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HP Pavilion G6-2314AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 6GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 1.5GB Graph): Computer

Reviews of HP Pavilion G6-2314AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 6GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 1.5GB Graph)

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31 Oct 2012
first to review
Finally arrives to replace its successor G6 2005AX.

This model is just the redefined or in other words Improved version of HP Pavillion G6 2005AX.
Following things have been changed in this :-

Changes | 2005AX | 2010AX | Comment
RAM | 4GB | 6GB | Better
HDD | 500GB | 1TB | Better
OS | Win7 Home Basic | DOS | who cares when Windows 8 is on the go.
Price > G6 2010AX is quiet less in price than g6 2005AX.
Rest all is same.

I guess this is a better coz upgraded RAM & HDD is quiet good bargain for Windows 7 Home Basic.
You should go for this ... !!!

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24 Dec 2012
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Totally worth!!

Bought this laptop on 3rd december from flipkart. Well everyone is aware of the timely delivery about flipkart so won't say more on that.

This laptop is nice and sleek, elegant in appearance.

Island style keyboard:
Provides smooth way of typing. Yes ofcourse if users use navigation keys to the maximum, then they might have to handle a little bit of disappointment as the keys are comparatively smaller than normal.

Touchpad with multi touch gesture is a good one to have.

Switchable graphics:
You can switch between the Radeon and GPU which is a nice functionality to have as more battery can be saved by switching to GPU. Well i play games a lot and with 1.5 GB of graphics, all the games that i have played so far on this machine, got executed without any lag or jamming in the screen. Have tried, Assassin's Creed 2, Batman Arkhum, Hitman Absolution, NFS 2012 most wanted, Max Payne 3 and all worked fine. All in all, a wonderfull experience with the Dual graphic option so far. Yes of Course, Battery won't last longer if playing high graphic games and will have to plugin in the batteries for charge.

Works fine, lasts approx 4 hours during normal usage. I configured almost all the softwares to use/unuse the graphic card. For those applications, where graphic card usage is not needed(opera, flash plugin..), i disabled the graphics and for media players like VLC, Flash,.. selected the power saving mode. Rest chose high performance graphics for all the gaming applications. That way the battery backup is fine uptill 3.5 hours as i switch between movies, videos, to net surfing, to listening music. Overall improved battery performance over HP's predecessor laptops.

Heat Issue:
Well unlike other old HP laptops with AMD, i was a bit skeptical whether my system will heat up and shutdown or what.. but nothing encountered till date and since HP cool sense application keeps your system cool, you don't have to worry about anything. I have played games for more than 7 hours non stop and din't encounter any over heat issue. Yes during normal usage, there wont be any issues but once you start playing games, temparature increases but that happens with all the laptops and desktops. For me the heat level increased upto 45-50 deg in my laptop while playing games, but it never created a problem for me. My experience overall on this "Heat Issue" - I am relaxed and not worried. You can always buy a cooling pad anytime..

Whopping 1 TB hdd space.. !! :)

I have used intel i5 2nd generation and now using 2.8 GHz/1.9 GHz AMD Quad-Core A8. To be honest, you won't even notice the difference in the performance. If you guys are thinking to use this configuration for business applications, i bet you will not face any performance issues. But come on yaar, this is a personal laptop for home entertainment :)

Ram: 6GB :) More than enough for everyday applications. It seems, this one cannot be upgraded beyond 8 GB. I tried digging through the support sites and found that due to architecture limitations, the BIOS wont support RAM more than 8 GB. But i am sure, 90% of the users will be happy and satisfied with 6 GB RAM. Since there are no unused slots..(4GB + 2GB in the slots), upgrading the ram from 6 GB to 8 GB, will render 2GB RAM as unused if replaced by another 4GBRAM. Overall very much happy with 6GB RAM (Played games with few applications open in the backend without any memory issue).

4MB L2 Cache: Concept first - special type of memory, quicker to access. Imagine using some applications recently.. and then you move on to some other suff. These recently used data is stored in the cache and the CPU can fetch the data directly from the L2 cache rather than waiting for the RAM and hence the function you are trying to perform will happen fast. Old processors used to come with L1 cache wherein this one is far better with 4MB L2 cache.

Enough said about the core features of the laptop, i would just like to say to my friends thinking to purchase this laptop that, don't hesitate, just buy it wihout any fear. Best configuration** at the best price.

** Researched almost all the available options for a better configuration matching an affordable price range and finally pinned this one down. Well it's nice performance delivered in less price.. :)

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11 Nov 2012
Awesome Lappy!! Drivers missing & Heating issue..

Bought this lappy last sunday.. got it delivered at my place Thursday afternoon. Flipkart packaging & delivery was as usual ,impeccable. loved the polished black look of the laptop. unpacked it instantly & installed Win 7. There is a big issue of heating up of the lappy unless u own a cooler like me.

& also drivers are missing. so those who don't have a system around with internet access are in for some headache.
I myself have been unable to install all the drivers as of yet as i couldn't locate the drivers in HP Website, till last night.

But I just found out the drivers for it.

go to:

for drivers, hope it actually helps some people.

would love to give more review once i actually start using the lappy properly.

