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Kitchen Appliances

Featured Juicers, Mixers and Food Processors view all
(203 ratings)
Rs. 3,995 20% OFF
Rs. 3,190
14 Sellers from Rs 3075
  • Jars: 3 | Power: 600 W
  • Chutney Jar: 0.4 L
  • Dry Grinder | Wet Gr...
(38 ratings)
Rs. 27,500 20% OFF
Rs. 21,800
  • Jars: 0 | Power: 150 W
  • Juicer
(13 ratings)
Rs. 8,500 34% OFF
Rs. 5,530
7 Sellers from Rs 4490
  • Jars: 4 | Power: 600 W
Featured Induction Cooktops view all
(45 ratings)
Rs. 5,995 41% OFF
Rs. 3,499
18 Sellers from Rs 3273
  • Touch Panel Controls
  • Power Consumption 20...
(397 ratings)
Rs. 5,695 36% OFF
Rs. 3,599
  • Touch Panel Controls
  • Power Consumption 21...
(26 ratings)
Rs. 7,995 3% OFF
Rs. 7,700
  • Touch Panel Controls
  • Power Consumption 29...
Featured Microwave Ovens view all
(309 ratings)
Rs. 18,090 18% OFF
Rs. 14,690
  • Power: 900 W | Capac...
  • Power Levels: 5
  • Starter Kit Included
  • Control: Tact (Butto...
(118 ratings)
Rs. 15,090 9% OFF
Rs. 13,600
  • Power: 900 W | Capac...
  • Power Levels: 5
  • Starter Kit Included
  • Control: Touch Key P...
(197 ratings)
Rs. 6,000 10% OFF
Rs. 5,399
  • Power: 800 W | Capac...
  • Power Levels: 6 | Di...
  • Starter Kit Included
  • Control: Touch Key P...
Featured Electric Cooker view all
(495 ratings)
Rs. 14,995 39% OFF
Rs. 8,999
28 Sellers from Rs 8995
  • Cooking
(429 ratings)
Rs. 2,099 37% OFF
Rs. 1,314
  • Cooking
(637 ratings)
Rs. 1,899 24% OFF
Rs. 1,425
21 Sellers from Rs 1196
  • Cooking
Featured Coffee Maker view all
(1 rating)
Rs. 16,000 18% OFF
Rs. 12,999
  • Espresso Maker
  • Power Consumption 95...
(9 ratings)
Rs. 11,890
  • Coffee Bean Grinder
  • Power Consumption 10...
(5 ratings)
Rs. 6,895 7% OFF
Rs. 6,400
  • Espresso Maker
  • Power Consumption 10...
Featured Electric Kettle view all
(109 ratings)
Rs. 1,690 14% OFF
Rs. 1,450
2 Sellers from Rs 1300
  • Metal Body
  • Consumes 1000 W
(5 ratings)
Rs. 4,199
  • Suitable For Water, ...
  • Plastic Body
  • Consumes 3000 W
(455 ratings)
Rs. 1,075 23% OFF
Rs. 820
  • Metal Body
  • Consumes 1350 W

Buy Kitchen Appliances Online At

Buy Kitchen Appliances Online At

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and counted the number of kitchen appliances you have? Yes, no? Well, you should try doing that once in a while as it can tell you how updated your kitchen is with today’s technology. There used to be a time when rocks were used as grinding tools and an active fire pit was the only way of cooking food. But, we are way ahead of those days. Today, technology has made life easier in the kitchen. Whether you are a chef by profession or a mom, kitchen appliances help you prepare food faster and in a healthier process. But, that’s not the only reason why people are eager to upgrade their kitchen. These appliances are safe to use and are tailor-made analyzing the lifestyle changes and today’s needs.

Kitchen appliances as a term broadly refers to various small and big electronics that include induction cooktop, juicer & grinder, water purifier and more. Now the best way to understand their usefulness is by categorizing them in two types. The must-have appliances and the good-to-have appliances.

Must-have Kitchen Appliances

The electronics under this division are the ones that are essential for a seamless cooking experience. They are called the must-haves of a kitchen. Take a look.

Water Purifiers - Water is called a life source for a reason. So it’s important that the water you drink is pure and free from germs. So make sure you buy a good water purifier from a reputed brand.

Induction Cooktop - Weather you have a gas stove or not, these come in handy on various occasions. It’s mostly known for its fast cooking technology and safety. There’s no flame involved, so you have very little risk of burning your hands.

Microwave Ovens
- It’s great to have a microwave oven in your kitchen as it makes your messy jobs like reheating and defrosting quite easy. Apart from cooked dishes, people are also loving baked foods today like pizzas, lasagna and cakes which you can easily make in the oven at home.

Electric Air Fryer - No matter how many varieties of food are their on the table, deep fried and crispy fries will always be a favorite of your guests. So, rather than taking the risk of hot oil splatter while preparing pakodas and fries, use an electric air fryer.

Juicer & Grinder
-Whether it’s grinding masala, rice batter, preparing smoothies or making tomato puree, a juicer & grinder is a must have for every kitchen. 

Hand blenders - Starting from blending the flour, whipping cream to mixing ingredients, a hand blender comes in use a lot many times than you can imagine.

Good-to-have Kitchen Appliances

But, that’s not all. People are also buying other kitchen appliances online too like:

Sandwich Makers - Your kids and family will love munching on crispy grilled sandwiches during breakfast. So it’s good to have a sandwich maker at home so that you can add more options to your menu.

Coffee Maker - If you and your family love coffee, then this is going to be a great hit with your family. It helps you prepare instant coffee for your guests.

Egg Cooker - Having a boiled egg during breakfast or dinner is great for your health. But you don’t have to leave the eggs in a pot of boiling water anymore. Use a egg cooker instead to boil eggs safely anytime.

- There are many other appliances too like rice cookers, popcorn makers, toasters, sausage makers, electric jugs and pans, weighing scales and dishwashers, that help you prepare food much easily compared to the older methods.

It’s good to upgrade your kitchen with advanced kitchen appliances which make the cooking and food preparation process easier and less time consuming. It also helps you add various nutritious substitutes to your menu in place of processed foods. So check for various kitchen appliances online and equip your cooking area with state-of-the-art electronic appliances.


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