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HTC Sensation XE (Black, 1 GB): Mobile

Reviews of HTC Sensation XE (Black, 1 GB)

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06 Nov 2011
Flipkart Pricing touch is missing!

Undoubtedly one of the best smartphones. But the pricing is 32.4K, come on flipkart, give us some offers.I expected some kind of deal like extra accessories or cash back. All i see is the market price.

Coming to the phone, the phone is a beast in terms of processing speed, but the 700 MB RAM, makes me to think, however it gives a 1 Gig of ROM. When compared to SGS II , the front camera is 0.3 MP where SGS II is having 2 MP.
On the positive side, the graphics are very brilliant, smooth. HTC Sense is too good.Above all Beats integrated music with pair of Dr. Dre headsets.

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07 Nov 2011
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Ordered it

Just ordered, Can't wait to have it. The phone seems to have so much in it.
I went to the shop twice to buy a Samsung S2 but for some reason ,i backed out, only to find out about this genius piece.

Few reaons why i chose XE over S2.
1. Its not that expensive when compared to S2, and you get 1.5ghz dual core for a couple fo thousands extra.
2. You get iBeats. This is somehting which attracted me to buy this phone. If i want to buy this headset alone, it would cost me over 5k.
3. So for a little over 3k(compared to S2) , i get a 1.5 dual core iBeats integrated Beats Audio dual LED flash and HTC sense , better battery, which i feels is amazing.

Thanks HTC

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05 Nov 2011
Feel The Power

fatsest and powerful proccesor- 1.5ghz dual core processor, it's equivalent to intel atom processor which is used in it's give amazing speed to the device.

good ram- 768mb ram good enough for business and persional need.

graphics- latest aderno 210 processor, it's easily capable for full web browsing and full flash support, you can play any game without any lag or distortion.

camera- 8mp full hd camera good enough for your daily need.

screen- 4.3inch so you feel tablet like performance.

battery- 1730mah is very good but the device has very powerfull processor so it's consume more power. so you can stay 24 to 48 hour according to your uses

the hardware is easily capable for run windows7 starter so you can thing
what the amazing it is.

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19 Nov 2011
Powerful Elegant and Sensational

HTC Sensation XE has everything you want from a smart phone. It has a powerful processor and good enough RAM to process your requests.

Lets face it, company is targeting the phones for pure audio-philes, and the phone stands up for it, its sound quality is better than that of i-phone, and the free i-beats with HTC Sensation XE provide bass and sound quality which will make you hate all other headsets you have ever used. Well you get i-beats alone in market for 6000 bucks, so you can expect that much from them.

Its internal integration from facebook, google contacts, whats app contacts, twitter contacts and Microsoft Exchange links all your contacts at one place.

It has a beautiful UI and powerful hardware to support it. Lets just say I am in love with this phone.

But being said all that, lets see what are the disadvantages of this phone.

It has a 1750 mAH battery, with 4.63 inch screen 1.5 Ghz processor and Adreno 220 GPU, surely this all drains a lot of battery. Using smartphones you must be used to shorter battery life, but with this giant, any battery might seem not enough. Battery drains out very quickly, and if you use your phone excessively like i do, this will be a huge disappointment.

Coming to Camera quality, it has a VGA front camera, it doesnt matter untill and unless you make 3g video calls, but if you do, it will again disappoint you.

The phone's contrast levels are not THAT impressive as of Samsung Galaxy S II, phone does not have a perfect black, you wont be able to notice it until and unless you are looking for it.

Phone has a RAM only of 768 MB RAM, it sounded strange to me, how can you give a phone 1.5 GHZ processor, 4 GB internal memory ( only 1 GB available to user) and still give it only 768 mb ram ? This might be a little upsetting if you have way too many widgets and applications running.

Over all conclusion, despite its cons, phone is worth loving and sensational, if you can ignore the above few things, its the best thing in the market to buy. But like i have always said, before buying, be sure of what you want.

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06 Dec 2011
Just Brilliant

Didnot get it from FLipkart ... But I have a Sensation Z710E as This one was not out... Have been Using it for over 7 months since it has come out andriod 2.3.4 Has it figured out.

Rule No 1: If you are a Fanboy ( Apple fan ) Keep keep it out of under rating a Very good phone.

