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HTC Sensation XE: Mobile

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22 Oct 2012
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heavily underrated phone ... just awesome experience

I have bought this phone from flipkart 16 days ago... This is my first android phone ... Using this phone day and night... Turning it upside down almost :P .. here's what I have found out
awesome display quality.. never felt any thing less than amoled..
beats audio is something that u ll just miss the thing if u don't experience it... :)
battery backup is good enough for me ..lasts for a day while turning the WiFi on
uandriod upgrade to 4.0 ICS is already in the market.. auto upgradation is available and ics runs smoother than the gingerbread

no good screen guard is available in flipkart for this phone
android ics has decreased the ram to 582Mb from 768mb Wtf
speaker sound is a little low..
the phone is on the heavier side compared to Sony xperia series

other than these the phone is really very handy to use... And as always a scheduled delivery from flipkart... Buy the phone if u are a real fan of HTC...compared to current models of HTC this phone is really something else...

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26 Jan 2013
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The best phone upto a range of 20-25k......

Impressive service by flipkart, I ordered this phone on 22 Jan and received it on 23 Jan.
This phone has very good features. The camera quality is very nice and the audio quality of the Beats Audio is ultimate. The "Ur Beats" earpiece provided with the set are just awesome. Really fast processor and excellent display...
If you plan to buy any set upto 20k or 25k, i suggest that this phone is worth every penny you'll spend....

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06 Jan 2013
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Sensational Experience!!!!

After a lot of looking around both online and in store, zeroed on this phone finally ordered it on new year's eve. Got delivered with a 3 days in Bhopal and the experience has been awesome. Up gradation to ICS was a breeze, the screen is to die for, video files were handled very well, urBeats headphone are good although not out of this world ( I still prefer my Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision over the these).

One drawback though is the ram size, of the 768 available around 600 is available for running apps/games after the ICS upgrade.

PS: In anyone is planning to buy order it now, the model is out of production and flipkart seems to be the only place where it is available.

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27 Jan 2012
first to review
have been using for a month n its been great

the fastest processesor on a phone in the world( 3rd gen snapdragon dual core)
4.3 qhd screen with 960*540 pixels and lit by s-lcd technology.
1730 mah of battery.
gingerbread 2.4 out of the box
htc sense 3.0(beats the crap out of touchwiz or any other user interface)
will get an ice cream sandwich update(android 4.0)
feels extremely solid with a bit of chrome at the back
actually feels like a 30k phone( not like the cheap plastic feel of the samsung phones)
The red highlight of the beats branding give the whole look and edgy feel( normal android phones look bland and run of the mill)
the htc build quality is, well, stunning.
battery good for about a day of normal usage
the htc internet browser is unarguably the best out there.
n i want to adress a major issue here:
super amoled screen does not increase the clarity of the display.
it increases the contrasts and sucks battery like crazy.
The clarity of the screen depends upon the amount of pixels(sensation xe has 960*540 compared to 800*480 in the gs2)
all applications run smooth and multitasking is a pleasure.
apps 2 sd is a must have as only gb of memory in provided for apps.(i have 740mb left and have shifted all apps to my sd card for better performance.
And the beats are a serious added bonus( the ones with the phones cost about 6k)
They have great low end(gives true bass) and the beats branding with the red wire is pretty awesome.
The phone might not have raw power of the gs2 but that is because of a heavier(and much better) user interface(htc sense)but the phone does so many thing much better and is truly a premium phone in every respect.

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07 Sep 2012

HTC is not a good mobile company..

I bought HTC sensation-XE couple of months ago but now all I am repenting after buying this phone. I spent 32,000 for this phone but its not even worth 20,000.


1) Its first drawback is that it heats-up when used for gaming or opening of application.

2) Sometimes rare camera shows vertical coloured lines.

3) It hangs a lot even though it has enough empty memory.

4) Battery back-up is also poor i.e. you will have to charge it every night.

5) The worst part is that now it restarts automatically number of times a day.

Please don't waste your precious money on this brand. Its not only me but many of my friends are also repenting after buying this phone

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02 Oct 2013
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Really a Sensation

There is no question that the Phone is a great all round smartphone and the welcome addition of ICS.

I liked

There's a lot to like with the Sensation XE starting with the solid, premium handset that looks impressive with its red accents.

The Beats Audio technology really does work and makes tracks sounds great.

The Sensation is fully featured, capable of taking quality photos and video.

I disliked

There isn't anything major to dislike with the Sensation XE. The placement of the microUSB port is unfortunate if you like to keep using you phone while it's charging and even though battery life has been improved it still requires a nightly charging ritual.

Some people may find the Sensation XE a little on the heavy side.

Final Verdict

The HTC Sensation XE is an excellent mobile.

The upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 3.6 has breathed new life into the Sensation XE, allowing it to happily compete in the mobile market for the next year or two.

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05 Jun 2013
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Dont think it is stable

I've been using a blackberry. the only reason i bought this phone is to switch to android and to a cheaper data plan than blackberry (with android, i can get off with a 300 MB 3G data plan costing just 100 rs a month whereas, for blackberry, minimum 3G plan with 1GB data costs 599 per month)
However, after 6 months of using the Sensation XE, I have moved back to blackberry due to stability issues.
1) the MMC kept popping out - issue with the MMC slot spring
2) for some reason, the phone started hanging and crashing when using to call everytime i'm using my vodafone sim (which had been working perfectly so far) but the phone works fine with my airtel sim. Weird issue i know but this is what is happening.
3) The screen heats up and literally becomes too hot to handle if I'm using the phone to play a game, watch a video etc.
4) Even with a 1730 mAh battery, the phone runs out of juice pretty quickly thanks to the consumption of the screen.

With stability issues in mind, i would much rather recommend iphone or 2nd; blackberry.
My wife has an iphone 4 and it is so stable... she doesn't even reboot it for months together. HTC phone, I had to reboot at least once in 3 days.

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10 Mar 2013
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certified buyer

The phone is magnificent purely for its audio. The speakerphone isn't that loud, but who cares when we get Beats earphones!!!

Overall a good phone with large screen, good dpi and brightness.

One star missing only for low ram and battery, as they both leave us wanting for more.

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18 Jan 2013
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Again Flipkart's delivery was in time.Got it in 2 days.
Coming to the product,it but better than what we see in images..A looks grabber.Though it has 768mb Ram,nly 560mb is available out of which around 200mb is only available for user.BUt But But,it never hangs during a game.Thanks to 1.5ghz Processor....Better go for it if ur budget is within 23k.....Beats audio is not as what i thought,just EQ effect..But still it looks cool........Finally review better than S3 mini and S2.............

It died over me after 16 months.

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16 Jan 2013
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Over all a very good gadget

After a long survey on smart phone in this range, I ended up with this phone.
Now hick-ups till now for the games and other application scrolls.

RAM will not be exactly what they mention (including OS area consumption).

I am facing battery backup problem, though I am not a heavy gamer it lasts for only one day. May be all Android phones have this problem.
When we consider other features , look and feel its a monster.
8 MP camera is really a fine resolution one.

Finally not to forget BEAT AUDIO , its a most strongest point you have to opt for this phone. I enjoyed a lot listening all audible frequencies of music.

Only thing I found problematic is I dont have any service center near my place, hope I dont need it.

Thanks to flipkart for delivering on time.

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