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13 Nov 2012
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Excellent laptop (Value for money)

I bought this laptop on Flipkart the day it was launched here.. i.e. 31st October, 2012. But somehow due to delays Flipkart delivered to me this laptop on 9th November only.. But to make up for it, when I ordered this laptop on 31st, there was no backpack but Flipkart delivered a backpack as well as it was on offer when my laptop was shipped.
Kudos to Flipkart.....
Now on the Laptop itself..
1. Solid Build Quality: This laptop is very nicely build as compared to most of the other laptops.
2. Processor: AMD A8-4500m is more than sufficient for most of the casual users. My last laptop was with an Intel Core i5 1st generation processor, I can feel this processor is faster by leaps & bounds.
3. RAM: 6 GB is more than sufficient for all kinds of tasks including Gaming. Also the RAM is 1600 MHz which is much faster than 1333 MHz RAM that we get with laptops containing Intel processors.
4. Hard Disk: 1 TB 5400 RPM. 500 GB is the average you can get in laptops today. 1 TB is an icing on the cake. Only thing you can ask for is the hard disk should be 7200 RPM, but at such a price, we can't expect that.
5. Keyboard: Chicklet keyboard is very good. There is adequate distance between the keys.
6. Trackpad is nice & rough which allows easy movement of ur fingers. Only problems is multitouch. I don't know how that feature works. So maybe I don't know how to use it.
7. Battery Life: Battery Life is solid. I get around 3-3.5 hrs of battery backup on normal usage.
8. Temperature & Noise: To my surprise this laptop doesn't heat much at all & it is very silent as well
9. GPU: GPU is sufficient for almost all games available today. You can play any game on default settings.
10. Dual Graphics & Options: If you are using the laptop only for gaming then only enable dual graphics. Otherwise there is an option to disable dual graphics in the AMD catalyst Menu. I have disabled dual graphics that keeps my laptop cooler & gives better battery life.
11. USB 3.0 Ports: I am planning to buy a USB 3.0 external hard disk in Future. So this is helpful as well.
12. HP Offer: I got an offer to buy Nikon Coolpix camera 16MP for just Rs. 2499. I will be using this offer as my brother wants this camera.
13. Price: Price was the one thing about this laptop that sealed the deal for me. A similar performing laptop with Intel Processor & Nvidia Graphics card will cost you upwards of 50000.
14. Windows 8 Experience: I have not installed Windows 7, but for Windows 8, I can surely say this laptop gives you a very good experience.

1. Screen: I didn't like the screen that much. Screen is OK-OK. I found it less bright & contrast wise as compared to my older laptop.
2. Camera could have been better.

Overall, I'm simply loving this Laptop. Thanks a lot, Flipkart.....

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06 Nov 2012
The Ultimate Deal

This one makes me feel like buying g6-2005ax was a mistake. With +2GB ram and +500GB Hard Disk at the same price, I think HP AMD machines are going to be the only ones selling for quite some time now.

You will need to buy a cooling pad separately with this if you plan on using this for gaming. If you are not going to be using this for gaming, just go to the AMD vision center and disable the dual graphics. The temperature drops by at least 5 degrees and battery backup increases by at least a healthy 25%.

There isn't a game that this laptop won't be able to run (maybe some at reduced settings, but everything will run). I can say that based on my experience with 2005AX.

Currently my laptop operates at a healthly 25-30 deg.C in normal usage (dual graphics disabled). Goes to 70-80 deg. C when playing heavy games like LA Noire, NFS the run, Battlefield 3, etc.
Battery Backup of about 4.5 hours in normal usage. If watching a movie, make it 2.5 hours. DO NOT PLAY GAMES WHEN ON BATTERY.

Remember: All reviews of G6-2005AX are also applicable to this one.

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18 Dec 2012
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Amazing laptop at great price

The G6-2010AX is an amazing laptop and its unbelievable that it is available at this price. The system can handle multitasking very well. I opened upto 15 tabs in Chrome while watching a HD video and it still ran without a hitch. The AMD 7640G + 7670M graphics combo also helps games run very smooth. Some reviewers here have said that running games with Dual Graphics enabled causes glitches and bugs during gameplay but I haven't seen any so far. I've run Batman Arkham City, Spec Ops : The Line and Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2 and they run perfectly on High settings giving 50+ FPS. Just make sure you have all the proper drivers from the HP website installed. Others also complain that the laptop can heat up during intensive use. Again, I've played games for 1.5hrs+ and it still is running cool. HP CoolSense is there to avoid any heating issues. No need for any cooling pad in my opinion.

I gave it 4/5 because installing the drivers was a headache and there are more than 20 files on the HP website for this laptop and we have to guess and install the ones we need. FYI, the bluetooth driver provided on the site is wrong (at least for me), download the Atheros driver instead. Or if you want to avoid the headache of installing an OS and drivers, get the G6-2005AX but know that you'll be sacrificing an extra 2GB of RAM and 500GB of HDD space. Both are great systems but the G6-2010AX has the performance edge for the same cost.

