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HTC Chacha: Mobile

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24 Aug 2011
Very nice phone bugged by Android Dialer batter issue

1) Features: overall nice features. you get what you could expect from a android 2.3.3 device. No shortcomings I see except the absence quick settings tab when you open the notification bar. Migration from my nokia e71 to ChaCha was easy and seamless using phone transfer wizard.

2) Performance: I am not a multimedia guy, so please dont expect me comment music movies and gaming performance of this phone. UI looks cool, polished and pro, as expected from an HTC device. There is absolutely no lag whatsoever when the phone is used.

3) Build: The phone looks premium but I guess its not sturdy. Most of the body is plastic. I have moved on from nokia e71 so this build quality would never impress me.

4) Calling is good: I used to get dropped calls from my e71 but this phone has really been nice so far. no dropped calls no noise in conversation.

5) Battery Backup: Dont curse the phone. There is a bug in Android dialler (Android issue id=17383) that is responsible for poor battery backup. once fixed I guess one should get about 36 hour battery support easily with moderate usage. For now I am using battery saver and task manager apps to drag battery life beyond a day. Thanks to google X-(. Just waiting for the dialer fix.

Overall a nice Value for money phone if battery bug gets fixed from google.

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23 Aug 2012
Beware HTC has discontinued HTC CHaCHa

HTC has discontinued HTC CHaCHa because:

1)Poor battery life.
2)CPU Overheating during gaming.
3)Poor Camera

However if you can live with 5 hours battery life & can tolerate heating of your device , go for it.

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22 Sep 2012
good looking , good touch sensitivity

Key features are best in this price .It takes a little blue button and we get the point, but the QWERTY keyboard is a statement of its own too.Great Facebook integration,Thought-out UI
,Typing is a dream,Small battery with a long life and quick charge
,Responsive touchscreen

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16 Jun 2012
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One of the best social networking device!

It's a great phone if you are someone who uses Facebook and Twitter a lot. The batter is definitely a downside. I don't think there is a Dialer "bug" on this phone. The Dialer just does a lot of work syncing all of your contacts' social networking info. It is working all the time in the background. The battery lasted 9 hrs on the first day. It improved to having to charge once every night (roughly 16 hrs battery time) from the second day onwards. I suggest you charge the phone for the first few days overnight with the phone switched off. I just believe it helps the battery get a little better if anything.

You will need Juice Defender app to help you get the best out of the 1250 mAh battery.

Not a great phone if you are looking to play games on it. Install every form of social networking app including Skype, Whatsapp and the likes and it is worth every rupee you spend on it.

Download Adobe and you could read pdf books on this too, although you'll find the screen space quite tight and just enough. The display is the best thing on the ChaCha and the thing I love most about this phone. The Gorilla Glass relieves you of all worries about keys and phone in the same pocket. No screen guard, no scratches.

I found the internal memory sufficient. After installing the apps I've mentioned above, I have got 51MB left. Which is not a lot, but works fine for me.

Be sure to get 3G data pack on. That's an additional expense you should make room for if you want to make full use of the device.

The QWERTY keypad is perhaps the best ever. Nokia X2 01 has one of the best QWERTY keypads of all QWERTY phones. This one is better than that!

The Gingerbread is great with seamless touch experience and overall a great phone to carry with you and be on the grid all the time. I give it 4 stars, because it is a great phone in everything it promises to be, except for the battery. But the battery will only get better as you use it along further charging cycles.

Good luck :)

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05 Jun 2012
best phone to buy in this range

probably one of the best phone available in INDIA at this range
completely loaded with features n had taken care of each single need of youth n had touch n type system. i think no one can expect more than this with htc at this price tag

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06 Feb 2012
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Really happy with this phone

My requirements were quite clear, Android, Qwerty and No Micromax/Spice(based on previous experience). There was not much choice with these specs, but really happy with this phone. Touch is very smooth, keys are good, well spaced. People looking for big screens should not go for this. Android and HTC sense does not really require my review as everyone knows what they are all about.

If i have to be really critical i'd say battery could be an issue for some people. It isn't that bad, as it works for me fine. They could've really used the space below screen for a D-pad. Arrow keys are not much of use. But lack of D-pad doesn't hamper its usablity as touch screen is quite smooth. In built memory is good but like many other phones, pe-installed apps take-up lot of space, which you cannot remove without re-installing system.

For me it 90% love, just 10% "could've-been-better"...

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25 Jan 2012
Handy phone

I was confused between two android phone one is Motorola fire and another HTC chacha and ended up buying Chacha. its a very handy phone...Superb touch, Good camera clarity.
But it has one drawback i.e. battery backup..
I have to charge it in every 12-16 hours...

Still i suggest go for it...

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22 Jan 2012
Loser Performer???

The features of this phone is fantastic. 800MHz processor is fast. QWERTY Keypad is well-sized for fat fingers. Display is good.


1. Internal memory is too low for a phone with features like this. 150 MB is meagre, you'll need more for sure.
2. Close all network related settings (BT, Wi-Fi, GPRS, GPS) and use the phone only to call (an average 1 hour calls a day).
Battery will exhaust in less than 30 hours! Means, charge every night!
3. Browsing Facebook is easy. Playing Angry Birds is easy. Listening to music is easy...
all at the expense of a great amount of heat. The device can literally be used as a substitute to your immersion heater. Gets too hot in no time.

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21 Oct 2011
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Not Worth very very poor battery

Just bought it and returning it.Cant make outgoing calls(defective).I don't understand if the company knows product has poor battery life discontinue the model,why cheat customers.The battery runs out in one hour just by checking emails and browsing face Book.A very bad product from HTC.

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31 Dec 2012
Please read once before buying

I bought this phone (not from flipkart) after supposedly doing alot of research and reading a lot of reviews. Prima facie,it seems like a good phone for the physical qwerty keyboard fans. It has a beautiful qwerty keyboard with a lot of space betweenthe keys. This makes typing a hell of an easier job. Then, it comes with Android, however this one is a little different than thenormal android 2.3. I guess that is done to suit the landscape version and layout of the phone. It annoyed me that thenotification bar did not have shortcuts to enable/disable wifi, bluetooth etc whichis found in the samsung phones.
The phone has a front camera, but i was not able to use skype with it.infact, skype was not even getting installed.
But the biggest disappointment of all, something which was not even mentioned in some of the reviews, it has a really reallylow internal memory. When you turn on a brandnew phone, it has about 60mbfree, by the time you sign in to google, sync thegoogle and facebook accounts,install updates to android market,facebook, google maps, etc,youareleftonlywithabout 20 mb free. So you cannnot downloaad all the apps you want because after downloading,you get an error " insufficient storage". This is really very disappointing because i thought that the advantage of having android is that you can customize it as you like it. but this feature is severely impacted because of this shortcoming. Using apps like app2sd does not help because not all apps can be moved to sd card.
The battery backup is alsonot great. It just about lasts for one day with bluetooth and data on.

So if you take my advice, i think there are a lot better phones out there, if you really want a qwerty keyboard, i guess there is nothing better than a blackberry.

My two cents.


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