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HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win7 HB/ 1.5GB Graph): Computer

Reviews of HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win7 HB/ 1.5GB Graph)

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14 Jul 2012
A great gaming laptop under 35K

Yes - all the over the top reviews for this laptop are true. I will not write my review in all caps or tell you to stop thinking and just buy it - but, it does meet it's expectations as a great gaming machine under 35K.

Having used it for over 3 weeks now, here are my unbiased observations:

1. Excellent price/performance ratio. (More so if you want to play games)
2. The configuration at this price is excellent - AMD A8, 7670M+7640G Graphics, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD)
2. Decent build quality (although quality of plastics used could be better)
3. Runs sufficiently cool for regular usage.(The ones who are complaining have either never owned an old powerful laptop, or do not have an idea of how hot the CPU/GPU get under gaming, whether it be laptop or desktop)
4. Good keyboard and touch pad
5. Decent connectivity (expected at this price - nothing spectacular, but no compromises either)
6. Battery life is decent - 2.5-4.0 hours depending on usage.
7. Screen has surprisingly good horizontal viewing angles.

Compromises (Only small issues):
1. Screen quality with 1366x768 resolution is average. Unnatural brightness and on screen readability is below average. Glossy finish shows a lot of reflections.

2. Placement of connectivity and indicators is questionable - USB 3.0 ports are too close to each other, the MIC/Speaker plugs are not color coded and Power/HDD/Charging indicator lights or on the right side - which means they are not visible under normal usage.

3. The quality of multi touch gestures on the touch pad could have been better - it doesnt always manage to pick up scrolling actions.

4. The glossy finish (inside/outside) is prone to dust and fingerprints.

5. The inbuilt camera is horrible (My 4 year old VAIO had a better camera) - buy a separate external camera if you plan to do video calling.

6. Big and heavy (expected at this price and screen size)

Additional Notes:
1. No, AMD A8-4500M in pure benchmarks is not as fast as Core i5 and comes nowhere close to i7. But i5/i7 cost 2-3 times more and are only useful for professional usage. The A8-4500 offers almost the same performance as an i5 at half the price and is definitely better than most i3 versions out there. Bottom line - it is a very good pure quad core processor at this price and allows everything to run smoothly - you will not notice any slowness, bottlenecks or system freezes. It is more than sufficient for home usage. To compare, I use a Lenovo X220 with Core i7 Pro at work, and do not notice any difference in regular usage.

2. The Dual graphics are very powerful combination and offer a combined theoretical graphic memory of 1.5GB (actual is lower due to limitations). Here are the games I am able to run smoothly:
a. Crysis 2 (High Quality)
b. DiRT 3 (High Quality)
c. Ghost Recon Future Soldier (Low Quality)
d. Max Payne 3 (Medium Quality)
e. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (Medium Quality)
f. Need for Speed - The Run (Low Quality)
g. Alan Wake (Low/Medium Quality)
h. Splinter Cell Conviction (Medium/High Quality)

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07 Jun 2012
first to review

Just bought this laptop via flipkart ..and the first impression is veryy veryy gud with this price range . ..the laptop is perfect for gaming & every daily needs. first i was thinking of Asus X53ta ..but thn saw this configuration on flipkart and booked it without wasting time.
the only problem i witnessed is OVERHEATING issues .....u can almost cook maggie in it :):) everything is greatt esp USB 3 , sound , video ..jus everythin is gr8.

one advice to Hp ... if u can lower the price by removing backpack..and those unwanted window 7 basic and rest f softwares ...i bet thn this can be the bestselling laptop of the year...

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05 Oct 2012
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certified buyer
HP Rocks with AMD,. Awesome Laptop., Say no to Intel and Jai ho to AMD

I have purchased this awesome product on July 2012 from Flip-kart. I was searching more than 3 months to select a laptop for my personal use such as gaming, multitasking, and best performance in affordable price. I have chosen Lenovo idea-pad z580 with i5(3rd generation) processor for good performance and good configuration. But the price is too cost, around 45k.

I had a plan to look in to AMD processor also. I saw this product before I place the order for Lenovo laptop. My mind changed last minute completely to this product based on its good configuration with in the range 35k.

Don't wait for anything go with this product. I have used more than 3 months. I felt awesome performance. I have given the technical aspects of this laptop as my perception.

