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Hunger Games Box (Set of 3 Books)

Boxed Set
Language: English
Length: 1169 Pages
Publisher: Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd.
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Hunger Games Box (Set of 3 Books) (Boxed Set) Price: Rs.694

The Hunger Games Trilogy (Set Of 3 Books) tells the story of Katniss Evergreen in a world placed in the future.

Summary Of The Book

The Hunger Games Trilogy (Set Of 3 Books) consists of the three books, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. The books are set in an uncertain future in the totalitarian regime of Panem, created after the destruction of North America. The entire country is dominated by the rich state known as the Capitol.

In the Capitol, the people are rich and live lavish lives. In the rest of the districts, however, the conditions are deplorable and the people extremely poor. The Capitol arranges an annual event called The Hunger Games, in which, citizens from the rest of the 12 districts fight till their death in a dangerous arena which is televised to the entire country. The citizens are selected by lottery. The district that wins, receive numerous rewards, food and supplies for its people from the Capitol. The event serves as entertainment to the Capitol and is a method for them to assert their dominance.

In the story, Katniss Evergreen volunteers to participate in place of her sister when she is selected to participate by lottery. The trilogy follows her as she faces many dangers in the course of the games. Further along the trilogy, the other districts rise in rebellion against the dictatorship of the Capitol and its leader, President Snow. Katniss is a major part of the rebellion. The trilogy weaves its way through a number of conspiracies, plans and twists.

The Hunger Games Trilogy (Set Of 3 Books) has been extremely well received by the worldwide audience. It has been one of the best selling series of all time with over 26 million books sold. The books have been adapted to film. The first book, The Hunger Games, was released as a film in March 2012. The second book, Catching Fire, was released in November 2013 and the third film on Mockingjay, is to be released in two parts soon.

About Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins is an American novelist and television writer.

Her other books include Gregor the Overlander, Gregor and the Code of Claw, Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods, and Year of the Jungle.

Suzanne Collins was born in 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut. She has a Master’s degree in dramatic writing from New York University. Her most popular work is The Hunger Games trilogy. She has also been the script writer for a number of popular television series. She became the best selling author on Kindle in 2012. She currently lives in Connecticut with her two children and her husband.

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Specifications of Hunger Games Box (Set of 3 Books) (Boxed Set)

Author Suzanne Collins
Book Details
Publisher Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year 2012
ISBN-13 9782012031500
ISBN-10 2012031501
Language English
Binding Boxed Set
Number of Pages 1169 Pages
Series & Set Details
Series Name The Hunger Games
Additional Features
Age Group 9 - 12 Years
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Book Reviews of Hunger Games Box (Set of 3 Books)

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Based on 304 ratings
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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 87)

17 April 12
first to review
A great trilogy

I had preordered this boxed set and after it was delivered to me, I noticed that it became out of stock in less than a week of its arrival. No surprises! Because this is one of the best series for young adults. It is way better than twilight. Katniss is not lazy and coward like Bella. She is brave and is willing to die for others. I also got a T-Shirt free with this set. But people making late purchases won't get it.

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78% of 23 users found this review helpful.
04 May 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Quick Paced, Edge-of-the-seat Novel!

It took me less than a week to finish all the three books of the series, that includes Skipping office a day and a few nights spent awake. It usually takes me a good time to complete a novel, but not these, all the three books were so hard to put down.
Really loved the short, concise and edgy writing style of Collins. Even though it is mostly branded as an 'Young Adult' book series, I feel anyone who likes fast paced novels would definitely love this.
I have pre-ordered the box-set from flipkart and the delivery was as prompt as ever, the quality was brilliant and I had received a surprise gift too! a Hunger Games Tee-shirt!

Was this review helpful?  / 
5 of 6 users found this review helpful.
19 August 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
So happy!

Received this set yesterday! Man, i didn't expect it that soon. The outer cardboard box was squashed in in one corner and slightly grazed on a side, but other than that, i'm super , duper, uber happy!


three books fit very snugly in a black cardboard box that seems quite sturdy. There are beautiful pictures on the box, a movie poster, a large mockingjay and a picture and brief biography of the reclusive author! (Huzzah!)

the books are printed on really good thick paper with a sorta roughish texture. Binding seems okay but i'd advise handling the book carefully because it looks like a few pages might come loose.

