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HTC Sensation XL: Mobile

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12 Dec 2011
addition to dannys point

has got just 1600 mah battery compared to samsung galaxy note which has 2500. Its just an over priced phone. HTC should nt try to rob the customers. Its not worth spending this much for this fone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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12 Dec 2011

1- this is a single core cpu and costs 38k?who are we kidding?

2-screen size?galaxy note is a 5 inch screen with a DUAL core

3-beats headset?its just a marketing gimmick ....nothing hardware just a software which alter your equaliser...ok beats headset gives good quality but then again u can get this headset seperately...

4-hands down to htc for bringing out a single core phone and patch a red beats logo at the back and sell at this price?high five to the power of marketing.

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12 Dec 2011

One thing i don't get is why so it a flagship device?no...not exactly..because of beats enhancement...give me a break..if i want that i would go for sensation XE which has dual core processor and which is less pricey..does htc think this is first ICS phone like Galaxy Nexus or the buyers are not so intelligent or this phone shines among others like galaxy s2/nexus/note...they don't even give a amoled display and not even an expansion slot ...r u kidding with me for such a more thing no microsd slot...its similar to HTC titan with no Win7 OS...oh one more thing its andriod and NOT a proprietary think urself before buying...its just a hole in the pocket..if u seriously want with beats audio go for Sensation XE or wait for a flagship device like Galaxy Nexus for that much money

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24 Dec 2011

Hi guys,
Before writing this review, i would like to put things in perspective. An Ipad2, 16gb, wifi 3g retails for INR 36900. This phone is INR 600 more. Let's explore this a little more:

1). CPU: An Ipad has the monster ARM cortex A9 DUAL core CPU. HTC XL has an old and forgotten SINGLE core scorpion processor. A little bit of googling will tell you why this can be a bad comparison.

2). Graphics card: No one in the industry can match the graphics card of the Ipad currently (PowerVR SGX543MP2, not even samsung with their MALI 400). HTC has put an old and lowly adreno 205.

3). Memory is not expandable for both these devices. So you are stuck with 16gb with HTC Sense and other mandatory processes taking up at least 2.5 gb. So have fun with 13.5 gb data. So much for putting the 'entire media library' in the phone.

4). The beats audio technology is good, but its not worth paying this kind of a premium. Please read Engadget's review on beats audio (and their headphones).

5). Screen: One of the most important components. HTC has given us a battery sucking super LCD display. And guess what, it is a WVGA resolution 800X480. Sorry but that would mostly suck. Oh and did i mention relatively bad sun light legibility?

6). Battery: Only 1600 mah for a 4.7 inch WVGA SLCD unit. This is not going to give you a lot of time. I have a Nexus S and its screen is exactly like the XL. Mine is 1500 MAH battery and i dont ever get more than 12 hours. Just imagine what this monster screen would give you. Oh and there is a direct correlation between battery life and screen size. Very direct.

Lastly, please look at the performance benchmarks (good indicator of speed). These would be available on GSMarena (review of XL). In case you are wondering why i compared it with the Ipad2, its because i feel apple products are generally overpriced. Thus, thought this comparison would put things in perspective. Compare this to the Galaxy S2 and the XL would be blown away.

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18 Dec 2011
Very Poor Value for Money

Cons Only
No Dual Core
No Superamoled Display
No HD Display

But at Rs.38799 priced higher than Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola Razr, Samsung Note...

HTC's sure has lost the pulse of the market...! A sad 2011 for HTC, hope we see a better 2012 from HTC. We love you HTC, but you disappoint us with your underwhelming overpriced so-called flagships...The only redeeming features being the well-designed metal unibody, Sense UI and the regular Android updates(this being Samsung's Achilles heel considering the love or lack of shown to the flagship GS2 in india)

Why this Kola veri HTC...?(my not so accurate reasoning is that maybe the decreasing value of Rupee vis a vis Dollar had a role in this pricing disaster)

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02 Jan 2012
Bad Business

I am a big fan of HTC and own a Desire S. HTC builds solid devices but this one is not a rocker! I recently had a glimpse at this phone and played around for some time but wouldn't recommend to anyone. If someone is looking for a big display then Galaxy note is a much much better option with a gorgeous display. HTC needs to learn how to do business in India. If I have to buy a new phone, i'll wait for Galaxy Nexus which is expected to be launched soon in India.I'd start with the cons first:


-Poor Resolution: The thing that attracts me(in fact most of us) the most on a phone is display. And what is this? 199 ppi S-LCD! Crap. If it would have been Super Amoled plus at such resolution, i could have thought about it. Even Sensation has more number of pixels. And certainly its Full HD resolution age.
-Overpriced: I dont need to mention about it. This is not even a flagship device! Maybe because earplugs cost > 4K
-Single Core: Lmao. This is dual core age HTC.
-Sense UI 3.5: I don't see much difference between 3.0 and 3.5.
-Beats Integration: No changes to Hardware! Thats funny :|. Beats audio is supported only via inbuilt music player. Cant be used if you are using other apps like youtube.
-Poor Browsing and reading experience: Very low resolution :(. Text is not sharp.


-Beautiful: This is the best looking and perhaps thinnest HTC device(Untill screen is turned on :P). Looks even better than iphone and samsung is no where close to looks this device shines with.
-Solid: Superb build Quality. Metallic finish.
-Beats Audio and Headset: I'd say now there is a device to stand tall in front of Apple sound quality. Sound quality is almost similar to the one apple delivers but Headsets are amazing! First ever device louder than an Ipod.
-Size: Good for multimedia.
-Speed: This is a beast. Super fast and never lags.
-Convenient daytime display: This particular point is not about this phone. Its a general point for people confused about displays. If you are confused about which display to go for the read following points and decide:
1)Night time watching movies and Videos: All Amoled variants are better
2)Convenient to use in Sunlight: All Amoled variants are better
3)Use in daytime at moderate light: S-LCD is better.
4)Want true natural looking colors: S-LCD is better.
5)Want true whites: S-LCD is better.
6)Want true blacks and high contrast: All Amoled variants are better
7)Super Amoled or Super Amoled plus: Super amoled plus is better with 3 sub-pixels forming 1 pixel in contrast to 2 sub pixels forming 1 pixel in Super Amoled(Called pen tile technology)
8)Which one is more eye soothing: All Amoled variants as they dont have true whites. The whites tend to blend towards blue(cold) side. They cant deliver true whites.
9)Which display is better at low brightness: S-LCD. Amoleds are crap at low brightness. They become grainy.
10)Which display is sharper: S-LCD.
11)Which is less power consuming: S-LCD.
12)Better viewing angles: All Amoled Variants.
13)Want very bright colors: All Amoled variants.
13)Too confusing? Which is the best display that has everything mentioned above in balance: LED backlit IPS LCD display. Manufactured by LG and used in Ipod, Ipad and Iphone.
14)What i would prefer: Super Amoled plus or Super Amoled at resolution > 280 ppi. As i love to watch movies and videos at night and they are very eye soothing because of cold whites and deepest blacks. Although i dont have one right now :(.

Now its upto you to decide.

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13 Mar 2012
Best performance by avoiding unneccessory features

1. I am using since 2 months and observe that processor speed is very good. This may be because running 1.5 GHz on a single core.
2. Screen size is not too huge like Galaxy note and bigger than GS2.
3. Less stress on the processor and saving the battery life.
4. HTC offers 2 yrs of warranty, if user register the product in a week. HTC is only the phone which offers international warranty (not even iPhone)

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27 Dec 2011
Why review if you are not owning it

I don't understand why people under-rate the product or put up bad review when they are not owning the product? If you don't like it or find it expensive don't buy it. If you want to help others by giving a review, put up a neutral review or a comparison and let people take informed decision. HTC handsets like Apple were always expensive compared to others, but the fact that HTC is amoung the top sellers of handsets means that there are people who think there is something in the product. So why not provide an informative review and help others in buying the right product which suits their needs instead of degrading it right away

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21 Jan 2012
great phone but badly priced

ya am using both s2 and htc sensation xl.when u use xl its like a master piece in your hand.the screen is so awesome nothing can beat it.may be its a single core but got a 1.5ghz processor with which it can deliver the punch.
i compared both s2 and xl and xl won in almost all aspects.wait for some time to get the price down and its worth to buy.

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24 Dec 2011
What was HTC thinking ! Disappointed!

After launching few of the best android phones like incredible S and sensation ,HTC has made a blunder.
OVERPRICED buy galaxy note instead or go for sensation XE.

Only plus pint that i can see is 'THE WHITE' colour handset :-/
HTC should launch older models in white.

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