I have compared this A8 processor with the i5 3rd generation processor which I have decided to buy first. I felt some what good about this processor. I made decision on this laptop and bought it.
1) A8-4500M has 4 cores - i5 3210 has 2 cores
Always go for more core for better performance. AMD gives you everything at low price. Intel processors always more cost and we will get the same kind of performance as from AMD.
2) Trinity Architecture - Ivy Bridge Architecture
Intel introduces the 3rd generation processors with ivy bridge architecture. Trinity architecture from AMD. ivy plays a little bit performance difference than trinity since it is using 22nm tech whereas trinity uses 32nm and the power consumption of ivy is 17watt and 35 watt from trinity.
3) 1.9GHZ to 2.8GHZ - 1.7GHZ to 2.6GHZ
High clock rate with more no of cores will give the good performance. Turbo boost technology from Intel gives i5 processor clock speed up to 2.6GHZ whereas from AMD, Turbo Core technology gives up to 2.8GHZ. Ivy gives little bit performance difference because of its 22nm and 17watt power consumption.
4) 4MB Cache - 3MB Cache
AMD gives you 4MB cache whereas Intel gives 3MB cache, It might also gives better performance. AMD A8 quad core processor better than i5 2nd generation I can surely say that and almost equivalent to i5 3rd generation.
5) Both has 4 threads
Now both processors giving you 4 threads. More threads more performance.
6) HD 7640G - HD 4000
Both the vendors giving us the integrated graphics to watch HD movies. Here, AMD Radeon HD 7640G graphics memory more powerful and faster than intel HD 4000 series graphics.

Over all I felt this processor is powerful and lowest price also. Now I can experience that, it is good powerful laptop. I can rate the processor as performance wise,
* i7 1st Generation
* i5 3rd Generation
* AMD A8 Quad core
* i5 2nd genration

Dedicated Graphics Memory:
This laptop gives us 1GB dedicated AMD Radeon 7670M + 512MB AMD Radeon 7640G integrated graphics gives you a very powerful graphics to GAMING as well as HD movies. This dual graphics gives us awesome performance.

HP LED Display with resolution 1366x768, looks good. HD movies are awesome in this display.

Altec speakers are good. You can listen the good music with Dolby Digital Sound System software in this laptop. You can enjoy the superb music with this laptop. I am giving you 100% assurance for this.

Web Camera:
Web camera quality is acceptable. We cannot say this as best camera. We can say it as good.

Key board is very good to type and it is smooth also. The arrow keys would have been arranged better way. If you play NFS or other games using those arrow keys, you will feel some what uncomfortable with those keys.

Battery Back up:
All the laptops will give approx 2 to 4 hours. If you surfing with this laptop you will get 2.5 hours to 3 hours. If you want more battery back up you can go with ultra books(min. 7 hours Battery back up).

Heating Issue:
In general all the people are thinking that AMD processors produce more heat and don't go for that. I am strongly disagree with that. If you use this laptop for normal usage and browsing purpose, you won't get heat. If you play any games then the processor gives heat, obviously this will happen with all the gaming laptops. One more thing, this processor has 4 cores, i5 have 2 cores so it produces heat lesser than this quad core processor. If you compare with i7 processor(heat producing scenario), you will come to know all the gaming processors produces heat.
So, If you play any games, you have to use cooling pad for better performance, since laptop gets more heat will resduce performance and battery life also.

Flip-kart Service:
I must say about this here because I got my awesome laptop from this online mega store very quickly. I personally thanks to the Flip-kart for their service to the customer. Keep up the good work!!

Finally I can rate this laptop as 4.9/5 and Flip-kart service as 5/5.
Don't wait and hesitate, go now, order now and enjoy with this product. :)

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29 Oct 2012
Best Gamer below 52k in india

