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HTC Sensation (Carbon Grey, 1 GB): Mobile

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16 Apr 2012
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Had it for 20 days now.. Satisfied!!

Ok.. So had it for 20 days.. The PROS and CONS firsthand..
1. Very very gorgeous compared to Galaxy S2
2. Samoled screen was something that attracted me towards S2 but trust me.. This has SLCD screen which in noway can be called bad at all.. Its dazzling..!!
3. SENSE interface rocks.. far better than anything else..
4. Bit heavier than others but I like it that way personally., no plasticy feel.
5. Camera is the best mobile camera I ever had. Flash doesnt spoil pictures..
6. I bought it for 24K its worth the money!!

1. Since I said as a pros.."No plasticy feel".. its metalic body heats up, is not a big issue though for me.. but heat means energy loss, not sure if that affects battery life.
2. Ringtone volume could have been louder, specially for India where environments are noisier. But vibrator doesnt let you miss any call. Ring tones are loud enough to be heard in places the phone of this standard deserves to be.. :P
3. Earphones should have been of better quality..after 24 k u expect that.. Bundle earphones are good but not great.
4. I would still say.. Nokia will slightly win over call quality and sound depth during call, but the phone beats in all other departments.. so its negotiable.
5. No physical Camera button.. I miss this.. :( You cant take your own shots by the primary camera,, until in-front of a mirror.. :)

1. Battery will last for 1 day if you use your smartphone like a smartphone..Dont expect the battery last for 2 3 days like nokia as no smartphone will give that until you use ur smart phone as a stupid phone in total offline mode.
2. Regarding deathgrip issue: If you want to exhibit deathgrip issue, yes you can! but if you want to avoid it, again you can..!! So not a showstopper..
3. Volume switch is bit too big.. often gets pressed due to large size, leading to unwanted volume alterations.. will get used to though..
4. Girls go for 3.7 inch screen as this 4.3 inch will be a bit tough for you to handle this in one hand.. Just a suggestion.. :)


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18 Jun 2011
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Sensation vs SII

HTC Sensation and Galaxy SII have obviously put all of us in a real dilemma over which "superphone" to buy. Here's why I think the Sensation wins over the SII, based on all the reviews and videos I've seen. SII has a better screen and more RAM - period, but this is a winner only if you really really prefer that extra contrast on your display which some are even calling Unnatural..!! the Sensation wins in terms of design - both aesthetics and UI. you cannot even being to compare Sense 3.0 to TouchWiz. and the sII looks so much like a rip-off of the iPhone - wheres the originality in it??? Browser experience is 'supposedly' more smooth in the SII but what you're forgetting is that the sensation is rendering more pixels[960x540] at any given point than the SII, and the sensation is still able to keep pace with it. the dual-core processor in the sensation runs in an 'asynchronous' mode, thereby being more power efficient. more pixels means a sharper screen. the alumium casing is much better than the plain plasticy feel of the sII. personally i feel that HTC has been more daring in really pushing the limits to what your phone can provide from a UI and UX perspective, albeit at the cost of using more RAM; but its better than 'pretending' to have provided a faster phone by just upping the specs and not making any substantial change otherwise [that's the sII]. the Sensation wins hands down - just for being the more original of the two!!!!

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15 Jun 2011
Go for HTC

I would suggest everyone that yes there is a tough competition between the HTC sensation and S2 but the very main thing about android phones is the UI which is made by the company that for me matters a lot and believe me from the time i have seen HTC sense 3.0, the samsung Touchwiz is totally crap in front of it..Im bored looking at same touchwiz and HTC sense rocksss in all terms so my say go for it blind fold...Also every phone has something less like battery or space but after all its your own taste which can make you buy the phone. I love mobile phones and i love them a lot. GO FOR IT.

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22 Jun 2011
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Awesome ... i am loving it

This phone is seriously awesome. The performance is great , the dual core has really done the magic. HTC sense just gets better, 3.0 can't ask for more. Really enjoying the qHD. My friends own incredible and samsung sII
incredible - processor does take toll. The systems hangs every 4-5 days. Didn't see any such problem in sensation. :)
samsung sII - contrast is high but sometimes more than needed. Due to lack of aspect-ratio of 16:9 .. the videos get stretched many a times. Though sII is extremely light but i enjoy the feel of sensation.

I am really loving it .. Thanks HTC

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13 Jun 2011
This phone is seriously good

After waiting and waiting, reading reviews after reviews, making comparisons I decided to go for the GS2 for two simple reasons :

1) 16 GB Inbuilt Storage
2) Ease of availability of service centers (there are three near my home)

But still this phone is seriously good. Users will have a hard time deciding which one to buy. I spent many indecisive hours doing so. I recommend buyers not go by one or two review sites. Instead look for as many as you can and consider other factors too (service centers for example) before deciding on this one or the GS2. I will tell others this, that its going to be the toughest decision you are going to make. Good luck and have fun.

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13 Jun 2011
Go for S2

After waiting for long for Sensation, I have now decided to go for S2 instead

Samsung has produced a winner and seems to have an edge over HTC on many counts
-larger inbuilt memory
-Lesser weight but that is die to it's plastic body
-Higher capacity battery
-Arguably better processor even though frequency is same

Sensation though has dual LED flash & more pixels packed in the same 4.3" screen

Also stories are abound with Death Grip issue of Sensation

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26 Jun 2011
Htc Sensation Review

i 'll keep it simple. HTC is just like Honda (Stable-Reliable-Efficient) in any condition,Where SAMSUNG is like Bajaj (Fast but Unstable,Hangs a lot while multitasking) and it's Touch-wiz is Nowhere Near to the HTC SENSE 3.0
So, it's up on you weather you burn your your money of SAMSUNG shit or Double it on HTC.

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17 Jun 2011
Sensation's big drawback

"signed bootloader" - Means no rooting or custom ROMs. :(

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15 Jun 2011
Htc Sensation

Htc Sensation has the best UI,also aluminium uni-body.Rest Samsung GS2 is better in all aspects.....the better processor,better screen,internal memory,service centers....Also i ve heard about the death grip issues of Htc Sensation....So I am going for Samsung GS2.....I ve already ordered it from flipkart.....i ll recieve it by 23....Cheers Every1 !

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14 Jul 2011
DLNA and hdmi IN HTC sensation

DLNA is all about the Digital Home and getting the devices you use everyday to work together. DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance, and is basically a set of rules that electronics companies are all following in order for devices to talk to each other.HTC SENSATION HAS DLNA Function of the handset where You can view images and videos on the big screen wirelessly .HDMI connects digital audio/video sources (such as set-top boxes, DVD players, HD DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players, AVCHD camcorders, personal computers (PCs), video game consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and AV receivers) to compatible digital audio devices, computer monitors, video projectors, tablet computers, and digital televisions.[1]

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