The phone is just amazing. I have a Iphone 4s and i still prefer my Sensation. SGS 2 is a good phone but for I DONT LIKE IT ( personal opinion)

Try to do the benchmark Iphone will come out front a simple reason it has apps and a browser that is using the dual core functionality.

FYI : NEXUS prime is Where you are going to get ANdriod 4.0. And people who are looking for the new Andriod version in the long run SENSATION is the first phone on HTC thats gonna get it and 4.0 uses the dual core functionality and also the battery usage is taken care of.

for the people who talk about the price of the HTC and other phone and use a Iphone can you tell me whats the price of the Iphone you bought ???? And is it jailbroken or factory unlocked ?? Did you get it india if its low priced ?

Its easy to under rate its hard to take a competition head on.


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06 Nov 2011
This Phone Is a Monster.......

I'm gonna make this review very short..

Important Features:
>1gb of internal memory(Hell yeah!!!, now i don't have to worry about internal memory getting full after instaling some apps and games)
>1.5 GHz dual Scorpion CPUs, Adreno 220 GPU- The best processor to handle any kind of apps flawlessly, never gets hanged or get stuck

>Beats audio enhancement and premium Monster ibeats headset

>1080p and 720p video recording @ 30fps

>4.3” Gorilla glass protected S-LCD screen

>16Gb card class 4 included

>Ultra-fast boot times

>14.4 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA

>The Monster iBeats headset is a major point in favor.


>No dedicated camera key

>Eventhough it have 8mp camera, pictures felt like taking from a 5mp camera.... UNIMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>microSD is under the battery cover


This Phone is a Monster with a battery that has been beefed up to 1730 mAh.... i have installed more than 100 apps(most of it, moved to SD card,ie which are movable) and i still have 500mb internal memory.. thats what i call A-W-E-S-O-M-E

This phone can take any application and lets u free from getting stuck

Now about the 4.3" screen-->Viewing angles were disappointing..Blacks are not as deep as AMOLED screens go, but brightness and color rendering are good.

SO totaly HTC Sensation XE(Extended Edition is a One Helluva Phone)

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06 Nov 2011

I was at one point the biggest fan of Iphone which is used for 4 years right from 2g to the latest iphone 4 before i switched over to HTC a year ago ..
HTC sense is simply brilliant .. people using HTC will know what HTC sense has to offer .. this is by far the best smart phone in the current day .. samsung s2 is great but without the HTC sense UI it is no competition ..

the only flip side is the battery life ..t full battery with a moderate to heavy use will not even last a full 24 hours .. other than this this is by far the best phone the market has to offer ..

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28 Aug 2012
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Awesome mobile!!!

good performance and great design...
One of the best product from HTC...
I am feeling proud and happy after buying this mobile...

I choosed XE instead of S2 because of its excellent look and build quality....feels great to hold it

Cons:1) Front camera is just VGA which is bad when compared to other mobiles like s2 for this price range...its ok if you dont use front camera much.

2) Battery life is just 1 day

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Rajesh Deshpande
13 Aug 2012
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Great Phone worth Buying

I ordered my Black HTC Sensation XE on July 17th and got it delivered on July 21st. Thank you Flipkart for the excellent customer service as well as prompt and safe delivery.

About XE:

1. Look & Feel - This Sleek, Compact and Gorgeous device with its metal and rubber unibody case, sits comfortably in hand and provides a sturdy build. Has nice accents, little on a heavier side but not overbearing, it gives a premium feel to the phone.

2. OS - Out-of-the-Box Android 2.3.4(Gingerbread) and Sense 3.0. Upgrading after a weeks or so to Android 4.0.3(Ice cream Sandwich) and Sense 3.6, the handset feels more fluid and seems faster than pre-Ice Cream Sandwich.

3. Processor - 1.5 GHz Dual-core CPU provides superb speed - one of the fastest in the market. Adreno 220 GPU greatly enhances graphics experience. CPU consuming processes (games, movies etc.) might heat-up the handset a little.

4. Display - 4.3" Capacitive, Multi-touch , S-LCD, qHD High-resolution (540 x 960 pixels, 256ppi, 16M) Gorilla Glass Screen provides crisp and sharp colours/contrast along with scratch resistent surface. Angled views are not that sharp though. Also, outdoor view, particularly in sunlight is average.