It's worth buying the box set just for the pretty box the books come in, not to mention the really beautiful covers of each book. I just loved them!


It's well written, the ideas are well developed and overall fast paced.
It's usp is the fast moving, action-packed awesomeness that's present through the series. The first book is definitely the best but you'll want to own the entire set even if you read the books from a library like me.

Was this review helpful?  / 
2 of 3 users found this review helpful.
21 December 13
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Great Book series

A great novel series by Collins, with a very successful movie franchise to follow, starring Jennifer Lawrence. The series captures a futuristic world of Panem, a fictional state divided into 13 districts controlled by the capitol, the first book is disappointing with arcs of story where you feel even the author has no clue what is she writing, but then it all ends in confusion, for Katniss of course, and the poor reader just feels stupid. However, the momentum picks up from the latter half of the second book, when the rebellion actually begins, and it grows well going into the final book, which reminds me of animal farm, 1984- george orwell books, and then to sum up, a brilliant ending that makes it worth a read. Truly classic series for 13-25 years age group.

Pros.- Helps you appreciate what the movie series can't capture due to time limitation, especially the first 2 books. Good comfortable read, no gory detailed violence, catchy, interesting read, Not a lame love story. and much better than the other similar series like Divergent

Cons.- Some key characters could have been well written, especially Payol , Johanna, Boggs, Finnick, Cinna, but then it is my personal view. Buy it, read it, enjoy the movies, chuck it/pass it TYPE OF BOOK, not something you will read again, not like LOTR/HP series.

Was this review helpful?  / 
1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
20 June 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Worth it! Read 'Battle Royale' if you liked this series!

First of all, great work by Flipkart in delivering the books so quickly and efficiently! Since I had pre-ordered the set, I even got a cool Hunger Games t-shirt. I got the set back in April, but just finished reading the books a few days back.

Many people are comparing two highly popular female characters and saying that Katniss is a better role model than Bella Swan for young girls. But I have to disagree on the fact that Katniss steadily deteriorates into the Bella Swan territory after every book, so much so that by the final book, she is positively dreadful and boring while Bella Swan's character was always compelling in some way in every situation no matter what you think.

The setting of the story isn't exactly original, but it holds up quite well. Read 'Battle Royale' which is much more thoughtful, well written and definitely not for the squeamish or young kids.

The first two books in The Hunger Games Trilogy are exciting, fast paced and it has its heart in the right place. The setting, the characters come off as realistic, something that could happen should an apocalypse happen or the brainless reality shows take over the world viewership! However in "The Mockingjay", Suzanne Collins loses it and writes a highly annoying and senseless end to what could have been a great series! The love triangle seems absolutely tacky by this point!

I later learned that by the time Suzanne had begun writing the finale, she had already sold the movie rights and hence was set to make money no matter how bad the last book was. But, whatever my gripe with the final book may be, I'd recommend this series to anybody who likes dystopian tales.

Was this review helpful?  / 
2 of 4 users found this review helpful.

Most Recent Reviews

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certified buyer
an amazing series of books..gripping nd well detailed

delivery was on time packaging is best as always...Flipkart can never fall back in that field
books are quite good also t...

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13 April 14
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certified buyer
awesome series

this is an amazing book everyone should definitely check it out as you will love it . Suzanne Collins has written a masterpiece...

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12 April 14
Agamya Sharma
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certified buyer

Best Non-Fiction book I've read till date:D It holds reader's curiosity and attention till the very end. If you like adventure...

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05 April 14
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certified buyer
Good buy

got this box set and before delivery estimate..!! have to say that the paper quality and hunger games-themed diary are of top-n...

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23 March 14
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certified buyer
a great read

I simply couldn't put the books down. Paper and printing of very good quality (except for the box that came apart but that does...

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22 March 14
    Book: Hunger Games Box (Set of 3 Books) by Suzanne Collins
    ISBN Number: 2012031501, 9782012031500, 978-2012031500


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