I own this stuff and im telling u dont go for an intel + gpu combo .this amd dual gpu beats even an i7 + an dedicated gpu in most games and i have tested it myself with my friends laptops eg) batman arkham city , bf3 etc and this amds have an edge in gaming over intel and a dgpu counterparts.
Other than that the general computing speed is more than enough comparable to core i5 and u wont notice any lag in general usages also. Plays full 1080p videos smoothly even with onboard gpu.
performs well in photoshop ,etc....
amd quick stream, steady video tech. function well, can change cpu clocks from 1.4 ghz to 2.4 ghz
also no heating issues as intel fan boys say . this is 2nd gen trinity amd no more overheating issues, further cooled by hp cool sense
Important tweak- People who install a fresh win7 copy might have this particular issue. After installing windows u may notice ur fan runs mad and noisy also battery dies in 1 hr. For this install the stock catalyst drivers which came along or download from hp site. because this only contains the chipset ,usb 3 drivers along with graphics driver. this resolves the problem , then install catalyst 12.8 from amd home site after restarting ur gpu score should rise to 6.7.also download crossfire application profiles for dual gpu(hd 7640g+hd 7670m) gaming. dont go for 12.9 beta its no good 12.8 is the best. can play batman 2 with dual gpu at extreme preset only tesselation-off. (note- install 12.8 over the stock drivers witout uninstalling the old 12.4 stock drivers.)
list of games i have played so far
Cod- Mw2- native res(1366 by 768), ultra
mw3- native res, ultra
Nfs the run- native res, high
Avp 2010- native res dx11 ,ultra
Syndicate- native res, ultra
Batman 2 - native res, ulra ,dx 11-off
Deusex human rev.- native res, ultra
dirt 3- native res, ultra , few at high
Skyrim- Native res, ultra
mass effect 3- native res , ultra
crysis 1,warhead- native res, ultra
crysis 2- native res , dx 11-on ,ultra-high
F1 12-native res , ultra
Battke field badcompany 2- native res dx 11, ultra
Battle field 3- native res, dx11-on ultra , few at high
metro 2033- native rs dx 11, ultra- high mix
stalker- call of pripyat - native res dx11, ultra presets
( all games give more than 30fps (used fraps) and no stutter. dual gpu really works for batman 2, bf3, metro, crysis. others need only 7670m.)
use amd system monitor to confirm ur gpu selection in games.
very special feature is u can play games on battery power with no lag if configured properly unlike an intel + nvidia combo which require line supply in gaming.
So dont worry about over charging ur battery while gaming.
Usb 3, bluetooth 4 every stuff works fine.
Best price - perfomance ratio model in india.
Battery is excellent 3.5 -4.5 hrs
Dont listen to any one,Go for tis cheap n best ultimate gaming machine
For any troubleshooting u can contact me any time...........

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19 Jun 2012
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Value for Money...!!

I received the product from Flipkart before the estimated time..
I bought the product trusting the feedbacks from other users but disappointed on some points.. However, overall, I am happy with product and will rate it 4.5* .. :)

1. The piece I received contained only 1 RAM of 4 GB.. i.e., 1 Slot was free and can be used to upgrade :)
2. It has a 1600Mhz ram which runs at 800mhz (800 x 2 = 1600) Double Data Rate..
3. Heating problem is not really high under normal use.. However, gamers (this is meant for ) will need to use external keyboard as the heating will be more at left hand area..
4. Sound quality is good.. It does not spoil the quality even at loud volume levels (which is really loud :) )
5. Keyboard is chiclet and it comes with a numpad.. The experience is good..

Overall it is the best laptop available at this price (under 35k) right now.. If you cant wait for prices to change, go for it..

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04 Jul 2012
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certified buyer
Amazing Laptop for a Student!

I had a Dell Inspiron 15 for the Last 3 years. Dell has the worst service and worst quality. So after it got all buggy and battery died, i decided to buy a new Laptop.

I finalised this one, as its price to performance ratio is the best. Its a 33K Laptop with a Quad Core APU and Dual Graphics (1.5GB). No other Laptop or company, gave such specs at this price. The Build Quality is Very very nice. The battery life is 5-7 hrs, which is brilliant.

Unlike other reviews, my laptop never gets HOT and always stays cold.This may be because i only do basic use like surfing the web and office work. I even viewed some movies and the LED screen gives amazing results. The keyboard is Chicklet Style, which is great and the trackpad is the best i have ever used!

Overall, this laptop is a powerhouse. You can even upgrade the RAM to 8GB as one slot is empty. Its Quad Core CPU is the latest Trinity A8 which is said to comparable to i5/i7 (many of them are not even quadcore). The Laptop is very Smooth.

