7. Concluding Chant
Disc 2
1. Samaveda
2. Atharvaveda
3. Yajurveda
4. Rigveda
5. Signature Tune
6. The Vedas
Disc 3
1. The Upanishads
2. Aum-Pranavopaasanam
3. Aa No Badra Krathavo Yantu Vishwatah
4. Tat Twam Asi
5. Ayam Atma Brahma
6. Aum Tat Sat
7. Aham Brahmasmi
8. Pragnyaanam Brahma
Disc 4
1. Karma Sanyas Yog
2. Atma Sayam Yog
3. Gyan Vigyan Yog
4. Gyan Yog
5. The Geeta
6. Signature Tune
7. Saankhya Yog
8. Karma Yog
9. Rajavidyaraj Guhya Yog
10. Vibhooti Yog
11. Vishwaroop Darshan Yog
12. Bhakti Yog
13. Kshetra Kshetradnya Vibhaag Yog
14. Gunatrayvibhaag Yog
15. Purushotamma Yog
16. Purushotamma Yog
17. Shraddha Tray Vibhaag Yog
18. Moksha Sanyaas Yog
19. Aksharbrahma Yog
Disc 5
1. Seventh Chakra-Sahasraara-Crown Chakra
2. Anubhava-Experience-White/Gold
3. Second Chakra-Swaadhishtaana-Sacral Chak
4. First Chakra-Moolaadhaara-Base/Root Chak
5. Kundalini (The Chakras)
6. Pranayam-Initiation Colourful/Rainbow
7. Fourth Chakra-Anaahata-Heart Chakra
8. Third Chakra-Manipoora-Naval Chakra
9. Sixth Chakra-Third Eye-Brow Chakra
10. Fifth Chakra-Vishuddha-Throat Chakra
Genre Compilation
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    Music: History Of Spiritual India
Artist: Various Artists


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