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10 Dec 2012
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@viveka and pranay shegde

@ viveka: Yes you need to download the manuals from the hp site only, they won't magically appear in your windows7. About usb 3.0, they will work once you have downloaded the graphics drivers from the packgae you mentioned on hp's site
@ Pranay: I made my bluetooth work in a different way. But, yeah it does work and i am facing the same unknown pci device problem! I have contacted hp and i will post once i have a solution to it.

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Rivu Basu
09 Nov 2012
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Excellent Laptop: Review from a non geek

I made a detailed search of laptops in various sites and also in the market.
My requirements were:

1. Good hard disk
2. Good temporary memory (RAM) and GPU
3. Fast processor

as, besides doing the regular jobs in a laptop, i wanted to edit HD movies and play games. Intel laptops, i learnt are the best, like i5 laptops, though have 2 cores, can make it work like 4 cores by hyperthreading. and these cores are those things that can do separate jobs together, like juggling with 4 balls. also you need a RAM, that will temporarily store the informations u r working with. this is all i gathered, and i am an extremely non technical person. but i5 laptops with 4 GB RAM was burning a hole in my pocket. also hard disk was mere 500 GB. i was zeroing on the 2005 AX, with probably the highest number of reviews, but was sceptic about AMD issues, especially heating. then this beauty was launched. if you know how to install the softwares and only want to concentrate on the hardware, this is the laptop u wanted. a whooping 6 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard disk, graphics card, what more do u want. of course i agree that the AMD quadcore is slower than the i5 (3rd generation)(as from review), but trust me, i wont do works of that level to feel the difference. and its lot cheaper too. only thing is the heating issue, which till now i have overcome by switching off the graphics card. u can switch it on when gaming, editing, but have to use a cooling pad, and on mains power. also the battery backup is good. it suits my taste, my pocket, its like a "poor man"'s dream come true, as to get intel laptops ith this configuration, u need to shell out 60k minimum. so take your decision.

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04 Apr 2013
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Masterpiece!!! Go for it...

Hi Guys.. Now I am going to write my experience of last 2 weeks with this laptop (HP G6-2314ax Notebook)..

The problems that I faced and their solution:

1) No Operating system..
soln: I installed window7 and Ubuntu 12.10 (easy one!!)

2) No drivers for windows7
soln: the laptop does not come with any driver cd so you have to download the drivers from hp website. But when you go to hp support website, it shows that this laptop supports only windows8.
Actually, this lappy has exactly same config as hp g6 2010ax which supports windows7. so drivers for that one work for this too. some guys have already posted the link to that page (Thanks guys!!!) so make use of that..

Note: you have to download driver for network from some other computer coz you wont be able to access network hardware without drivers.

In Ubuntu, its not really a problem 'coz it automatically detects hardware.

2) laptop running only 1 hr on battery in ubuntu as well as in windows
soln. drivers for battery are included in video graphics driver so once you install graphics driver, it starts showing atleast 2-3 hr. and once you calibrate it properly it gives around 4-5 hr on normal usage and 3-4 hrs on using power hungry applications. (haven't played any games yet so can't say about that!!)

3) Laptop getting heated
soln: on first day of using this laptop, it got heated in around 30 min. but then i realized that the exhaust fan area was getting blocked. So I placed a book to elevate the laptop about an inch from the horizontal. since then i have used the laptop for 8-10 hrs at a stretch without getting heated up.

Things that I liked about this lappy!!
--> 1 TB hard disk...
--> 6 gb of RAM...
--> Display is really nice...
--> Keyboard and touchpad are good and multitouch and gesture support comes very handy..
--> 2 X USB 3.0, 1 X USB 2.0.. copied 80 gb in 30 min from my ext hdd (3.0)

Things that are not great but ok..
--> Webcam is not HD.. but it works quiet good for a 0.3 MP..
--> a little heavy.. bt you wont notice the difference after a while..
--> processor is locked at 1.9 ghz (havn't found a way to overclock.. yet..)

Only thing that I didn't like was the HP laptop bag that came with this. It appears cheap.

Overall a very good laptop for this price.. go for it!!

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Flipkart Customer
16 Jan 2013
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certified buyer
Beast in the MAking!!

First of all Kudos to Flipkart for the instant delivery-5/5

About the machine...It's a beast! (in all ASpects). Now my rating says it all....i dont intend to repeat the same sentences again and again....we have enuf reviews describing the laptop!
Pros:The Price ,the specs of the lappy,the build all in all its a BIG BIG pro in itself:D :D
A big mention to the SPEAKERS.....GOD!! ive never seen such good laptop speakers in my life,combine it with good quality headfones(tekfusion in my case)....Its an 'EXPERIENCE' people!!!
1.Heats up during gameplay!!....all machines do.Seriously ul be an idiot to let go the machine becoz of this reason.
2.'I felt' the arrow keys are a tab bit small. Guess thats to make the keyboard more compact.I adjust with the numpad keys for FIFA ,NFS etc.

So like most of them I wud like to say the same...."Just Go for it"!!!

P.S:The laptop comes in stock between 2-4 pm(on certain days) it was out of stock i used to check it on a daily/hourly basis and found this as the case. Goes out of stock within an hour or so....dats the demand guys.Cheers!!

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