Flipkart gave a amazing offer with offering a CoolerMaster Cooling Pad, which works briliantly and is of good quality.I will be upgrading to Windows 8 soon.I ordered on 1 July(Sunday) and received on 4th July(Wednesday).Amazing Packaging and Phenomenal Service.

Overall i am very happy with my purchase and give HP and Flipkart a Big Thumbs Up!

Go for it. Its one of the best you can Buy!

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26 Jun 2012
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certified buyer
Don't Forget Windows 8

A great thing about purchasing this laptop now is its abilty to upgrade its mediocre windows basic to WINDOWS 8 PROFESSIONAL at just Rs 700!!..microSoft allows all consumers who purchased windows 7 basic/premium/ultimate since June 2012 to download
WIN8 PROFESSIONAL when its released.WIN8,when its released cost at least Rs7000 if not more.See... you're effectively getting a premium OS...I say.

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01 Nov 2012
My Gaming Dream

Guys. I own this laptop from 4 months. This is a absolute bang for money. I'm very happy with the performance of this laptop and HP Support. I ordered a Backup DVD from HP For Free. They provide very good support.

Pros :

* Extremely good for gaming.
* Good speakers.
* Good display
* I love the chicklet Keyboard.

Cons :
***** NIL *****

The people who think it heats up are wrong. Yes the laptop heats while playing games and goes upto 87 degrees at the max. But this is natural for a laptop for this kind of power. My Friend's i7 laptop goes to 93 degrees(Dont know how it survives :D).


The only important thing. U have to ** DISABLE CROSSFIRE ** and switch on to ** HIGH PERFORMANCE ** mode from graphics control panel. Believe me Crossfire results in degraded performance and bugs. In HIGH Performance, U have complete access only to 7670m and trust ME.. Its a ALONE MONSTER. If it works parallely with 7640g, it doesnt work that well..

The following are the FPS I got with GAMES:

*Dirt Showdown - HIGH - 45 FPS
*Crysis 2 - Gamer - 40 FPS
*GTA IV - Very High - 25 FPS (This is not stable)
*Mafia II - High - 35 FPS
*NFS Hot Pursuit - High - 30 FPS
*NFS Run - Medium - 30 FPS(High--> 25 FPS)
*Assassins Creed
Revelations - HIGH - 40 FPS
*Assassins Creed
II - HIGH - 30 FPS
*Battlefield 3 - HIGH - 35 FPS(Medium--> 40 FPS)
*LA Noire - HIGH - 25-30 FPS
*Alan Wake - LOW - 25 FPS
*COD MW3 - HIGH - 30 FPS
*Left4Dead 2 - HIGH - 50 FPS
*Max Payne 3 - HIGH - 45 FPS
*Skyrim - HIGH - 30 FPS
*Darkness II - HIGH - 60 FPS
*Medal Of Honor - HIGH - 35 FPS
* Splinter Cell convinction - HIGH - 30 FPS

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25 Aug 2012
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certified buyer
Good product but read couple of things before you buy

I finalized on this product after reading tons of reviews about other laptops. It is indeed a great product that you can use well for gaming and watching HD movies. So far I could play Alan Wake & COD MW3 without any glitch or lag. However when I played Alan Wake for longer duration this lappy seems to get heating rapidly. This will not be an issue if you use cooling pad right from the beginning.

Cons: If you already have a laptop and are using some software, make sure that you have 64 bit copy of that software. Though you can always run it in a compatibility mode but a few software don't run even in compatibility mode.
One of the biggest problems is this lappy comes with Windows home edition. However you can anytime upgrade to higher versions.

Pros: Gaming experience is very enriching and awesome. Heating is a bit problematic but you get a cooling pad free with this product.

Important to note - if you are planning to upgrade OS of this product then make sure that you copy the folder named "SWSetup" located in C drive. This folder contains drivers for video, audio and graphics card. In addition, all HP software are also located in this folder. So in future when you upgrade, you can easily install all drivers from this copied folder.

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06 Jul 2012
It's config. shocked me !!

I saw this product while i was finding a laptop for my friend.
I own Dell XPS 15 , but such a configuration at such low price is worth noticing.
It has good shape and finishing touch as well.

I have just lost my senses after seeing this product.....i mean , it's awesome...!!

Go for it if you are planning to buy a new laptop for a very less price.....I recommend this instead of Dell Inspiron :)

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