5. Storage - Lots of Internal Storage + RAM - 4GB ROM (1.1GB available to user) and 768MB RAM (583MB available to user). But for this high-end handset RAM could have been 1GB for still better performance. Wish-list: HTC unblocks better part of 3GB ROM for users, surely Android doesn't require so much.
MicroSD Capacity upto 32GB, 8GB Class 4 Card included. It is under the battery cover (you'll lose all wireless signal on opening the cover as cover consists of both GSM and Wi-Fi Antena parts). Instead the slot could have been outside the cover (on the left or right side).

6. Connectivity - Usual Data (GSM/GPRS/Edge/3G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB connectivity is available. Also DLNA with Connected Media app for compatible TVs.

7. Calls - Call quality is clear - thanks to in-built noise cancellation technique (take care that those 5 noise cancellation apertures on the battery cover near speaker, camera and bottom beats logo are not covered by the phone case if you are using one - I recommend iAccy SoftGel TPU Case). The ear piece volume can be turned up to aid you in noisy environments. Phone holds signal well, no unusual drop in coverage.

8. SMS - There is a stock messaging app to fulfil SMS and MMS requirements, though you can enhance it by installing third party apps. The Sensation XE has one of the best Android keyboards.

9. Internet - The stock Android internet browser has a sleek and smart appearance and fast in opening web pages. Pinch to zoom works fine and rearranges web page accordingly. The latest Adobe Flash 11 is supported.
10. Audio, Video & Gaming - Beats Audio + bundled Monster iBeats Headset provides excellent sound system. Movies, Videos and Games run smoothly without any lag. DivX/XviD video support. FM Radio reception is good but nothing special.

11. Camera - 8MP Full HD camera with Dual Flash provides sharp pictures and videos. 0.3MP front camera could have been better for this price tag - at least 2MP.

12. Battery - Stock 1730mAh Li-Ion battery, better than previous Sensation model. Bigger display and faster processor eats into the battery, and so do the stock settings for the phone. But with proper battery calibration and right tweaks for settings (many available on the net - e.g. Xda-Developer Forums), Fully charged, you can get almost 1.5 to 2 days out of this phone on an average use (calls, sms, net, music) with not much gaming though, High graphics games will drain the battery like anything.

13. Death Grip - Haven't experienced so called issue for GSM/Wi-Fi on this phone so far. Maybe as clarified on many forums, it happens only when the reception is very poor, combined with the handset is held in particular way, near the top or bottom end.

14. Minor Glitches - There are a few which HTC should fix in next update/phone model:
* Notification Flash - Keeps of flashing for quite some time even after concerned notification popup (if any) has been taken care of. Only way to stop it is to - pull down Notification Drawer (for notifications other than sms)
* Even though deactivated, Cell Broadcast options get re-activated if you Power-Off/Restart your phone or your current location changes. Same thing for your Ringtone/Notification sound setup if you have changed them.
* Maybe because USB port being near to touch button panel at the bottom, once in a while (not always), when charging, touch screen and button panel acts weird, making it difficult to use the phone.

15. Verdict - Pricey gadget, but really worth it. If you are a Music Lover and not into gaming that much, I recommend this product. If you are ready to charge your phone twice a day, then even for gaming, this is a great buy.

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12 Apr 2012
SENSATIONally XEcellent!!!!

at first i was confused between galaxy note,galaxy s2 and sensation xe.
but as we all know abt the 9100G model of the galaxy s2 i dropped it.
also note i feel is a bit too bulky for my liking, besides once you use the htc sense u will never like any samsung phone's UI.

getting to the phone:
the phone has excellent build quality. feels very planted in the hand.
excellent ergonomics, the curved glass at the sides of the screen look excellent.
HTC sense gets a double thumbs up from me. U gotta use it to feel the difference.
the beats headphones i got with the phone will blow u away.
all in all a phone worth every penny u pay.

now what i dint like was:
the battery life: but since these smart phones do a hell lot of things i can't complain much.
get arnd 1 days battery life with average to heavy use.

the loudspeaker on the phone sucks. i really dint like it.
its too soft n playing music on ur loudspeaker is a waste(but then u have the beats headset for that).

RAM could've been 1gb but i havnt experienced any lags or any problems during multitasking or anything.

wifi deathgrip issue persists but very little. the wifi never disconnects no matter how u hold the phone.

so that's it,i hope u find this helpful
for all those confused minds like mine, please go n get urself an HTC sensation xe, ul love it as much as i do.

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